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Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Posted by Kevin on April 14 at 03:08 am

The time has come for the 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! We’ve scoured our shelves this year, looking for great prizes to offer… and we have more than ever this year. And that doesn’t even include over $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) Read more about the hunt below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 200 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (April 20).

The Prizes

We have 5 different levels of prizes this year! You have to find at least 10 eggs to get your first prize, and you can unlock additional prizes after finding 25, 50, 75, and 100 eggs (for seriously insane egg hunters only) :) PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just lke last year! Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $2 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

UPDATE, April 15th at 12pm:

We want to make a clarification about the rules, and admit a mistake that we made placing eggs. In the FAQ on the Hunt Page, it states that you “never find eggs on ‘view all’ pages”. Last year, that was true. This year, we forgot about that rule, and we hid some eggs on those pages. This is our mistake, and we want to make it fair for everyone. So, here’s what we’re going to do. For the first time ever, we’re going to post the location of those eggs so everyone can find them :) Egg 1Egg 2Egg 3Egg 4Egg 5Egg 6. Make sure you’re logged into your account to see them.

We know that there are some people that found these eggs fair and square, and might feel that their hard work went to waste. We understand that. But this is the only way to keep it fair for everyone that followed our rules and ignored those pages. It’s not perfect, but it’s as fair as we can be. To clarify, those eggs above are the only ones on “view all” pages. There aren’t any more (so you can skip other “view all” pages while hunting). Hopefully, this saves everyone a little time :) We apologize! If you have any questions about this, please use the “Contact Our Team” button under the Customer Service menu at the top. We’ll be able to respond to you personally.

Read the comments

  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    The 2014 Hunt is on!!! Good luck and happy hunting, everyone! :)

  2. Jean  C
    Jean C says:

    Lots of Fun! Good Luck Everyone!

  3. No Photo
    M starrett says:

    I look forward to this every year. So much fun!

  4. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Awesome! Thanks for putting up with us again!!

  5. Lois D
    Lois D says:

    At last, the Hunt begins!
    Thank you, LB, for providing such fun :)

  6. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    I told myself I wasn’t going to….yet how could I resist! Happy Hunting everyone!!!! Sorry Honey, the laundry, meals, dishes, bills, litter box will have to wait for a while………

  7. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    *waves hello to Snowy*

    When I saw the egg peeking out in the email, I squeaked so loud, I spooked the cats. :)

  8. No Photo
    Lawren s says:

    I haven’t even found one – argg!

  9. JewelrybyKristine
    JewelrybyKristine says:

    I am excited! Thanks for doing this again :)

  10. KellyBeads
    KellyBeads says:

    Yay! Question: can the eggs be on individual product pages?

  11. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Kelly: Yes, those pages are fair game. Pretty much everything is fair game, except for the Create & Learn section and the Blog. Remember, though, that we wouldn’t be cruel enough to bury ALL the eggs deep inside those product pages :) There are plenty to find elsewhere if you don’t want to dig in that deep. For more details, see the section called “The Breakdown” on the hunt page. That’s about as specific as we can get :)

  12. No Photo
    R Schreiner says:

    Are there supposed to be check marks this year? The only egg that had a check mark for me is the one on Lima Beads home page.

  13. No Photo
    R Schreiner says:

    Also, can I assume that I don’t need to look under “send to a friend” “add to my wishlist” and “add to my fresh pick designs”

  14. No Photo
    Joydean b says:

    eggs, eggs, eggs.

  15. RubberT aka Plucky Chick
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:


  16. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    R Schreiner: Yes, there are check marks, though I noticed that they don’t appear right when you click on an egg, but only after you refresh the page. So if you go back to a page with an egg you already found, it should show the check mark. :)

  17. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    And the obsession begins again. I look forward to this every year, but I’ll be seeing eggs everywhere this week!

  18. Cindy 64
    Cindy 64 says:

    Do we need to look under the “size chart/ larger” pop up?

  19. D Wellspring
    D Wellspring says:

    Ugh…I feel like I’ve found all the “easy” ones and now have to scroll through each item page! What craziness!

  20. No Photo
    Froggy Sarah says:

    I’m wondering the same thing R Schreiner asked…what about the wish list, send to friend, and add to fresh pick links?

  21. GypsyMom
    GypsyMom says:

    Noooo! I was really hoping it wouldn’t start till my day off. Looks like leaderboard is out of reach for me this year – Happy hunting everyone!!!!

  22. C parker
    C parker says:

    At first I wasn’t going to even try!!! But I found 10 eggs in less than 5 mins, but as I read the blog I can imagine myself on here for hours trying to find every egg on this site,lol. Happy Egg Hunting!! PS. I’ve won a prize so i’m happy for myself:)

  23. GypsyMom
    GypsyMom says:

    I also found 10… but now my lunch break is over! But of course, leaderboard or no, I’ll do what I can do!

  24. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Question for the Lima Beads Crew – how many “pages” are there on your site?

  25. Steve
    Steve says:

    B Miller: Gosh, I think the experienced “egg hunters” might have a better answer than we do (haha). We don’t have an official count, but there are several thousand pages. Don’t get discouraged, though :) We’ve made sure to hide plenty of eggs in places that don’t require you to spend your days and nights looking through every last nook and cranny (unless you want to, of course!)… more info on this is available in the section called “The Breakdown” on the Hunt page.

  26. DreamingFoxStudio
    DreamingFoxStudio says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve found 10 eggs so far so I guess I’m doing something right. LOL.
    I’m not new to the site at all, I’ve been a customer for a long time, but only yesterday created a profile and came out to play with others that share my obsession. :)

  27. Jennas Jems
    Jennas Jems says:

    I think I got all the easy ones found, now to dig in

  28. No Photo
    Kremena S says:

    this is bad for my health. it’s so addictive!

  29. CrystalGaylePhotography
    CrystalGaylePhotography says:

    Just curious-do we need to open the photos of each item and look at all the variation photos to look for eggs???

  30. No Photo
    V Byrnes says:

    Are the eggs on each individual item? Do I have to go through each item on the site? Or is it just pages that list all items in that section?

  31. Marianne G
    Marianne G says:

    Hello! I have earned a coupon code in the egg hunt, and I want to know if the coupon for the 20% off regular price for Tierra Cast applies for the various items of Tierra Cast I have in my bag, or if it only applies for a single item.

  32. Beadlady3 aka Cindy
    Beadlady3 aka Cindy says:

    Oh this game makes me crazy! Haha. I usually stop at 25 because I get obsessed! I found 50 pretty quick. Now I can stop. No, really. Stop. Looking. …. ;)

  33. No Photo
    Cherie B says:

    First day of the egg hunt,and I’ve only found 17. #fail

  34. Cutestchick
    Cutestchick says:

    Hats off to those that got up on the top 10, I found a good amount not bad on my first day but still, it gets harder as you go on! So congrats to everyone that got on the leaderboard!

  35. Steve
    Steve says:

    V Byrnes: Most pages are fair game for eggs (including individual product pages). We did not hide any eggs in the Create & Learn section and the Blog. Remember, though, that we wouldn’t be cruel enough to bury ALL the eggs deep inside the website on individual product pages. There are plenty to find elsewhere if you don’t want to dig in that deep. For more details, see the section called “The Breakdown” on the hunt page. That’s about as specific as we can get :)

  36. Steve
    Steve says:

    Marianne G: that coupon will apply to all regular price TierraCast items on a single order–so it will apply to multiple items in your bag.

    Cherie B: #LOL :) Keep looking, they’re out there!

  37. Beading Hippie  Shawn
    Beading Hippie Shawn says:

    Augghhh….first nite, and I feel obsessed and more than a little crazy. Seriously, hats off to however at LB that thought this up, and got us all to furiously hunt through their website. Genius!!

  38. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    It’s much more pleasant to hunt on a new computer that does not always freeze up! YAY!! LOL!

  39. Old Beaded Lady Chris
    Old Beaded Lady Chris says:

    Well…spent most of the day since receiving the egg hunt from Lima Beads. I’m pooped out and I am at the 41 mark thus far. I hope to make my personal goal of 50…HA…good luck with that I say !!! I am not even on the leader board !!! Oh well…I will keep on trying my best as that is all that I can do right ? Wish me a bit of luck out there will ya ? Thank you and good luck to all my fellow beaders !!!!

