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Designs by Beady Little Eyes


Another necklace made in collaboration with a client. This one has a small sprinkling of ladybugs to represent an area they visit in the summer....
Components: 11/0 seed beads- green, 3 browns mixed together, Blue, Peach, ivory, greens, 4mm Czech Glass druks, LB Toggle - Tierra cast Ant gold plate floral toggle

Flashback to the 50's

Used a St. Petersburg stitch to make this necklace. My husband took one look and said, "Looks like a piece from Woolworths for old ladies in the...
Components: 10/0 seed beads Ant French Fuscia, 8/0 seed beads silver lined lilac, 8 mm amethyst drop beads, and 1 12 mm amethyst drop bead

The Days Grow Long

Saw all of the leaves hanging and falling so I made a brooch. So much fun.
Components: Many colors of 11/0 seed beads.

Be Happy

I just love Jamaican colors. This long, long lariat can be worn so many ways. I have shown a few. I especially like the way it looks when halved,...
Components: 11/0 seed beads - Green, Black, Red, Yellow, polymer clay saucer beads.

Trellis with Flowers

As I was making the netted chain I thought it looked like a wooden trellis. Added the flowers and a little bee who wants to hide behind the leaf. I...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Matte Galvanized Starlight, Matte Olive Green, Rainbow Emerald Translucent Green, 3 browns - Rootbeer, Transparent Rainbow Frost Dark Topaz and White with Travertine, 15/0 Seed Beads -Ceylon Light Ivory, Luminous Light Orange, 5 mm Czech Glass Blue Flowers, 4 mm Glass Pearls, Gold Plated Toggle and Bee

Lampwork Heart Necklace

A wonderful friend sent me this LB Lampwork Heart. It's beautiful. It has a great luminescence that's hard (maybe impossible - at least for me) to...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Med Gold, Opaque RNBW Cream, Matte Galvanized starlight, Opaque Turquoise Green, Seed Beads 8/0 Inside Col Turquoise, 4 mm Cobalt Faceted Glass Cubes, 5 x 6 mm Czech Glass Twisted Rondelle Dark Aqua, LB Lampwork Heart 20 mm, Antique Gold Plated Toggle

Monarchs Necklace

I made this necklace in collaboration with my client. It's a fun, unique necklace. The netted tubular stitch represents the butterflies flying in...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Orange Frost, Black Matte, Ceylon Lt. Ivory, Opaque Pumpkin Delicas, Blue Frost Rainbow, Seed Beads 8/0 Opaque Black, 6 mm Glass Pearls, Superduos, Tierra Cast Antique Gold Plated Butterfly Toggle and Tierra Cast Antique Gold Plated Lily Bead Caps

Two Netted Necklace

Started this necklace with a chenille stitch then added the shell pearl. Decided to add herringbone stitch on each end.
Components: 11/0 seed beads - Opaque Matte Forest, 15/0 seed beads - Ceylon Light Ivory, 4 mm orange with gold luster druks, 12 mm Shell pearl White, 6 mm Czech Glass Pearls- Ivory, Gold Filled Clasp

First Falling Leaf of Fall

Fall is approaching so quickly. I saw the amber beads and went for it. It's only 18 1/4 inches long.
The last photo is a Walking stick on my door.
Components: Seed Beads 6/0 - Smoke Topaz Silver Foil Lined, 3 mm round Light Topaz, 4 x 6 mm triangular beads -Light Topaz AB, Gold Plated Leaf, LB Ant. Gold Plated Toggle Clasp Tierra Cast 2 loop, Gold Filled Findings

Dancing Ladies

When I was a child I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. Whenever it would rain the raindrops made concentric circles in the puddles. She...
Components: 11/0 seed beads - clear and light aqua, 9 mm clear AB drops, 6 mm bead capss, Silver Plated earwires, oh - and dancing ladies charms.

