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True Customer Stories

Posted by Steve on September 02 at 12:26 pm

OK, the title of this blog post is a little scary. But don’t worry, we won’t be sharing any horror stories about the beaders who shop at Lima. Instead, we have a few anonymous stories about how awesome our customers are! We get to hear these little bits and pieces by phone and e-mail, and wanted to share.

Unfair Refund

I spoke with a customer the other day who received a refund of $8 for beads she returned to us. She demanded that we take the money back! There was a misunderstanding and we had actually sent her replacement strands because the first ones were damaged. How honest and sincere of her! We truly appreciate it.

If you build it…

Recently, we received feedback from a customer about the Big Green Bead Machine. She said she loved it because it was like “building your own sale.” I liked the analogy so much that I wanted to publish it here! It really sums up the Machine because it churns out deals especially for YOU.

Secret Santa

Several months ago, we were contacted by a customer who wanted to send a gift to another beader who was having a bad few weeks. They had never met before (only through creating Fresh Picks), and we were honored to connect the two so the gift could be shipped out. How cool!

Smooth Move!

During our move to a new warehouse, we received countless e-mails from our customers wishing us a smooth and safe move. We’re ecstatically grateful for your notes along the way–it really helped during the late nights! So, thank you again.

Be a part of the story…

We truly value the opportunity to be a part of these storylines. Whether you’re a first time shopper or a long time Lima Beader, we’d love to play at role in your beading story. Who knows what will be next!

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  1. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Thanks Steve for sharing these encouraging stories!
    Lima Beads is the kind of place that encourages the idea of “pay it forward”! It’s not often anymore that you find such great company/customer relationships. And who would have guessed it would lead to such great customer to customer friendships!!!
    The whole world could learn a lot from this place! :-D

  2. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    My favorite story to tell people is how Amy helped me out when I needed ivory colored fwp’s to make a necklace and earrings for my friend to wear on her wedding day. My husband cannot believe, that, while I was on the phone, Amy picked strands of pearls from the stockroom to compare the colors for me. The pearls she sent were just perfect. (you can see the set in the Design Gallery as well as photos of the happy bride!)
    Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service!
    I think I can speak for everyone when I say how much we appreciate the opportunity to get to know and to learn from one another.

    KPJEWELS says:

    I sent an e-mail to Steve after the Moving Sale requesting some information about the beads that I bought during the Moving Sale and I am pleased to say that he was right on the ball and I got all the of the information I needed. I would also like to thank Cathy for the e-mails I received from her during the Moving Sale about my orders. Thank you all for your fantastic customer service. Keep up the good work LB.

  4. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    Ditto! LOL ;)

  5. Cj w aka Slacker Chick
    Cj w aka Slacker Chick says:

    Hi Lima Bead people,
    I have in the last month changed jobs from working retail in a fabric store to working for a wholesale bead company. I now have a better understanding of all of your hard work. I’m glad that your move went well. I appreciate that ya’ll are
    community minded company. Beads are a personal thing from the basic items to the jewelry made from them. You develop relationships with the people that buy from you. Thanks for the friendliness and sense of community.

  6. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    I agree with all the wonderful comments, you all (LB team) have the BEST site I’ve ever found & I’d like to thank you for a wonderful experience; GREAT SERVICE, WONDERFUL BEADS & ALOT OF GREAT FRIENDS!!! I never thought that you could have such a wonderful time on a web-site!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    I think we have a wonderful place here at Lima Beads to connect with each other…and I mean with the LB staff as well as with other beaders and designers. I have not encountered another site like this one, and I am so glad you have made this such a great experience for all of us. You make us feel like family and friends. :-)

  8. CC
    CC says:

    Harriet I agree with you totally. Can you imagine what a force we would be if we all lived near each other? ;) Thank you LB for the chance to “meet” and share with others, and of course the wonderful beads.

  9. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    When I first started shopping on line for beads I saw your name and thought that sounds like an interesting group. Lima Beads has the number 1 spot in my book marks for bead sellers. You have done a great public service for beaders by giving us a place to exchange knowledge and ideas with each other. I’ve never been involved with any other chat group and probably never will. The people I’ve met on line through your Design Gallery and Fresh Picks have add a whole new dimension to the beading experience and a raft of new friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Now about that green coral…..

  10. Steph
    Steph says:

    This is by far the best bead site I have found and the most fun to be on. Beautiful beads, great prices, and you get to know other beadalholics like myself. Great work Lima team.

  11. No Photo
    Rhonda R says:

    I stumbled on your website by accident and it was the nicest accident I’ve ever had. I tell all of my beading buddies about Lima Beads. Finding a place that will ship to ALASKA free with a $40.00 order is totally unheard of. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And the quality is outstanding. And y

  12. No Photo
    Rhonda R says:

    To continue…you guys go above and beyond in getting my orders shipped in record time!! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep spreading the word.

  13. Tara Vargas
    Tara Vargas says:

    I too am very impressed with your shipping speed. You get them to me so fast that I expect all places I order from to be that fast…but alas, they are not. This is the first and only bead website that I have ordered gemstone beads from. I love the quality and the beauty of all the stones. You all go above and beyond customer service. It’s a wonderful community to belong to and I have made many new bead/jewelry friends…including the staff of Lima Beads. Thank you for all that you do for us.

  14. Leigh D
    Leigh D says:

    I agree with Tara – I am so surprised, pleased, happy with how fast my order arrives! Everything I have ordered has been absolutely wonderful, packaged well, and gorgeous! Thanks you guys!

  15. Steve
    Steve says:

    Thanks to all for sharing your stories and kind words! We appreciate hearing all your feedback.

  16. No Photo
    Mirjam E says:

    I never liked the idea of ordering beads through the internet, because I wanted to see and feel the beads for myself, and was scared about falling into the trap you sometimes hear about – trust and give your money to an internet company, and then never see it or what you bought again. Lima Beads is the first website I trusted enough to give it a go, 1. because you show of the stones so well, it’s almost like seeing them for real, and 2. shopping with you is like shopping at a local bead shop, with friendly, enthousiastic and trustworthy staff. So thanks for all the wonderful beads and thanks most of all for making my shopping on the web such a good experience!

  17. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    I’m not sure what I can add that hasn’t already been said, but I’ll give it the old college try! LOL

    Rah, rah, rah!
    Sis, boom, bah!
    Lima Beads, Lima Beads!
    Rah, rah, rah!!!

  18. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Actually, I’d like to compliment LB’s team for being such an amazing group of people!!! I’ve never been to a website that has made me want to return so often and even stay to visit! It’s hard to put into words the feeling I get when I’m here. I truly enjoy the time I spend on this site! Your quality, selection, prices, super-fast delivery, & communications are incredible!!! Even more so is the personalized service that I get from the LB team. On the rare occasion that I’ve had to phone you, I get to talk with a real live person — one of the team — who knows who I am!!! How rare is that these days?!?!?! The very rare order boo-boo has been corrected immediately — another pleasant surprise.

    One of the things I am most grateful for is that you have helped me to connect with other beaders across this country and around the world who have become friends of mine!!! I never thought I could feel so close to people I’ve never met in person — yet here I am, chatting with them day and night (LOL). They are a true blessing in my life and I thank you, Lima Beads, for bringing them into my life. :D

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