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Designs by Creel U

Terrace Dragonfly Necklace

Necklace with a vintage 50s feel.
Components: Vitaj Art Deco dragonfly pendant, 6x9 mm Czech Spring Day Opal Picasso Fire Polished Rondelles, 11x12mm Czech Safari Ornamental Rectangle, 2.5x4mm Czech Agave Trica Beads, 8/0 Toho cool bronze, 8/0 Toho semi-glazed dark red, 8/0 Toho matte black, 6/0 Toho sand-lined crystal, 11/0 Toho opaque vanilla, 6mm white wooden rounds, .019 silver satin Softflex, Heavy sterling silver crimps, matte silver toned hook and eye clasp, small verdigris dragonfly charm. [pendant and Czech glass, some of Toho, and Softflex from Lima Beads]

Nephilim Necklace

From Medieval Momma's wing pick. Nephilim are the offspring of angels and humans. Never quite fitting in, they are both strong and tragic in their...
Components: From Lima Beads: 10mm and 8mm steel faceted fire agate (heat and color treated)-- the colors look like the grey dappling on baby seals and some are soft silver grey like dolphins. Silver-plated angel wing charm, TierraCast antique silver-plated skull bail, gold pyrite skull beads. .019 silver satin SoftFlex beading cable. From other sites: hematite spacers, Czech 6/0 seed beads in a mix called "Hematite" which has a pale blue metallic shade, gunmetal, silvered white. 8/0 Toho frosted silver grey-lined, 11/0 frosted transparent rainbow soft grey, 15/0 Toho gunmetal, 2x2mm Heavy sterling silver crimp beads. Various jump rings. Silver-toned "S" clasp.

African Tenner Chaplet

Here is the other piece from my Pick about chaplets. Very textured. Color scheme of matte black, matte olive, matte frosted bronze.
Components: Almost everything from LB. 12mm black lava stone rounds, African metal trade bead, 6/0 matte olive green and matte black "jet" Toho seed beads, 8/0 Toho frosted bronze. Tiny textured bronze plated cross. From sources other than Lima Beads; I used two 6mm Czech druks in a color called "Forest Mix" to either side of the Pater bead. This Czech bead has swirls of the same tones of black, olive and cool bronze. Tiny 2mm dyed bone spacers to control the large holed Pater bead, heavy oxidized jump ring, little black iron jump ring and the usual .019 silver satin Softflex--from LB. 2x2 Heavy sterling silver crimp beads.

Matte Botswana Rosary Chaplet

From my last "Rosary Chaplet Pick." A smaller rosary you count ten times around to reach a rosary. Used where carrying a rosary could cause...
Components: The matte Botswana agate is worth every penny. Warm shades of plum through grey with a touch of purple. I matched it with two 6/0 Toho seed beads; silver-lined frosted light tanzanite and frosted transparent med. amethyst. Two 8/0 Toho seed beads; a transparent frosted plum from an "Ambers Mix" and frosted transparent dark amethyst. The cross is two-sided silver-plated "Talvera" by Nunn. The Pater bead is a silver-plated coin bead "Primrose" by Zola. I used a purple enameled copper jump ring and a tiny black glossy iron jump ring. Softflex .019 and Heavy sterling silver 2x2mm crimps.

Goldberry's Fall Necklace

I think this is my most favorite piece I have ever made. Tolkein's Goldberry with autumn leaf colors, fig, plum,golden pear, sunlight on yellowing...
Components: From Lima Beads: TierraCast brass-plated ivy links, TierraCast small brass-plated Czech button, Gk bronze-plated braided ring 29mm, Czech 5mm sueded metallic pink melon, Czeh 3mm purple metallic sueded melon, Czech 3mm gold metallic suede melon "really an olive green." Czech 3mm English cut poppy seed, Czech 3mm round Pacifica fig, Czech 3x5 amber with mercury fire-polished rondelle, Czech 3x5 opal cream fire-polished rondelle, Czech 6mm Asian Pear with bronze Picasso fire-polished round, Czech 8x10 Autumn metallics English cut, 4mm Czech Pacifica Elderberry round, 3mm Czech matte metallic flax round, 6/0 Toho frosted crystal w/gold lining, Toho 3mm Magatama frosted blackberry, 8/0 Toho frosted bronze, 6/0 Toho matte mauve mocha, 11/0 Toho Demi gold-lustered amethyst, 6mm antique copper-plated jump rings, .019 silver satin softflex beading cable. From other sources: 6/0 Toho frosted transparent medium amethyst, Toho 4mm cube matte raku plum-blue iris, 6/0 Toho dark copper, 5mm Toho cube matte dark olive, 6/0 Toho frosted bronze, Czech 8/0 aged red copper, Czech 6/0 frosted ivory, 8/0 Czech opaque sienna luster, Czech 8/0 metallic gold, 11/0 Toho matte opaque slate blue, Toho 11/0 matte opaque olive, Toho 11/0 dk bronze, Toho 15/0 matte transparent smokey topaz, Heavy oxidized jump rings, glossy black iron jump rings, 2x2 HEAVY sterling silver crimp beads.