  40. No Photo
    moonshan says:

    I just love The Easter Egg Hunt! So fun to look for eggs and check out all the amazing beads and findings! Lots of great inspiration for new projects!

  41. Studio Helena
    Studio Helena says:

    I dreamt of egg-hunting on Lima Beads last night it made me sooo happy that I found so many eggs (in my dream)!

  42. Charles W
    Charles W says:

    I started looking while at work, fun to see so many things I missed before, and in the meantime I found 43 eggs….

  43. S Cabe
    S Cabe says:

    found 43 eggs <3

  44. Steve
    Steve says:

    Old Beaded Lady Chris: You can do it!! 50 is not that far off :)

  45. No Photo
    Jeannie k says:

    Arrrrr…only at 12 from last night.. woke up before the sun,.. so excited, I haven’t found one yet.. I think the bunny’s still no eggs,..going back to bed!

  46. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Did anyone else have little Lima Beads eggs haunting their dreams last night? :-)

  47. Tara Vargas
    Tara Vargas says:

    Okay…I’ve been using this site for my beads and such for awhile. In fact, the first time I found Limabeads was during an Easter Egg hunt I think! I’ve done it every year since and find it mind numbing and addictive! I love it and will continue to hunt eggs until I’m not able. I just don’t see how the people that find most or all of them do it!

  48. S Burdsall
    S Burdsall says:

    This is diabolical!

  49. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    Why does this seem more difficult than last year! I have new glasses, a new wireless mouse, wine, and have exercised my clicking finger. This is like the time I went Clam digging..I worked hours for about a dozen clams…came home full of mud and sand and wet and tired…THEN I learned where the clam beds were! Good Luck All! Some of you are super sleuths! (HI DIAMOND DUST!!!)

  50. No Photo
    E Borovitskaya says:

    Thank you for an exciting game. I’ve so carefully not looking at this site. It turns out there are a lot of interesting and exclusive. I could, after 50 eggs continue the hunt. I regret that I can not use the prize. The situation in my country close to disaster. Lack of foreign currency does not give me the opportunity making order now. I feel sad …….

  51. No Photo
    L D says:

    I think someone asked about the sizing page but it was never answered. Are the sizing, variation, and larger pictures considered popups and not pages? I am up to 59 and I don’t know how people have found 90. I have spent hours and hours and hours looking. But I do have to say once I hit about 40 I got the trick and found about 15 right away. But I am stuck again.

  52. No Photo
    Thea says:

    okay this is my first time doing the egg hunt I have finally passed the 50 mark and now I am trying to figure out where to go next. I must be dumb because I just can not figure where to go and just when I think I am on the leader board I am not, I have got to take a break and take some pain medicine but will try again in an hour or so this is very frustrating…but I am trying I am not sure how the others on the leader board are finding them but wow they are pretty smart and I wish them luck…

  53. maneki
    maneki says:

    Thea, I’ve felt just like you, this being my first time too. Around 40 I was rather frustrated, but then I found enough eggs to get competative about it. First it wasn’t too hard, especially since I began learning a few places where beads tend to pop up, but now it’d down to a trickle. One egg was purely accidentally discovered as I spotted a pendant with a motif my sis loves so I wanted to pin it for her. I’ll probably stop soon. Right now my goal is 75 because I’m just a few eggs away from that mark and it’d be annoying to miss it when you’re so close. (Though I’m not even sure I’m going to claim the prizes.) I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved as I won’t win, then I told myself I was just going to pick up the easiest-to-find eggs just for fun. Then I got carried away and spent way to long in front of the computer! Probably have to give up soon. It’s both fun and very frustrating in a weird combination… :-)

  54. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi everyone, we have an important update on the blog concerning the rules and a mistake that we made. We are revealing a few egg locations to make it fair for everyone. Please check out the update on the blog! We’re really sorry for any extra clicking we may have caused… and if you have specific questions on egg locations and/or rules, you can always reach us directly with the “Contact Our Team” button under the Customer Service menu at the top :)

  55. No Photo
    burnssara says:

    What a clever way to get me to look at everything on your website! Found lots of new things but not a whole lot of eggs….54…lol

  56. No Photo
    N Allen says:

    What a fun way to go NUTS!!

  57. No Photo
    L D says:

    Did anyone do the pokemon search on Google a few weeks ago? I was about 25 away and they took my pokemon list away even though they said the contest would not end until the end of that day. You could still find pokemon’s but without the list of what you already had it meant nothing. I woke up to find my list gone. But it was so much fun!

  58. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy…I luv Lima Beads Easter Egg Hunt!!!!!! Made it to a 100 and placed my order! Now the big question…how many is it going to take to stay in the top 10? Good Luck to everyone :-)

  59. No Photo
    Thea says:

    way to go Jacquie now shoot for the next 100 someone

    should and you seem to be on a roll

  60. No Photo
    S Stephens says:

    Sorry, but just spent over an hour to find only 10. I LOVE your products, and WILL be back to shop, but I’d much rather be spending my time beading-creating cool things with Lima Beads!

  61. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    Thank you for the egg locations but you know, I felt like I was cheating! :P

  62. Beadlady3 aka Cindy
    Beadlady3 aka Cindy says:

    Oh Yaaay! I had found some of those already but thanks for the extras. When I found some on the “view all” I thought it was a fluke! :)

  63. No Photo
    linda_garnett says:

    I give up…Made it to 50. I’ve spent a lot of time today trying to find more and can’t. I’m at the point of frustration, so it’s time to give up. I can’t understand how you can go through thousands of individual product pages to find these eggs without losing your sanity.

  64. Dixie J
    Dixie J says:

    Thank you for the egg locations! Every little bit helps! I am up to 60 now.

  65. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    A couple of people have asked this already, but I haven’t seen an answer. Do the size and variation popups count as “Pages” even though they are actually “Windows” (and are called as such on the popup)? The rules only mentioned “Pages” specifically…confused…

  66. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I LOVE your userpic Amethyst Cat

  67. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    Thank you diamonddustshoe : )

  68. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    If you have a slow computer or connection…be careful with Egg #4! It has to load over 800 images and will take long time to load, even on a fast machine, especially if you have a bunch of other windows open. Click that one when it’s time to go make dinner. ;)

  69. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    Thank you – at least I know I’m not the only one having a hard time getting that page to load. 8-/

  70. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    At first, I went to open them all at once. As my browser just kind of sat there, I remembered what “view all” actually meant, and hurried to close all the tabs before it crashed. :P

  71. No Photo
    beadadream says:

    This is my first time doing the Easter egg hunt! I am having so much fun, but this really is addicting. The only thing is I can’t get past 47 eggs. Any ideas? I’ve looked everywhere.

  72. RubberT aka Plucky Chick
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    Thanks, Steve, for the updates. My computer is really slow, so I can’t do many “view all” searching. I scrolled
    thru #4 about eight times before something finally appeared! Good tip, diamonddustshoe, I wish I had seen it before my hunt. I figured that was the problem!

  73. RubberT aka Plucky Chick
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    beadadream, I can only say dig deeper and get lucky! I sometimes laugh out loud when I find one in an unexpected place! And if you are eggs-hausted, take a break so you don’t miss seeing one right in front of your eyes. I hate that when that happens!!!!

  74. Rachel-A
    Rachel-A says:

    diamonddustshoe – thank you for the tip re the page for Egg 4 – I’d tried several times and given up each time; after reading your tip I waited and was finally rewarded, so thanks for posting the heads up!

  75. No Photo
    beadadream says:

    Thanks plucky chick! I’m still having trouble. I cannot even get to 50, lol :) ) I am opening up everything. I’ll keep searching!
    Thanks, Laurie

  76. No Photo
    R Lawrence says:

    I just started so I’m going to be hunting around the clock.

  77. Steve
    Steve says:

    diamonddustshoe, that’s a great tip :) Thanks for looking out for all the hunters out there! We are working hard around the clock to try and make things as speedy and responsive as possible. We know it gets slow from time to time, and we’re trying to keep the slowness to a minimum! Thanks everyone!

