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Designs by Beauty Sought Khristin

The Indomitable Mrs Malcolm

So... I did a thing, I was able to capture my friend and turn her into a necklace. Pretty powerful that way. Anyways just kidding. But if I HAD and...
Components: Sterling silver wire (various gauges) amethyst, Citrine from LB, turquoise and a lot of binge watching on my tablet while I worked.


The last piece I shared was a custom order from a friend for one of our coworkers. At work (we work at an elementary school) we do this thing...
Components: Sterling silver wire various gauges, amethyst, turquoise

Crystal Skull

This was a custom order for a friend that she is gifting to a co-worker of ours. I must say that in some ways a skull is hard to design with lol!...
Components: Sterling silver various gauges, opalite, Czech Glass beads

Fairy queen

I bought this fairy pendant several years ago for my birthday. She is designed by Green Girl Studios, Cynthia Thornton. She is an incredible artist...
Components: Leather, Aquamarine, Labradorite, copper, silver GGS fairy 20524


Here is another copper and silver fused cuff bracelet. I really do enjoy using my torch. There's several pictures here because it's difficult to...
Components: Leather bracelet blank, copper sheet, sterling silver scrap, copper rivets


One thing is for sure photographing metal isn't easy. I made this cuff a few days ago. I save all my sterling silver scrap and then I melt it...

Larimar pendant

Here is another larimar pendant I made. I decided to do a very simple,chain with this one.
Components: Larimar, sterling silver

Larimar pendant

Trying to keep busy and productive. Worked on this while my kids are doing remote learning. I'm going to make a chain for it. This is one of two...
Components: Larimar, sterling silver

Teeny tiny

A friend of mine, (same one that I've been doing trades with) asked if I could find a dark colored stone and wrap it it but it had to be itty...
Components: Silver sheen obsidian, sterling silver wire

Pendant for him

This is a pendant that I made in exchange for a handmade leather belt. It is going to the same person that my last piece went to only this one is...
Components: Blue opalized wood (cabochon), sterling silver wire (various sizes)

Winter's Moon

I made this piece as a gift for a friend. It is quite tiny as you can see from one of the pictures where it is next to a quarter and is indeed...
Components: Sterling silver wire (various gauges) moonstone and rock crystal


This stone is Shattuckite, it's not one that I had ever seen before but when I saw it in February I knew I needed to add it to my supply. The beads...
Components: Shattuckite, sterling silver wire, pacific blue apatite

Moonlit sea

Here is the other one that I just finished. Pendant is larimar and the beads are 2mm moonstone from LB. Don't know about you guys but beads that...
Components: Sterling silver, larimar, moonstone from LB


Here is the finished piece. The chain is made from copper and the 2mm sized white moonstone from LB. The beads are so small that 3 links makes an...
Components: Moonstone, copper

New fun with a torch

For some reason this posted without all the info! This is a larimar stone I wrapped in sterling silver. I have been working more with weaving in my...
Components: Larimar, sterling silver

Pinterest Study

So I don't know about you guys but sometimes my brain can't come up with anything and the inspiration is running low. So... I spend a lot of time...
Components: Moonstone, copper wire various gauges


A friend of mine requested a jewelry set for his girlfriend with amethyst and sterling silver. This is what I came up with! I included the quarter...
Components: Amethyst, sterling silver gauges: 18, 20, 22, 24

Ocean Bliss

So I actually took 20 some photos of this piece because there are so many different elements to it that I wanted to show them all! A family friend...
Components: Larimar, blue apatite, ancient roman glass, rock crystal, sterling silver gauges: 16, 20, 24 & 26

Custom order

A lady I know saw,me wearing one of my tree of life necklaces. She asked if I would make her one using jade. I was able to find a jade "druzy" and...
Components: 18 gauge sterling silver wire (frame and clasp) 26 gauge sterling silver (tree of life) 24 gauge sterling silver (chain) jade "druzy" cabochon jade beads


Finished with just a basic chain and clasp. And yes, the stone is smaller than an American nickel lol
Components: Labradorite, sterling silver wire

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