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Designs by Creel U

Sapphire UFO earrings

Danglies to coordinate with a dark blue ceramic ring necklace.
Components: Czech glass sapphire UFOs, wooden saucer beads, silver-lined cobalt seed beads, light blue vintage Venetian seed beads, hook end head pin, antique bronze wire, bronze tone earwires. [Necklace is ceramic ring pendant on natural-colored 2mm leather cord, foldover cord ends, jump rings, lobster clasp]

Coin and Cross Kilt Pin

A way to use up miscellaneous bits.
Components: Kilt pin. Coin and cross charms (Lima Beads), Czech flowers, stray lampwork bead, Toho and Czech seed beads, brown wire (too thick but I managed.

Asymmetrical Goddess with Botswana agate and carnelian

Willendorf-looking Goddess pendant in patterns of grey and birch. Carnelian and a few orange beads add pop.
Components: Goddess pendant, Botswana agate wheels (LB), carnelian nugget and chips, silver leaf heishi (LB), "birch" porcelain rondelles (LB), Toho matte grey iris 8/0, Czech silver-lined tangerine 6/0, Czech opaque grey 6/0, TierrCast bronze-plated lobster clasp (LB), copper-plated oval link chain.

Fifties style owls

The colors remind me of butter mints with a bit more zing!
Components: Czech leaves in guava, sueded emerald, honey shimmer (all Lima Beads), Czech 6mm strawberry Pacifica rounds (Lima Beads), Czech 4mm guava rounds (Lima Beads), Czech 3mm ginger Pacifica rounds (Lima Beads), Czech 4mm druk emerald metallic suede (Lima Beads), brass Owl charm (Lima Beads), brass Ivy Leaf pendant (Lima Beads), 6/0 white opaque beads, Toho 11/0 Ceylon pearlescent cream, Czech guava twisted drop, (Lima Beads), .019 silver satin Softflex (Lima Beads), gold enameled jump rings Weave Got Maille "Treas. Mix" (Lima Beads), small gold-toned jump rings, copper "S" hook, heavy sterling silver crimp beads

Leaf and Shield

I was given some turquoise like chunky bits and had the Zola leaves on hand.
Components: Zola patina green brass little leaf, Zola green brass shield, turquoise-like nuggets, coconut heishi, coconut nibs, Toho 8/0 semi-glazed turquoise.

Porcelain Triangles with leather and silk

Emerald and olive greens! The porcelain triangles are about an inch by an inch so this has presence without be a "statement" piece. Don't like the...
Components: porcelain triangles in olive with blue green and speckles, resin dark green beads with emerald cut shape, 8/0 1-cut Charlotte iris green seed beads, 8/0 Toho semi-glazed rainbow olive (Lima Beads), 4 mm Toho matte olive green seed beads, pine green silk string, emerald green leather lace, heavy oxidized square wire jump rings, green enameled jump rings from "camo mix" Weave Got Maille-no longer carried by Lima Beads :(, foldover end crimps, "S" hook, heavy sterling silver crimp beads, .019 Silver Satin Softflex (Lima Beads)

Soochow Jade Necklaces

Really enjoying the Serpentine called Soochow Jade. It feels so silky to the touch.
Components: First necklace is Soochow tabs (LB), beige Picasso Czech tabs (LB), TierraCast antique gold-plated frog beads (LB) TierraCast bamboo toggle also gold-plated (LB, matte black and silver-lined Topaz Toho seed beads. The second necklace has 12mm swirl-carved brown Soochow Jade rounds (LB), 10mm dot-carved green Soochow Jade rounds (LB), 6mm matte Soochow Jade rounds, Toho Ceylon cream, Toho matte galvanized aluminum, and Toho matte opaque vanilla seed beads, Zola elements infinity toggle (LB)

Seahorse anklet

One of the prizes in the Easter egg hunt was a foot of this chain. I added a seahorse charm and a lobster clasp to make my sister an anklet!
Components: Zola Elements angel skin pink coin chain, TierraCast antique gold plated seahorse charm, and a lobster clasp with jump rings. All of this is on sale this week!

Arrowhead pendant on green leather

Masculine choker, fun for those who wanted to be archeologists or for those who follow Cernunnos, the Lord of the Hunt.
Components: Greek narrow copper Patina arrowhead (LB), Peacock Arican Sandcast Glass Disc beads (LB), Bright green 2 mm round leather cord (LB), green enameled jump rings from Weave Got Mail "Camo Mix"(LB, :( discontinued), "S" clasp, large square wire jump ring, foldover end tips.

