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Scream Week 2013: Fresh Pick Contest

Posted by Kevin on October 24 at 03:14 pm

UPDATE: The winners have been announced!

We had another great Scream Week this year, and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! We had to put some extra hours in the warehouse to pack up all the orders with free gifts… but it was all worth it. The last order of business for Scream Week 2013 was to tally up the votes for the Fresh Pick contest. Each winner will receive a $25 Lima Beads Gift Certificate, and we’ll be sending those out within 24 hours. Congratulations to all the winners! Without further adieu:

Best Composition Winner: Hocus Pocus by SaruHime. We loved the colors, variety, and overall balance of this spooky & sparkly pick. It cast a spell on us!

Coolest Costume Winner: Gypsy Queen by Gail Layne. This costume is nothing short of mesmerizing in our minds. The gold and glass, along with the ribbon and chain, really paint the picture of a gypsy queen.

Story or Poem Winner: Twas the night of Halloween by Beadzilla aka Wanda. We loved the spooky twist on this classic poem, and the irony of the bat being the good guy! And I’m sure all the parents out there have had a good scare when thinking about unwrapped treats or chaos in the streets.

People’s Choice Winner: Jack’O by Gina P – Delta Chick. This take on the classic Halloween symbol won over the hearts (and favorites) of beaders around the world. It’s no surprise to us–we love it, too!

Congrats again, and thanks so much to all the pickers out there who made this possible! Until next year… ;)

Below is the original text announcing the contest…

Happy Pumpkin DayThe Halloween Fresh Pick contest was a lot of fun last year, so we’re doing it again! Read below for details or check out last year’s contest for ideas!

Part of the fun of Halloween is to show off your creepy, creative ideas… from decorations to costumes to jewelry. If you’re feeling extra creepy this year, then this contest is for you! The rules are simple, and the prizes are sweet (even sweeter than Twizzlers).

Make a Fresh Pick and Win

Conjure up those ghost stories, costumes, and creepy color combos… and make a Fresh Pick to share them with everyone! We’ll pick 4 winners from the Fresh Picks submitted as a comment to this blog post (instructions are below). One winner will be chosen for each of these four themes:

  • Best Composition: The overall composition is one of the most important qualities of a beautiful Fresh Pick. Creating the best possible color & texture arrangement (with a Halloween theme, of course) is key to winning this category.
  • Coolest Costume: Were you a crayon? A princess? A robot? A superhero? Show off by making a Fresh Pick inspired by your costume idea. Sure, colors are important… but try and tell more about the costume through the items you choose.
  • Scariest Story or Poem: Everyone loves a good ghost story (*ahem* most of the time). We’ll read your description that you add to your Fresh Pick. It could be a scary story, a tale about your favorite childhood Halloween memory, a poem (that you write yourself), or pretty much any type of Halloween prose.
  • People’s Choice: We’ll total up the number of favorites that each Fresh Pick entry receives… and the one with the most favorites will be the People’s Choice winner! Make sure your vote is counted by going to the Fresh Pick and marking your favorites.

Now, for the important part… :)

Boo!The Prizes

The winner of each theme will receive a $25 Lima Beads gift certificate. You can use it to buy anything from our shop!

When you’re ready to submit your Pick, just select it from the drop-down menu in the comment form below. You’ll be able to choose from your 10 most recent picks. Choose the one that you’d like to submit to the contest and “Voila!” Not sure what a Fresh Pick is? Find out how to Design Your Own Fresh Picks!

Here are a few final ground rules before you get started:

  • There will be 3 submissions allowed per person. If you make more than that, only your most recent 3 will be counted. You don’t have to match your picks with the themes above–you can do all costumes, all stories, or a mix of everything. Just remember, 3 is the limit!
  • All Picks must be submitted as a comment on this blog post by Thursday, October 31st at midnight.
  • You can win up to one gift certificate per person.
  • The Lima Beads team will pick the winners on Friday, November 1. The People’s Choice winner will be selected by the number of favorites received. The winners will be announced here on the blog.

OK, get picking! Good luck!

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