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Designs by Beady Little Eyes

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Head Over Heels For a Heart Of Gold

A Valentines Necklace for me.
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - Toho Ceylon Soft Pink and Frosted Dark Red 4 mm Siam Round Druk Czech Beads 6 x 4 mm Rice Beads - Siam Czech Glass and Pink CG 5 mm Gold Plated Heart Focal 11 x 12 mm Black Cherry Recycled Glass Puffed Heart TierraCast Gold (plated) Twisted Hook 24x12mm

A Nod To My Favorite Dr.

Theodor S. Geisel. What a creative spirit, poet and illustrator. I've always loved his stories. So when I saw the red fishie and blue fishie I knew...
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads, 25 mm long Glass Lampworked Fishies, 6 mm Crystal Rounds, Magnetic Clasp

Elephantine Valentine

These little Elephants wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day. They look so much in love.
Components: 1/0 Seed Beads Toho Gold Lined Rainbow Crystal, Toho Jonquil White Lined and Preciosa Silver Lined Red -, 5 mm Gold Plate Heart Focal Beads, 3 mm FP Ruby Faceted Beads, 10 x 15 mm CG Elephants - Gray with Gold Wash, 10 x 16 mm TierraCast Ant. Gold Brittonia Pewter Toggle Clasp

Birdie on a Branch

Funny - I made a birdie on a branch also. A little different idea.
Netted necklace with a herringbone loop for the birdie.
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads Olivine Matte AB, Translucent Rainbow Crystal, 10/0 Seed Beads Brown Rainbow, 15/0 Toho Opaque Luster Dark Beige, 6/0 Seed Beads Toho Opaque Luster Light Beige, 10 x 20 mm Lampwork Bird Yellow and Green, 24 x 8 mm Nunn Design Ant Copper Plated Twig Connector, 6/0 Copper Beads, 19 x 8 mm TierraCast Ant Copper Plated Hammered Magnetic Clasp Set

Green Tiles

Green tiles with adornments on the outside. The center design took a few tries.
Components: 21 iinches long - with 1 inch pendant, 11/0 Seed Beads Toho Gilded Marble Turquoise, 6 mm 2 hole Czech Class Tiles Ocean Foam, #6 Seed Beads Delica Matte Rainbow Green, 7 x 23 mm TierraCast Ant. Copper Hook and Eye Set

Cold as Ice

As soon as I saw these crystals, I knew what I wanted to make. Icy, icy necklace. I feel so at home with it on. I guess it could also be rock candy.
Components: Small to Medium Ab Glass Crystal Chips, 11/0 Seed Beads Translucent Rainbow Crystal, 9 x 19 mm TierraCast Rope Magnetic Clasp Ant. Silver Plate

Aqua Luau Party Necklace

The colors in this necklace reminded me of a luau. Coral, shells, water, Flowers. Such fun to wear.
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - Aqua Blue and Lime Green, 3.2 x 5 mm Farfalle - Ivory and Toffee, 12 x 14 mm Peridot Glass Birch Leaves, 20 mm Lampwork Flowers, 5 x 6 mm Bellflowers - Opaque Turquoise and Coral, 6 x 8 mm Bellflowers - Opaque Turquoise, 4 mm CG Druk - Topaz, 13 x 4 mm Spring Mix Impression Jasper Tubes, 7 x 23 mm TierraCast Ant. Copper Hook and Eye Set

A Study in Black and Pale Peach

Pretentious or what? It's actually just a necklace. Lots of beads. Double strand.
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - Black Matte Opaque and Ceylon Pastel Peach, 6 mm Black Agate Smooth Rounds, 6 mm Cham-pagne Party Pink Pearl CG Smooth Rounds, 6 mm CGFP Peach Faceted Crystals, 2 x 5 mm Lt. Topaz with Silver Bali Style Daisy Spacers, 4 x 3 mm Jet FP Round Faceted, 6 x 8 mm CGFP Jet Faceted, 10 mm CGFP Jet Faceted, 18 x 15 mm TierraCast Ant Gold Plated Heirloom 2 Loop Toggle Clasp

Dejected Rejected Bead Necklace

I have a little box of rejected beads and decided to pick out some of them for this necklace. The Toho Gold Lined Beads are extremely sparkly.
Components: 11/0 Toho Gold Lined Rainbow Crystal Seed Beads, Multicolored Beads - Rounds, Flowers, Spacers, Discs and anything weird, Tierracast Brittania Pewter with 22K Gold Plate Toggle Clasp 12 x 14 mm ring

