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5 Amazing Beading World Records

Posted by Andrew M on October 15 at 04:11 pm

Just when you think you’ve seen it all! I found some really cool beading world records that might be enough to make any hobbyist question their dedication to the craft. ;)

1. World’s Largest Bead Flag

World's Largest Bead Flag

World's Largest Bead Flag

Measuring nearly 9′ x 4’6″, the world’s largest beaded flag contains 288,400 beads and weighs over 22 pounds! The flag represents the United Arab Emirates and is was completed during many sleepless nights by Jeyaraman Ravi. Photo: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

2. World’s Longest Chain of Beads

World's Longest Bead Chain

World Record Bead Chain

Alayna Salter of the UK strung together 80 meters of beads to create the world’s longest bead chain. That’s over 260 feet, more than enough to wrap around the outer lines of a tennis court! Her efforts began at her kitchen table but soon took over an entire room. Sound familiar?

Ms. Salter creates her own jewelry and got the idea to string this piece when audience members at her musical gigs asked her where she got her unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

3. World’s Largest Bead Mosaic

World Record Bead Mosaic

World Record Bead Mosaic

What do you get when you combine 372,000 beads and 1,000 fourth graders? Besides a migraine, of course…

If you answered “The World’s Largest Bead Mosaic”, you’re right! The kids chipped in to pay tribute to President Obama by creating the giant piece of art which is now housed in New York City. Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

4. World’s Largest Pearl

World's Largest Pearl

World's Largest Pearl

Okay, it’s not really a beading world record, but it’s still a huge pearl that would make one heckuva pendant. It’s known as the Pearl of Lao Tzu and weighs in at 14.1 pounds!

The pearl’s history is shrouded in secrecy and mystery. Some legends even trace it back to the rise of one of China’s ancient dynasties.

We may never know the full story behind the Pearl of Lao Tzu, but it’s an amazing piece of natural beauty no matter who you believe!

5. World’s Longest Strand of Prayer Beads

World Record Prayer Beads

World Record Prayer Beads

Mustafa Kara of India carved 999 wooden beads to create his record-breaking 25 meter strand of prayer beads. When fully assembled, it weighs over 130 pounds and requires 3 men to move.

Kara’s prayer beads are primarily used for decoration and he has since created many (smaller) copies that have been sold all over the world.

Are You Next?

You never know what might happen the next time you start getting carried away with a beading project. You might just end up in the kooky list of beading world records!

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. Leslie W Mtn Chick
    Leslie W Mtn Chick says:

    The pearl looks like a white brain, Andrew! (This comment should get a few people to look at your blog!)

  2. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    OK, Leslie, it got my attention!!! LOL

    Amazing beading records, Andrew! Who knows what ones the Chicks might set next…. :D

  3. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Speaking of the Lima Team, why isn’t Cathy pictured to the right with everyone else? Or Ingrid or Amy? Or AquaKitty or Tad? LOL Inquiring beading minds want to know…..

  4. No Photo
    Dora H says:

    the article on the large pearl was very interesting.

  5. No Photo
    Deb D Grammy Chick says:

    Pretty amazing stuff, Andrew, especially that bead mosaic! Thanks for giving us such interesting info! :D

  6. Chippy Chick aka Lindys
    Chippy Chick aka Lindys says:

    I just want to see a picture of the oyster that created the largest pearl!

  7. No Photo
    Andrew M says:

    Hi Chippy Chick, apparently it was a giant clam, not an oyster, that created this pearl. So it doesn’t have any nacre (mother of pearl) and wouldn’t be used for beading work.

    There are lots of giant clam pictures here:

    Looks like they can grow up to 4 feet across and live for more than 100 years…

  8. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Some fun facts, Andrew.
    So…what are/is the biggest, most, etc in the world of Lima Beads? For example, most Fresh Picks? Longest Lima conversation? Fresh Pick most favorited? Design most favorited? Best selling bead? etc. etc…….

  9. No Photo
    Andrew M says:

    Sally, those are some good ideas for a future post!

  10. GlttrGuitarAngel
    GlttrGuitarAngel says:

    I thought that pearl was a big glob of that crayola model magic sculpting material…

  11. Aqua Chickie Cat
    Aqua Chickie Cat says:

    That’s just what it looks like

  12. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    What a romantic story about the pearl. I think it looks like a giant blob of marshmellow cream. Mmmm I am hungry this morning.

  13. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    hey steve & Matt, can this joker be banned? We don;t need any ads on the blog.

  14. Jade aka Caryn
    Jade aka Caryn says:

    I was thinking the same thing Bonnie

  15. Crystal Jewels
    Crystal Jewels says:

    Me too.

    KPJEWELS says:

    Some people have a lot of nerve. This is definitely not a place for advertisements, I agree

  17. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Yes, what is up with them?!

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