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Cyber Monday Deals

Posted by Kevin on November 30 at 08:53 am

First Come, First Served!

It’s time for another round of First Come, First Served deals!

golden picture jasperThe past two times we’ve done this, the majority of the items have sold out within hours, so if you see something you like, get it fast! This particular batch of items could be considered a sample sale. These are all items that we’ve purchased as samples over the past couple of years and decided not to carry for various reasons. The most common reasons are price (too expensive) and material availability (we can’t reliably stock them). None of these items have quality issues. Because they were ordered as samples, most of the quantities are very low. We have an average of 10 strands of the gemstone beads and about 20 pieces of each CZ item. See all of the items now!

salsa triangleYou’ll find some interesting stones that you’ve never seen at Lima Beads and also some funky CZ cuts that we’ve decided not to carry on a regular basis. Good luck!

About First Come, First Served items

Before you add these deals to your shopping bag, you should know that all of these items are FINAL SALE. So take a good look at the photos! If you like what you see, we’re confident that you’ll love the beads. Here are a few more guidelines to read over before you place your orders:

  • There are extremely limited quantities of these items, in some cases we have a couple available. The items are not secured until you place your order and complete the transaction. If they sell out before you’re able to do that, the items will be removed from your cart.
  • These items are all FINAL SALE. We won’t be able to accept returns on them, because the point is to get them out of here!
  • We can’t offer rain checks–when they’re gone, they’re gone! :)

Good luck shopping!

The Annual Gift Giveaway is Here!

Posted by Kevin on November 25 at 01:32 pm

It’s that time of year again. Starting tomorrow, the holiday season is officially in full swing. We’ll eat great meals, give and receive some gifts, and hang out with friends and family. All of the lucky Lima Beaders get to do one more thing every holiday season — they get to choose FREE BEADS with every order they place at Lima Beads. We do it every year to say thanks for another great year and for helping us make the Lima Beads web site a special place.


We’ve got some great gifts this year. We’ve expanded the number of selections to as many as 8 per level. With any order you can get Stampt Metal, Vintaj, TierraCast, or choose from some great gemstones. If you spend $75 or more, your choices include: olive green or pearly white pearls, Green Girl Studios, African green jasper, or some awesome smoky quartz nuggets.

Sapphire CZ

Sapphire CZ

Get up to $150 and it really gets interesting. We’ve got the most popular piece of Green Girl Studios pewter (owl), amethyst (A) round 8mm, big gorgeous pearls, and two pieces of CZ never before seen on the Lima Beads site. This is the only way to get them. A lot of people ask for sapphire blue and ruby color CZ and the fact is, it’s just too expensive to carry. We ordered samples this past year and they’re gorgeous, but we’ve decided not to sell them, but we thought, why not give them to our customers?!

Tanzanite Rondelles

Tanzanite Rondelles

If you get all the way to $300, you can get the coolest toggle clasp I’ve ever seen (Green Girl Shibuichi), Mexican fire agate nuggets, or (and I’ve saved the best for last) a strand of blinding tanzanite faceted rondelles.

See All The Gifts

Again, thanks for being with us this year. Lima Beads has grown a lot with full lines of chain, metal beads, and findings. The Lima community has also grown, which is shown by more than 2,000 gorgeous designs in the design gallery.

Next year, we plan to keep pushing forward with more stringing material, more silver, and a Stampt Metal surprise that is going to provide you with hours of fun.

Thanks again everyone. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


A Smarter Shopping Bag

Posted by Steve on November 21 at 05:48 pm

My Shopping BagYou may have noticed that it’s been a little quiet around the blog lately. That’s because we’ve been working on something top secret that we think is going to help everyone in a big way when you shop at Lima Beads. Starting today, the Shopping Bag just got a lot smarter!

Easy Shopping from Different Computers

We have so many ways to get special deals (daily Fresh Pick sale, the Big Green Bead Machine, Lima Lunch Specials), but it wasn’t easy to do all your shopping from different computers or locations… until now. As long as you’re signed into your account, your shopping bag will be available from any computer, at any location. All your special deals will stay with you!

