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My name is Beth, I’m 57 years young (the mind is willing, but the body is not so much). I live just outside Dayton, OH. I’m originally from NY. :) I have been beading seriously for about 10 yrs. I started out making window art (with pony beads and suction cups that you stick on your windows or mirrors, etc). I sold almost everything I made and wanted to see what else I could do. Then I picked up my first beading magazine and have not put them down since.
My desire to acquire beads and the things that go with making jewelry is unmatched with my ability to buy them. I am Disabled due to a disease of my spine.
Beading is my #1 passion. I also dabble in a few other crafts. I also like to read and surf the web.
I really love making the picks and seeing what other people are doing. I am forever addicted.

Here’s to LB beading and the wonderful people who share the craft!
Happy Beading, Beth


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