Another New Years Lighted Necklace

Black background necklace with lights. Made this as a New Years gift for my daughter. It's 21 inches long.
Components: 8/0 Seed Beads - Peppermint Inside Color, Turquoise Inside Color, Tangerine Inside Color, Lilac Inside Color, Opaque Matte Black, Toho Antique Frosted Bronze Round Antique Gold (plated) Palace Magnetic Clasp Set 27x8mm

Impression Jasper Spring Mix Necklace

Spring Mix Impression Jasper Donut and Tubes in a netted 21 inch necklace. Wonderful colors in this jasper piece. It does remind me of spring even...
Components: 50 mm Spring Mix Impression Jasper Donut, 13 x 4 mm Spring Mix Impression Jasper tubes, 6 mm Macadamia Round Druks, 5 mm Lumi Brown Pressed Glass Spacers, 11/0 Seed Beads Olivine Matte, 11 x 125 mmm Antique Brass Toggle

New Year's Celebration Necklace

Celebration necklace. Happy New Year to everyone. This one lights up.
Components: 8/0 and 11/0 Seed Beads Toho Lt Ivory Ceylon 11/0 seed beads - Topaz, Rainbow Red, Blue, Gold 6 mm Bicone Beads - Oranges and Blue TierraCast Antique Gold (plated) Palace Magnetic Clasp Set 27x8mm

Tiny Treasures in The Pine Needles

This necklace reminds me of Dr. Seuss. It can be worn many ways. There is an encapsulated copper wire that should last a while but I don't want to...
Components: Too many to list.

Open and Closed

Tigerskin glass in pinks, clear, browns and caramel colors. I decided to make a double wrapped necklace. Luckily, the oval fit through the open...
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - Toho Transparent Lt. Topaz, Toho Frosted Gold Lined Crystal, Toho Ceylon Lt. Ivory, Toho Perm Fin Matte Rose Gold, Ceylon Pastel Rose, Pink Matte, -, Tigerskin Glass Beads Cut out Ovals, Rounds and Ovals

Millefiori Fringe Necklace

Another fringe necklace. A different net and millefiori stars at the ends. I like necklaces with a v-neck so decided to put the closure in front.
Components: 11/0 Toho Milky Lush Meadow, Toho Opaque Sunshine -, 15/0 Delica White Lined Yellow, 8/0 Frosted Topaz, 8 mm Glass Aqua and Orange Millefiori White Stars, 6 mm CG Faceted Bead Yellow

St. Petersburg with Drops

Netted necklace with a multi-color star. I love the softness of the gold lined beads with the Matte Perma Fin Starlight.
Components: 11/0 Toho Frosted Gold Lined Crystal, Toho Perma Fin Matte Galvanized Starlight, 3.4 mm Miyuki Drops - Fields of France mixture, 12 mm Multi-color Glass Star Bead, TierraCast Gold (plated) Hammertone Magnetic Clasp Set 18x9mm

Fossil Jasper Necklace

Made with Fossil Jasper puffed coins. Such pretty stones. If I did my math right I believe this can be worn 120 different ways!
Components: Fossil Jasper Puffed coins 30 mm, 11/0 Seed Beads - Toho Opaque Lustered Lt. Beige, Toho Treasures #1 Matte Dark Olive, 15/o Seed Beads - Semi Glazed Rainbow Honeydew, 5 mm Lumi Brown Pressed Glass, 4 mm Tropical Topaz Round CGFP, TierraCast Clasp Anna - 16 mm Ring and 26 mm Bar

Good Morning

Dawn has been so beautiful lately. I tried to capture the colors in a necklace. There's also a big firey sun just peeking up.
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - too many colors to list!

Dangling Flowers Short Lariat

Started this zigzag stitch then realized I could put 2 zigzags together with beads between them.
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads Toho Lustered Lt. Beige, Delica Opaque Turquoise Blue -, 6/0 Seed Beads Delica Matte Green 14 mm Glass Cherry Quartz Flowers, 9 mm CG Squiggle Cut Opaque Green and Travertine, 9 x 9 mm CG Emerald Leaves

Square Dance Necklace

Didn't know if this would work but decided to try it. Each square moves over one space going outward. Nice feeling necklace also.
Components: 11/0 Seed Beads - Toho Perma Fin Matte Galvanized Starlight, Toho Ceylon Glacier, Toho Lustered Lt. Beige -, 10/0 Seed Bead Topaz Red-Lined Czech Glass, 8/0 Seed Bead Toho Ceylon Lt. Ivory, 17 x 13 mm TierraCast Ant. Gold Plated Temple Magnetic Clasp Set

Showing page 1 of 14 (270 total Designs)
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