  78. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    And we appreciate it, Steve. :) I expect any page with that many images to take a second, no matter whose it is! Totally worth it for the egg, of course. :)

  79. No Photo
    M Forget says:

    I love this search! Thanks!! :D

  80. No Photo
    Jeannie k says:

    I’m ok at 32, been up since 6am… falling asleep and I know I might miss quit..had a fun day, nothing is getting done…Taxes, what!! they were due

  81. No Photo
    G buckner says:

    Oh man.. this is getting frustrating. I’ve been thru so much of it, and only up to 53. getting sleepy, and tomorrow i’ll be even farther behind. only found 3 today. good luck guys. i might be out of this one.

  82. Towdesign
    Towdesign says:

    my mouse hand is dead!

  83. Hannah K
    Hannah K says:

    This is how the egg hunt goes for me every year. I spend hours and hours scouring through the pages and every time I’m about to give up and throw my computer, BAM there’s one and it renews the craziness to keep going hahaha. I love this whole thing and I’ll say what a clever ploy, Lima… I already see things I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them on your site, as if I didn’t have enough beads ;-P Good luck everyone! I’m going for the top this year!!

  84. Hannah K
    Hannah K says:

    AHHH I told you, three pages of searching after I posted and there one was…. ARGH I SHOULD BE IN BED LOL

  85. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Hannah, every year I put on my Pure Insanity Hat before I sit down here. ;)

  86. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    Are item pictures “pages”? Do I need to click the “bigger photo” and/or “view the variance” on items?

  87. Chickie Nonnie T
    Chickie Nonnie T says:

    Must go to bed, have to get up for an appointment about 7am, maybe I’ll cancel it? Although I think my brain is already asleep….

  88. RubberT aka Plucky Chick
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    Hi, beadadream! I don’t want to mislead you into thinking I have all these great tips….I am just now at 47!!! But I have been doing this for a number of years and know how devious and tricky Steve can be! If in doubt, click on it, ha ha! I have no idea how anyone gets on the leaderboard. I have to work really really really hard to get to 75. That is my goal, but I often just run out of time!! No matter what, have fun and pray your family doesn’t disown you or that your job is understanding. My fam has finally realized that when The Lima Egg Hunt is happening, I am a bit…over-focused!!

  89. Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry
    Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry says:

    I’m trying my best to stay on the leader board. It’s driving my Husband crazy and he said if I want $20 that bad he will give it to me!
    He does’nt understand that it’s not about the $20. I HAVE to find the eggs! So addictive! lol

  90. Steve
    Steve says:

    Elizabeth O: technically, anywhere is fair game, so those would be possible locations. However, we would consider those “extremely difficult” locations, and we wouldn’t be nasty enough to hide a lot of eggs in there. :) You can definitely reach all the prize levels without finding a lot of the most difficult eggs.

  91. No Photo
    T Iamarino says:

    LOVE this hunt! So much fun! Up to 58, havent even started on individual pages yet thats just from landing pages :D There are difficulties for everyone from easy just one prize to the mentally insane 200 eggs lol Thanks for doing it again this year! :)

  92. No Photo
    J Maszle says:

    I’m confused. I’ve found 40 eggs – which means I’ve unlocked some “prizes” and earned a coupon….do I pick ONE of the prizes or do I put all the prizes I’ve unlocked into my basket? If I put the prizes in my basket now, am I done? or do they sit there in my basket until I check out? As long as I check out by the end of the contest on Sunday, 4/20?

  93. Steve
    Steve says:

    J Maszle: At 40 eggs, you are eligible for the prize at the “10″ level, and the prize at the “25″ level (a coupon). If you want to redeem the prize at the “10″ level, you need to put it in your shopping bag and place your order before Sunday night when the contest ends. Keep in mind, though, that the prizes are first come, first served, and the one you want might run out before Sunday night. So, we’re recommending that you don’t wait too long :)

    If you want to keep hunting for more eggs to get to the 50 level, that’s fine, too. If you reach 50, then you can put another prize in your shopping bag from that level. If you find even more eggs, you can put additional prizes in your shopping bag from the higher levels (a max of one prize per level). You can place one big order with all your prizes, or multiple smaller orders over the next few days–whatever works for you. But all orders with prizes must be placed by Sunday night, and remember that we might run out of the ones you want before then (and regular shipping fees apply).

    The coupon is a little different… you need to choose the coupon you want by the end of the hunt on Sunday, and then it expires on April 30th. Just make sure to use the coupon once by then. And it’s OK if you want to use the coupon towards some items when you place your order that includes your prizes.

    Wow, things can get a little crazy and confusing :) I hope this helps! The easiest way to think about it is to hunt like crazy until you want to stop, then place your order with your prize(s) before Sunday night–and earlier if possible, so we don’t run out of the ones you want. And remember to use your coupon before April 30th.


  94. No Photo
    SeaRose says:

    After a couple days of searching, I feel like some sort of egg-crazy zombie. I just can’t stop looking for eggs! :) Insane but fun way to throughly explore LB’s site.

  95. No Photo
    Kim L says:

    Thanks so much for revealing those six eggs, LB! They helped put me in the running for the top ten before going to bed last night. Now I’m falling behind again. Back to the hunt!

  96. No Photo
    Julia a says:

    I’m shopping more then looking for eggs. Not good. I want eggs first. hehehehehehe. Oh well, I’ll keep looking and try to stop shopping. Good Luck all.

  97. No Photo
    J Wiebe says:

    Are there eggs hidden in the individual item pages? For instance if I click on one product and go to the page that has it’s description are there eggs there too? Or are they more general like in the listing view?

  98. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    They can be on individual item pages and even some in the detailed closeup image/size chart popup windows. 8 | kind of daunting, but addictive and fun. = ) happy hunting and good luck everyone…click…click…click…

  99. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    Huge “Thank You” to Steve for finally clearing that point up for me. = )

  100. EvaBeeJewels
    EvaBeeJewels says:

    Love the Egg Hunt but can not seem to get past 32 eggs… :( hopefully i will find more soon, before i decide to give up lol

  101. Phylattempt
    Phylattempt says:

    I’ve tried and tried and I have look at tons of pages and I can only find 19. I will keep trying but this is hard. I don’t get how some say this if fun. It’s a job I think. Well I’ll keep looking . . .

  102. No Photo
    L D says:

    The pages are more numerous than you are seeing – every click on a page is an opportunity!

    I can’t help but wonder something – why so many different classifications for the same type of beads? Wow way too many pages! I have been on just beads for 2 days! I am at 90 eggs now.

  103. EvaBeeJewels
    EvaBeeJewels says:

    @L D I must be blind lol I have been going through every single bead item page and only have 40 and they arent even all from beads.

  104. D Redlin
    D Redlin says:

    my eyes are very tired

  105. Jmc
    Jmc says:

    Must reach 50 eggs… Must get malachite chips. :)

  106. Beading Hippie  Shawn
    Beading Hippie Shawn says:

    AUUUGGGHHHH! I hate to say it, but this is too hard for me! What a thing to have to admit!!

  107. Dixie J
    Dixie J says:

    It was a definite struggle but I finally managed to find 70.

  108. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    I’m officially leaving the Uber-hunt…my fiance hates how I’ve been so “focused” (nice way to put it, huh? lol) on the egg hunt. He said if I just got to 100 he’d personally give me the $20 as if I’d won a spot on the leaderboards (cute). He doesn’t get that it’s really not about the prizes, but I have compromised with him to maintain a semblance of sanity about the place. *sigh* Ah, well, Super Good Luck to the die hards – someone needs to find all 200 for the first time!
    8-D. Have fun! click…click…click…

  109. No Photo
    L D says:

    Luckily Amethyst Cat my boyfriend is in California so he can’t see how much time I spend searching – although he got my frustration when I was 9 away from 100 and the site was down! Anyway, yeah 100! I placed my order. Now I can slow down :0)

  110. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Mine just pats me on the head every now and then and calls me “Egg Lady.” :)

    Drivers get “road hypnosis,” Egg Hunters get “Rhodium hypnosis.”

