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  • Tana commented on the Design “Order Amongst Chaos”   6 days, 8 hours ago

    I used Nymo size B when I beaded with seed beads. Then I fell in love with Delica seed beads, kept using same thread in a large spool. Had no problems of it tangling or unwanted knots…I’ve since retired from that type bead work that I did for a good 10 yrs(in the 90′s) Loomed with [...]

  • Tana commented on the Design “Amethyst”   6 days, 8 hours ago

    I love that idea!!! Thanks for showing the photo! So cool I have a collection of driftwood on my porch. And “caribou moss” in the woods along with other types, looks like horns and it’s a cream white, I’ll keep in mind . Your moss reminds me of rain forest moss but I’d have to drive [...]

  • Tana commented on the Design “A Trio of Earrings”   1 week ago

    If these were in a gift shop I’d want all three pairs!!! Flat out:)

  • Tana commented on the Design “Order Amongst Chaos”   1 week ago

    I’ve not commented on your bead work bz I couldn’t find the words, omg! I do have a few that are my very favorites. The Fragile environment, the sun, and the necklace with the corn on it. I’ve lost track! So I come bk every day and look and look again! The beaders on Lima are [...]

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  • CAS
    On September 2, 2016 CAS said:

    Hey Tana! I hope you had fun picking cranberries with your Mom. All the cranberry bogs here are by the seacoast … yum yum. Where do you live in Alaska? I’ve done 2 cruises up there. BTW 50 is the new 30 don’t you know ;) I’m 55.

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