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Easter Egg Hunt Winners

Posted by Matt on April 01 at 01:55 pm

We’ve been thrilled with the response to this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. Looking back, adding 100 more eggs made hunting more fun given the enormity of our site. If we keep growing, who knows, you could be looking for even more eggs in years to come! I think we’ll have to start hiding them in January if that’s ever the case. :)

We truly enjoy doing fun things like this on our site. Whether it’s the Crossword Sale in January, weekly Lunch Specials or the Big Green Bead Machine, there are lots of unique and interesting ways for you to save on beads. Stay tuned to see what we’re cooking up for the future.

Fun Facts

This year's most clicked egg

All of the eggs were found at least once. The hardest egg was only found once. I’d tell you where it was, but I think we’ll save that one for next year. :)

The egg clicked by the most hunters was the one on the main beads page. We were a little surprised that the giant egg on the home page that said “Click me to begin” wasn’t the most clicked…

The most talked about egg was the one hidden in the search engine. All you had to do was search for “Egg.” 702 of you found this one.

Is it an understatement to say that the check marks were a welcomed addition?

Here are a few more locations I had a lot of fun hiding.

This Year’s Winners

Congratulations to everyone who ended the hunt on the Leaderboard. As promised, we’ll be sending all of you a $20 gift certificate to Lima Beads.

We were watching the top ten intently throughout the hunt. It goes without saying that those hunters were determined to have their name in the hat for the grand prize. Speaking of, the winner of the $250 Grand Prize is… Hilda M! You can see a video of Kadie drawing her name out of an empty Twizzlers box on our Facebook page.

Gift certificate winners, keep your eyes peeled for an email from us in the next 24 hours!

Thanks for participating in this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. It’s going to be hard to beat, but we’ll give it our best in 2014. I love playing the Easter Bunny and look forward to stumping you all again.

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