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Designs by Little Round Chick

Autumn is Here

I love all of the colors of autumn. Like many of you it is my favorite time of year. We don't get much color this close to the ocean but luckily...
Components: antiqued copper toggle, antique copper chain, autumn jasper donut, faceted carnelian, peridot chips and a pearl

Copper Rectangles

This design was not what I had originally planned. It is the plan B version. Plan A just wouldn't come together right so I scrapped it!

Components: 24ga sheet copper, peridot chips, small copper colored seed beads and antique copper chain from LB

Looks Tribal to Me

This piece is the result of frustration with another necklace that totally bombed. Got rid of the other one and put my energy into this one and it...
Components: 24ga sheet copper, antique copper chain from LB, copper beads, copper washer and jasper beads

Meandering Brass Wire

A couple of weeks ago I got these olive green Czech glass beads from LB. They are English cut and have little splashes of gold on them. I love...
Components: 16ga red brass wire, English cut Czech beads, aventurine beads, GP brass beads, bronze chain, a pearl, textured brass free form shape, agate coin

Hidden Treasures

Would you care for some emeralds? They really are emeralds just not gem quality. The large ones were left over from a necklace I made several...
Components: emeralds, GP brass beads, bronze chain, green blood stone beads and a pearl

Copper Slice Take 2

Well I re-worked it and the balance is much better. The wire hanger is gone and some extra chrome diopside nuggets have been added. I may fiddle...
Components: #! 24ga copper sheet scrap, chain, chrome diopside nuggets #2 24ga copper sheet scrap, green blood stone, leather cord

A Copper Slice with Chrome Diopside

I have been debating on whether to post this photo or not. The necklace is so totally weird I'm not sure what to do with it.

It all started...
Components: sheet copper, antique copper chain, chrome diopside nuggets

A Girl with a Curl on a Unicycle

The two discs with a copper shape was another item I uncovered while organizing the chaos. They were an experiment in a type of cold connection I...
Components: copper, red brass, satin Hamilton gold chain

An Unusual Pair

So there I was.... trying to organize my chaos when I came across a scrap of copper that had been fan folded. So much for organizing the chaos....
Components: folded sheet copper, red brass discs, silver plate chain, niobium ear wires

Ear Rings with Hammered Wire

These two pairs of ear rings were made with textured red brass and copper wire. When I started with them it seemed like a nice straight forward...
Components: 12 and 14ga red brass wire, 14ga copper wire, a textured bead and surgical steel and niobium ear wires

Necklace with a Front Clasp

This is just a simple design with the clasp as a part of the pendant. The dangle hangs from the circle part of the toggle and the bar adds another...
Components: copper chain and toggle, turquoise, amazonite, FP Czech glass, wood, seed beads, pearl, copper scrap

Brass Bracelet

I was playing around with a piece of 16ga wire and decided to make a bracelet with varied high and low areas. The second picture shows the...
Components: 16ga and 24ga red brass wire, 12 and 6mm rhyolite beads, seed beads

Matte Finish Carnelian

I've had these matte finish beads for quite some time. I don't really care for the finish so I haven't been too quick to use them.

The brass...
Components: 16ga and 24ga red brass wire, carnelian beads, dangle contains pearl, turquoise, agate, carnelisn, brass spacers. seed beads, brass scrap, satin Hamilton gold chain

More Wire Work

Another pair of asymmetrical necklaces. One with very organized wire shapes and the other free form wire shapes. Both are made with Czech glass...
Components: 14ga and 24ga wire, Czech glass. copper chain

Butterfly with Curled Antenna

Whilst cleaning up a bunch of copper scraps I came across an interesting shape I had tossed in with the scraps. It needed some beads to see if it...
Components: 16ga and 24ga copper wire, blue crazy lace agate, copper beads, copper chain, handmade copper clasp

Asymmetrical Green

The frame for this necklace started life as a bracelet but I couldn't make it work. When all else fails have a plan B.

So I chopped part of...
Components: 14ga and 24ga copper wire, 2 bloodstone beads, a pearl, a FP glass Czech bead, a sq. carnelian tube bead, a free form scrap of copper and antique copper chain

Very Old Turquoise

I remember buying these turquoise beads when I first started making jewelry. The first necklace I made with them sold at my first home party....
Components: grade C turquoise, vintage brass chain, brass melon spacer beads with green patina

Beads with a Ghostly Glow

Y'all would not believe what a pain those silly little chain sections were. I think I fussed with this necklace more than I have with any other in...
Components: crystal with AB finish, antique silver finish chain

Gorgeous Agate and Other Things

I found the frame for this bracelet lurking in a dark corner. Don't know when I made it but I decided it needed some beads. Looking through the...
Components: 14ga and 24ga red brass wire, faceted striped agate, faceted and smooth blue haze agate, zoesite with rubies, vintage brass box link chain

Reworked Necklace

Went shopping at the Goodwill store Sunday and had a great time looking at the jewelry. Bought 3 different necklaces and it only cost me $17....
Components: mystery metal with marcasite? LB antique silver chain, lobster claw clasp from the original, lots of curb link red brass chain, box link chain

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