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Designs by Beady Little Eyes

Leopardskin Jasper Necklace and Earrings

Checking out my beads and came across these Leopardskin Jasper beads and the faded coral porcelain beads - then I saw the agate ammonite. I felt...
Components: LB Leopardskin Rice 10 x 8 mm, 10mmfaded coral porcelain beads, seed beads 11/0 in roasted rootbeer, 7 x 2 mm bronze colored spacers, bronze colored toggle

Colored Sprinkles

Tubular seed bead necklace in pastel peach, blue and orange. I think this is fun with the splashes of color.
Components: 11/0 seed beads peach ceylon finish, transparent blue and tangerine heart clasp

Poufy Pips in Brown and Peach

I started this as a plain chenille necklace and wondered what it would look like if I added some pips - So I added a bunch and liked the look so I...
Components: 11/0 Seed beads frosted rainbow brown and light peach, 7 x 5 mm pips frosted brown ab and rose gold, 6 mm beads brown ab, stainless earwires, toggle clasp

Adirondack Necklace Set with Moose

Made this set to represent the beautiful Adirondacks. Green for the leaves, grass and moss, blue for the water and brown for the bark of the trees...
Components: 11/0 seed beads - blue, brown and green, 15/0 seed beads green little metal pine cones, 4mm brown druk beads, heart toggle, stainless steel gold colored earwires

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Snowflakes necklace for a winter wonderland. A very festive sparkly necklace.
Components: 15/0 seed beads in clear (icy) and blue (the clear beads are quite a bit larger than the blues), stainless steel toggle and earwires

Flowered Lariat Necklace in Green, Yellow, bronze

Thought this stitch would work to make flowers that spiraled around the necklace. (my husband pointed out that i'ts a helix - not a spiral- OK,...
Components: 11/0 seed LB Toho Silver Lined Burnt Orange, Green and dark yellow, cats eye green 3 mm roundbeads

Flower Child necklace in Gray, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Dark Yellow

Tubular chenille stitch with flowers in yellow, blue, orange and gray with dark yellow centers. I put the flowers on every other full stitch. I...
Components: 11/0 seed beads in yellows, gray, orange, and blue, glass beads double cone 6 x 6 mm, 15/0 seed beads for the clasp, LB Zola Elements Antique Silver Finish Lotus Toggle Clasp 17x26mm, 24mm Bar

Spiral Seed Bead Necklace in Terracotta and Yellows

I've enjoyed making spiral necklaces lately. This one is in terracotta and yellows. With a pendant of brown glass flowers.
Components: LB Czech Glass Calypso Green Petals 6 x 8 mm, 8/0 seed beads pastel cream ceylon, 11/0 seed beads buttery yellow cream, and terracotta, transparent tortoise brown flowers 8.5 x 6.5

Spiral Seed Beads in Pink, Red and Gray

Another seed bead necklace with removable pendants. Red Kitty face (face on each side) and Lucite flowers. After making the necklace I checked out...
Components: 8/0 seed beads translucent pink, 11/0 seed beads red, transparent pink and raspberry red, glass cat face and lucite flowers, toggle clasp

Lariat in Bright Orange and Blue

Winter is so drab here - so I wanted to make something bright and cheerful. Neon orange beads and bright blue beads caught my eye.
Components: 11/0 Toho seed beads in neon orange, 11/0 blue seed beads, and 4 mm bright blue barrel beads, superduos in creamsicle color

Mystery Tree for Winter

Decorated my Mystery Tree for winter. Did this to announce the posting of my website. Please see my profile. Thank you all for egging me on.
Components: Bead tree made with goldstone beads from LB and various other beads. Oh - and a little snowman pin.

"O Tannenbaum"

Christmas tree Lariat (more like a scarf) with optional loop. I like to make the herringbone stitch with an even number of beads so I shifted each...
Components: 11/0 seed beads in many colors and finishes

Brown and Green Lariat with Mood Beads

Another spiral necklace for my daughter. Wanted this to be a long one so she could tell when her mood changes. Ha. The mood beads are fun to play...
Components: 11/0 seed beads brown and green, mood beads, 6mm peridot colored glass beads, amber purple ab glass chips

Another Little Owl

I saw this cute owl pendant on LB and bought it to make a necklace for my daughter. She loves owls. (And had a birthday)
Components: LB -Greek Bronze (plated) Friendly Owl Charm 25x30mm, LB Opaque green opal crystal faceted rondelle 3 mm, 11/0 seed beads -brown and pink, brass toggle

Spiral Baubles

Spiral necklace with orange 8/0 seed bead spine.
Components: LB Czech glass beads 3 mm - Opaque Green Opal crystal faceted rondelle, Iris blue melon round, 8/0 seed beads - orange, 11/0 seed beads- very light translucent peach and gray

La La Llama

Keep trying to make a llama necklace - so far this is the best I can do. The face showed up a little better on the glass.
Components: Seed beads, seed beds, seed beads- 11/0 - LB Silver-Lined Burnt Orange, opaque cream rainbow delicas, opaque light blue delicas, translucent green, black delicas 15/0 - opaque light blue for the clasp toggle clasp

Mystery Tree

I have these beautiful goldstone beads from LB so I decided to use them to make an unadorned tree. Added leaves and flowers (just laid them on the...
Components: LB - Goldstone 6mm hearts, and 3 x 14 mm tubes, 11/0 seed beads -brick colored, czech glass flowers-red, translucent green and gold leaves.

Hoo Hoo Hoo Are You

I had this little blue owl hooing to be on a necklace. This is a 3 bead herringbone stitch. Silly little necklace. Herringbone stitch hanger and...
Components: ceramic owl, 11/0 seed beads - dark blue, light blue, Yellow, brown, toggle clasp, 5mm spacer beads

Bowers of Flowers

This is a chenille stitch made to look like flowers. I have seen it done before so it's not new. But that wasn't enough... Added more flowers on...
Components: 11/0 seed beads - orange yellow, blue, gold and gray. 6 mm blue and orange glass beads, and blue lucite flowers.

Marmalade Flowers

Spiral stitch with removable pendant of orange flowers.
Components: Orange glass flowers and 11/0 seed beads in gray and blue, 8/0 orange seed beads

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