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Fall Beads Upon Us!

Posted by Kevin on September 25 at 01:21 pm
Matt hauling a box of beads up the stairs

Matt hauling a box of beads up the stairs

Each year about this time, our fall lineup of beads starts to trickle in. Don the UPS guy pulls up in his truck and beeps the horn. We all run down to help him unload the boxes. In the past week, we’ve unloaded about 50 boxes that average 60 pounds each. Steve, Matt, and I carry all the boxes up the stairs (22 stairs to be exact!) and line them up in the hallway.

Once the boxes are upstairs, we can’t wait to tear them open and see all the new stones! This fall is going to be awesome. We’ve got a lot of gorgeous new beads that are brand new to the market. We also have additions to some popular stones, including high quality fluorite, labradorite, garnet, rhodochrosite and more.

Steve checking out the new Larimar

Steve checking out the new Larimar

The stones you’ll see at Lima Beads this fall are all cut from very high-grade material. We’ve worked out some deals that I’m very proud of. You’ll see beads that are near jewelry-grade quality and the prices will allow you to use them in your designs without worrying about cost. Wait until you see the fluorite next week – it’s absolutely incredible and you won’t believe the prices!

Madagascar Rose Quartz

Madagascar Rose Quartz

I’m also really excited about our new line of natural Madagascar rose quartz. As you know, most rose quartz is heat treated to give it a consistent pink color.  This rose quartz is 100% natural.  It has a deep, translucent feel and the color is incredible!

We’ll be adding new beads every week through November and you won’t want to miss any of them. Be sure to bookmark The Fresh Daily Blog so you can keep up with everything we do this fall.





Thanks for reading everyone! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Ali
    Ali says:

    I can always get Matt to carry stuff for me if I go into the front of the office and announce that I need “a big strong man” to help me.

    The new beads really are exciting. Many of the stones have been in the market for awhile, but our fall line combines uncommon stone quality with masterful cutting and we got great deals on all of it! There are going to be some pretty incredible things.

  2. beadaholchick
    beadaholchick says:

    Can’t wait to make (& see) some Fresh Picks w/new Fall Beads. Thanks for alot of fun-my kids complain that they can’t get on the internet-I say “help me pick out beads”!!

  3. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Wow! All those stairs! All those heavy boxes!… That’s why we keep all those big, strong, tall, handsome men around, right Ali? ;) Just kidding! There are other reasons too… like getting stuff off the top shelves for us! ;) he he he!
    Steve and Matt the web site is great! I can say it is the brightest, most fun and addicting, and the easiest to navigate site out there! I admire those who can battle the great beast “computer” and come out victorious! ;)
    I love Lima Beads, Keven! It’s the best bead shop out there!
    Thanks to the whole lima team!

  4. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    The Laborite looks amazing and I’ve been wanting good quality, REAL Rose Quarts. It looks like a gemstone that should be faceted and worn in a ring!

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