Elemental bracelet

Designed by request to use a Raku focal. The elements are represented as yellow/gold--Air, red/orange--Fire, blue/turquoise--Water, and...
Components: raku focal (LB), TierraCast 4 to 1 bead bars (LB), Nunn Design antique copper plated grande jump ring (LB), TierraCast 15 x 9mm lobster in antique copper (LB), Weave Got Maille enamelled jump rings from Treasure Mix (LB), copper jump rings, Heavy 2 x 2 sterling silver jump rings, .019 silver satin softflex (LB), Czech, Matubo, and Toho seed beads.

Winter Morning Tassel Necklace

Dawn this morning over snow was pale purples and pinks on a baby blue sky. The tassel beads pick up these colors. I used .019 softflex with beads...
Components: Zola tube pendant?, heavy square wire jump ring, purple enameled Weave Got Maille jump ring, two heavy wire oxidized jump rings, brass plated copper chain, electroplated ceramic rounds about 4-5 mm, 11/0 Toho blue-lined rainbow crystal, 8/0 Toho frosted rainbow amethyst, 8/0 Czech sienna luster, 8/0 Czech cinnamon pearl, 8/0 Miyuki dark metallic raspberry, Toho 4 mm cube matte Raku Cabernet, CLon beading cord, heavy sterling silver crimp beads

Midnight Iris Tasseled Necklace

Zola pendant in a lunar crescent with hand-beaded tassels on denim silk string and blue deer lace.
Components: Zola pendant, 8/0 Toho matte metallic navy iris, 8/0 Czech matte metallic navy iris, 6/0 Czech blue purple iris, 11/0 Toho metallic nebula, 4x7 Miyuki magatama midnight blue iris, fine dark blue C Lon, Weave Got Maille dark blue jump rings from "Ocean Mix, " fine blue enameled wire, 3 mm blue deer leather lacing, denim blue silk string, fold-over end loops, lobster clasp.

Winter Queen Necklace

Wouldn't this be great for a winter wedding? I love the high quality of the Czech butter cream beads, Czech just has Chinese faceted beads beat for...
Components: Czech 6x9 Butter cream rondelles (Lima Beads), Czech 3x5 opal cream rondelles (LB), Vintaj Vogue 17.5mm Medallion Filigree (LB), Czech matte metallic flax 4mm? (LB), 6/0 Toho lustered light beige (LB), 6/0 Toho gold-lined frosted crystal (LB), 6/0 Toho galvanized matte aluminum (LB), 11/0 Toho gold-lined frosted crystal, 11/0 Toho Ceylon opalescent, 10/0 Czech metallic gold, Czech sunflower iridescent button, Weave Got Maille gold-toned jump rings 5mm from "Treasure Mix enameled copper" (LB), Heavy sterling silver crimp beads, .019 silver satin Softflex.

Cicada Necklace

Here is the first of two Cicada necklaces!
Components: The Cicada is Vintaj from Lima Beads. As is the nice big, easy to use 15x9mm TierraCast antique copper lobster clasp. Two colors of 6mm Czech druks; Opaque Black Picasso and Opaque Olive Picasso. I used 8/0 Czech Charlotte (1 cut) Metallic Brown Iris, 6mm dark natural coconut rondelle spacers, etched round buri seeds, Czech 6/0 brown iris, Toho 6/0 matte raku olive/purple, Toho 8/0 Toho matte Cassiopeia, 8/0 Toho matte black, heavy jump rings (oxidized) from Unkamen, black glossy iron jump rings in mixed sizes, heavy 2x2 sterling silver crimps, and good ole trusty .019 silver satin softflex.

Men's or Women's Viking Choker

Nice and weighty bronze man pendant by Torfin matched with primary colors and dark coconut heishi.
Components: Bronze Pendant, red Czech maple leaves, indigo blue ceramic abstract washers, 6/0 Czech metallic gold, 6/0 Toho matte black, 8/0 Toho riverside blue, 6/0 bright red Czech, 8/0 Toho galvanized starlight, 11/0 Toho metallic cosmos 7 mm dark natural coconut heishi, brass "S" clasp, glossy black iron jump rings, 2x2 mm Heavy sterling silver crimps, .019 silver satin softflex

