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Easter Egg Hunt Winners

Posted by Matt on April 01 at 01:55 pm

We’ve been thrilled with the response to this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. Looking back, adding 100 more eggs made hunting more fun given the enormity of our site. If we keep growing, who knows, you could be looking for even more eggs in years to come! I think we’ll have to start hiding them in January if that’s ever the case. :)

We truly enjoy doing fun things like this on our site. Whether it’s the Crossword Sale in January, weekly Lunch Specials or the Big Green Bead Machine, there are lots of unique and interesting ways for you to save on beads. Stay tuned to see what we’re cooking up for the future.

Fun Facts

This year's most clicked egg

All of the eggs were found at least once. The hardest egg was only found once. I’d tell you where it was, but I think we’ll save that one for next year. :)

The egg clicked by the most hunters was the one on the main beads page. We were a little surprised that the giant egg on the home page that said “Click me to begin” wasn’t the most clicked…

The most talked about egg was the one hidden in the search engine. All you had to do was search for “Egg.” 702 of you found this one.

Is it an understatement to say that the check marks were a welcomed addition?

Here are a few more locations I had a lot of fun hiding.

This Year’s Winners

Congratulations to everyone who ended the hunt on the Leaderboard. As promised, we’ll be sending all of you a $20 gift certificate to Lima Beads.

We were watching the top ten intently throughout the hunt. It goes without saying that those hunters were determined to have their name in the hat for the grand prize. Speaking of, the winner of the $250 Grand Prize is… Hilda M! You can see a video of Kadie drawing her name out of an empty Twizzlers box on our Facebook page.

Gift certificate winners, keep your eyes peeled for an email from us in the next 24 hours!

Thanks for participating in this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. It’s going to be hard to beat, but we’ll give it our best in 2014. I love playing the Easter Bunny and look forward to stumping you all again.

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. jscatlovers
    jscatlovers says:

    Thank you for making me obsessed and sitting at the PC alllll week long, it was fun. Congrats to Hilda M, just watched the drawing on Facebook!!!!

  2. jscatlovers
    jscatlovers says:

    Lima Beads, thank you for making me obsessed and sitting at the PC alllll week long, it was fun. Congrats to Hilda M, just watched the drawing on Facebook!!!!

  3. HeatherD
    HeatherD says:

    Matt, Steve, Kevin, Ali and the entire Lima team,
    Thanks for a wonderful egg hunt again this year. I found new product and even purchased some. Cant wait for next year.
    Thanks again,

  4. KellyBeads
    KellyBeads says:

    This was my first Easter Egg hunt and it was so much fun! I will definitely be back to play next year. Easter seems so far away though…how about a Halloween game too? :p

  5. B Fencl
    B Fencl says:

    Thanks LB my third Easter Egg hunt and as always a blast. Congrats to everyone in the top 100 and to Hilda M. Ready for next year!!

  6. No Photo
    Hilda M says:

    Thanks SOOOO Much, Lima Beads! This was my first time participating in the Egg Hunt, and it was so much fun and so much work!!! I had NO IDEA how much stuff was actually on your website. In the last few weeks, I have been working on starting my own little business, and this prize will certainly come in handy. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  7. JewelrybyKristine
    JewelrybyKristine says:

    Congrats to Hilda M!!! All that hard work paid off!

  8. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    Congrats Hilda! Good Job Hunting

  9. sylhill7
    sylhill7 says:

    I tried really hard to stay with it, but with on line college classes, I didn’t have the time needed, and this certainly needed a lot of time. Some of the eggs I missed were places and products I looked at??? Oh Well,congratulations to the winner.

  10. Tashinka Beading Heart
    Tashinka Beading Heart says:

    Wow – what a lot of (obsessive) fun – my first LB Easter Egg Hunt – will be back next year for sure. I, too, didn’t realize the extent of your inventory!

    Congrats to Hilda on winning the grand prize!! Congrats to all you persistent egg hunters!

  11. April T
    April T says:

    That was so much fun and my wish list has gotten extensive lol. Congratulations Hilda M!

  12. No Photo
    Froggy Sarah says:

    Yes, I busted out laughing when I typed in “egg” into the search engine….VERY clever!!! :)

  13. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I laughed even harder when I found out typing anything *else* in there didn’t produce the egg. :)

  14. B Beer
    B Beer says:

    I had lots of fun with the Easter Egg Hunt,I found some eggs and lots of great pieces I didn’t know you carried. I spent so much time on your website that when I did place my order I completely forgot about the discount code…:( Well it won’t happen again I made myself a reminder sign to always: Check back BEFORE placing the order. LOL Thanks!

