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Designs by Beady Little Eyes

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The Raven

Named after the poem by Edgar Allan Poe. I tried to incorporate parts of the poem in the necklace.

"—vainly I had sought to borrow
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Opaque Matte Black, White with Travertine, Terra Pearl Opal, Toho Treasures Rainbow Rosaline Opaque Purple, Silver-, 5 mm Czech Glass Jet Druks, LB Zola Elements Ant. Silver Plated Spoke Spacers, LB TierraCast White Bronze (plated) Hammertone Magnetic Clasp Set 18x9mm

Translucent / Transparent Lariat

The translucent pink 6 mm beads were my inspiration for this necklace. I added some crystal farfale and pink drops. It's such a feminine necklace....
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Pastel Peach Ceylon, 6 mm Czech Glass Lumi Pink Druks, 2 x 4 mm Czech Glass Farfale Crystal, 6 x 8 mm Czech Glass Pink and Gold Bellflowers, 3.4 mm Miyuki Drops Light Tea Rose

Birdies Sing and Everything

Fun, flowery necklace. I started with the rice beads and then got carried away as I sometimes do. I thought the hummingbirds were the same but one...
Components: Seed beads 8/0 - Miyuki Opaque Brown Picasso, 11/0 Seed Beads Czech Glass Olivine Matte, 6 x 8 mm Czech Glass Butterscotch Bellflowers, 6 x 8 mm Czech Glass Siam Bellflowers, LB 6 x 9 mm Purple Flower Pods Czech Glass Matte, 8 mm Flowers - Aqua with other colors, 8 mm CG Frosted Amethyst AB Flower, LB 12 mm Textured Creamsickle with Gold Hibiscus Coins, 6 x 8 mm Milky White CG Bellflower, 6 mm CG Cobalt Flowers, 6 x 8 mm CG Turquoise Opaque Bellflower, 2 x 5 mm CG Opaque Bali Style Daisy Spacers, LB 19 x 14 mm Tierracast Antique Copper Plated Hummingbird Charm, LB 19 x 14 mm Tierracast Gold Plated Hummingbird Charm, 7 x 3 mm CG Yellow Flowers, 6 x 4 mm Peridot CG Rice Beads LB 25 x 8 mm Tierracast Rope Magnetic Clasp Brass Plated ........ Whew - I think that's all

Fooling Around

LRC had me thinking about what was in my stash - so I had a look. First is the spider necklace. So simple - spider on a chain with a magnetic...
Components: Spider and chain, Silver plated rhinestone clasp 12 mm, 11/0 seed beads - spring green, 10 mm glass red disc, Gold plated findings and earwires, 25 mm venus fly trap beads - 2 sided, Bracelets 2 part resin, peace - white ribbon with stickers from the dollar store and small domed beads that look flat now and peace written with wire, next a pink and gold bracelet made with washi tape, the third one has alcohol ink dropped into the resin - an oval instead of a circle

Black Rose Choker

MY daughter found this heavy plastic Black Rose bead in my stash and said she'd love a necklace with it. Well all it wanted to do was hang straight...
Components: Seed beads 8/0 - Opaque Black, 6 mm Black diamond AB Smooth Round Czech Glass Druks, 10 x 13 mm Czech Glass Peridot Birch Leaves, 2, 5 x 5 mm Superduo Black Gloss, 10 x 14 mm Glass Rondelle Lavender, 8 mm Czech Glass Alexandrite Druk, 8 mm x 6 mm Bead Cap - Black Metal, 20 x 35 mm Black Rose - Heavy Plastic, LB 18 x 9 mm Tierracast Hammertone White Bronze Plate Magnetic Clasp

Happiness Necklace

Had a little birdie pendant that I painted blue and decided to add it to this beaded necklace. The little birdie just makes me happy. ....And the...
Components: Seed beads 8/0 - Miyuki Opaque Brown Picasso, 5 mm Czech Glass Daisy Spacers Blue, 5 mm Lumi Brown Pressed Glass Discs, LB 6 mm Lumi Wild Horse Picture Jasper Rounds, 4 x 6 mm Blue Turquoise Opaque Czech Glass Bellflowers, 20 x 21 Pewter Round Drop with Bird, 6 mm Antique Copper Magnetic Clasp