  111. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    For anyone struggling to get to 50 eggs, I’d just like to remind them that there are 50 eggs hidden in places that don’t take that much work to find. Start with the home page and see what you can get to in 1 click, or 2 clicks. There are lots of areas of the site to explore (but don’t worry about the Create & Learn menu, Fresh Picks or Design Gallery). I hope that doesn’t count as a spoiler, since I’m just restating the rules, but I can’t help wanting to help people find the fun in spotting those darling little eggs. :)

  112. No Photo
    Tera D says:

    I have been through the entire site twice and have only 55 eggs, I must be egg blind.

  113. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    I usually do okay at finding eggs…coming in at the middle of the pack. I can only find 67. OBVIOUSLY they forgot to put the eggs on my computer this year…..I earned my Bunny charm, so I’m happy. Good Luck All!

  114. No Photo
    Mama Piranha says:

    “The Hunt” is far more than mere marketing genius … it’s introduced brands & products that inspire new design concepts. It’s been an egg-ceptional — if budget-busting — experience. Thanks!

  115. No Photo
    Susan Schroeder says:

    Thanks for hosting yet another fun and challenging Easter Egg Hunt! There has to be a lot of work that goes into it and your generosity with the prizes is unmatched by any other online site! I sincerely appreciate LB!

  116. MaryLou
    MaryLou says:

    I have FINALLY found my 75th egg! I spent more time searching for this egg than the last 10 combined.. but now I think I know what I’m doing! (besides adding more to my cart!)

  117. No Photo
    Katlee S says:

    So glad my hubby doesn’t care that I’m doing this hunt (although he does laugh at me some), but it helps we’re both computer geeks that are at our computers all evening anyway. :) Happy hunting, folks! I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks!

  118. trinkets and treasures
    trinkets and treasures says:

    I’m having so much fun looking for eggs so much in fact that it makes buying anything seem like such a bore. So I wont worry about purchasing anything. Just have fun for the egg hunt.

  119. No Photo
    Cleopatra says:

    OMG! I have done better this year than last. What a wonderful marketing strategy – you would be surprised how many things ended up in my cart that I normally would not have even seen!!! But I think I am egged out, I don’t think I’ll ever find another one.

  120. Marianne G
    Marianne G says:

    Hello! After looking at the leaderboard today, and get my 75 egg, I decided not to search so hard because I’m becoming crazy LOL, but I want to thank you for the prizes that I already got(I’m waiting for the mail)
    Kind greetings and good luck to all egg hunters!

  121. No Photo
    Julia a says:

    Hi, just some questions……has any one ever found all the eggs? If not, What was the most any one found? And i will not shop today at all, hehehehe, i need to get more eggs. GOOD LUCK all hunters.

  122. Ilike2think
    Ilike2think says:

    I’ve been doing this since late Mon morning and only found 38 eggs. Easter egg hunts bring out the competitor in me so I will keep digging but I have to say Kevin, you are a very wicked man. I’ve never done a hunt so difficult! I bet you are sitting back laughing. :)

  123. Ilike2think
    Ilike2think says:

    BTW, this has been bugging me and I think it needs to be answered. You wrote in the FAQ “Yes, there are areas of our website where you won’t find any eggs. You don’t need to look anywhere under the Create & Learn menu in the green bar at the top of our website (which includes Fresh Picks and the Design Gallery), or on The Lima Blog.” OK, that takes care of the Create and Learn part at the top of the page but does that also cover “Fresh picks” and Design Gallery pages that you can get to at the bottom of pages? That may be why everyone is having such a hard time because that opens up hundreds of pages. I think we need a clarification please.

  124. No Photo
    CY P says:

    I read that there were NO EGGS in “Create and Learn”, but I just found one there.

    It is located at the bottom half of the page under “Create and Learn” in the first article, but definitely in “Create and Learn” on a page [hidden so egg location is not disclosed].

  125. No Photo
    A O says:

    Also makes me wonder, in addition to Ilike2think’s question, do we need to search in “find beaders” too? It say in the rules that it can be on pages that have a “next” and those sure have a “next” section, up to 221 pages… I’ve been looking since early Tuesday morning and only found 31 eggs thus far, also in places I would have expected to be “static” (the same on every page like the green bar under the descriptions) :( Guess I still have a LOT of work to do!

    CY P: I have looked at every article under “Create and Learn” but haven’t found any eggs there. Maybe I am getting blinded :o

  126. Ilike2think
    Ilike2think says:

    I didn’t find it either but this just proves that this needs to be clarified. Please Kevin and you clarify this for us?

  127. Chari B
    Chari B says:

    AO: only 2 exceptions. You won’t need to look under the “Create & Learn” menu in the green bar at the top of our website (including Fresh Picks and the Design Gallery), or anywhere in The Lima Blog. I hope this helps. Also clicking on the “view all” option at the top of the pages does not provide any eggs either. I just found more rules and understood the game better. You have to go page by page. I have even found the little buggers inside some of items. made my daughter ecstatic when she saw it. So far I have only found 28 and still looking been looking since Sunday last weekend and its almost Easter now lol. Hope I find some more. Good luck all!!

  128. Teressa D
    Teressa D says:

    I feel like I’ve clicked on every single page and can’t break 70. How the heck do these people find so many???

  129. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all, I’ll be happy to clarify this rule. The information on the Hunt page under “The Breakdown” (as well as the FAQ) states the following: “You won’t need to look under the “Create & Learn” menu in the green bar at the top of our website…”

    In other words, you don’t need to go under the Design Gallery section and browse through the thousands of designs (because those design pages are under the Create & Learn menu in the green bar at the top). We did this because those sections are quite large, and it would make it twice as hard to find those 200 eggs.

    But when you’re on the rest of the site, it’s fair game for eggs. For example, if you click on the main “Beads” page in the green menu bar, you’ll see some tips/designs shown near the bottom of the page. There could be eggs around there, because you’re under the Beads menu (you can tell, because the word “Beads” is highlighted in dark green in the menu).

    I know some of this is confusing. And if you keep on clicking and clicking, you might end up in the Design Gallery without even knowing it, where there won’t be any eggs. We try as hard as possible to make the rules cut and dry, but when you have thousands and thousands of places to hide eggs, it gets tough :) This is why we hide 200 eggs, when you only need to find half of them to get the top prize level.

    I hope this clears up the confusion! If you have any questions about specific egg locations (please don’t post hints!) just contact us through the Customer Service menu at the top. We’ll be happy to help.

  130. No Photo
    A O says:

    Thank you, Chari! :)

    I have been clicking page by page, item by item, and am not even halfway done LOL This is one tough hunt, but fun none the less! Have to re-check the gemstone section, especially after I’d found eggs in the static part and never checked those there. I’ll just keep on going and hope I’ll find more :)

  131. Steve
    Steve says:

    A O – please feel free to contact us via the Customer Service menu at the top if you have any specific questions. We’ll be happy to help :)

  132. No Photo
    CY P says:

    Why did you delete my comment about finding the egg in “Create and Learn”? I said it wasn’t fair.

    You censored me and that’s NOT fair!

  133. Ilike2think
    Ilike2think says:

    Thanks Kevin, for the clarification. I think I will just have fun looking at everything except the designs from now on. I think I will find plenty of eggs and have more fun doing that then being systematic about it. :)

  134. No Photo
    A O says:

    CY P: your comment is still there?

    Steve: thank you for the explanations! I do “get” it now, well most of it :) I might still contact y’all through the Customer Service menu, because there is something I don’t understand and I might give away clues if I do it on here…

  135. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Just to add to Steve’s clarification and directly respond to Ilike2think’s question: If you are on an item page for example, and see the Fresh Picks or designs at the bottom of the page there could be eggs around those images, etc. *on the item page*. If you click ON a Fresh Pick or design, or the links to see more fresh picks or designs, THAT takes you into the Create & Learn area. You don’t need to click on those links, because they didn’t hide eggs in the Create & Learn area.

  136. No Photo
    CY P says:

    @ A O –

    My 2nd comment was deleted. The 1st one is still there.

  137. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    I am assuming that for many of us, the eggs are getting fewer and farther between. I start getting really frustrated and then one suddenly appears. I then have a new lease on life (or on the hunt). If my butt hasn’t spread 3 inches by the end of the week, it will be a miracle.