  15. Gail Layne
    Gail Layne says:

    Just happened to stumble onto your site just in time for the egg hunt. What a fantastic idea! To say I am now well acquainted with your site would certainly be an understatement……
    I do have a suggestion though I think the person that makes number one on the leader board at the end of the contest deserves a prize all their own! It would make having crossed eyes for days seem a little more worth it:-)
    Congrats to Hilda M!

  16. Jeanne S
    Jeanne S says:

    Last year I typed in “egg” too but there was nada.

  17. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Congratulations, Hilda….have a blast shopping!!!
    Was the ‘egg search’ the one everyone was laughing about? I found that one too! :-)

  18. No Photo
    Froggy Sarah says:

    I agree-number one (or in this case, both number ones) deserve a prize. 184 eggs….my goodness.

  19. No Photo
    Froggy Sarah says:

    What if it was a $250 prize to the top finder, and draw for $100 for everyone else in the Top 10? And/or have a little bit more of a tier…$150 to top person, $100 to persons 2-4, $50 to 5-10, and $20 to everyone else? Even though I wasn’t anywhere near the leaderboard, I loved that you gave something to all Top 100. It just doesn’t strike me as “fair” that the two people who found 184 get the same amount as the person #98 on the leaderboard just because their names weren’t drawn. Of course, life isn’t fair, and it’s your business not mine, and you have to make a living too so you can’t give everything away. :) Congrats to Hilda btw!

  20. No Photo
    Jacquie H says:

    Congrats Hilda!!!!

    Hey LB…tell us who found the “hardest” egg…so we can give them kudo’s…they deserve it!

  21. Frida
    Frida says:

    Congrats to Hilda!!

    I don’t wanna see a easter egg for a year now… :P

  22. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    This is my 3rd year to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt and what a hunt is was this year. I enjoyed every minute of sleep I lost looking for those elusive eggs.

    Congratulations to Hilda for winning the grand prize and to all on the ending leaderboard.

  23. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I have to post this because this song has been going through my head all day (I’m dating myself with this one!)Below is a sort of poem I wrote that can be sung along with this tune. I hope you all get a kick out of it! :-)


    T’was a week before Easter and we were all with anticipation
    Waiting for the hour that Steve would send out the invitation.
    I was just sitting back waiting for the ‘Hunt’ event
    Then when Steve said ‘Go’ to my computer and my mouse I went.
    I learned the rules, I had a plan, I thought that this would just need a scan
    And when I started up I realized that I need a better plan!

    I’ve been everywhere, ma’am
    I’ve been everywhere, ma’am
    Through the blog I ran, ma’am
    I breathed the Lima air, ma’am
    I’ve searched; I’ve looked everywhere, ma’am
    I’ve been everywhere

    I’ve been through findings, headpins, eyepins, jump rings, bead caps, spacer beads, crimp covers, clasps and bails, hooks and chain and wire and tools, sealers, glazes, stamps and metal sheets, bezels, resin, books and riveting, adhesives, crystal clay, paper punches, Tronex.

    I’ve been everywhere, ma’am
    I’ve been everywhere, ma’am
    Through the blog I ran, ma’am
    I breathed the Lima air, ma’am
    I’ve searched; I’ve looked everywhere, ma’am

    I’ve been through gemstones, cabochons, seed beads, artist’s beads, Czech glass, Pave beads, lampwork, paper beads, polymer, ceramic, special buys, lucite, lockets, tagua nuts, metal and what-nots, Nunn designs, Lillypilly, Katiedids, WigJig, slowing down, getting sore, bleeding eyes, catatonic….

    I’ve been everywhere
    I’ve been everywhere, ma’am
    I’ve been everywhere, ma’am
    Through the blog I ran, ma’am
    I breathed the Lima air, ma’am
    I’ve searched; I’ve looked everywhere, ma’am
    I’ve been everywhere

  24. Cholasu
    Cholasu says:

    Congrats Hilda. If I had started looking at the beginning I think I might have found more eggs (103 this year) but it is always fun and my carpal tunnel shudders every Easter week. It knows what is coming but it is too fun to quit. I have been off your site for almost a whole year and coming back shows how your site is maturing. I always liked it and recommend it to every budding beader I meet. Boy have you grown. Keep up the good work.

  25. Julie Shane
    Julie Shane says:

    I agree that typing “egg” into the search screen was fun! However, in addition, I typed in “eggS” (plural) and the green eggs and ham ribbon appeared with another egg! That’s the one that kept me smiling all week long! :)
    LB: You guys are DA’ BOMB!!!

  26. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:


    I did NOT type egg n the search box. ha ha

    @ Julie – that’s too funny!

