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Designs by Beauty Sought Khristin

Random Acts of Kindness

I made this specifically for today, which is Random Acts of Kindness Day! I am gifting this to someone special who really needs some extra...
Components: Sterling silver wire, kyanite (LB), PMC3 fine silver, 24k accent gold for silver


This is the first time I've made a Rosary. It isn't jewelry as it's a sacred item. However, I'm not Catholic and I had to do a bit of research and...
Components: 4mm sapphire (LB) aquamarine 4mm (LB) sterling silver wire (22 gauge) and sterling silver crucifix and sterling silver connector


Here's a lapis necklace featuring a PMC single fire sterling silver pendant I made using a wax sealing stamp.
Components: PMC single fire sterling silver, sterling silver wire (for clasp), lapis


*The last picture is the BEFORE!*

Now for the "story". A while ago a friend of mine gave me her grandmother's necklace to fix and redesign....
Components: Oh so many! Czech Glass flower beads (LB), freshwater pearls, wire (of course it's me after all lol) fine silver components and other things I don't remember where I got them and what they are exactly

Follow up

A while a I made a necklace using Ancient Roman Glass and a rough cut Labradorite cabochon. The design on the stone was a tree of life. A friend of...
Components: Sterling silver wire, Ancient Roman Glass, Labradorite

Tree of Life

So I made a bunch of silver pendants quite a while ago. Then I wanted to learn wire wrapping and put aside my precious metal clay. I've decided to...
Components: Sterling silver wire (18 gauge), single fire PMC sterling silver, Amazonite Blk. Tourmaline from LB


Celebrían was the mother of Arwen from Lord of the Rings. This piece is so named because the recipient of the Arwen necklace that I made in...
Components: Labradorite, Aquamarine from LB, Sapphire from LB, sterling silver.

Itty bitty chain

A while ago I made a pendant with a silver sheen obsidian cabochon. That was really tiny! Well, the lady that commissioned that wanted a chain but...
Components: 2mm silver beads (lb) sterling silver wire


When I made my last piece a mutual friend saw pictures of it and wanted something similar, though just a chain and not with a wrapped cab. This is...
Components: Sterling silver, citrine (LB) and amethyst

Fire and ice

My mom wanted another bracelet, one out of copper. She decided on garnet stones. I wanted a more refined wire design and I really have been drawn...
Components: Copper, sterling silver, garnet

Silver and sapphire

My mom wanted a bracelet too... This one is sterling silver and natural untreated sapphire that are 2.8 to 3 mm in size. Just teeny tiny! I have...
Components: Sterling silver, sapphire

Long time

Ok so there's 5 pics here, but I like to let everyone sees things from different angles! I,haven't made earrings for a very long time. These were...
Components: Sterling silver, garnet briolettes, white topaz

Baby Girl

I made this for my 8 yo daughter. I love copper, it has such a warm color to it. I used peridot because it's her birthstone.
Components: Copper wire, Peridot

Swiss Blue

This is my 2nd bracelet, it's a gift for a co-worker. I swear one of these days I'll actually list stuff in my shop lol! The stones are Swiss Blue...
Components: Swiss blue quartz, sterling silver


This is a prototype bracelet that I made. It was also pretty difficult to photograph since it is so thin! It is 12 gauge wire which is...
Components: Sterling silver wire, white topaz

The Indomitable Mrs Malcolm

So... I did a thing, I was able to capture my friend and turn her into a necklace. Pretty powerful that way. Anyways just kidding. But if I HAD and...
Components: Sterling silver wire (various gauges) amethyst, Citrine from LB, turquoise and a lot of binge watching on my tablet while I worked.


The last piece I shared was a custom order from a friend for one of our coworkers. At work (we work at an elementary school) we do this thing...
Components: Sterling silver wire various gauges, amethyst, turquoise

Crystal Skull

This was a custom order for a friend that she is gifting to a co-worker of ours. I must say that in some ways a skull is hard to design with lol!...
Components: Sterling silver various gauges, opalite, Czech Glass beads

Fairy queen

I bought this fairy pendant several years ago for my birthday. She is designed by Green Girl Studios, Cynthia Thornton. She is an incredible artist...
Components: Leather, Aquamarine, Labradorite, copper, silver GGS fairy 20524


Here is another copper and silver fused cuff bracelet. I really do enjoy using my torch. There's several pictures here because it's difficult to...
Components: Leather bracelet blank, copper sheet, sterling silver scrap, copper rivets

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