More Informative

Price ExpirationWhen you have a special deal in your shopping bag that expires (from the Bead Machine, for example), the shopping bag now tells you when it will expire. Moving your mouse over the clock gives you additional information, and you can even sort your shopping bag by expiration time to get a look at how much time you have left on your deals.

Shipping Estimates

Estimate ShippingAnother new feature we just launched is the ability to get a shipping estimate right from your shopping bag. This will be ultra-helpful for holiday shopping when shipping times are so critical!

Have Feedback?

We’re always happy to get your feedback so we can improve your experience with our web site. Have something to say? Leave a comment below!

How Soon is Too Soon?

Posted by Matt on November 13 at 02:09 pm

As much as I love the season of fall, I love the Christmas time of year even more. So much so that I’m usually one of those people that like to decorate the tree the weekend after Halloween. We’ll, it’s been a couple of weeks since Halloween and to my wife’s dismay, the tree still is not up.

holidayShe’s been hounding me for these past two weeks, but I haven’t really had the urge to set up a Christmas tree.
I get why all of the stores are setting up early. Based on the numbers, it totally makes sense. One of the local radio stations started playing 100% Christmas music a week ago. Every time Deidra turns it on, I say to her, “Really?”

A couple of years ago, I would’ve said, “Crank it up!”

So, “Why the change of heart?” To be honest, I can’t really put my finger on it. I still get the same, warm, fuzzy feeling every year around Christmas time. Maybe I’m just getting grumpier in my old age. :)

I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of decorating early. Here’s what I could come up with.

The Argument Against Decorating Early for the Holidays

This gem came from my Father-in-Law: “Whatever happened to Thanksgiving? I’d rather put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down in January, than put it up the day after Halloween and take it down the day after Christmas!”

Not only is there the risk of growing weary of the holidays, but I think that starting the holidays in early November starts to diminish the integrity of this special time. It only comes once a year, but when it lasts for over two months, I think it loses the “Wow!” factor.

The Argument For Decorating Early for the Holidays

For me at least, the obvious argument for setting up early is that it is, in Andy Williams’ words, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” It’s undeniable. In most cases, there’s no time like Christmas time.

On top of that, regardless of how early I set up the tree and turn on the Christmas music, I always feel like Christmas just comes and goes so fast! There’s always something that I wished I would’ve done, but didn’t really have the time. The last couple of years, it’s been Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village. I hear it’s pretty great, but I’ve yet to check it out.

Here are a couple of things that I absolutely have to do each and every holiday season:

The realization that I’ve come to after writing this is that Christmas time can be as long or as special as you make it. It could last all year, so long as we keep the spirit in our hearts and the peace in our lives. The stores and radio stations shouldn’t decide when we’re supposed to be preparing for this most special of times. It’s up to you.

What about all of you Christmas lovers? Do you love that the holiday season seems to be creeping earlier and earlier on the calendar? When do you start decorating? Do you have a list of things you absolutely need to do every holiday season?

Mission Impossible: Organizing My Beads

Posted by Ali on November 11 at 03:09 pm

photoThis past weekend, I found myself going through my now out-of-control bead room with Payton. I thought it would be an easy project to gather all of my favorite finds and organize them while she was playing with some fabric beads. There can’t be too many favorites, right? Well, as it turns out I have a lot of favorites and a lot of beads in general. Then I thought, at least I can thin out my bead stash by donating or reselling. The problem with that is that my favorite beads change with the seasons, my mood, etc. What am I supposed to do? This is my mission for November: Get my stash together before I start jamming on Christmas jewelry for gifts.