Heron Necklace

Art Deco style heron with a mix of soft greens and mossy greys, sueded teals and golds.
Components: Verdigris heron brass pendant, 6x9 Czech rondelles in Mossy Stone, Earth Picasso, and Ivory. Czech 6/0 Trica in ivory. 4mm Czech emerald metallic sueded teal, 4mm Czech polychrome aqua-teal, 3mm Czech fire polished matte metallic flax, Czech glass birch leaves in mint green, Czech glass green and ivory leaves, dark green 5mm coconut heishi, 4mm Toho cube in Aquarius, 7/0 Matubo aquamarine with dark travertine (this is so lichen/mossy gorgeous!), 8/0 Czech matte metallic gold, 8/0 Toho frosted trans-rainbow AB forest, 11/0 Toho Trans-rainbow moss green AB, heavy jump rings with oxidation from Unkamen, jump rings from the larger Weave Got Maille Camo Mix, mixed size glossy iron jump rings in black, copper "S" clasp, heavy 2x2 sterling crimps, .019 silver satin Softflex.

Enchanted Night Garden Necklace

From a pick I did earlier. The hibiscus I had chosen for the pick were to bright, I substituted Czech Montana blue flower windows. Very deep blue...
Components: Vintaj art metal fairy, TierraCast gunmetal monarch beads, Czech 6x9mm dark garden fire rondelles, 4mm Czech polychrome aqua teal rounds, 4mm Czech emerald metallic suede rounds, TierraCast antique pewter-plated leaf button, 8/0 Hybrid metallic suede dk green, 6/0 Matubo 6/0 Opaque blue dark Travertine, 6/0 Czech sueded teal, 8/0 Toho color-lined teal crystal, 11/0 Toho metallic green iris, 11/0 Toho matte blue-plum raku, 11/0 Toho metallic nebula, 4mm cube Toho Aquarius, 7.5mm jump rings enamelled copper Weave Got Maille "Ocean Mix, " .019 silver satin softflex, 2x2mm heavy sterling silver crimp beads

Fruitcake with bees and bird

I love the Czech faceted "Fruitcake" rondelles! I used the Vintaj bee connectors with their little bird pendant. It looks like a birdbath to me.
Components: Czech glass Fruit Cake fire polished rondelles--6x9mm, 5x7mm, and 5x4 pinch beads. 4mm? sueded Flax Czech faceted beads, Vintaj natural brass Bird Garden Cameo pendant, Vintaj natural brass Queen Bee connectors, Nunn Design antique copper plated textured jump ring 9mm, TerraCast Antique copper plated Czech style round button, 6/0 Czech matte purple round seed beads, 8/0 Toho semi-glazed Honeydew rounds, 11/0 Toho Opaque Pastel Frosted Mudbrick rounds, 11/0 Toho Metallic Dark Copper rounds, I covered the crimp beads with 6/0 Toho Frosted Transparent Medium Amethyst. .019 Silver Satin Softlflex, Heavy sterling silver crimp beads

Terrace Dragonfly Necklace

Necklace with a vintage 50s feel.
Components: Vitaj Art Deco dragonfly pendant, 6x9 mm Czech Spring Day Opal Picasso Fire Polished Rondelles, 11x12mm Czech Safari Ornamental Rectangle, 2.5x4mm Czech Agave Trica Beads, 8/0 Toho cool bronze, 8/0 Toho semi-glazed dark red, 8/0 Toho matte black, 6/0 Toho sand-lined crystal, 11/0 Toho opaque vanilla, 6mm white wooden rounds, .019 silver satin Softflex, Heavy sterling silver crimps, matte silver toned hook and eye clasp, small verdigris dragonfly charm. [pendant and Czech glass, some of Toho, and Softflex from Lima Beads]

Nephilim Necklace

From Medieval Momma's wing pick. Nephilim are the offspring of angels and humans. Never quite fitting in, they are both strong and tragic in their...
Components: From Lima Beads: 10mm and 8mm steel faceted fire agate (heat and color treated)-- the colors look like the grey dappling on baby seals and some are soft silver grey like dolphins. Silver-plated angel wing charm, TierraCast antique silver-plated skull bail, gold pyrite skull beads. .019 silver satin SoftFlex beading cable. From other sites: hematite spacers, Czech 6/0 seed beads in a mix called "Hematite" which has a pale blue metallic shade, gunmetal, silvered white. 8/0 Toho frosted silver grey-lined, 11/0 frosted transparent rainbow soft grey, 15/0 Toho gunmetal, 2x2mm Heavy sterling silver crimp beads. Various jump rings. Silver-toned "S" clasp.

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