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Designs by Jogi

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Tiny Treasures on the Fingers!

Inspired by the sale this week here at Lima Beads, I decided to get in with the new minimalist rings made with wire or stretchy cord and tiny...
Components: The last photo shows from left to right, freshwater pearls, lapis, apatite, rose quartz, hematite, freshwater pearl, pink freshwater pearl, hessonite, turquoise, freshwater pearl, hessonite, dalmatian jasper, garnet. I used vintage freshwater pearls and hematite and garnets (both about 3mm) then I went on to tiny turquoise (2.8mm) and some dalmatian jasper. For size reference, the rose quartz and dalmatian jasper is about 4.2mm. Parawire 24g and 26g in antique brass. Artistic Wire, 26g. 1mm elastic cord in clear. And, choose your favorite tiny treasures here during the sale to get some Christmas presents made! You could get the chakra mix 4mm round and make several to stack! You may need more that one strand of those if you want a size 8 or larger of the specific colors/stones. Or, the 4mm blue kyanite, those would be perfect! Go to gemstone beads and sort by shape, round, then choose the smallest sizes. ALL of those are on sale this week! I bet some of the Czech glass rounds would work, too.

Getting into the mood.

Thinking earrings! After a vacation in Maine, think, long road trip, then a desire to keep imagination alive, well, some things come, others...
Components: Lots of Czech glass beads from here (LB) and there. 4ply Waxed Irish linen, Light Rust (LB), and some patinaed (LB) and other metal beads. Copper and Gold plated ear wires. I love the tulips. But then, I love a lot of the Czech beads.

Earrings for a change

Just trying to do something. I had gotten the Czech rings and wanted to be more creative but this is about all I have right now. The Golem beads...
Components: Czech Glass Matte Blue Opal Picasso Ring 18mm here at LB, vintage brass plated acrylic coin beads, ear wires, eye pins, oval jump rings; Golem Studio small lentil Sun design - red & green, bronze wire, sari silk

Muted Greens and bronze.

Slowing down or too overwhelmed with the sheer amount of beads I have to work with. You pick. Anyway, I wanted to use the greens and mixed...
Components: Lots of Czech glass beads. I love the gaspeite colors and the greens in the etched bicones. A lot from LB, some from other places. Oh, Sage green Irish Waxed linen and a tierracast link and a clasp all from here at some point. I tried to patina it to go with the tube bead in brass and patina, but that was a failure. Do you know that there was a very slight bronze coating on top of a silver metal? Yeah, I didn't know it till I tried to sand some of the patina off.

Orange you glad!

Orange was not my first pick, today. Oh well. Golem is still pulling things together and I think goes well with the oranges. I did a mixed media...
Components: 8mm round druk sueded gold hyacinth, 6mm and 4mm sueded gold Hyacinth fire polished round, 6mm Pacifica Ginger round druk, those little 3mm English cut babies, 6mm Campfire Fire Polished Round, Carrot Cake Oval w/ Star Window 14x10mm which are much prettier in person, Campfire Picasso Hibiscus Coin 12mm, 6mm druk round Matte bronze, 6mm stone copper fire polished round. Oh, and the Tierra Cast copper hammered distressed toggle clasp

Grenadine with Golem!

Fresh Baked is right! On to another color! And, ta da, grenadine it is! Only because it grabbed me first. Metallic Grenadine, of course. Not...
Components: The 8mm Czech Glass fire polished beads are the Metallic Grenadine, the 6mm ones are Opaque Cocoa Brown. The 6mm rounds or druks are one of three possibilities, Pacifica Strawberry or Watermelon or Etched Dusty Rose with Copper Luster. Either way, I want more of those, now to figure out which they are. The 4mm fire polished rounds are Jet w/ Red & Silver Flecks and I thought that they brought out the lines in the Golem bead the best. Last bead was an English cut 3mm, I suspect it is the round Dark Bronze. The button is a vintage glass button.

Another day, another color!

Okay, so the blue adventure started another adventure. I went green today! I didn't have a green button, or at least I didn't look for one. But,...
Components: Mint 4 ply Crawford Waxed Linen, LB, 4mm Czech Glass Opaque Turq Green with Picasso, 6mm Czech Glass Sueded Gold Olivine, 6mm Czeck Glass Avocado fire polished, some really pretty bi-color melon in an 8mm that had green and yellow with a gold or bronze finish. I got those recently then ordered more as soon as I saw them! I also used some english cut green ones, another vintage brass plated bead, some tiny avocado druks in a 2 or 3mm, a flat greeny coin bead in Czech glass and some older 6x9mm rondelles in Czech glass that said they had a heavy picasso finish over the turquoise glass. Most from LB, some from other places. Not sure about the dragonfly Golem bead as I have purchased them here there and everywhere. Oh, and another green and yellow 6x9 Czech Glass rondelle.