This is what I’ve tried in the past that worked at the time:

  • Dixie cups: Works for holding head pins and eye pins
  • Big red “keg” cups or a box: Works great for holding tools (these were always on hand in college :) )
  • Tackle boxes: traveling with beads. They have great little compartments for taking beads on the go. The only problem is that I now have too many beads to choose from and the tackle box I would need is the size of a small piece of luggage. I will say though that this also worked great when Kevin and I lived in a small apartment and I had to bead at the dining table. Tackle boxes are also great for storing glass or cz beads.
  • Plastic storage drawers on wheels: This worked in my apartment when I didn’t have a permanent beading spot. What I didn’t like about this storage method is that if you make the drawers heavy with too many beads, they don’t pull out very easily.
  • Beads in baggies inside of Tupperware bins with lids: This option worked great for the last year and I think that concept behind it could still work if I could find a better storage option. I used to store all my gemstones together, all my pearls together, all my vintage together, all my glass together…you get the drift. The problem then became that I would miss out on using a cool red bead because I had only been looking in my gemstone bin. I then decided that the best way to organize my beads because of the way I design was to do it based on color, regardless of material. For instance, I take all of my red beads no matter the type, put each in a Ziploc bag and put it in the bin labeled RED.

photoThe last option is by far my favorite for actual bead storage. The only remaining issue is that Payton likes to play with beads almost as much as I do. Our house is not huge, so her playroom doubles as my beading room. There are two problems with this. First, I have a limited amount of space to work with. Second, every time I go in the room, my beads are pulled out of their containers and strewn across the floor, because my little designer has been hard at work when I wasn’t looking :) I think what’ll happen is that I will find an amazingly perfect desk and come up with a fantastic wall storage for above. Sounds realistic right?

I would love to see pictures of your bead storage and/or studios. Not necessarily your beading desk or table, but the place where you store the beads and supplies you’re not actively working with.

What you think the best method for organizing your beads, tools, and projects is?

What special circumstances have you had to work with?

Please help!

It Really IS a Small World

Posted by Andrew M on November 05 at 01:07 pm

Are you familiar with the theory of “Six Degrees of Separation“? It states that all 7+ billion humans are linked to each other by no more than 6 connections. So, if I know Steve and Steve knows Matt, I am connected to Matt through 1 degree (Steve). If Matt knows Ali, I am connected to Ali by 2 degrees.

I’ve always thought the idea is fun to think about in theory, but it’s even cooler when you discover some of the completely random connections between people in your life.

My Favorite Customer

Lemonade Stand

My siblings and I ran a small lemonade stand every weekend during our summer vacations as kids. We set up shop on the corner of a busy street in suburban Atlanta that attracted hundreds of runners, walkers, and cyclists each weekend.

Thanks to the Atlanta heat and “Rock Bottom Pricing“, we sold gallons of watered down lemonade at $0.25 per cup. On a good day, we would each profit $5 or more (after paying mom and dad back for expenses, of course). That was BIG money in those days. Now I wish I had listened to my parents and saved it. ;)

We began to attract regular customers, but one British lady always stuck out in my mind because I loved hearing her accent, peculiar jokes, and strange phrases from “across the pond”. She also packed extra quarters in her fanny pack to buy our lemonade before and after her morning run. She quickly became our favorite customer.

Of course, eventually we grew up, got out of the lemonade business and never heard from her again. But the story doesn’t end there…

About 10 years later my grandparents took a sightseeing trip to London and stopped in a pub for a pint and some fish and chips. They started talking to the British lady on the next stool about travel and living overseas. Wouldn’t you know it…this woman had lived in the States just outside of Atlanta and was a frequent runner. (You know where this is going…)

It didn’t take long for them to figure out that the nice British lady was our favorite customer! They laughed at the near impossibility that they would end up at the same pub after 10 years on an entirely different continent!

We’re All Connected

I love the random moments in life that remind us how connected we are to each other. I’ve got plenty more, but I’m sure you do too. So, it’s your turn. What random connections have you discovered that seem to prove the theory that it really is a small world after all?

