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Designs by Little Round Chick

Vintage Chain and African Turquoise Jasper

I have a thing for vintage chain and like to use it as often as possible. When I received this chain I wasn't expecting it it be as heavy as it...
Components: brass and copper vintage chain, African turquoise jasper beads, copper ear wires

AB Luster Moonstone

I finally got a chance to make ear rings to go with the moonstone necklace. The necklace has a lot of components so I decided the ear rings should...
Components: AB luster moonstone, red brass ear wires, GP spacers

The Last One

I had 4 pairs of ear rings that I wanted to post together but my computer had other ideas. You can't win an argument with a computer so you try to...
Components: GP open diamond, GP ear wires, pewter bead with patina

An Exotic Pair

Here is another pair of simple ear rings with a fancy chandelier I got from LB. When I first saw the chandelier I thought, "WOW I've got to have...
Components: GP chandelier, GP spacers, hand made red brass ear wires, carnelian beads

Chandeliers and Vintage Glass

The pale blue drops are hand blown silk glass from West Germany and measure 1 inch in length including the GP bell cap. Apparently silk glass is...
Components: hand blown silk glass, gold plate ear wires, silver plate filigree chandeliers, Czech glass beads, seed beads, sterling silver ear wires.

Larvikite and Crystal

This was a partially finished necklace that turned up one day while I was searching for something else. I finished it with a light weight SP hook...
Components: SP chain, English cut crystal, larvikite, 20ga SP wire

Elegant Moonstone

The moonstone in this necklace is peach with AB luster finish. When I first saw them I was intrigued with the finish and when I actually saw the...
Components: peach moonstone with AB luster finish, small GP dog bone tubes, small GP block shape beads, 20 and 24ga red brass wire, GP chain with diamond shape links

Copper Scrap with Bold Lines

Yep, it is another pleated scrap with small copper beads and bronze diamonds. I also used the the copper beads and diamonds to attach the chain...
Components: 24ga copper sheet, 22 and 20ga copper wire, bronze diamonds with green patina, 3mm copper beads, antique copper chain (one of my favorites from LB)

Shoulder Dusters

I've been having a fun time making shoulder duster ear rings. Don't know if the length is too extreme. I don;t have pierces ears so I can't try...
Components: 24ga sheet copper, 20ga and 16ga copper wire, 22ga silver plate wire, SP and copper chain and chandelier from LB

Curves and Curls

This started as a flat scrap that was just laying around taking up space. I decided to do something with it so it acquired some curves and curls...
Components: 24ga sheet copper, copper wire, turquoise rectangular tubes, leather cord

I Can't Believe I Made This!

I don't work with seed beads and bugle bead but apparently I did at one time. This necklace was in a box with other pieces I have made over the...
Components: seed beads, bugle beads, SP chain and clasp, SS jump rings and some kind of thread

Bent But Not Broken

I found this irregular shaped heart in a bunch stuff. It wasn't important stuff it was just stuff. It already had the waves in it so all I had to...
Components: 24ga sheet copper, hand made copper jump ring, opaque glass bead

Gold Squares and an Ear Ring Tree

I had this terrific idea for a bracelet made of wire segments but it bombed out. So I took the brass wires with flattened ends that were part of...
Components: 14ga red brass wire, gold plated squares, oxidized brass lever back eat wires, heavy gauge florist's wire, floral tape, plaster of Paris, small smooth rocks and a pot from the dollar store

That's Wild

I was in my work room sorta putting things away when I noticed I had a bunch of small triangles I had cut some time ago. What to do with them....?...
Components: 26ga copper sheet metal, 20ga copper wire, turquoise heishi beads, turquoise color magnesite barrels

Three Green Rocks

Apparently green is still my favorite color. Seems almost every time I start a new design it winds up being done in green. The three green stones...
Components: blood stone, chrome diopside, jasper, GP spacers, chain and clasp, hand made red brass ear wires

Gold Squares

Found these interesting curved squares one day while window shopping on line. They are gold plated and have a hole in the center. I sure they are...
Components: gold plated squares, small GP round spacers, handmade red brass ear wires

Green Glass Nuggets

I haven't been making much jewelry recently. Gotta get a move on.

I found the glass nuggets for these ear rings one day while checking out new...
Components: recycled green glass nugget, over size pewter spacers, silver plate ear wires, small crystal bead spacers

Tagua Nut Bead Bracelet

I found this bracelet in my work room in an unfinished state. Don't know when I started it, don't know why I stopped it, finally finished it...
Components: tague nut beads, pewter spacers, black seed beads, SP toggle clasp

Ocelot Patterened Jade Set

I've posted a picture of the ocelot bead necklace before but decided to post it again with its bracelet and ear rings. This is definitely an...
Components: jade with an applied pattern, copper beads, spacers, sticks and pendant, antique copper chain, ebony and sandal wood beads (in the bracelet), niobium ear wires, hand made copper hook clasp. memory wire

Brass and Peridot

This necklace has been a work in progress for about 6 or 7 weeks. Finally finished it. It isn't a spectacular design but the green of the peridot...
Components: peridot chips, brass rectangular spacers, round flattened brass spacers with green patina and hand made brass hook clasp (when I get it attached)

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