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Designs by Beauty Sought Khristin

Custom order

A friend of mine requested that I make her a pendant reminiscent of outer space on a chain to match. So I made her this pendant from PMC3 fine...
Components: Iolite, sterling silver wire, PMC3 fine silver clay, 24k gold accent for silver

Custom order

The husband of a friend of mine saw some of my work and requested that I wrap this coin for her birthday. I will say coin wrapping is quite...
Components: Canadian coin, sterling silver, czech glass beads

Finished item

I posted the pendant not too long ago and I wanted to share the finished item. I made the chain with more of the ancient Roman glass beads. I was...
Components: Labradorite, sterling silver, ancient roman glass

Holiday on the Mediterranean

A friend of mine wanted something for her friend that is an art teacher. We talked and decided on a handmade chain with ancient Roman glass, which...
Components: Ancient Roman glass, Larimar, copper

One for the trees

So I know I do a LOT of the tree of life. Like, several pieces. But I have to say it is a design and concept that just SPEAKS to me. The ideas...
Components: Sterling silver wire, Labradorite, and binge watching Netflix

Finally something for me

I finally made something for myself! I bought several pieces of labradorite back in March. And I haven't touched them. I take them out, look at...
Components: Copper, Labradorite, leather

Scrap Pile

So I wanted to share something. A truth if you will. Often times when I or anyone else shares a "finished" piece we assume that the person just sat...
Components: Copper and stick to it 'tiveness

Custom order for a friend again

Same friend asked for another piece, this time it's for a friend's girlfriend! He asked for moss agate and so here it is! Yes. Yes, I am still...
Components: Mass agate, copper

Custom order for a friend

A good friend of mine wanted me to make something for his wife for their anniversary. In usual male fashion he said just make her something! I know...
Components: Leather, sterling silver wire, Labradorite

Simple blue

A customer gave me the rough cut point, I wrapped it in copper and then found these gorgeous rough stone cut Czech Glass Beads that are blue worth...
Components: Copper, kyanite point, czech glass beads

Shooting Star

This is a little silver pendant I made with a touch of gold, it didn't adhere well to the silver, I mixed too much glycerin in the gold then it...
Components: Fine silver PMC3, tunduru sapphire (lb) and sterling silver wire

Frog in sunshine

I've been wanting to make this piece for a long time, I had envisioned it but I was afraid that it wouldn't turn out right. I am actually very...
Components: Larimar (LB), Amazonite Blk. Tourmaline (LB), sterling silver wire, PMC3 fine silver, Accent Gold for silver (24k)

Mala for Moogie

So I decided to make a mala inspired by my friend Moogie who is not into malas. Crazy I know! Lol (just teasing) so I made one inspired by her. I...
Components: Freshwater pearls, Labradorite, pewter cross

Taekwondo custom

A couple of years ago I started Taekwondo. It was around the same time I began working with PMC. I asked my instructor; who also owns the school, I...
Components: PMC3 fine silver, sterling silver, star cut lapis from LB

Ready in time for Cabo

A friend of mine at work wanted me to make something for his wife. He was adamant that it had to be ready for their trip to Cabo! I initially had...
Components: Sterling silver wire, chrysocolla, dark brown leather

Design 6 of 6

Ok, here is the final (for the moment) custom order for one of my customers. Not sure about the stone lol, and I used some more Ancient Roman glass...
Components: Copper, stone, Ancient Roman glass

Design 5 of 6

So this is another pendant I posted awhile ago. I had so much intricate wire work along the sides that I felt if I did a wire work chain that it...
Components: Stone (unknow but same customer as others), sterling silver, Czech Glass beads

Design 4 of 6

Not sure what this stone is... Any thoughts? Same customer as the other 3 I posted. The chain is made from genuine Ancient Roman Glass anywhere...
Components: Ancient Roman Glass, sterling silver and stone of unknown type.

Design 3 of 6

This was another difficult one to design. Both with the pendant (which I posted a while ago) and then figuring out how to make a necklace for it....
Components: Rose Quartz, strawberry quartz from LB, copper wire and pink Czech Glass

Design 2 of 6

This is the floating pendant from the same customer. It was difficult to figure out how to integrate into a necklace design. I decided I wanted to...
Components: Copper, stone (I want to say it looks like an agate but don't know), deerskin, and my favorite beads from an etsy dealer

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