  27. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    Congrats, Hilda!!!

  28. Brina M
    Brina M says:

    How do you know if you were on the top 100? Or if you can still get certificates for how many you did find.

  29. Dawn Kas
    Dawn Kas says:

    Had always seen your ads in bead magazines, however, as I am a small budget beader and the beads I saw were incredible… I stayed away to avoid temptation…

    Saw the promotion for the egg hunt on facebook and checked it out… Was on vacation with family including children but found time to hunt down 75 eggs…. Obviously I was hooked. Found my last egg and chose my gift with barely 15 minutes to spare before Easter was over…

    Thank you for a wonderful addition to our Spring Break!

    Dawn K.

  30. Cristie j
    Cristie j says:

    Thanks for the contest! I had a ball! How many times did I tell myself to type EGG in the search bar???? At least a half hundred, and I shrugged it off.
    Congrats to Hilda!

  31. No Photo
    H SUNDE says:

    I took a nap today….and I am STILL dreaming of eggs!! Lol! Thanks for all the fun!

    Heather :)

  32. sweetjane
    sweetjane says:

    needless to say I am not a good egg hunter….48 eggs. But..it was lots of fun and I did see some items I have to get!! Thanks to Lima Beads and congrats to Hilda!!

  33. SimplyStacyJewelry
    SimplyStacyJewelry says:

    Do you guys send out an email telling when the egg hunt starts? I checked at the beginning of March but I didn’t see anything. Then I completely forgot about it until I happened to see someone talking about it on Facebook. By then it had already been going on a couple of days. I would love to be able to start next year on the day it starts. Might give me more of a chance. I found 125 in 3 days. Does it last a week, a month?

    Thanks again, Lima Beads! It was a blast, even though I didn’t win.

  34. SimplyStacyJewelry
    SimplyStacyJewelry says:

    I typed ‘easter egg’ in the search box and one popped up.

  35. No Photo
    Rosanne C says:

    I didn’t find many but just wait ’till next year! I’ll be ready!!


  36. No Photo
    po1171 says:

    I am new to your site, had a great time with the egg hunt-think I did okay joining in late.

    Site is really user friendly and your staff is tremendous. Especially like seeing the individual picks and shared projects and ideas. Really happy with the products and service.

    Thanks again for the fun egg hunt!!!

  37. Carolyn Y
    Carolyn Y says:

    Lots of fun, Sat for hours looking for eggs.Don’t want to see another easter egg.

  38. No Photo
    Jennas Jems says:

    I had fun, first year and only three days of looking got 106. My eyes were bugging out.

  39. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    TeeHee! I keep wanting to click on the eggs in this new blog post!
    :-D LOL!
    And yes, I also searched “eggs” and got the green eggs and ham ribbon with an Easter egg! ;-)

    FUN little ditty Elaine! :-) You did GREAT in the egg hunt, my friend!

    Congrats Hilda!! Enjoy shopping! :-)

  40. No Photo
    whimsy girl says:

    I was one of those nuts that clicked on every single link in every category. never finished 3 categories, and I missed the green eggs and ham egg. I’ll be going in for new reading glasses and carpal tunnel surgery next week Lovedit all! Congrats Hilda! I also think it might be better if everyone on the leader board got like $10 and there was a middle tier for a drawing of $50 or something. When I realized I couldn’t make the top 10 from where I was I quit looking.

  41. Chippy Chick aka Lindys
    Chippy Chick aka Lindys says:

    I had soooooo much fun this year!!! I actually fell asleep at my computer desk, hand still on the mouse sometime after 2AM Monday! Woke up at 2:49AM and decided to call it quits!I regularly check out the “Whats New” section each week as well as the designs, but I did not realize how extensive LB has grown in the last year! I have such a big wish list now it’s going to take years to afford everything! LOL! I look forward to next years egg hunt!

  42. E witten
    E witten says:

    i had a fun and very exhausting time this year. i did better than i have ever done in the past (because i barely slept) and i almost stayed in the top 10 but i had to endure company over easter weekend. i will make a note of that for next year…”embrace my inner hermit”. i was so happy that i could search on my phone this year, it made me more mobile. i could search while i was walking to work or on the train. luckily i showed some restraint while i was in the car…except at red lights! i found myself waking up HOURS early so i could hunt before i had to leave for work. i think the morning that i woke up at 3:30 was when i realized that i had a problem and if anyone in my house was up they might have considered an intervention!! before letting myself go to bed at night i would always try and find “just one more egg”. i didn’t go to the gym and my dog thought i didn’t love her anymore because she only got quickie walks. thank goodness that we have a year to rest before the next marathon week! whew.