  138. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Some of these egg locations just make me chuckle! I had this little story going in my head about how, the night before the hunt, the web programmers dump 200 eggs into the site and let them go crawling around wherever they want to go. The eggs can get onto (almost) any page of the site; they play with the findings and beads, snuggle up with images and text, and play some hide-and-seek. Then when it’s time to start the hunt, the developers flip on the lights and the eggs are stuck wherever they are at that moment. So, with this happy little story in mind, I just found an egg with it’s head tucked under element on the page, just like it was trying not to be seen! So cute! I hope you guys have as much fun coming up with places and ways to hide these eggs as I do finding them. :)

  139. Ilike2think
    Ilike2think says:

    Thank you Suzanne! That clarifies even more and just saved me a ton of looking! BTW, I just got my last order and I’m thrilled. I’ll never quite get the strawberry Twizzler but my grown son loves them so he thanks you! :D

  140. Steve
    Steve says:

    Thanks to everyone for helping explain all the madness :) Suzanne, you’re not far off! Sometimes those little eggs have a mind of their own… and we do enjoy hiding them… maybe a little too much!

  141. Loralei D
    Loralei D says:

    What a conundrum yesterday! I was madly searching the site for more of those tricky little eggs, when my Lima Bead order arrived. Do I continue searching for those maddening pastel parcels, or do I rip open the tempting manila envelope? Choices, choices. Curses! :) The website won, and my packet still lays unopened at my side……

  142. T Brasaemle
    T Brasaemle says:

    Head Desk Head Desk I cannot get past 61 eggs. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  143. Drema C
    Drema C says:

    can we come back on here tomorrow to find more

  144. Steve
    Steve says:

    Drema C: Yes, you can hunt for eggs through Sunday night at midnight. If you’re eligible for any prizes, your order needs to be placed by that time (but keep in mind that some of the gift choices might sell out before then). Happy hunting!

  145. No Photo
    Sabrina h says:

    Ok, so i started my search a day late and I’ve only found 61 eggs. Two days ago I caught a bad cold, not to mention im kust over 6 months pregnant and have a 3 year old son to take care of all day. I still find myself glued to my CELL PHONE searching for these little guys (and sometimes falling asleep holding my phone lol)! They seem to be completely hidden from view now! I cant seem to find anymore :( im not asking for help just proud of my dedication with the sickness and the unborn and the three year old. I usually dont have patience for much anymore lol But im ast on my wild goose “egg” hunt! :D

  146. No Photo
    Malia K says:

    wow I have spent several hours looking for eggs and got 30 so far and getting tired og looking

  147. No Photo
    Malia K says:

    wow I have spent several hours looking for eggs and got 30 so far and getting tired of looking

  148. Dixie J
    Dixie J says:

    I am starting to get discouraged. I have not found a new egg all day. Ugh.

  149. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Love, love, LOVE the egg hunt!!! :-D

  150. Lesa B
    Lesa B says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My husband always teases me as a character from a Bug Bunny cartoon who used to say; “I want an Easter Egg, I want an Easter Egg!”
    Oh thank you so much for adding the check marks this year, most helpful!
    Happy Easter to all of you and your loved ones at Lima Beads!

  151. No Photo
    beadadream says:

    Hi all hunters! This is Laurie. I am still at only 48 eggs and I am going through everything :) I can’t find anymore. I am having alot of fun but do not want to give up! I know it’s my first time, buts its really hard.. Wish me good luck I make it to the leader board. Thank you!

  152. Steve
    Steve says:

    Good luck, Laurie! And happy hunting to everyone out there right now… We admire your persistence! Keep it up, you can find ‘em…

  153. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Will I EVER get past 95 eggs? Argh! The chicken who laid these eggs should be should be given to the Colonel and fried! LOL

  154. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    I just read my comment and saw I said “should be” twice — guess it’s my eyes that are fried! Seeing double – but not twice the eggs!

  155. Pat-from-Oz
    Pat-from-Oz says:

    Made it to 90 eggs, but I’m dashed if I can work out where the others are hiding. Am going Eggsane. My family think I’ve started talking a foreign language… “Here eggy eggy, come to momma”. It’s obviously not the eggs language as I haven’t found one in 24 hours.. What’s Russian for Here eggy eggy, maybe Russian will do it. Australian doesn’t. They just don’t like the accent I guess.

    I’m having fun and getting lots of inspiration. I will enjoy placing my order at the end of this.

  156. No Photo
    Larissa J says:

    Woo hoo! I just learned about your company and started the hunt today. I have officially made it on the Leaderboard! (Don’t worry, I took a picture, because I’m sure I will be bumped off by tomorrow.) Thanks for putting this together!

  157. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    I’m starting to hate that little green guy waving at me. I think he’s taunting me.

  158. No Photo
    S winston says:

    I just found this site a few days ago and have been literally glued to the couch with laptop in hand. I can’t stop looking, really can’t stop….I have made it to 64 and am on the hunt for more eggs @u@

  159. No Photo
    T Iamarino says:

    YAY finally 100!!! :D Not giving up, gonna try and stay on the leader board! :D

  160. No Photo
    L D says:

    My local beading store every year hides eggs in their store and some hold prizes. I tried last year and wandered around for 45 minutes and found nothing. This is so much better! What is better for the company – 45 minutes with a frustrated customer who leaves empty handed or 6 days of customers on their website for 8 hours a day :0) This one is more fun. Although over 2 hours today I only found 1 egg! Luckily I found 4 later.

  161. Cat Bird Birdsong
    Cat Bird Birdsong says:

    I just reached my personal goal of 50 eggs. Oh, there is another one (51) !
    Thanks Steve for the clues this year. I see that I had already found a few of them but it helped me to reach my goal.
    Next year I will aim for that leaderboard. I will be retired by then so I will have a lot more time. :)

  162. Cat Bird Birdsong
    Cat Bird Birdsong says:

    I agree regarding the check marks. Steve, would you please be sure those are used next year? I’ve done this a few years now and I found that was the best help. Thank you. I hope that the whole Lima team has a wonderful and quiet Easter holiday.

  163. Steve
    Steve says:

    We love the checkmarks, too… they will definitely be there next time around :)

  164. No Photo
    M Dotson says:

    I found this site yesterday and have found 48 eggs,I can’t seem to find anymore. I know that we only have a couple days left to find eggs,I just want to make it to 50,don’t care about getting on leader board at this point in the game. Would just like to hit 50. :)

  165. Jet
    Jet says:

    Hey guys, been using LB for a couple months now and just started getting into the blogs, commenting and posting and such. Now I’ve gotten roped into this darn egg hunt. Man is it an equal amount of fun and frustrating! I’ve gotten to 40 now and I cannot seem to get any farther! I would just like to get to 50, no leader board for me. But I am wondering, is it really possible to get 50 without going through the tediousness of every item page? Because I feel hopeless and don’t want to go through the craziness of every single item! Also, is it true i saw NO eggs in the gemstone by name pages? Or the pearls? (And many others) and, I still cannot find that egg on page 4 of the ‘freebees’!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated! ^-^’

  166. Dixie J
    Dixie J says:

    hallelujah! Just found another egg! 71 now and still on the hunt…

  167. No Photo
    A Gilliland says:

    Are there eggs hidden in individual items pages? Say, I go to eye pins, and click on a specific eyepin… are they hidden in there to? not just the lists of the item, but the page where only a particular items info and priceing is?

  168. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I am freaking out….I just accidentally clicked twice close to the back button and it logged me out……all of my purple links are gone. I think I am going to cry now. :-( The only saving grace is I have written some stuff down.

  169. Mandi V
    Mandi V says:

    I can’t imagine where you are finding all these eggs-I feel like I’ve been everywhere on the site 10x over (obviously not though, or I’d have a lot more eggs than I do lol) I did manage to find 60, so I am pleased about that:)

  170. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Jet: Regarding the page 4 freebie, it is a REALLY long page, so click the link and walk away while it loads. Then scroll down through it to find the egg. :)

    A Gilliland: Yes, ANY page (other than the stated exclusions) is fair game, including the individual item pages. :)

  171. No Photo
    D McCaskill says:

    I’ve done this hunt several times before and I’ve NEVER gotten over 50 eggs!!! I’m stuck at 49 now… but I can’t stop yet!!