Dragonfly and ambers bracelet

I love the bronze finished Mykonos dragonfly. It is by far my favorite dragonfly charm to work with; a bit chunky, two-side, tactile, memorable. I...
Components: Mykonos dragonfly charm (LB), brown ghost chips (LB), 9mm rondelles Czech faceted fire-polished in a clear, pale green; a purple with mustard; and an amber all Picasso, a 6 mm Picasso smokey topaz Czech druk, 6x4mm sage Czech faceted and fire-polished rondelle, 3x5 butternut Czech fire-polished rondelle, 6/0 Toho hybrid Natural Picasso amber, 3/0 Toho silver-lined smokey topaz, 8/0 Toho frosted silver-lined smokey topaz, 11/0 vintage Venetian umber seed beads, Toho "Bronzes Mix, " Toho "Earth tones Mix, " wooden button with laser cut design, 2x2 heavy sterling silver crimp beads, and .019 silver satin Softflex (LB)

Goldberry River-Daughter Necklace

From my pick called the same. Goldberry River-daughter is Tom Bombadil's wife from Tolkein's The Fellowship of the Ring. Not the movie, the book....
Components: From Lima Beads--brass water lotus pendant, Celtic triangle charm and ivy links gold-plated TierraCast, Czech glass 6x9 Earth Picasso Fire, 6x9 Spring Rain, 3x5 Opal Cream fire polished, Czech brown ghost chip mix, 4mm Pacifica Elderberry round, 3mm metallic, matte Flax, green camo jump rings and .019 silver satin softflex. I also used, from other sources, Czech matte, frosted cream 6/0, Toho 6/0 matte transparent dark teal, Toho 8/0 Toho 8/0 cream lustered, Toho 11/0 matte raku plum/blue iris, heavy oxidized open jump rings, black shiny iron jump rings, heavy sterling silver 2x2 crimp beads, 5mm brass-plated iron rolo chain, 3" headpin.

Tree of Life Necklace with Nepalese cane glass

18 inch necklace with two inch chain extender
Components: "Sunset Disc" Nepalese cane beads from Lima Beads, 8mm "bottle green" recycled glass rounds from Lima Beads, 6mm dark wooden rounds, Gold-lustered transparent pink 8/0 Toho, Cool bronze 6/0 Toho, Purple opaque 6/0 Czech, 5mm brass-plated rolo chain, lobster clasp, jump rings, 2x2mm Heavy sterling silver crimps, .019 silver satin Softflex (Lima Beads), 3 inch head pin and 6mm recycled "shamrock green" (Lima Beads) round for dangle on extender.

Labradorite Mist Dragon

Labradorite is believed to help with travel on other planes while dreaming, it is protective, and is thought to inspire creativity. I liked how the...
Components: Green Girl Dragon Pendant, Labradorite nuggets, natural black shell rectangles, Czech seed beads in aqua, teal, frosted teal, crystal with grey wash. Toho pewter 3mm cube seed beads, 11/0 matte slate blue Toho seed beads, silver lustered quartz crystals.

Double strand dragonfly bracelet

This is a double-stranded button bracelet. I shoved two strands through the Czech glass dragonfly tab in the middle of the bracelet to bring the...
Components: Large barn red Czech dragonfly tab, 6 mm Czech melon beads, Miyuki and Toho seed beads.

Majestic Ammonite Necklace

Earthy and jewel-like together. A necklace an ancient Priestess Queen would have worn. I used the Gk bronze flower beads to pull the two strands...
Components: Fossilized Ammonite pendant, 8mm dzi-style agate rounds, 12mm smoky topaz faceted Czech glass rounds, Matubo 6/0 chalky white with travertine seed beads, Czech 6/0 deep garnet and lustered purple seed beads, Toho 8/0 frosted transparent dark amethyst, Toho 8/0 semi-glazed lavender, Toho 6/0 frosted bronze, Gk bronze "little flower" beads, heavy oxidized jump rings, .019 silver satin softflex, HEAVY 2x2 sterling silver crimps.

