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Designs by Ali

Songbird Earrings

These Gaea pieces are perfect for a great pair of earrings! Artsy, statement pieces just waiting to be embellished are a dream for me :)

Aqua Sands

Just after college, Kevin and I vacationed at my aunt's home on Anna Maria Island in Florida. As we walked down the beach we came across this...

Snow-ring Ornament

These porcelain rings are the perfect focal link for an ornament. Add a great crystal or agate focal to the the bottom and a handful of soft felt...

Easy Felt Garland

Making garland has never been so simple. Choose from one of our fun felt mixes to make a 6' long garland perfect for your tree, mantle, or where...

Sparkling Lights Earrings

These earrings can represent all the colors in your blooming garden, rainbows, or classic sparkling Christmas lights on the tree. Crystal is...

Quartz Nugget Necklace

I love quartz with beautiful shimmering inclusions. They are like nature's surprise gifts in my beads. I wanted to stick with rich bronze tones for...

Felted Pebbles Bib Necklace

As soon as these felt rounds came in, I knew what colors I wanted to use together. I sat at my desk with piles of felt in front of me all mixed...

Jeweled Ornament Necklace

This piece is definitely one that grew in detail. I knew I wanted to embroider, but wasn't sure what I needed it to look like. I decided that the...

Dancing Skulls Necklace

I wanted to make a subtle, sleek design using skulls -- I know, I know, skulls aren't really subtle or sleek. Then I came across our small flat...

Easy Earrings w/ Laser Etched Crystal

The metallic finish on these laser etched crystal beads is highly reflective, which is fantastic for a faceted bead alternative! The matte beads...

Fanned Lava Chakra Necklace

Center yourself subtly with this necklace. Each chakra is tucked in between the natural lava rock fan.

Lava & Picture Jasper Starred Bracelet

I love the layered patterning in picture jasper and its implicit connection to the Earth. By combining it with the unwaxed lava I can add essential...

Chakra Shambala Bracelet

The concept of a chakra bracelet pairs really well with the Shambala style bracelet. This is easy to knot and you can make it larger or shorter by...

Rain Curtain Sun Catchers

The kids and I love to decorate our garden, especially the tree in the center. It gets the most attention. Why should it only be adorned at...

Rising Sun Earrings

When I first saw these new component pieces from Lipstick Ranch, I had visions of fringey focals and earrings. Of course, when they came in how...

Washed Ashore Necklace

Blue slate, rainbow black diamond, rosaline, rainbow smoky topaz and silver lined crystal - These might not be colors you would immediately say yes...

Gilded Fringe Necklace

This Gothic arch chandelier just called for fringe to be added. I went back and forth between using chain or charms or acetate sticks. I decided on...

Sparkle Chain Earrings

These earrings would be beautiful on a bride or the wedding party giving just the right amount of romantic sparkle. They also pair really well with...

Cowrie Posts

These are so easy to make! All you need is 2 shells, 2 glue on posts, and epoxy.

Golden Sparkle Bib Necklace

I made this bib necklace a while ago linking together the patina finish hibiscus pieces. I wanted to make this necklace with bridal jewelry as...

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