The Eagle

Made this choker from Zoliduo beads and seed beads. The zoliduo beads are like little yin and yangs. They are left and right sided - had to put the...
Components: 8/0 Miyuki seed beads Opaque Brown Picasso, Zoliduo Beads - left and right Butter Pecan, Tierracast Hammertone Magnetic Clasp Oxidized Brass Plate 18 x 9 mm

Resin Fun

Guess I've been away for a while. You all did some beautiful work while I was gone.
Just started to try my hand at 2 part resin. It's lots of fun...
Components: 2 part epoxy resin, Various beads and dried flowers, Lb Chain Gold Plated, LB Gold Plated Split Jump Rings 8mm

Sunshine and Mushroom Necklace

Made the necklace and thought it looked a little drab. So I added a drab sunshine (seems like the only kind I get here anymore). Ha. The sunshine...
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - Toho Transparent Lustered Light Topaz, Gray, LB 12 x 20 mm Czech Glass Mushroom Textured Puff Oval, 6 mm Czech Glass Pearls Golden Sand, 4 mm Czech Glass Topaz Druks, 6 mm Czech Glass Pearls Bone, 6 x 4 mm Czech Glass Rice Beads Matte Amber AB, 8 mm Antique Bronze Magnetic Clasp

Beaded Beads Necklace

Started this necklace by making beaded tubes. Used 11/0 Transparent Rosaline - so hard to see the holes. The other tubes are made from Toho Matte...
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - Toho Treasures Transparent Rosaline, Toho Treasures Matte Dark Copper, Opaque Peach Miyuki Delicas, Matte Orange Delicas, Opaque Light Blue Delicas, Green Delicas -, LB 2 x 4 mm Bronze Hematite wheels, 2 x 7 mm Round Pewter Flowers, 6 mm Lumi Pink Round Czech Glass Druks

Candy is Dandy Necklace or Merry Christmas

I was sitting at my beading station (kitchen table) and looked down - Red Seeds, White Seeds and Pink Seeds. So I started making a round stitch and...
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - Pastel Rose Ceylon, Toho Ceylon Light Ivory, Togo Opaque Pepper Red, 3 mm Czech Glass Fire Polished Ruby Beads, 10 x 16 mm Magnetic Clasp

Agate Tubes Lariat

Beautiful agates in this long lariat. So fun to wear because it's so long. Many possibilities.
Components: LB 20 x 8 mm Lagoon Line Agate Tubes, LB 4 mm Green, Pink and Red Agate Rounds, Seed Beads 11/0 - Toho Milky Lush Meadow, Pastel Rose Ceylon, Vintage French Opal Violet, Toho Ceylon Light Ivory -, 8/0 Seed Beads - Emerald Green, 5 mm Dark Amethyst Pressed Glass Rounds

Brown and Aqua with Daggers

Very little rhyme or reason to this necklace. Wanted to use the brown spotted beads and then I saw the beautiful Czech Glass Turquoise. So much fun.
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Toho Rainbow Frost Dark Topaz, Opaque Aqua Blue, LB Toho Frosted Metallic Dark Bronze, 6 x 8 mm Czech Glass Brown Smooth Flat Oval with Specks, 4 x 16 mm Czech Glass Thorns - Pearl Matte Aqua, LB 4 mm Czech Glass Fire Polished Turquoise with Mercury Finish, 3 mm Cats eye Beads - many colors, LB 9 x 18 mm Tierracast Hammertone Magnetic Clasp Gold Plated

The Promise of Spring

I know (hope) it will be spring soon. Another 1 degree day today.
Made with purple, clear and spring green beads. Didn't have a 2 holed clasp so...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Spring Green, Toho Gray Magenta Lined and LB Toho Ceylon Light Ivory, 4 mm Czech Glass Druks - Crystal, 6 x 8 mm Czech Glass Purple Swirls, 5 mm Czech Glass Dark Amethyst Pressed Glass Rondelles, 9 x 15 mm Peridot Glass Birch Leaves, 16 x 19 mm Hammertone Magnetic Clasp White Bronze Plated

