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Posted by Kevin on August 21 at 09:13 am

Lima Beads is a small bead shop in Ann Arbor, MI. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the quality of our relationships with our customers. We started in the spare bedroom of a college apartment and now work out of a downtown historical building. We love what we do. We obsess over details. We provide consistently great quality. We spend the 15 minutes before lunch deciding what to eat and the 15 minutes after lunch talking about how good it tasted. We laugh with each other and with our customers. We strive to provide a great value. We don’t strive to sell the cheapest beads. We give back to charities. We respect the environment. We’ll make sure you’re happy with Lima Beads.

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The Lima Loft

Our office is located in downtown Ann Arbor, MI. We occupy the 2nd floor of a building that was built in 1883! We don’t have an elevator or a lift of any kind — which means that every bead we sell goes up (and back down) our steep flight of stairs. We love our loft office. It’s a very open floor plan, which allows us to have the collaborative work environment that we all love. At this point, we just can’t see ourselves in a boring warehouse somewhere, but ask us in a few years when the back pain starts to kick in.

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  1. Kerry P
    Kerry P says:

    Faces with names – how cool! You guys completely rock! I love your site, and it just keeps getting better. I’m a geeky web developer during the day, so I know how much work goes into creating such a great site. And I love the beads, and you have first class customer support. I recommend you every chance I get.

    BTW, the beads I used for the rosary in my avatar? Bought ‘em from y’all :)

  2. CarolynJ
    CarolynJ says:

    I absolutely love your site…where do you get all your graphics? They’re just adorable and so nicely done.

  3. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Hi Carolyn – We create everything here! I wish I could take some of the credit, but it all goes to Ali, Matt, and Steve.

  4. No Photo
    Princess Rabbit says:

    This is the BEST!!! I just LOVE how you’ve expanded. Now I can actually see everyone who’ve been so helpful and nice! The ABSOLUTE BEST gemstones anywhere! I tell everyone about you always. Thanks! :o )

  5. Christines Purple Wolf
    Christines Purple Wolf says:

    It’s great to put a face with the name.It makes shopping much more personable. Alison you do exactly what I do– dump out the beads and put together a design.Your beading table could be mine if I didn’t know better. I work with polymer clay also and like to mix clay, glass and stone to create. Your site rocks! prices are good and such a varity- keep on the good work.

  6. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Dear Lima Beads folks,

    You have such a terrific business, love all your creative energy and fun ways for customers to get involved. Your new blog looks like lots of fun, even though I’m not sure I want daily stuff.

    Your “Fresh Picks” section keeps getting more and more fun with all the ways for customers to contribute. I was wondering- I initially created one “Fresh Picks” but since then have been unable to create any more, no matter what I do. I’ve read and reread your basic instructions on how to create, but couldn’t figure out how to create further ones.

    Do keep up the great work, your site definitely helps my creative ideas grow with all the fun aspects you provide!


  7. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Hi Joyce – I can help you with that! When you click on the little orange flower (to launch the Fresh Pick design tool), there is an area in the upper left that says “Choose a Fresh Pick”. Right next to that, there is a link that says “or, start a new one” — if you click that link, you’ll be able to start a new pick. Just choose a name and you can begin adding beads to it. After you have multiple picks, you can switch between them with that menu in the upper left that says “Choose a Fresh Pick”. I hope this helps. If not, just give us a call!

  8. No Photo
    Linda M says:

    Love, love, love the website, the products and the blog! I am so glad that you all landed together and especially that you put yourselves out there for us to read about. BTW, clara IS precious, and with 5 grandbabies of my own, I am something of an expert on precious!;)

    We live in College Station, TX, home of Texas A&M, where our 2 kids graduated,(Aggies…Whoop!), married, moved away and then came back. They have given us 5 precious grandchildren over the past 10 years…so after reading your blog, forgive me if I feel a little “motherly” your group!

    Keep up the great work, your commitment shows! lmm

  9. Robin W
    Robin W says:

    Great site – I love the pic of your loft. Yours is my dream job – on the beach of course.

  10. No Photo
    Thelma B says:

    You all are doing a great job. Love the selection and quality of every bead I’ve gotten so far. My orders have all arrived in great shape. Had trouble placing an order and your staff were just so wonderful, patient and helpful. Keep doing what your doing, it works for me.

  11. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to use this space to ask for help or not but here goes – I’m a small time (full time Accountant) homebased potential jewelery maker, and as such I look for the best prices for the best quality (Lima is at the top for gemstones) but I also need good elastic cord, Sterling Silver findings and Sterling wire. I was just kicked off the metal round of the mountain in oregon (you know who I mean) for not purchasing enough of their lower quality gemstones. But I now need to find a quality and good price online dealer for the Sterling Silver findings and beading string. Any sugestions? I know you get what you pay for, but small business are always looking for good price breaks.
    Thank you for your help. :) Bonnie R

  12. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    You certainly are — it’s no problem at all. I wish I could help, but because we don’t sell those materials, I don’t really know of any good sources for them. Maybe some of our customers could help. Does anyone know where to fine these items at fair prices?

  13. No Photo
    Jean K says:

    Hi Bonnie, try Rio Grande; you would have to register as a new customer, but I have found them to be reasonably priced for silver findings, and beading wire. Also, I try to buy my sterling pieces from folks who participate in Fair Trade..Shiana is another site (but their pieces are direct from Thialand) come in about a 1 week beautiful Hill Tribe Silver. I found them the same way I found Lima Beads…through the internet and am most happy with both! Good Luck!

  14. nutmeg
    nutmeg says:

    Nice to put a face with the names. I’ve always found Lima Beads to be the best quality. I love getting you in the mail, which take only a few (3) days. Your always there! Meg of Megs Gems and Handcrafts

  15. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    Thank you – I will check them out. I knew a comunity that could pick such clever names for their stone collections should be able to help.

  16. Taylor E
    Taylor E says:

    this website is awesome! especially now since you ship internationally! yay!

  17. No Photo
    S Rubino says:

    Day 3 of the egg hunt..Started out egg-cited, now not so much.. ready to pull out my hair :)

  18. Dina S
    Dina S says:


  19. Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry
    Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry says:

    Hi there. Just received my first order with Lima beads and want to say a huge thank you! i absolutly love everything that i ordered. Fantastic quality, great price and super quick delivery…and i love the free Twizler. Such a nice gesture!I will be using your online store as my main supplier in the future. Thank you so much. I love you guys! :-)

  20. No Photo
    Anna706 says:

    I s it possable to get the peanut bead foe seed beads? you get the beat colors.

  21. Jonelle O
    Jonelle O says:

    Day 2 my first egg hunt… 65 eggs and finding less and less, 54 yesterday, 11 today… zombie brained.

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  1. No Photo
    YOU say:

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