Something new, something blue! And, a new friend.

Trying a new style for a friend. Managed to raise a blister doing the knotting. I had a friend to help, too.
Components: Czech Glass Jungle Green Picasso Fire Polished Round 6mm, love this color and cut, LB; Czech Glass Aquamarine AB or Light Aqua AB (not sure which since I have had them forever) Fire Polished Round 6mm; 6mm Czech glass round Sueded Gold turquoise druks lb, then a few more of what ever and a czech glass tree of life, Czech Glass Turquoise Picasso Chandelier Cut 9mm lb & some random seed beads in a blue similar in color to the sueded gold turquoise druks, a Czech glass UFO bead, a pair of brass coin beads and a vintage ping pong ball round button.

Stolen idea!

On my trip last summer, I had the joy of finding an art collection that had several pieces of one of my favorite jeweler's work! Honestly, his...
Components: Seriously heavy gauge bronze or brass or copper wire, good muscles in fingers and hands, seed beads, shell spacers, 18g red brass wire, hammers, anvil, more hammers, roller, blood, bruises, Alexander Calder's creations for inspiration. Added some amethyst beads, 6mm round and some copper beads, same size.

All Things and a Flower!

Adding some more bracelets to my inventory. I have been so busy working that today is the only time I have had to get them done. Heading out for...
Components: SuzieQ connectors, vintage brass chain from somewhere and lots of Czech Glass beads from right here on LB! And, of course the waxed linen from LB, too. I got the dark and patina chain from a clearance rack at HB. Only one they had, bummer. Czech Glass Turquoise Picasso Rectangle 12x8mm, Czech Glass Amber Picasso Rectangle 12x8mm, Czech Glass Robin's Egg Blue w/ Gold Marble Pinch Bead 5x4mm, Czech Glass Green Turquoise Picasso Cocoon 8x13mm, Czech Glass Blue Turquoise Picasso Fire Polished Round 6mm, Czech Glass Opaque White or maybe opaque yellow Picasso Fire Polished Round 6mm, Czech Glass Turquoise Picasso Fire Polished Round 6mm, Czech Glass Turquoise Picasso Rectangle 12x8mm all from LB, then more Czech Glass beads from LB but listing them is a bit more than I can get into today. Suffice to say, I used a lot of them! English cut, fire polished rondelles both 4mmx5mm and 6mmx9mm, then a few more.

Mookaite Musing and a Mushroom

I have several unfinished pieces hanging on my peg board (after I organized, of course). And, I have pulled them off and walked around with them,...
Components: Mookaite focal beads, rice carnelian beads, tiny greek copper spacers, a length of chain and a lobster clasp.

Fungi in the Storm!

We had storms roll through last night and our 11 year old dog was sooo anxious so guess who stayed up with him? Right answer, but no prize!...
Components: Handmade Lenca (People group in Honduras and El Salvador) ceramic beads, copper wire 14g(HD) and 20g Vintage Brass Parawire (LB), Toho seed beads in a variety of colors 8/0 (LB).

Trials of the Yoruba Bell Ring

The bell ring necklace. I am still working with this one. I like the tiny seed beads but I realize that they are too small. I may try using some...
Components: Brecciated Jasper 8mm rounds and 25mm wavy diamonds (wherever I could find them). Gold plated bicones, somewhere. Now for the Yoruba bell ring, Brass, somewhere in Nigeria or eastern Africa (not LB but available from traders). Toho seed beads and demi rounds in blues and bronze and some Myuki seed beads, 6/0 in picaso finishes. Those beautiful round glass beads from Africa with some of the dark blue donuts (both from LB) and some of the brass rondelle spacers (LB or other). Then the Krobo sand cast beads that were later painted with yellows and blues and whites (LB or somewhere). Oh, and the mustard jasper bicones that I have had forever from a friend dealer. I love those.

Out of the comfort zone here.

This is one of those that I started with a photo from someone and really tried to do something with the style she was asking for. This is about...
Components: Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic brass Cross, African Brass Ring beads or spacers 2.5-3x8-9mm (LB), African Hand-Painted in White on Green Powder Glass (Krobo) Bead 13-16x11-13mm (Similar ones on LB), African Recycled Glass Burgundy, Bottle Green, and Dark Purple Mini Donuts 13-14mm (here LB and there, Gamafro most likely), 10mm Amazonite round beads, 8mm and 6mm Brecciated Jasper rounds. Eventually there may be a clasp.

Little reminders make a difference.

