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Designs by Little Round Chick

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One Wire Bracelet

This is a fairly simple bracelet made with one 12ga wire and a faux turquoise nugget. It is an interesting design but difficult to put on. I wore...
Components: 12ga and 24ga copper wire, faux turquoise nugget of unknown variety stone

Magnesite Turquoise

I found the frame for the bracelet on my work table. It has been there for ages. The beads have been in my stash for a long time, too.
I wore...
Components: 12ga and 24ga copper wire, dyed magnesite, a rock from my yard

Necklaces X 2

The first necklace has been hanging around for some time so I thought it was time to share it. It is asymmetrical made with red brass and blue sky...
Components: 16ga and 24ga red brass wire, 24ga red brass sheet rectangle, blue sky agate beads, metallic seed beads, a pearl, a scrap of 24ga sheet copper scrap, antique brass chain, leather cord

Experimental Bracelet

I was experimenting with an unusual shape bracelet made with 12ga wire which I haven't used in a long time. Forgot how stiff it was.
The shape is...
Components: 12ga and 24ga copper wire, jasper beads

Ear Rings

A small collection of ear rings from someone who doesn't wear them. Don't have pierced ears and the clip on style slide off too easily.

Components: 20ga copper and red brass wire, raku beads, salvaged beads, genuine turquoise beads, Czech FP glass beads, seed beads, brass spacers and bead caps, GP stainless steel chain

Coils in Two sizes and a Tag-along

The bracelets coils were made by wrapping copper wire around a sharpie for the larger one and a pencil for the smaller one. After the coils were...
Components: 14ga and 16ga copper wire, sharpie, oversized pencil


I had a devil of a time with this cuff. The stringing wire was red brass not bronze like the previous one. I didn't realize there would be a...
Components: 14ga and 24ga red brass wire, Czech glass beads in different styles, faceted fire polished, druk, iris, satin finish, and even some seed beads

The Earrings & Bracelet in Progress

Here are the ear rings, Pam.
I've include a photo of the ear rings with the necklace. After watching this set for a while I've decided to do a...
Components: 8mm rhyolite beads, hand made copper triangles, niobium ear wires, bracelet: 14ga & 24ga copper wire, strawberry quartz, green garnet, Czech glass

Rustic Copper and Rhyolite

Spent most of the afternoon yesterday working on this necklace. Those little triangles were a bit tedious to make and took most of the time but I...
Components: 24ga copper sheet, 22ga copper wire, 8mm and 10mm rhyolite beads, antique copper chain

Cut Outs

I call this style of pendants cut outs. They are made from sections of larger discarded wire frames. It's a good way to reuse the wire instead of...
Components: 14ga and 24ga red brass wire, agate, jasper, ebony wood, glass seed beads, leather cord

Sun Catcher

It has been quite a while since I made a sun catcher. Since I like the ones that are trees I made a Jacaranda. They are quite common in the San...
Components: 14ga and 24ga copper wire, amethyst, green glass and peridot chips

Ear Rings and Random Stuff

These are the ear rings that go with the bone and spring necklace plus some other parts with with cloths pin springs, a close up of the reclaimed...
Components: Bone, glass and stone beads, stainless steel ear wires, clothes pin springs, some fun reclaimed beads and ice plant

Sharpie Circles

Here's another variation on the sharpie circles that I like to use when making asymmetrical design. The beads in this set are some of my favorites....
Components: 14ga, 20ga and 24ga copper wire, various sizes of blue sky agate, favorite LB copper chain, hand made ear wires and hook clasp, a bunch of beads, apiece of broken glass and a piece of textured sheet copper (no kitchen sink included....)

Adventures in Wire

I've been under the weather for the past three weeks and haven't had a chance to view and comment on all of the great jewelry designs. This is the...
Components: Czech glass, crystal, reclaimed beads, 14ga, 16ga, 24ga and 26ga red brass wire, antique brass chain, leather cord, clothes pin springs, bone and misc. beads

Anatomy of a Bracelet

While I was working on this squiggle cuff I thought it might be a good idea to photograph some of the steps. This one wasn't as easy as the first...
Components: 14ga and 24ga red brass wire, various sizes of Czech glass beads, 1 or 2 crystal beads, GP spacer beads

Beggers Beads

These bracelets are made with left over beads and memory wire. I have a box where I keep left overs and periodically I'll take out a handful and...
Components: various stone and glass beads, single loop of memory wire, metallic seed beads


Rhyolite and brass are perfect companions as you can see in this group of ear rings. They are simple designs and were all made in one day. It took...
Components: Rhyolite, hand made red brass ear wires, various brass spacers

Necklace with Bling

Here's the companion piece for the bling bracelet. It has one bead that twinkles when the necklace is moved. The frame for this piece has been...
Components: 14ga and 24ga red brass wire, Czech glass beads, fresh water pearls, 2 small metal beads

A Bracelet with Bling!

Guess who? I haven't been making much jewelry since May of last year. The creative inspiration has been sadly lacking. Well, I'm back and...
Components: 16ga and 24ga red brass wire, Czech glass beads, fresh water pearls and 1 metal bead

More Stuff From the Stash

Apparently I've been hiding turquoise and turquoise alternative beads in the stash. Two of these necklaces are made with rustic turquoise nuggets...
Components: turquoise nuggets, magnesite beads, silver barrel spacers, oxidized brass lantern spacers, 6mm copper beads, various metal clasps, brass, copper and steel chain

Showing page 1 of 33 (646 total Designs)
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