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Designs by Beady Little Eyes

Aargh Again

Ok kye - I made a pirate necklace for myself. Hope I'll be wenchy enough.
Components: LB Goldstone Round 6mm, goldish seed beads 11/0, 12mm gold and black glass beads, glass nuggets, octo and skull from my stash, black 8/0 seed beads, 6mm purple faceted glass beads

Order Amongst Chaos

Wanted to make something crazy. So I decided to contrast simple designs with chaotic colors. Necklace is brighter than it appears in the photos....
Components: 11/0 seed beads - 8 colors

"One of these mornings You're going to rise up singing"

Making my necklace and thinking about summertime. So I had to listen to Louis and Ella sing the song "Summertime". Then I had to listen to the...
Components: Seed beads orange blue and yellow 8/0 and 11/0

Thank You All....

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your encouragement. I didn't actually think I could make a plaid and probably wouldn't have tried. But...
Components: 11/0 seed beads - orange, clear light peachy-orange, red, light blue, translucent matte dark blue

Old Glory

Thinking about Independence Day. Decided to make some simple earrings but I didn't have any white seed beads. What? Decided to use bicones instead....
Components: Red, Clear and blue bicones, clear seed beads 15/0

Levorotatory? Dextrorotatory? Both!

Couldn't remember how to start a tubular peyote (so easy) so I checked out youtube. I started the stitch and after I had about 6 rounds I noticed...
Components: green, yellow and travertine seed beads #10, (the green ones are bigger than the others. some spacers, and 7 mm orange-brown faceted beads and an 8 mm square tile


In my little community we celebrate Pirate Days in August. It's 10 days of fun. Everyone wears pirate costumes and eye patches and says "Aargh" to...
Components: I believe the faceted silver beads are LB. the rest are from my stash. silver colored beads (I believe glass) in 4 mm and 5mm, 5x7 red rondelles, 6 mm cubed crystal, and 14 mm red faceted glass beads.

Checkered past? Checkered present?

Tubular herringbone stitch in bright blue and transparent amber. Made into checks for LRC. Ha. Now for the plaid? I don't know. The clasp goes...
Components: Bright blue and amber seed beads 11/0, czech glass faceted blue 5 mm, 4x6 mm bicones in blue and ambery color, 6 mm amber faceted glass

2 Strands in blue, orange and terracotta

Two strand necklace. Mixed beads.
Components: LB Opaque sky blue recycled glass round 6 mm, terracotta seed beads 11/0, 4 mm blue bicones, 7 mm pinky-orange czech fire polished beads, 15 mm blue coin shaped beads, 2 10x8 slightly faceted blue beads (probably pressed)

Argyle Socks

I know - another seed bead tube. Yawn. Yet, so fun to make. This is a Russian spiral. I like the way the large seed beads go in one direction and...
Components: Seed Beads - 8/0 in black, blue and transparent pink/peach. 15/0 seed beads in light green. 5x12 mm rectangles, pink/peach glass round faceted beads, silver colored clasp

Sandalwood Beach

Long necklace - single double or triple. Just wanted to make an easy fun necklace with blues and pinks. So, I asked my husband what I should call...
Components: LB Pink Tourmaline pebble 6-10 x 6-8 mm (from the Easter Egg Hunt), LB Sky Blue Line Agate Faceted Round 4mm, LB Concrete Gray Crystal Faceted Rondelle 3 mm, 4 mm Ivory Glass Pearls, 11/0 seed beads matte gray, LB Antique Silver Plated Lotus Toggle

Fragile Environment

Looking at the trees and grass and decided to make a brown and green necklace. Added lemon yellow and dark green seed beads randomly to each strand.
Components: LB Goldstone round 6mm, LB Czech Glass Luster Opaque Rose Gold Topaz Round 3mm, LB Toho Round 15/0 seed beads Silver-Lined Lemon, LB Toho Transparent Olivine 15/0 seed beads, light green 15/0 seed beads, 11/0 Toho Terracotta seed beads


So, my daughter comes into the room and says, "Is that a necklace for Barbie? Ha ha ha ha".
A half hour later my husband comes in and says, " That...
Components: 8/0 seed beads, Dusty Rose and Metallic Lilac

Mixed Media

Wanted to do a project that wasn't seed beads. Looked through my stash and found some beauties from LB. The sparkle of the goldstone beads is just...
Components: LB Bronze Hematite matte 4 sided tube 4x2 mm, LB Goldsone Round 6 mm, LB Ocean Jasper Round 4 mm, LB China Chrysoprase stick slice focal 6-8 x 20-28, and Leopard jasper beads 8 mm


Had 6 of these left over kaliedocycle triangle parts so decided to turn 2 into a pendant.
Components: 11/0 seed beadfs

Finished Kaliedeocycle

Finally finished it. I had all ready made the six triangles that are symmetrical so I decided to just use them instead of making 6 more. As you can...
Components: 11/0 seed bead


Watched a youtube video about Kalideocycles - Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon. My version is not yet complete but the thing is...
Components: 11/o seed beads - blue, Pink, brick, yellow, dark yellow, orange

Flanders fields

Started with you tube tutorial by TCBeads and changed the shape of the petals.
Components: 8/0 Black seed beads, 11/0 red seed beads, 11/0 yellow seed beads, 11/0 green seed beads


Spring comes late here in northern NY. I looked out my window a few days ago and saw the long grass covered with dandelions. I thought it was...
Components: I used 11/0 green seed beads in 5 different colors, some 5 mm green druk beads, 11/0 yellow Toho beads.


I love chickens. We usually let them run free but a fox has been eating them so I'm afraid we're going to have to fence them in. Anyway, I made...
Components: 8/0 root beer colored transparent seed beads, 6/0 pink seed beads, yellow and green beads from my stash abd some round glass beige beads - look like 8 mm

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