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Designs by Sophiebug

I made a ring!

A little Guadalupe poppy jasper cab from TheStoneLab on Etsy. I formerly believed that rings would be really, really hard to make. This took me a...
Components: Guadalupe poppy jasper, 18ga and 26ga copper wire, one big, lazy dog.

Love at First Sight

This is the cab that started my desire to learn wire wrapping. I started immediately drooling when I saw it and I KNEW we were meant to be...
Components: Crazy lace agate cab, copper wire, very few curse words this time.

Last One, I Swear

I swear, this is the last wire weave bracelet...I can't make any more for a while, cuz my hands are killing me! I got this strand of faceted...
Components: Antique bronze color copper wire, from LB. 14ga and 26ga. HUGE (35x25mm) and very weighty faceted crystal quartz beads, 2 sore hands, 600mg ibuprofen, and fewer, but more colorful, curse words. I'm starting to get the hang of this weaving thing ;)

Eye of Malachite

Ever since I saw Moogie's agate bracelet, I've been wanting to try something like it. Plus, I've had this malachite cab that needed to be used....
Components: Malachite cabochon, copper wire, fewer tears, possibly more curse words than the last one.

Mooakite Pendant

My first attempt at wire wrapping a cab. And by first, I mean it took me 3-4 attempts just to get the first inch or so, of the weave done...
Components: Brecciated mooakite cabochon, copper wire, tears, many curse words, more tears.

Adventures in Agate

This was inspired by a "fresh pick" I saw on LB, as well as a bit of serendipity. I wish I could remember who's pick, but it had the crazy lace...
Components: Crazy Lace Agate, pyrite rings and small beads, Czech glass beads-all from LB. The clasp is white bronze from Saki Silver, as well as the white bronze spacer discs. Leather cord, jump rings from my stash.

Working on Asymmetry

I have such a need for symmetry and order in what I make and I'm trying to break free :) This is the first necklace I've made that is intentionally...
Components: Pink druzy connector, silk thread, Saki white bronze clasp-from LB. Freshwater pearls, sterling silver chain, multicolored moonstone, Swarovski crystals and other bits-my stash.

Black Hole Pendant

This pendant really spoke to me. It's another Succor Creek Jasper piece. Vintage copper wire and fossilized palm wood make up the chain links and...
Components: Jasper pendant, fossilized palm wood beads, vintage copper wire-all from my stash.

Dew Drops

More fun with Czech glass beads. I realized after the fact, the first pair of earrings I made with the wrong color wire. This brought out my OCD,...
Components: All components from Lima Beads.

Spring Greens

I've been having fun with the enormous selection of Czech glass beads from LB. And I love dragonflies.
Components: All materials used from Lima Beads.

Leaves and Berries

More adorable carved leaf beads, this time in peace stone (peace jade-I've seen it go by that name also).
Components: Carved leaf beads, suede cord, purple agate beads, Hill Tribe silver bead, sterling silver large crimp beads used as spacers, silver filled wire.

Plum Leaves Necklace

Finally got around to making a necklace to go with the bracelet and earrings I made a couple of months ago. Jeesh, I can't believe it's been that...
Components: Feldspar carved leaf beads, faceted amethyst beads, keshi freshwater pearls, Karen Hill Tribe silver beads, silver filled wire of assorted gauges, iron pyrite beads and a lovely little Olive Stuart lampwork bead

Plum Leaves

I found these beautiful carved feldspar leaves not too long ago. They are such a pretty lavender-gray. Apparently, the keshi pearls I've had for a...
Components: Keshi freshwater pearls, feldspar leaf beads, Bali sterling silver beads, Hill tribe silver toggle clasp. All my stash.

Elephant Marching

I LOVE this little elephant! I hope the bracelet does him/her justice :)
Components: Black onyx elephant, iron pyrite, Dalmatian jasper, all LB. Black tourmaline beads, sterling silver chain (leftover bit from Mega Necklace project), hand formed sterling wire hook, large Dalmatian jasper bead and bead cap, from my stash.

Desert Sunset

I must give credit to AllureofGlam Julia for giving me suggestions on colors to use with this Lipstick Ranch pendant! I used it in a pick and...
Components: Sun pendant, purple crazy lace agate are from LB. Hill tribe silver spacers, pearls, Yellow Jasper, my stash, along with the lovely Olive Stuart lampwork bead. Sterling silver wire bail, also my stash.

Ocean Jasper w/Homemade Bail

Another one, this tome with an ocean jasper pendant. The rhodochrosite beads married well with the pinks in the ocean jasper.
Components: Ocean jasper pendant, FW pearls, ocean jasper beads, rhodochrosite beads, antiqued copper spacers, square copper wire, 14 ga.

Jasper pendant with homemade bail

I decided to see if I could make my own bail, so I got out my trusty hammer and got to work.
Components: Copper wire 14ga, square, jasper pendant, leather cord, freshwater keshi pearls, MOP beads, shell beads, glass seed beads. All my stash, I believe.

Tourmline pendant

I got one of the tourmaline in quartz pendants from LB in a recent order and holy cow, is it awesome! Here is what I did with it.
Components: Dalmatian jasper, black tourmaline round beads, bronze hook and eye clasp, Hamilton gold lobster clasp, wavy disc spacers, gold plated washer spacers, all my stash. Pendant and Saki bronze spacers from LB.

Chalcedony and Tourmaline set

I've had the Chalcedony beads forever and have made them into several different pieces, take it apart and make something else. Here is the latest...
Components: Faceted chalcedony my stash, little tourmaline rounds form LB, Hamilton gold chain (I think from LB), wavy gold plated spacers-my stash, clasps-my stash, gold artistic wire 24 & 26 gauge. Aquamarine bead LB, from ages ago, and a little faceted peridot bead dangle on the bracelet.

Mookaite with Copper

Nice little smooth mookaite nuggets that I combined with a beaded pendant I made. I used some glass seed beads and some Hill tribe silver beads...
Components: Copper wire, Mookaite, seed beads, Karen Hill Tribe Silver.

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