  172. No Photo
    sandra_henry53 says:

    Hey, I found 50 eggs, they where the hardest 50 eggs to find

  173. Jet
    Jet says:

    Sandra…, I am at 40 now and my goal is also 50. Were you able to find your 50 without having to search through individual item pages? I really want to find those last 10 but I don’t have the patience to go through all those item pages! Is it possible to do so without? (Anyone else also, help??) thanks!

  174. No Photo
    S Stephens says:

    Ok. The first day I was frustrated at 10, and as I’ve posted on previous days – curiosity got the best of me, so I kept going. NOW I’m at 41. LESS than 10 eggs to go before the big 5-0! BUT – going out of town for the holiday, so if I haven’t come up with those last elusive few by later tonight – I’ll have to claim my prizes and call it good. Thanks for the fun – and now you’ve got my hubby looking too!

  175. No Photo
    Barb F says:

    Jet, yes you can get to 50 eggs without going into any individual items. I got to 75 without checking any. It does take a while though. Several hours. You can do it, you can do it, you can, you can, you can ….. that’s got to be your mantra lol

  176. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    Do you think someone gets paid to sit around and just name the seed beads?

  177. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Laura, I think that would be a great job!

  178. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    I have a question about checking out. Can you check out without selecting your coupon code??? I will use it but haven’t decided which one I want to use yet. Just asking.

    Oh man is the hunt hard this year. I just spent the better part of 2 days in the seed beads. At one point I considered calling Lima Beads staff for a ride back to the home page :)

  179. No Photo
    D STEGLE says:

    IT WOULD HELP if I knew what one of the eggs LOOKED like, as I have not done this before.

  180. No Photo
    Marlene c says:

    alright now! fess up- WHO stole the rest of MY eggs!!!! it’s been so long since i’ve seen an egg, i forget what they look like.

    i think this year’s hunt is definitely harder than last year’s.

  181. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:


    Kill me now!!!!!

  182. No Photo
    L D says:

    I am completely stuck at 112 – I thought I got everything except for the pages off the ideas pages. But perhaps I am wrong! Are there 85 eggs buried that deep?

    My favorite so far was the egg placed where a bee would be very angry).

  183. No Photo
    A Gilliland says:

    And where is that L D? lol… Im stuck at 51…. I need some help!
    D STEGLE, there is a pic of them right on the easter banner. They look similar to those. On the home page there is a big one that says “Click me to begin” they look like that.

  184. No Photo
    watsonsarah32 says:

    I have found 52 eggs. I have a question on the gifts to choose from. If I have my 52 do I get to choose one thing from each category, or do I have to choose one?

  185. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    I have found THREE eggs since the site crashed!!!! I think all my eggs broke in the crash and got swept away :(

  186. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    watson, you get one from each category. so one 10, one 25 coupon, and one 50

  187. No Photo
    watsonsarah32 says:

    Elizabeth O thank you! :) Having a hard time finding the rest of the eggs now, hah….at 53 now.

  188. RubberT aka Plucky Chick
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    Lima, Lima, Lima!! Another great Egg Hunt this year!! Thank you, Steve, for your encouragement along the way. I have made my purchases but saved my coupon for another day (before April 30th)…my hubby was very supportive of my obsession this year and I don’t want him to freak out when I purchase what is in my wish list, hee hee!! Diamonddustshoe, you are looking good! Thanks for your comments and good humor! Great seeing some familiar faces hunting again this year! Hang in there, Belly Chick! I never ever have a hope of being on the leaderboard so I admire the chicks who make it there! I LOVE Lima Beads!!

  189. No Photo
    Kristina t says:

    OMG I have looked and looked till my head hurts,I found 27 eggs ans been in just about every page ,what am I doing wrong.

  190. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Hi Plucky Chick! I’m still searching…you know I would never pass up the egg hunt!! ;-)

  191. No Photo
    S DeWeerdt says:

    Woo hoo I won. Well I was at the top of the leaderboard; however, my husband told me he’d give me $20 to stop searching for eggs. I hate to tell him my wish list comes to more than $20.

  192. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    Thank you Lima for giving me my eggs back!!!! I found 7 in the last few hours. :)

  193. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Wow! I am amazed at the leader board. The top 10 is doing an awesome job. You are setting the bar pretty high. I started a day late, and have been so busy looking that I have not been watching the “chatter”. Glad I came to post, as I saw the post from the 15th with the first ever clues. I had found half of those to this point. Hunts not over, so don’t count me out yet. This egg hunt brings out the crazy in me. :)

  194. No Photo
    L D says:

    I have found 1 egg since 11am and it is 9:37pm. I think I am missing half the website somewhere. I don’t know how you get beyond 113.

  195. P yoder
    P yoder says:

    i guess I am just figuring out where to go, I have found 44 eggs and seems there is no more lol on a page w/say 30 pages would you check on all of those pages?

  196. Cat Bird Birdsong
    Cat Bird Birdsong says:

    It is interesting that the egg hunt has been around for six years. Especially to those of us like me who have been doing it since the beginning. I still think it is the best contest you have had so far. Maybe it is because I broke my last year’s personal record by finding 61 eggs so far!!

  197. No Photo
    Thea says:

    I am at 93 and striving for at least the 100 mark I made the leader board once but only for a day keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I might get back on it. This is very hard and I have to be careful I have epilepsy and to much clicking and running up and down pages is not to good for me but this is both frustrating and egg-citing :)

  198. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Yes, P Yoder, check every page – check everything you have time for. By the way – don’t you think it would be a good idea to offer a wrist brace as a prize? LOL Risking carpel tunnel here!!

  199. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    I had my carpal tunnel surgery in December, so my clicking hand is holding up well. Good night, all. I hope I’m still on the leader board in the morning.

  200. JayneWithAy
    JayneWithAy says:

    This egg hunt is all it’s cracked up to be – I made it to 100 and don’t think there’s enough time to find the other 100 so I’m calling it quits and cashing in my shells. Good luck to everyone, and Lima, I really enjoyed the tour!

  201. Pat-from-Oz
    Pat-from-Oz says:

    got to 99, just need one more but can I find one…? Nope. They are all hiding from me. Been clicking and searching product pages, must be searching the wrong one because I have not seen an egg hidden on one of them yet. Am going crazy..

  202. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’ve been tossing things in my cart as I went along; now I’m trying to make sense of it. TOO MANY THINGS. I keep telling myself findings to finish things should take priority over–OOH SHINY.
    But I *was* going to get that Luna Moth I’ve been eyeing all this time, THIS TIME I was going to do it…but alas….she has eluded me again. *cries*

  203. No Photo
    A O says:

    Phew! Just went through all the beads (skipped the see beads for now) so onto the other pages LOL I have 46 eggs now and determined I’m getting at least 50…and then onto the 75 mark. Great egg hunt!

  204. Lesa B
    Lesa B says:

    I am only at 22 eggs and counting, please this is not a complaint. I am having a blast! I am enjoying seeing products that I don’t always take time to view.
    I LOVE those Raku and African Recycled glass beads! YUMMY! Next purchase and project to do. Can’t wait!
    Thanks once again!

  205. No Photo
    Kim L says:

    Yeesh! I hope I will still be able to bead when this is over. My mouse hand is dead and my eyes keep drying out so much that my contacts are sticking to them like suction cups. LOL! I’m not complaining, this has been the best week ever! So much fun! I’m not stopping now, going to try and stay at the top! Thanks Lima Beads for a great hunt and great prizes!! This was worth taking a week off work. :)

  206. No Photo
    C Haddock says:

    Ok, I’m done. Stopped being fun about 2 days ago. I have joint problems anyway and now I won’t be able to write for a month. Found 66; going to have to do for this year. I no longer have the attention span or will to review almost every single, solitary item on the site. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure my will to live is gone, too – lol! Congrats to all of you persistent egg finders!! Good luck on the $250.00!!