  43. E witten
    E witten says:

    BTW since there are suggestions for next years hunt being dropped, mine would be to have the hunt stop AT Easter and not at the END of Easter. that way we could not only spend the day with our family who more likey than not has felt somewhat abondoned during the better part of the week, but to also get some rest before we need to go back to work the next day. just a thought if anyone is interested :)

  44. No Photo
    B graver says:

    Congrats Hilda ………..and to the “eggs” at Lima Beads ….y’all rock I had a blast and found 163 eggs wow cant wait til next year ……..

  45. Design Diva
    Design Diva says:

    This was my first egg hunt. Oh my. I didn’t get many eggs because I didn’t have the time to spend on it. BUT, I found a lot of product and spent some money. hahahaha. Will definitely do this again and will try and allow more time next year to compete…..my favorite thing to do (unless I get sidetracked by buying!) Thanks Lima Beads for having such wonderful and unique products.

  46. dibs aka Deb
    dibs aka Deb says:

    I,too, have carpal tunnel which is why I have switched to using a trackball mouse. It really helps, especially if you can have your arm resting while you use it. It takes some getting used to, so if anyone wants to try it out, now is the time – lots of time to practice before next year’s egg hunt. Just a thought as I have been reading a lot of stories of sore wrists. I had no pain at all even though I clicked all through 2 days & 1 night straight.

  47. No Photo
    DESPINA V says:

    Thank you, it’s been great fun!!
    I have not yet received your email, I hope it wasn’t lost in my spam folder…

  48. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    I haven’t received mine yet either, Despina. They are probably working on it as we speak.

  49. No Photo
    DESPINA V says:

    thank you, I just saw your email :-)
    I enjoyed the egg hunt a lot, although in my country Easter is on the 10th May this year :-)

  50. Lynn g
    Lynn g says:

    Congrats to the winner!!!!! :)

  51. PercyGirl
    PercyGirl says:

    This was my first egg hunt & I had a couple hours free to search. Even though I found 31 eggs, it was fun <3 Congrats to Hilda :)

  52. No Photo
    Dragonflymom says:

    I never had so much fun since I was 4 year-old. Now I think I can find more to make and spent on. Lol Your site is awesome!!!!!

  53. Karokat
    Karokat says:

    As usual, I LOVED the Egg Hunt – thanks for all your hard work. This was the first year I wasn’t in the top ten – but I made it onto the Leaderboard! The nerve damage in my hands is so bad that I’m supposed to have hand surgery this year. So hopefully I’ll be all healed and ready for Egg Hunt 2014!

    One thing I wanted to mention is that when I was hunting on my 4 year-old laptop using IE 8, there were eggs that just didn’t show up until I switched to a newer computer using Firefox as my browser. Is there any way you can make sure the eggs show up regardless of browser? Or at least let us know which browser is the best to use for the egg hunt?

  54. Miss Smee
    Miss Smee says:

    Well, for the last few days, every time I close my eyes, all I “see” is the image of a pastel-colored egg!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  55. Karokat
    Karokat says:

    Elaine, your poem is just perfect – I think it should become our Egg Hunt theme song!

  56. Jbeadz
    Jbeadz says:

    I always miss the egg hunt, but this year I caught it and had a migraine blast! Thanks for this fun game. I’ll never forget when my mom told me I was to old to egg hunt at church, but you’ve made me HAPPY again! The best part was sitting down comfortable and looking for them ~ lazy old me!
    Thanks JBeadz

  57. No Photo
    Karne k says:

    Were the different color eggs hidden by different people?

  58. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    I was watching television last night and Hubby looks at me and says “Aren’t you going to hunt for eggs tonight?”


  59. D DeCoster
    D DeCoster says:

    Had Fun searching found 37 buty did not get to use them but found lots of things to put on my wish list while searching for eggs!! Congrats to all winners can’t wait for next years hunt hope to do better.

  60. No Photo
    J Cobb says:

    Actually, I typed in “Easter egg” on the search and found the egg! The hunt was a lot of fun, I just don’t have as much time to hunt as I would like.

  61. Octobermom
    Octobermom says:

    You guys rock. As a “newbie ” to LB, I didn’t find out about the egg hunt until the Good Friday before it was over. I stayed on this site all of Friday and Saturday. I still found 52 eggs, so I still collected 3 Prizes. I had fun. Was up late on Friday night, under the dryer @ the hairdresser on Saturday. I plan on playing next year. Thanks for some good old, clean, yet challenging fun.

    October Mom.

