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Designs by kye

Infinity Butterfly

Although it is dreary, cold and drab today I'm thinking of spring. When I saw this ceramic butterfly I knew I had to use it in a necklace. I...
Components: Weave Got Maille jumprings for the Infinity chainmaille weave, 20 gauge Artistic Wire, 8mm Bronzite faceted rounds, 6mm Autumn Agate faceted rounds (LB), 10mm Autumn Agate rounds (LB), 8mm Dark Fire Agate (LB), 6mm Carnelian faceted rounds, 10mm Fire Agate faceted rounds, ceramic butterfly, and a handmade clasp.


It's that time of year where I create something for my sister's birthday. She picked out the lampwork bead a couple years ago while we were...
Components: Weave Got Maille Vintage Bronze jump rings for the Foxtail chainmaille weave, black leather, Blue Crazy Lace Agate 6mm rounds, a lampwork bead, and handmade clasp.


My intension was to work on a bracelet to go with a Prehnite necklace I had just made. But my recent Lima Beads order was sitting on my workspace...
Components: Weave Got Maille jump rings for the chainmaille weave, 20 gauge Artistic Wire, deerskin lace leather, leaf charm, tapered bone beads, 4mm Antique Soochow Jade matte rounds (LB), 6mm faceted Antique Schoochow Jade rounds (LB), 12mm Antique Schoochow Jade square (LB), and 4mm faceted Brown Tiger Eye rounds.

Picture Peanuts

As soon as I saw these peanut Picture Jasper beads I was inspired to design with them. I've never seen this type of bead before and was anxious to...
Components: Weave Got Maille jump rings for the Foxtail and Twist of Fate chainmaille weaves, 14mm Picture Jasper peanut beads, 6mm Picture Jasper rounds (LB), 4mm Picture Jasper rondelles, deerskin leather and 20 gauge Artistic Wire.

Dark Skies

It sure seems like it's winter around here already. I've been inspired by the gray, overcast skies and cold temperatures of the encroaching winter....
Components: We've Got Maille jump rings for the Turkish Roundmaille weave. 20 gauge Artistic Wire, Dendritic Opal pendant, 6mm Picasso Marble Rounds, 4mm Black Gold Amazonite Roundelles (LB), and 4mm Moss Opalite Rounds (LB).

Look Mom No Chainmaille

My mom's birthday is coming up so I made her this necklace. I found the Aqua Marine beads half off in a cool little shop and thought she would...
Components: 8mm Aqua Marine rounds, 8mm Celtic metal beads, cross focal, magnetic clasp, and other components from my stash.


This necklace is the result of playing around with leather, wire and some of my favorite beads.
Components: Jump rings for the Twist of Fate and Full Persian chainmaille weaves, 18, 20 and 22 gauge Artistic Wire, 8mm Tibetan Banded Agate rounds, Tibetan Banded Agate Rondelles, 4mm Brown Agate rounds, Brazillian Agate focal, Czech glass, deerskin lace leather, handmade clasp and triangle links.


These bracelets are variations of my chainmaille kumihimo experiments inspired by Moogie's wonderful work. I wanted to see if I could make...
Components: Jump rings for the chainmaille, seed beads, Magatamas and Czech glass (LB).

Chainmaille Kumihimo??

So, I was working on a bracelet and I started wondering....What would it look like to add beads to a roundmaille weave? Could I make it look a bit...
Components: Jump rings for the Twist of Fate and Turkish Roundmaille chainmaille weaves, 20 & 22 gauge Antique Brass Artistic Wire, deerskin lace leather, seed beads, feather charm, 10mm Autumn Agate (LB), and a Brazillian Agate focal.

Granite Donut With Agate & Jasper Sprinkles

I've always admired gemstone donuts but never quite knew how to incorporate them in my work. When I saw this one at a bead show it inspired me to try.
Components: Jump rings for the Twist of Fate chainmaille links, Picture Jasper 4mm cubes, 6mm & 8mm rounds (LB), 8mm Tibetan Banded Agate, Tibetan Agate Rondelles, Table Mountain Granite donut, deerskin lace leather & a clasp I made.

Peace & Love

This necklace was made for a special young woman in her 20's that loves the 60's era style and music. I wanted to make something that would reflect...
Components: The Twist of Fate chainmaille links are made with Weave Got Maille 4mm ID jump rings. The rest of the necklace is made with various shapes of dyed Howlite.

Rainbow Twist of Fate

This bracelet is made with the Twist of Fate or Barrel chainmaille weave. It's one of the first weaves I learned. It's such a versatile weave and I...
Components: Weave Got Maille 3.5mm ID 18 gauge jump rings.

Positive Frame of Mind

I was inspired to make this necklace for my sister's birthday after I found the wooden frames on the sale wall at Hobby Lobby. She loves wood and...
Components: Twist of Fate or Barrel Weave chainmaille made with Weave Got Maille jump rings. Also, Picture Jasper cubes, wooden frames (HL), Red Creek Jasper faceted rondelles (LB), Tibetan Agate rounds, and my handmade clasp.

Stackin' Agate

These bracelets were made as companions to the Beadfest Weavefest necklace I posted a couple weeks ago. Lately, I've been making single strand...
Components: Jump rings, Tibetan Agate Rondelles, matte 8mm Chyroprase Rounds, Impression Jasper Oval, 2 metal leaf charms and 3 small Czech beads.

Beadfest Weavefest

This necklace is the result of my first ever bead show. I went with a plan and strategy but was so overwhelmed (in a good way!) that the plan...
Components: Jump rings, Tibetan Agate rondelles (BF), 8mm matte Chyroprase rounds (BF), Impression Jasper Oval and 3 tiny Czech glass beads.

Geometric Shadows

Recently I've been working on designing necklaces. I tend to want to make bracelets more than anything else and have only attempted a few necklaces...
Components: Jump rings (roundmaille weave), 12mm Quartz & Jasper triangular beads, 6mm Picasso Marble, 4mm cube Picasso Jasper (LB), and deerskin leather.

Red Fox

While I was organizing my stash the other day these Red Creek Jasper beads jumped out at me. I had forgotten all about them. I immediately knew I...
Components: Jump rings, handmade clasp, 16 and 20 gauge copper wire, and Red Creek Jasper rondelles (LB I think).

Three Amigas

These agate beads have been in my stash for awhile. For some reason I'd pull them out to use them, admire them, and put them away. Finally, I...
Components: Jump rings, 8mm Tibetan Agate and focal, 4mm Picture Jasper cubes, deerskin lace leather, and 20 gauge Antique Brass Artistic wire.

Ode To Bone

Well, I'm kinda hesitant to post this since it's mostly chainmaille and this is a beading site. But, I was inspired by Little Round Chick and...
Components: Jump rings, and bone beads.


I've been working on designing with a new chainmaille weave. Well, new for me that is. It's been a lot of fun.
The transition between the...
Components: Jump rings, 2 holed African Opal beads from a great little shop, Czech glass, and 6mm African Opal rounds from LB.

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