  207. No Photo
    Desiree Cook says:

    I’ve found a few items where the picture is a black square. What happened? I hope there weren’t any eggs hidden there. :)

  208. Lesli M
    Lesli M says:

    Well, I have only found 66 eggs and was so much fun. But, I have found only 1 today and that tells me I must settle for that. I stand admiring the names on the board. Good luck and happy hunting.

  209. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    I’ve been clicking each product, going to it’s page, and clicking the view more photos. No eggs there so far, and I’ve spent FAR too long doing this. Are eggs still hidden in those photos, or am I just unlucky so far?
    ugh! lol

  210. Hannah K
    Hannah K says:

    Every year I go in telling myself that I will search every single page and every year I get to the seed bead section and go “NOPE, too many pages.” I am proud to say that for the first time, I have officially made it through that section. I may be a little crazy now but so worth it lol

  211. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Cali, Steve said that if any eggs were hidden in the pop-ups, they would be considered “extremely difficult” to find and they wouldn’t hide very many in there.

  212. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    I have no clue where the remaining eggs are, so I thought I would use the search button. It is sitting there asking “What are you looking for?”, so I typed in “the hidden eggs”. The results were as follows:

    We found no results for your search

    Even the search button has no clue where the eggs are. :)

    Does anyone have the Easter bunny on speed dial?

  213. No Photo
    Cherie B says:

    I’m a loser. I’ve only found 33 eggs. I’ve even clicked on individual items. *sigh*

  214. No Photo
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    OK, it’s late Saturday afternoon. I have to get my cooking started. Thank goodness I’m not hosting Easter here this year. After I cook three dishes, take a nap, and take a bath, I hope to get back here. I want to stay on the leader board and I’m only 5 eggs up from last place. The pressure…..

  215. No Photo
    Deona W says:

    I am done. This year is a personal best at 75. Boy was that last one hard to find. Got what I wanted in prizes, and my order is placed. Good luck and Congrats to all the Leader Boarders.

  216. Cholasu
    Cholasu says:

    I quit. I have 109 and only one today. My eyes are crossing and I have carpal tunnel. For you leaders I do not know how you are doing it. I have been on every day and I am so tired of looking at the same things over and over. I will try a new system next year. Good luck up toppers.

  217. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I’ve just about had it….every time I close my eyes, I see little eggs march across the back of my eyelids!! ;-)
    Maybe if I go do some (yuck) housework and come back a little later, I’ll have better luck. I was trying to hit the top 10, even just for a second or two but I don’t think that’s gonna happen now.
    Still my all-time favorite contest EVER though…definitely not complaining at all!! :-D

  218. Ronni
    Ronni says:

    I managed to find only 10 yesterday and I actually created a spreadsheet so I knew where I have been. Spent 10 hours. Its just not worth that. It would have been a lot more fun if you didn’t have to tunnel down through every single product. At least doing the ALL would have given more eggs.

  219. Lois D
    Lois D says:

    Done at 75. Much, MUCH less than last year when at least I was on the leader board. Lost the drive. Would love to know how others find so many :) Am happy with my gift and coupon code. Happy Resurection Day, everyone :) Grace and Peace.

  220. L Barron
    L Barron says:

    I am stuck at 74….hoping I can find just one more…running out of time with cooking, etc for tomorrow. All I need is that one :(

  221. No Photo
    Adrienne H says:

    I found only 41 and I’m giving up. In the process I managed to find lots of things I NEEED! I restrained myself (sort of LOL) and placed my order. Sigh, maybe next year I’ll find more. Congrats to those on the leaderboard, you’ve got dedication.
    Happy Easter all.

  222. Cat Bird Birdsong
    Cat Bird Birdsong says:

    Hi Steve,
    Because the time ending tomorrow is based on Pacific time does this mean those of us living in Michigan (Eastern time) actually have until 2:59 on Monday morning? I think that has been true in the past–I just wanted to check.

  223. No Photo
    A O says:

    Woohoo! I made the 100 mark :D Doing the happy dance right now :D

  224. No Photo
    Tricia B says:

    Stuck at 58 beads! Hoping for 75. Don’t think i have patience to click individual items. There are some dedicated peeps out there! :)

  225. Drgndream
    Drgndream says:

    I have to click individual items?!

  226. Accidental Beader
    Accidental Beader says:

    Got 50 – I am done. Whew, hard to find a lot of them. Ignored my family the last 3 days. LOL! Congrats to those who found all or most of them. You are a better hunter than I am. Hope I will do better next year. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

  227. Steve
    Steve says:

    Cat: Yes, that’s correct. You have until 2:59am Eastern time on Monday morning (11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday night) to place your orders with prizes.

    As a general reminder to everyone… remember to place your orders tomorrow (Sunday) to redeem your prizes! After tomorrow night, any prizes in your shopping bag will be removed automatically.

    And remember… there are a limited quantity of prizes available, and there isn’t a guarantee that the prize(s) you want will be available all day tomorrow (even if you have them in your shopping bag). To claim your prizes, make sure to place your order.

    We’re coming up on the final day of hunting! Awesome job everyone. The finish line is in sight!

  228. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    OK guys, it’s time for you to go have your Easter and stop searching :-) My back and shoulders are killing me from all the hours spent at this keyboard – please don’t bump me off the leaderboard!!! You have found enough eggs … you have found enough eggs …

  229. sylhill7
    sylhill7 says:

    It was fun and frustrating, but every egg I found was like opening a gift. Wish I could reach 75, but I think I found more this time than I did last year.

  230. No Photo
    Lawren s says:

    Has ANYONE found an egg in the SHOP THE VARIANCE ? I have been through EVERY page but stuck at 116

  231. No Photo
    Skye F says:

    I finally made it to 100 and checked out!!! Wow was that hard! Those last 7 took all day! Good luck to all on the leader board, you guys rock, don’t know how you have the patience!

  232. No Photo
    L D says:

    I got completely stuck at 113 Lawren and now I am off the leader board. Don’t know what I missed.

  233. No Photo
    L D says:

    Of course I have to throw in that I went caving today in Tucson and that was the first time I have ever done that and it was a lot more fun than sitting here all day searching for eggs :0)

  234. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Here’s a question for the Lima team….you know how you can enlarge a page from any website by holding down the Ctrl button and moving the scrolling wheel forward? Well, I always have my pages enlarged a little bit and it was wondering if having the pages enlarged would cause me to ‘cut off’ some eggs?

  235. Candy aka Texas Grammy
    Candy aka Texas Grammy says:

    Looking for those pesky eggs on the individual product pages I’ve discovered the enjoyment of rediscovering soooo many beautiful picks.

  236. hendersonlc
    hendersonlc says:

    I found 50 and cashed in. I feel guilty about the many hours I spent on this. I need to get a life.

  237. MELISSA D 818
    MELISSA D 818 says:

    I have been at this for the bulk of the last 2 days, and I have been forced to acknowledge something: the people that criticize Americans for their out-of-control consumerism may have a valid point. How is it possible for an essentially specialist business catering to hobbyists to end up with such an ENORMOUS WEBSITE?????? Seriously, how many colors of seedbeads do we ACTUALLY NEED?!???? After opening approximately 80 trillion different ones, I have decided I really only need maybe 2 dozen from now on. On top of everything, I’m stuck on 89, and have been for so long I had to look at the egg hunt page to remember what the eggs look like. Just to give you some idea, it was still daytime the last time I found one. It is now almost midnight. 80 trillion types of seedbeads, but I can’t find 11 lousy eggs!!!! AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the anti-American hackers have deleted the rest of them just to drive me insane. I realize that sounds paranoid, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me, right? I just wanted some titanium pyrite, but I have about decided that it would be better to just buy it than to go completely bonkers over 11 virtual (not even REAL!) Easter eggs. You guys on the leaderboard are clearly masochists! LOL!

  238. Candy aka Texas Grammy
    Candy aka Texas Grammy says:

    I am in serious awe of the computer skills it took to hide some of these eggs!!

  239. Candy aka Texas Grammy
    Candy aka Texas Grammy says:

    Morning ya’ll. Happy Easter and God Bless!

  240. L Barron
    L Barron says:

    Good morning!! Happy Easter Everyone!!

