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I’m Donna, a 56yr. old wife and mother of 2 adult children. We live in Iowa; my husband farms. Country life suits me-it’s how I was brought up. Because of that, I have space physically and spiritually to pursue my dream-designing and creating jewelry. On occasion I also create invitations, cards, and other paper-based projects.
We share our home with 6 outside cats (they all have a building to stay in) and a German Sheperd, Sadie. We also have an indoor cat, Pepper, who gives me needed breaks playing hide and seek.
I love Lima Beads-I’ve made friends, learned a lot of new things, and have fun creating picks. I love that when I place an order, I get it in 3 days!

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  • dolllady aka Pam
    On March 25, 2017 dolllady aka Pam said:

    Donna, what gorgeous pieces you have in your shop! I like your ”bolo” wrap chokers even better than Ali’s. I also like how you used the Zola pieces with the round woven cord. You should have some good sales.

  • dolllady aka Pam
    On March 24, 2017 dolllady aka Pam said:

    Congrats on opening your Etsy shop! Hope to find it and visit.

  • Medieval Momma
    On March 24, 2017 Medieval Momma said:

    What’s the name of your Etsy store? So I can visit it!

  • GemstoneChick aka Lauren
    On June 21, 2015 GemstoneChick aka Lauren said:

    Just sent a private message… 3 times… Sorry. (:

  • Medieval Momma
    On December 12, 2014 Medieval Momma said:

    Thanks for friending me! It took me quite a while before I had the nerve to post pics of stuff on here. Don’t be afraid to the ladies here always have good things to say and wonderful advice.

  • CzechChickStudio
    On November 7, 2014 CzechChickStudio said:

    They are addictive!! I’ve placed 2 kinda big orders since starting. Will be posting pictures soon-need to get props together, etc. I’ve yet to sell on Etsy yet, haven’t got it together yet. My beading time is irregular..Thanks for friending!

  • Crystal Canary
    On November 5, 2014 Crystal Canary said:

    Donnaleigh, thanks for the friendship request! Hope to see some of your designs posted in the gallery. Careful…Lima’s site becomes an addiction! Have fun! :)

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