Brown Netted Flower Necklace

The rootbeer colored 8/0 seed beads were one of the first seed beads I purchased. They were heavy enough to give this necklace a nice balance....
Components: Seed Beads 8/0 - Rootbeer, Seed Beads 11/0 - Spring Green, 6 x 4 mm Czech Glass Rice Beads - Peridot, LB 2 x 5 mm Czech Glass Opaque Bali Style Daisy Spacers, 3 x 8 mm Czech Glass Daisy Spacers - Ruby, 6 x 8 mm Czech Glass Bellflower - Siam, 2 x 5 mm Daisy Spacer - Aqua, 13 x 17 Tierracast Magnetic Antique Gold Plate Temple Stitch Clasp

Blue Valentines Necklace

I received my LB order and saw how well the 4 mm CGFP beads matched the little blue heart. I made some links and added some chain.
Components: LB Parawire Non Tarnish Gold 20 Ga, 6 mm Cream Baroque Pearls, LB 4 mm CGFP Turquoise with Mercury finish, LB Satin Finish Turquoise Pave CZ Butterfly Heart, LB Hamilton Gold Plated Round wire cable Chain, Tierracast Britania Pewter Antique Gold Beaded 2 Loop Toggle 12 x 16 mm

Green and Orange Woven Necklace

So tired of the barren whiteness here. So I went for some happy spring colors. Used several different stitches. And made some cages with 8 mm beads...
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - Tangerine and Czech Glass Olivine Matte, 3.4 mm Drops - Miyuki Matte Transparent Orange, 5 mm Czech Glass Fire Polished Crystal Tangerine, 7 mm Czech Glass Fire Polished Tequila Sunrise, 6 x 4 mm Czech Glass Matte Peridot Rice Beads, LB 18 x 9 mm Tierracast Magnetic Clasp Hammertone Gold Plated

Golden Baubles Necklace

Golden baubles adorn this woven necklace.

It's been extremely cold here for the last 3 weeks or so. Negative numbers in the teens and twenties....
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - Toho Gold Lined Rainbow Crystal 4 mm Czech Fire Polished Tropical Topaz Rounds 6 mm Czech Fire Polished Tropical Topaz Rounds 8 mm Czech Glass Topaz Crown Beads 18 x 9 mm Tierracast Magnetic Clasp Hammertone Gold Plated

Ornate Golden Necklace

Sparkly golden necklace with aqua and pink contrasting colors.
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - LB Toho Gold Lined Rainbow Crystal, Opaque Lustered Lagoon, Lustered Crystal Terra Cotta Lined 8/0 Seed Beads - Silver Lined Translucent Lilac 3 mm LB Czech Fire Polished Crystal Rounds Apollo (Gold) 4 mm Czech Fire Polished Light Metallic Rhubarb 3 mm Smooth Round Pearls - Cocoa 4 mm Czech Druk Pink AB Smooth Round LB 4 mm Leaf Green AB Crystal Faceted Rondelle 6 mm Cream Baroque Glass Pearls LB Tierracast Toggle Clasp 12mm with 18 mm Bar

Lavender and Stars Necklace

I have some beautiful cut crystal beads with bronze accents. I loved the way they looked with the transparent stars. Three strands.
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - LB Toho Rainbow Crystal with Gold Lining and Vintage French Opal Violet, 8/0 Seed Beads - Silver Lined Translucent Lilac, 5 mm Czech Glass Daisy Spacers Topaz, 6 mm Czech Glass Crown Picasso Light Sapphire And Antique Bronze, 12 mm Lumi Brown Glass Star Beads, LB 10 x 3 mm Czechmates Beam Matte Metallic Goldenrod, LB 13 x 17 Tierracast Magnetic Antique Gold Plate Temple Stitch Clasp

Showing page 1 of 12 (226 total Designs)
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