I like reminders to keep my focus on what really matters.
I have been trying to organize and clean up since I returned from my trip. I was...
Components: Most of these were purchased right here on LB!!! Czech Glass Green Turquoise Picasso Cocoon 8x13mm, Dark Forest Green Irish Waxed Linen 4 ply, JBB Antique Copper-Plated Pewter 3 Petal Leaf Toggle Clasp, Czech Glass Rainforest Picasso Horse Eye 16x7mm, Czech glass Sand & Surf 5 Point Bellflower 6x9mm, Czech Glass Emerald Isle flower bronze wash 12mm, Czech Glass 8mm Turquoise Stone Picasso Round Bead Strand, Czech Glass Olive Fire Polished Round Snake Beads 8mm, Czech Glass Emerald Picasso Fire Polished Round 8mm, Czech Glass Emerald Fire Polished Round 10mm, some milky pink color 2-Hole Lentil 6mm, Turquoise bronze 6mm druk, 5x7mm and 3x5mm and 6x9mm fire polished rondelles, 5mm melons in two colors, bicone from a Czech glass mix, some 6mm picasso fire polished rounds, Czech Glass Pumpkin Pie Square 10mm, a square picasso ivory 6mm, some small copper spacers and a red jasper rondelle. A beautiful bracelet connector from SuzieQ. Czech Glass Emerald Fire Polished Round

Peaches for a friend.

I made this bracelet for a friend some time ago and she broke the clasp. So, I had to repair it and I decided, today, to put it on 7 ply Waxed...
Components: Peach Moonstone barrels and rounded barrels (I've had these forever), 4mm or 5mm daisy spacers in antiqued gold, gold toned toggle clasp, brass or gold plated vintage long bead, Butterscotch Irish Waxed Linen 7 ply, LB (wish I had had Victorian Rose in a 7 ply), Czech Glass Bronzed Dusty Rose Bird Coin 11mm (LB), Peach Moonstone (Multi) Round 4-5mm (LB)and some gold toned 5mm wrapped bicone bead.

Pink October!

This is my response to the Pink month and All-Hallows' eve. Breast Cancer awareness in October has always seemed strange to me but since I share a...
Components: I have had these beads for some time, now. Maybe not from LB but maybe so. Sugar Skull beads in pink frost, 3mm or 4mm bicone vintage lead crystal beads in Light Siam 2ABX, black chain necklace, 2" black headpins and eye pins. That is it for a simple statement. My other point is that you could easily take the sweet Sugar Skull beads here at LB and make yourself a really sweet piece of jewelry. Maybe jewelry that others will ask you about and you can explain that in October you wear pink because you are standing with those who have fought and who fight Breast Cancer to help bring an end to an evil foe. Just sayin'. Oh, that last picture is of the actual mosaic in Ravenna that is captured on the cloth in the first photo. I love mosaics!

Bracelet Blues and...

I had the connector and needed to put it into a piece but had trouble finding enough of the right blue beads. I had plenty of the purpley colors...
Components: Lots of Czech glass beads from LB! And, lobster clasps and chain and TierraCast small Cross pendant and Crawford Lavender waxed linen (LB). Last bracelet has some vintage glass along with Pietersite, green line jasper, ocean jasper, some other kind of jasper, coral, Bronzite, Greek bronze Cross Pendant and Greek Bronze (plated) Roped Barrel 5mm(LB) and finally some antique brass beads from Cameroon, all of Walnut brown waxed linen.

Yes, I can!

Last bracelet using the porcelain focals. I really love the messages from these pieces and this one says it all! I like reminders that pull me...
Components: Lots of Czech hibiscus flowers in 7mm, 9mm and larger. Varied sizes of Czech fire polished rondelles 3mmx5mm, 5mmx7mm and 6mmx9mm. Czech glass faceted rounds and I love the ones that are 4mm with a copper and picasso finish but also the 6mm yellow picasso and the turquoise 6mm matte finished ones, too. I see some 5mm melons and the chandelier cut 9mm, too. There is a single teardrop shape Czech glass in turquoise, too. And, the Greek Bronze cross pendant bead. All of them from LB, I think, along with the Irish Waxed Linen. The focal, clasp, and chain are from other places at other times. I think the chain was in my stash waiting for these focals.

Reminder to be Still!

Okay, not trying to bother anyone with this but I can tell you Who gets me through most of the depths I have experienced in my lifetime, abuse,...
Components: Lots of Hibiscus beads, 7mm and 9mm Czech glass, I love these so much! Round czech glass, some Czech Glass Chandelier Cut 8mm most from LB, Irish Waxed linen, Turquoise Irish Waxed Linen 2 ply and maybe orange crush or similar color 4ply, LB, focal in Porcelain from somewhere else. Chain is vintage I have had forever and the clasp is maybe LB, can't remember.

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