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Designs by Phoenix

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White Wolf

Another wolf piece in white jade.
Components: white jade wolf pendant, seafoam green Czech glass flowers, iridescent leaves and drops, seed beads in white & green.

Wolf: the Pathfinder

This necklace combines my love of animals and the mineral world. The rough texture reminds me of the natural world.
Components: Bloodstone pendant and beads, labradorite faceted beads, red jasper beads and matte TOHO seed beads

Catch all bag

I've been making these little bags recently that could hold jewelry or travel stuff, etc... I love fabric, so this is a fun way to showcase some...
Components: 100% cotton fabric, silky cording

Peach Moonstone w/ Shells

This is the first time I've worked with Peach Moonstone and it has such a gentle energy to it! These little shells seemed to blend well and it...
Components: Peach Moonstone pebbles, shells, various sizes & colors of seed beads, antique silver toggle clasp.

Rainbow Moonstone

I love the large Czech glass Hibiscus flowers. I used this aqua colored one with some heishi cut Rainbow Moonstone beads and other turquoise...
Components: Rainbow Moonstone heishi beads, Czech glass Hibiscus Flower, metal tulip beads, various sizes of turquoise and cryatal beads, lobster clasp

African Turquoise & Jade Stars

I recently bought a strand of African Turquoise that I wanted to work with- I think the greens have been reminding me of the green bulb leaves I...
Components: Zola Elements brass FERN cutout charm/pendant, African Turquoise, Green Jade stars, TOHO rainbow clover seed beads, lobster clasp.

Desert Landscape

I'm loving Impression Jasper! When I am working with these big chunks, I feel like I'm in the desert in the Southwest. The turquoise beads match...
Components: Impression Jasper, pendant, rondelles, lentils, TOHO seed beads, lobster clasp

Carnelian stone

I forgot to add this pix to see the stones a bit better
Components: Carnelian, tulip beads, chain, gold rice beads

Carnelian stone

This necklace kind of created itself- the large oval Carnelian pendant seemed to go well with the red tulip beads & gold chain and the...
Components: Carnelian oval pendant, Carnelian rondelles, Czech tulip beads, Hamilton satin gold chain

Southwestern Impressions

I love Impression Jasper! It seems to contain both sky and earth in its color palette. (And I finally opened an etsy shop!)...
Components: Impression Jasper natural pendant, copper plated leaf charms, copper chain, antique copper clasp, seed beads.

Kyanite Bridges

A friend has recently suffered a few minor strokes and is hesitant to do the typical testing to see what's going on. I'm interested in the healing...
Components: Kyanite: elongated flat ovals, rondelles and chips. Greek pewter sun spacers and lined spacers, Zola Element sun pendant.

Turquoise pendant set

This is a necklace/earring set I put together for a friend. She had the big chunky turquoise pendant for the focal piece and knew how long she...
Components: Turquoise colored Czech glass flowers, mini turqoise chunks, bronze chain, TOHO beads.

Funky bracelet

A friend brought some beads over to my house the other day to see what could be done with them. After playing around with my stash, we decided to...
Components: Antique silver type chunky chain (from LB years ago), turquoise pillow beads, antique silver lobster clasp, 26 gauge wire.

Tribal Wear

This is a gift for a friend- I originally was going to make a Howlite necklace with a few pewter accents, but a piece of chain in my design tray...
Components: Howlite: 10mm & rondelles, pewter medallion, pewter accents, chain, antique silver temple ring toggle clasp and a few nickel colored 6mm beads.

On the Move

I was inspired by the description of the Turritella Agate beads "fossilized remains of snails that lived millions of years ago". I was...
Components: Turritella Agate beads, brass sea turtles, brass clasp, "Be the Change" pendant

Flower power

I wanted to use the Hamsas in a necklace and thought they blended well with the hibiscus flower and black jet gemstones. Usually the focal is the...
Components: Jet gemstones (6mm and 8mm), Czech hibiscus flower, pink rice beads and orchid colored hamsa.

Feelin' the Love

I wanted to experiment with the meanings/qualities of different gemstones: Rose Quartz = love, Rock Crystal = energy amplification. So I made...
Components: Madagascar Rose Quartz faceted rondelle, Rock Crystal faceted rounds and graduated points, antique silver daisy and spoke spacers, Miyuki Beads (Berry lined lt.topaz AB) and Turtle clasp.

Spring has sprung

I just felt like making something GREEN after so much cold and snow!
Components: Czech glass avocado flowers, recycled glass beads, textured heishe spacers.

Elephant Walk

When I first bought this elephant pendant, I thought I would just put it on a piece of leather. But then I decided it deserved some sparkle, so I...
Components: Green Girl pewter elephant, TOHO silver/grey bead mix, textured pewter chain and toggle.

Goddess Circle

This is a gift for someone in my woman's circle that I've been involved with since September. We're having a gift exchange at our last meeting and...
Components: Czech glass etched ammonite, turquoise; Czech Glass turquoise Goddess beads, silver heishi beads, turtle clasp.

Showing page 1 of 2 (24 total Designs)
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