Peaches and Cream

A dainty necklace in Peach (dusty rose -looks peachy to me),cream,Lavender and Teal.
the tiles and hexagon beads are 2 holed.
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Dusty Rose, Opaque Rainbow Cream, Teal Green - 4 mm round cats’ eye beads Teal, 6 mm hexagon beads - Ivory, 6 mm square tile beads - Lavender, Silver colored Toggle Clasp

Spiralized Blue

Made this necklace (chenille stitch) in a clockwise direction then decided to add the agates (I believe - not labeled). Then I continued in a...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Opaque Rainbow Cream, Frosted Crystal Grape Lined and Opaque Turquoise, 3.4 mm drop beads Matte Capri Blue AB, 8 mm Blue Agates, Pewter Findings, Stainless Steel Toggle Clasp

Not According to Hoyle - or A Pansy, a Leaf and a Bee

Wanted a three strand necklace with the beautiful enameled pansy and the amethyst and orange beads. I didn't have the correct findings for a 3...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Amethyst Frost Rainbow, Lustered Crystal Terra Cotta Lined, 4 x 8 mm bumpy amethyst and orange glass, 7 x 7 mm Czech Glass Amethyst Bellflowers, 6mm Czech Glass Druks Amethyst, 3 x 5 mm Czech Glass Cut Rondelles Orange, 3.8 x 1 mm Magic Wine O Beads, LB 12 x 14 Czech Glass Leaf, 12 x 11 mm gold plated Bee, 25 x 30 Enameled Pansy, Gold filled and Gold Plated findings, Gold Filled Clasp

Samplers for Robin

The question you asked about my last necklace got me thinking so I made a few samplers. The first ones are 3 bead herringbone- 6/0 seed beads, 8/0...
Components: 8/0 seed beads - silk lilac, pink, blue, o Orange, silk green, 6/0 seed beads -blues and orange 3 mm AB light topaz copper tiles and superduos

Copper and Blue Lariat

Almost 40 inches long. Copper tiles and superduos, dark brown and blue seed beads make up this lariat. For some reason I just love lariats -...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Opaque Blue and Opaque Matte Tree Bark Brown 6 mm Tiles and Superduos Matte Copper

Wild Wild Rose

My impression of wild roses. Such lovely flowers. Both sides swirl up toward the center.
Another herringbone stitch - both the chain and the...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 - Amethyst Frost Rainbow, Frosted Crystal Grape, Pastel Pink Ceylon, Pastel Rose Ceylon, Rainbow Light Topaz/Seafoam, Matte Color Iris Peridot 10mm Lumi Amethyst Czech Glass Snail Baroque Lumis, 3.8 x 1 mm O Beads Magic Wine, Stainless Steel Clasp

Another Little Herringbone Necklace

Asymmetrical Herringbone necklace with other beads. Having fun with this stitch.
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 Toho Opaque Luster light beige, Toho Opaque Blue Turquoise 3 mm Translucent AB Czech Glass Beads LB - 4 mm Sky blue agate round beads 3x 6 mm Czech Glass Ribbed Rondelle Amethyst 3.8 x 1 mm O Beads Magic Wine Antique Gold Plated Clasp

Hummingbird Necklace

Made for a bird loving friend. Herringbone stitch for the chain and flower - and peyote for the leaves.
think you can see the little red cubic...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 Toho Transparent Rainbow Frost Dark Topaz, Light and Dark Green Delicas, Toho Ceylon Light Ivory Seed Beads 15/0 Toho Ceylon Light Ivory, Clear rainbow 3 mm Topaz AB Czech Glass Beads LB - 3 mm Red Cubic Zirconia Beads Stainless Steel Clasp Silver Plated Hummingbird


This necklace weighs in at 38 g! So heavy and hefty. The stitch is a cubic right angle weave. It hangs nicely. I was trying to get an organic feel...
Components: Seed Beads 11/0 Lustered Crystal Rosy Terra Cotta Seed Beads 8/0 Transparent Rainbow Cream Soda 3mm Topaz AB Czech Glass Beads 6 mm Round Pink Beads Gold filled Clasp

Pink and Ivory Netted Necklace

I started out by making a sampler of the chenille stitch. I liked the look of the pink and ivory - hence this necklace.
Components: Seed beads 11/0 Lustered Crystal Rosy Terra Cotta and Matte Light Ivory O Beads - Magic Wine Gold filled findings Gold Plated Swallow

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