Frog and Fossil Necklace

For a powerful Medicine Person or Shaman. Fossils often are affiliated with ancestor dream work and frogs with rebirth or transition.
Components: Fossil Donut, Turitella oval, 8mm zigzag Tibetan-style agate rounds, grey agate rounds, "eel" Czech daggers, soft grey short Czech daggers, oyster shell heishi, Job's Tears (Asian grass seed), pyrite mini skull beads, green zebra heishi (LB please get more!!!), matte silver Czech 6/0 seed beads, 8/0 Toho semi-glazed lavender, 11/0 shiny gunmetal Toho, 11/0 shiny lavender grey Toho, 11/0 matte slate blue Toho, frog charms-pewter, thick silver colored wire, .019 silver satin soft flex, sterling silver crimp beads.

Shaman Prayer Beads

Pagan prayer beads are like a strand of worry beads. The idea is to have lots of interesting to touch and see beads to help you focus on the moment...
Components: 10-11mm Tibetan style lined rounds, 8 mm Tibetan style zigzag rounds, green zebra heishi (love this as a subtle stone separator), etched and striped 6/0 Czech beads, Czech double key tabs, a Czech black with red picasso melon, TierraCast paloma bead, three rough old glass beads, 11/0 matte metallic olive Toho, Heavy 2x2 sterling crimp, .019 silver satin soft flex.

Conifer and Jasper Toggle Bracelet

I really like Nunns' series of National Park charms. They are just the right size for bracelets.
Components: Nunn antique silver-plated Redwood charm, impression jasper 6 mm heishi, light coconut heishi, Czech 6/0 dark saddle seed beads, Toho semi-glazed turquoise 8/0 seed beads, simple pewter Greek Toggle small, beading wire, sterling silver crimp beads.

MInoan Bull

Here are the pieces I made from my "Minoan Bull" pick. The bull is a choker and the long heishi shell and opalite necklace was designed to wear...
Components: Golden Pyrite "wolf" pendant-LB, Black Water Jasper 8 mm rounds-LB, Moss opalite 4 mm rounds-LB, Czech dark purple pearl 6/0, Toho 6/0 matte Jet-LB, Toho Transparent Frosted Ruby 8/0-LB, Zola Antique Silver (plated) geometric Diamond charms-LB, oyster heishi.

Bronze bird and Red Creek Bracelet

Finished bracelet. Feels so substantial and comfortable to wear with the smooth heishi that I ordered another Shenandoah charm. I am making one to...
Components: 10 mm Red Creek heishi beads-LB, Nunn Shenandoah Charm Bronze-LB, simple Greek toggle bronze-LB, 8mm natural mixed wooden rounds from the Philippines, 6/0 Czech dark opaque shiny brown seed beads, 6/0 saddle Czech seed beads, soft flex medium wt silver satin beading cable-LB, Super heavy sterling silver crimps 2x2mm, super heavy oxidized open jump ring.

Bronze Birds and Red Creek Supplies

These are what I ordered to match my pick! The Red Creek heishi beads are unbelievable. Substantial at 10 mm with a great range of reds, green,...
Components: Red Creek heishi, Nunn Shenandoah Bird in bronze, mixed wooden beads from the Philippines, Czech seed beads in two browns and matte opaque brown Toho seed beads, simple Greek toggle. Most from Lima Beads.

Deer Kilt Pin

Fall sweater brooch or can be pinned to a curtain for good luck.I am learning how to make beaded links. This piece stair-steps up and the bicone is...
Components: Kilt pin, Vintaj sea petal finding (looks like a running sun symbol to me), base metal deer coin, bone colored Czech bicone, mix of Czech and Toho seed beads.Also colored Mykonos ceramic discs held together with jump rings. I got the bicones and the Vintaj piece at LB.

Spinning raku disc necklace

Fairly long necklace that is adjustable and fun to play with.
Components: Greek Ceramic Raku Metallic Harvest Large Spacer Disc 20mm, either dark cherry or black currant recycled small glass nugget or mix - I can't tell those apart, Toho Permanent galvanized (Matte) Starlight Round 8/0, Czech Fire Polished Galss Amethyst Round 8mm, Toho Raku Cube beads, antiqued copper chain, heavy jump rings, heavy gauge copper colored wire for link beads, "S" clasp hook, .019 medium silver satin Soft Flex beading cable, Heavy sterling silver 2 x 2 crimps, oxidized square wire open jump ring, two heavy gauge oxidized heavy gauge round wire jump rings.

Medieval Pocket Angel Prayer Beads

The Green Girl angel is beyond wonderful. Look at the detailed feathers. The medieval halo. She has stars in the upper level of her gown and...
Components: Kept a theme of soft neutrals with stripes. 12mm grey sardonyx, faceted smokey agate with cream stripes, oyster shell heishi beads, Czech glass 6/0 seed beads in a mix called "Hematite." A few semi-glazed 8/0 lavender Toho beads. Middle weight Soft Flex beading cable, sterling silver crimp bead. All ingredients from Lima Beads except the oyster heishi and Czech seed beads.

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