  62. No Photo
    Jeni-from-Oz says:

    Congrats to all the winners. I loved the Easter Egg Hunt. It was so much fun. I found 102 or 3 eggs can’t remember. All I know is that I scored my lovely larimar chips prize and was in bead heaven. I worked and worked searching for eggs til I got the 100 I needed for the Larimar Chips. Yes, I know I could have bought them, but to get them as a prize from the Lima Bead Easter Bunny means more to me. Thank you Lima Beads for the fun. I had a blast. Note to self though… next time think about the search button. Did not think to search for eggs! Doh.
    I had the best Easter ever. Thank you!!!

  63. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    I just received my Titanium Druzy nuggets. Bee-u-tee-ful! I’m making something for me with them. I think I’ve earned it.

  64. jewel  in NP
    jewel in NP says:

    Congrads to all the winners I just got my goodies am so happy because I almost didnt get all my free gifts on the last night of egg hunting I found 76 but on the 75 prize I didnt hit the add button I thought I did but didnt notice when I confirmed my order until the next day so I called lima & no problem I got every thing I wanted & when I opened my package on the plastic bags were stickers saying THANKS TAIMI I love you guys

  65. Deco Chick Elaine
    Deco Chick Elaine says:

    Thank you, LB, and congrats to all those intrepid egg hunters!!! I am also checking in as one who persevered despite my tendonitis and carpal tunnel woes, but I managed to find 50 eggs – woo hoo!!! I, too, have a suggestion – make the hunt a few days longer for those of us who work or just plain aren’t able to be on the computer every day at holiday time. You guys are too clever with your hiding and placement of those little ‘deviled eggs’, lolol….

  66. Foxkatt
    Foxkatt says:

    I add my thanks to LB and congratulations to all who played, had fun, and won. My question is whether it would be permissible for those of us who haven’t found all that many eggs to be told of some more of the hiding places so that we too might do better next year? I realize you all don’t wish to disclose your “sneaky” spots but perhaps you could think of some new ones next time and let us in on the great finds? I’m the type that’s curious and wants to know where those little devils I didn’t get were hiding. PLEEEEZE?! It was fun though and I echo some of the other folks who work full time. It’s hard to get to do this unless one has much more free time. Thanks again for all the fun. Now…How about a CANDY HUNT at Halloween??? :)

  67. D Gorsline
    D Gorsline says:

    Thanks for the fun, and the freebies. I did find between 75 – 100 eggs, so I was able to get three free items, plus a discount on another item, as well as several good deals on items I added to my bag while hunting for eggs. The items arrived quickly — I will be back to buy again!

  68. Deco Chick Elaine
    Deco Chick Elaine says:

    Just got the bag of goodies I ordered, along with the prizes I won – funny, I was dreaming last night of what I was going to make with them, lol :D Thank you guys – you rock!!!

  69. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Congrats to Hilda for winning the $250 certificate! I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding lots of goodies to buy with it! :D :D :D

    Elaine — Love your song! You’re so clever! 8)

    I agree with the others — There should be something special for the hunter who finds the most eggs. I would find it very discouraging to have reached the top & only get what the others below me on the leaderboard receive. It seems like it would be fairer to all.

    Deco Chick Elaine — “Deviled eggs” — that’s a good one! :D

    I also enter everything that is remotely related to Easter in the search bar — it does pay off sometimes! 8)

    I’ve said it before & here I go again — The week prior to Easter is an insanely busy time for most people — the holiday itself, company and/or traveling, spring break — it would be nice to have the hunt start earlier and/or finish earlier, as E Witten suggested. I won’t leave my family on Easter just to try & find 1 or 2 more eggs — no way to justify that. OK, enough preaching. LOL 8O

    Pumpkin hunting at Halloween might be a nice compromise. Or an addition. LOL hint, hint, hint. ;)

  70. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Wow — That was long. 8O LOL

    P.S. Thanks to Lima Beads for another super-fun (sometimes frustrating – LOL) egg hunt! Just when I think there couldn’t be any new places to hide an egg, you come up with more!!! 8) My prizes haven’t arrived yet :( but I know they’ll be amazing! :D

  71. Karokat
    Karokat says:

    I got my order with all my freebies – everything is gorgeous – especially that titanium druzy! Thanks for another fun egg hunt and for the $20 gift certificate. I’m amassing a rather large order with my coupon code – I want EVERYTHING! It’s going to be hard to keep my order down to a semi-reasonable amount. You guys rock! (Excuse the pun)

  72. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Karokat — Great pun! LOL 8)

  73. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    So this is too funny…I needed to check for some findings and other items, and as I scroll through the pages my mind is hunting for eggs! Nope didn’t find any…..LOL

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