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Vintaj Spring Rain Contest

Posted by Kevin on March 14 at 11:52 pm

UPDATE: The contest winners have been chosen, and will be announced on April 18th! Stay tuned to the blog for the results!

A few weeks ago, the designers at Vintaj picked out some of our beads to use in their “Spring Rain” theme. They made some fantastic pieces using a combination of their own items and the beads we sent. The color scheme they chose was so beautiful and their designs turned out so well, that we thought it’d be fun to turn their Spring Rain theme into a Lima Beads design contest!

We’ve packaged these items into kits that you can purchase below. Here’s how it works: purchase a kit, design some jewelry, and add it to the Lima Beads design gallery and be sure to select “Spring Rain 2012” from the seasonal options at the bottom. The people with the 3 most popular designs will each win a Lima Beads gift certificate. Full details are available below. Happy designing!


Buy it Now


Buy it Now

Embellish your design

As you’ll see in the pieces Vintaj designed (below), they chose to use patinas to color the piece of Arte Metal from the kit. They also chose to use ribbon in their bracelet. For the contest, it’s OK to make these sorts of additions, as long as the majority of your piece is composed of items from the kit. For example, you could use leather cord or chain in place of ribbon. You could color your metal with gilders paste, acryllic paint, or just leave it alone. It’s up to you!


Here are a couple of designs from Vintaj that were inspired by the “Spring Rain” theme. See all Spring Rain designs as they’re uploaded.

Spring Rain Bracelet by Jess Italia Lincoln from Vintaj

Spring Rain Earrings by Jess Italia Lincoln from Vintaj

Official Contest Rules

  1. To enter your design in the contest, you must start with one of the two kits above. We have a limited quantity available… when they’re gone, they’re gone!
  2. You can make anything you want–a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or anything else. Just make sure that about 75% of your design is made up from the items in the kit.
  3. To submit your design to win, you need to add it to our Design Gallery. Make sure to choose “Spring Rain 2012″ from the seasonal options when you upload your design–that’s important! When you’re finished, your design should show up with all the other Spring Rain designs.
  4. There will be three winners. First prize is a $100 Lima Beads gift certificate. Second prize is a $50 gift certificate. Third prize (you guessed it) is a $25 gift certificate.
  5. Winners will be chosen based on a combination of how many times their design was viewed and favorited–the most popular designs win!
  6. All designs must be submitted to the gallery by 11:59pm on April 15th. The winners will be announced a week later.
  7. The MOST IMPORTANT rule is this: Be yourself, get inspired, and have fun!

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