Photo Credit

Top Picks of October

Posted by Ali on November 03 at 10:28 am
Winter warmth by Carolinawren

Winter warmth by Carolinawren

New Fresh Pickers for October

Top 15 Favorited Picks

  1. 100% Chance of Rain by Chicky D aka Debra
  2. Pinked!!! by Leigh D
  3. Spa Delight by Alice t
  4. Sister Goldenhair by Atomic Toad
  5. Caelia by FaeryGoth Chick
  6. First Impressions by Breezy Chick aka Bree
  7. Wild Purple Asters by Mary S AKA Sweet Chick
  8. Walk Softly by Cuban Queen Crazy Chick
  9. Vintaj Venture en Bleu by Chicky ChaCha
  10. Copper and Ice by L Soponis
  11. Winter warmth by Carolinawren
  12. out of my comfort zone by M mccallister mrs chick
  13. Olympic Peninsula by Smoky Rose
  14. Cinnamon Toast by Jane MS
  15. Smoky Impressions by Luv2bead – Little Chick
100% Chance of Rain by Chicky D aka Debra

100% Chance of Rain by Chicky D aka Debra

This group of favorite picks really showcases the use of subtle and warm tones. There are however a few that feature purples and blues. I always say that purple is my least favorite color, but oddly enough I was reading Vogue UK and found that they are saying the top colors for fashion this winter (2009/2010) are: Indigo (the more saturated and intense the color the better) and regal tones of violet, purple and inky grape. I guess I’ll have to embrace these colors, at least for this season…

These colors are gorgeous when used the right way.  How would you use them? Let’s see some Fresh Picks!

They are all beautiful combinations.  Which Fresh Pick would you be most interested in creating a piece of jewelry out of and what would you create? If you do, be sure to show us in the design gallery :)

Top 15 Favorited Designs from the Gallery

  1. Waterfall of Pearls by Taylored Designs
  2. Amazonite by Chanda C
  3. Amber Waves by Jeannes Gems – Gem Chick
  4. Blue Jeans by Starsparkle Spiral Chick
  5. SANTORINI by Beadazzled
  6. Jasper ‘n Copper by Little Round Chick
  7. A mermaid for my friend by Wemai Coffee Chick
  8. Misty Morning Sunrise by John M
  9. Turquoise and Copper by Kathryn Lobert
  10. Autumn Wine Charm by Chicky D aka Debra
  11. Bon Jour! by Sali Jo GemsChica Chick
  12. Bohemian Tigress by Judith Ann Boyer
  13. Chocolate and berries by Gunilla B
  14. Two Favorites by Brenda H
  15. Laboradorite Nugget and Faceted Gemstone Necklace by Jewelry by Shannon Leigh
Waterfall of Pearls by Taylored Designs

Waterfall of Pearls by Taylored Designs

I have to say the design gallery has never looked so good!

The designs you’re creating and sharing with the rest of us are really beautiful. There are some great textures, colors, and metal work – especially in the top 15 this month.

I do have one request, and I know it might seem cumbersome because everyone is getting so busy this time of year, but I’m going to ask it anyway. If you have a piece that requires more than basic stringing technique, would please add some instructions or tips applicable to your piece? I think that it would really help, because the pieces are gorgeous and inspiring but it would also help to teach people how to achieve the same coolness. Again, if you have time :)

Thanks everyone!

Scream Week Gift Certificate Winner

Posted by Andrew M on November 02 at 01:18 pm

Thanks to everybody that helped make Scream Week such a success! We had a blast putting it together for you. Even if you weren’t scared by our haunted warehouse video or didn’t laugh at our pet costumes, many of you took advantage of the Scream Week sale and entered the drawing for a $250 Lima Beads Gift Certificate.

The Gift Certificate Winner Is…

We randomly chose an email address from all the brave souls that survived the video. I’m happy to announce that Seema M. from Overland Park, Kansas is the big winner! Seema is going to receive a $250 Lima Beads Gift Certificate along with the envy of lots of beaders.

Thanks for playing, and if you didn’t win this time stay tuned for the next round of sales, games, and contests. Who knows what the mad Lima scientists will come up with next?

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