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Back into Beading

Posted by Kate on August 30 at 01:43 pm

Hi All! Kate here. I’m the newbie here at Lima Beads and this is my first blog post. (You can read more about me and where I come from on my bio page). Today I wanted to introduce the inspiration behind this week’s Tip & Technique: the Simple Knotted Leather Cord Bracelet.

I just recently created and posted my first Fresh Pick and was really struck by the Lima Community and their encouraging words regarding my pick. (Thank you!) The truth is, I haven’t done much beading lately– not since high school when my hippy friends and I spent Friday nights in someone’s parents’ basement making hemp necklaces and listening to Phish or Dave Matthews or Smashing Pumpkins (OK, I know that last one wasn’t very hippy-esque, but we liked Billy Corgan’s voice). What are your earliest memories of pursuing “the craft”?

Watch "The Simple Knotted Leather Cord Bracelet"So, after working here at Lima for a few weeks, I’ll be honest, I’ve been blown away by the creativity flowing through your fingers in the Design Gallery and Fresh Picks! I asked Ali what would be the next step for me, acknowledging my limited experience in hemp all those years ago, and she suggested a leather cord bracelet. It’s simple enough for me to do :-) AND Ali’s years of experience point out some great tips for anyone who’s using the knotted technique or working with leather cord in some other way.

We made this video after our chat about the technique. Check it out! And I’d love to hear about your earliest memories of jewelry making!


Pantone Colors for Fall 2012

Posted by Ali on August 16 at 02:00 pm

Alright Lima Beaders! We’re ready to delve into this magical and mystical thing called Fashion Week. “What? This is a beading website!” you might be thinking, but Fashion Week does have a certain relevance to our humble age-old craft: color schemes.

Fall Fashions: Pantone Color Report

New York Fashion Week was way back in February, but at the time we had no intention of thinking about the Fall. Ew, here in Michigan with all its sloppy, soupy snow in February (it was a mild winter, but winter nonetheless) if anything, we were dreaming of Spring. But now the Autumn season is upon us. (I know because I’ve started buying all the back-to-school pencil cases, lunch boxes, and back packs for Payton.) And now I feel it’s an appropriate time to start matching the new Fall Fashion colors with some of our offerings here at Lima Beads.

I wanted to be really selective when matching these colors. For example, when you see Bright Chartreuse in the Pantone chart, you’re not going to see every green thing we carry. You’re going to find the best components for creating something with this color scheme in mind. I also tried to group some of our multi-colored beads conveniently so you can instantly recognize how hip these beads will be in your new Fall creations.

New Designs

My sense of design and style drew me in to these Pantone colors because of the versatility of the colors. There are some great accent shades–Tangerine Tango? Pink Flambé? Some wonderful neutrals (“blendy” as Payton might say)– French Roast and Titanium. As well as some “cool” yet bold hues to work with– Ultramarine Green and Rhapsody.

Lately when designing, I’ve been really drawn to the raku by XAZ. It’s going to pair extremely well with the Ultramarine Green, Titanium and Honey Gold. Of course I would need to throw in a Turquoise and few rusty harvest colors to make it pop – maybe from some boro glass beads of Sea Shore Glass or some carnelian and amber. It’s always fun to have something new to play with and I feel like the possibilities suggested by Fashion Week 2012 for the Fall are nearly endless. What strikes your fancy? I’d love to see some ideas from you! Fresh Picks anyone?

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