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I live on THE ridge of THE beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain, in the eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Not a native of this state, but I do love it here, in the mountains! I grew up in upstate NY, and have lived all over the country, and even in Germany for about 3½ years. I’m relatively new to beading and jewelry making … didn’t take long to get me totally hooked, though. I made a trip to the Czech Republic this past May, and bought 22# of beads, direct from the sources. LOL! I also sew (but I do NOT quilt! ugh.), and I love to cook and try new recipes and tastes.
I have three grown children, ages 33, 29 and 26, two grown men and one lovely young woman. They live in IA, NY and FL. We’re spread out!
I’m newly married (well, 4 years), and he works in the racing industry (and also races cars himself).
I am a Christian, and believe very strongly in the power of prayer and in The Golden Rule. :-)
Love this site … great selection, great prices, and lots of fun and interesting things to do, as well (esp. loving the Big Green Bead Machine! ha!)


  • Prazsong commented on the Fresh Pick “Aqua skys”   2 years, 8 months ago

    Beautiful! My favorite color palette. Congratulations on pod!

  • Prazsong commented on the Design “red creek jasper”   6 years, 8 months ago

    Red Creek Jasper is my favorite gemstone. This necklace is lovely. I like your choice and use of different shapes. Very nice!

  • Prazsong commented on the Design “Too long”   6 years, 8 months ago

    I have to disagree that they are impractically long. I love them! I especially like “long-ish” earrings on one of those bad hair days, when I can throw on a baseball-style cap and dress it up with hoop-y or really dangly earrings. These are great, and you’ve inspired me to do some more wire working and [...]

  • Prazsong commented on the Design “New Raku”   6 years, 8 months ago

    How clever! I have some of that Sculpey clay lying around; I think I’ll try this! A great way to experiment with making “that one bead” that you can’t always find … you know, the one you can picture in your mind, but can never find in stores?! Eyeshadow is an awesome idea!

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