  241. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    Oh, WOW! You guys on the leaderboard are amazing! =-)

  242. Pat-from-Oz
    Pat-from-Oz says:

    Found my missing one egg to get me to 100. Scooped up my prize and then found 3 more. Maybe I found them because I was more relaxed and not obsessing so much. I found them when I wasn’t paying much attention. LOL. Next year I will search with only half an eye, I’ll probably find them all!

    Way to go all you amazing folks on the Leader Board. Congratulations to everyone who got on the Leader Board throughout this, even if you fell off it. It’s a great accomplishment to get on there – to still be there at the end is fantastic. Congratulations everyone

  243. No Photo
    Tera D says:

    After spending days and hours in those days looking for eggs in such A MASSIVE SITE in categories and sizes and shapes and colors and next pages and on and on and finding only 89 eggs and sore muscles, stiff neck and a never again attitude, hats off to all of you who did conquer it. It maybe months before I will even visit this site again.

  244. No Photo
    Gina says:

    Happy Easter Everyone! I love the challenge of the egg hunt every year!This year I didn’t think I would make past 70 but I made to 130 eggs. Thanks Lima Beads!! I discovered items that I certainly didn’t know you carried.

  245. Chicky Zee aka Alice
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    Happy Easter Everyone. I am stuck at 82 trying to make 100 with my Jamieson near!!!

  246. Chicky Zee aka Alice
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    Gotta to say did better this year!

  247. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    Happy Easter everyone.

  248. No Photo
    A O says:

    Happy Easter everyone! I made to the 100 eggs mark, placed my (extended) order and am going to enjoy this lovely day :)
    Congrats to all on the leader board! You have done an awesome job of finding that many eggs :) And “great job” for the Lima Bean people for giving us this egg hunt! Much appreciated :)

  249. No Photo
    moonshan says:

    Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter! Having fun with the Easter Egg Hunt. I’m sitting at 57 eggs at the moment, hoping to get to at least 75 before midnight or before I turn into a pumpkin, but happy with the eggs I have found no matter what! Discovered all kinds of new beads and findings and am totally inspired to make new projects! Really enjoying the comments – they just crack me up! May need to bust out the wine or continue to amp up on coffee and Easter candy to find eggs! Thanks Lima Beads! The hunt for eggs is so fun! Hats off to everyone on the Leader Board – very impressive! Have a great day everyone! :)

  250. Candy aka Texas Grammy
    Candy aka Texas Grammy says:

    I’m at 57 too! Feel lucky to have this many considering where I found the last 20.
    Someone tell me how long I have to shop today?
    I’m on day light savings time.

  251. No Photo
    M Kidd says:

    I must be doing something wrong because I have looked at hundreds of pages, and have found one egg since Friday. It isn’t fun anymore, but I feel dumb for not being able to find more, and I am a wee bit to stubborn to give up. I have looked at pages and pages of seed beads and clicked on the size comparison and more details on all of them. Been through so many other categories completely and just cannot get past 70. Good luck to everyone else and congrats to everyone on the leaderboard. I don’t know how you stuck with it.

  252. L Barron
    L Barron says:

    M Kidd–I am feeling the same as you!! I have been looking for just ONE more egg to make 75 since Friday!! Almost makes me want to cry!! Good luck!!

  253. black cat yawning
    black cat yawning says:

    Read M. Droddy’s rollicking, good-natured rant early Sunday morning, just about the time I thought “The Hunt” was over. I must admit, she/he(?) makes a good point about American consumerism. But we DO love choices, and you have to applaud those canny Czechs and Japanese for coming up with all the imaginative, dizzy, dazzling permutations on what is essentially just “an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material”! (Wikipedia definition) Perhaps they heard a voice crying in the wilderness, saying: “If you melt it, they will come.” Anyway, today I found out I still have a few more hours of “masochistic” fun left. Thanks to Lima Beads for an ABSORBING hunt, and for designing/maintaining such a clean, uncluttered, easily-navigable site. (Lots of nice white space!) Also, your photography/scanning and presentation of the MANY products is definitely high quality. You make torture fun! Happy Easter, Everyone!

  254. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    This has nothing to do with masochism or American consumerism. It’s purely a medical matter. Many of us suffer from the little known and highly misunderstood disease of Seedbeadaholicism. We have a compulsion to make long strings of multicolored seed beads with which we lash ourselves, then crush them and bury them in the yard. The need for so many different colors stems from the curious side effect that if too many of the strings have similar color combinations, we can fall into a comma – not unlike the state one reaches after 7 days of searching for eggs on this site!

  255. black cat yawning
    black cat yawning says:

    Gee whiz, Y Buonamici, it’s as if you have window into my psyche! I didn’t want to have to pull the “medical” card, but you’ve sniffed me out. But I admit I’m puzzled–do you actually take the time to string them and bury them? That is SO enterprising! I just place them in little baskets on my worktable where they can catch the morning sun…until they get buried by more…

  256. Jonelle Ohrn
    Jonelle Ohrn says:

    I am so bummed! At 94 and have been searching since 8 am… never gonna get on the leaderboard! Only 6 eggs so far today… ratZZ!

  257. black cat yawning
    black cat yawning says:

    Ha, ha, “Y”! Now I’ve sniffed YOU out! You have 132 eggs to my paltry 89. We can’t even be treated at the same clinic! You’re clearly one of those overachievers I’ve heard rumors about!

  258. Jonelle Ohrn
    Jonelle Ohrn says:

    I officially declare Y Buoamici has hit the side of insane eggism.

  259. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    LOL all. I must confess that last year I only managed 75 eggs; but my disease has become more pronounced since I retired in September, leaving me more time to indulge my compulsions.

  260. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Yehaw!! I finally broke into the top 10…now I can quit!! I don’t care if I stay there, I’m just thrilled I made it that far!! Totally hats off to the hunters above me because it took everything I had to find the 179th egg. My wrist is limp, my mouse is dead, I have a twitch in one eye but I am happy!! Good luck everyone!!

  261. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    I found one egg in 2 days. LOL!! But the list of beads I want is as long as my arm! :D

  262. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Congrats Elaine and all those on the to 10 – but I know where you found all those eggs: on the pages I didn’t get to!!!

  263. No Photo
    Mary W says:

    Just curious. How does the total number of distinct items available compare to the same available last year? Cuz I swear there’s a lot more to page through this year. Anyone at Lima Beads know?

  264. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!! Two days thousands and thousands of clicks, scroll, click and nothing!

  265. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    The worst part is when its over, we don’t even get to know where the f-ing eggs were.

  266. No Photo
    A Batchelor says:

    I gave up at 83. I don’t have a lot of time to spend here between my jewelry business and working full-time. LOL But hey, at least I made it that far!

  267. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Well, that was fun! Now how about an ornament search for Christmas? Mwahahaha

  268. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    Jack O’Lantern hunt for Halloween? lol

  269. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    I’d do it, Amethyst!

  270. JewelrybyKristine
    JewelrybyKristine says:

    Well, I believe I’m stuck! I think I have clicked on every….single….page… I could find.
    Good luck to everyone and Happy Easter!

  271. Jonelle Ohrn
    Jonelle Ohrn says:

    Well luckily I hit 100… and if I kept trying I bet I could get up to about 105 by closing time but not worth it. Had fun…. but totally withdrew from real life for 4 day! So much stock here!!! OMG…. love it!

  272. No Photo
    Selena says:

    I also gave up at 83. I only started Friday evening, so next year maybe I’ll have more time and no wrist injury!

  273. S Draper
    S Draper says:

    Thanks for great fun LimaBeads! :)

  274. LadyDi
    LadyDi says:

    Whew!!! Finally made it to 100 and placed my order. Beat my score from last year – I’ll keep trying to get (back) on the leaderboard but I doubt I’ll make it. Now that the pressure’s off, I’ll probably find plenty, lol…. Thanks Limabeads for the fun every year, and I think a Christmas event would be fun too!!!

  275. No Photo
    D McCaskill says:

    I need 5 more eggs to get to 75 which is higher than I’ve ever hung in for!! I have NO idea where else to look!!! I have to get those last 5!!!!!!

  276. bkochsic
    bkochsic says:

    This was my first year egg hunting so I had a lot to learn quickly. I made it to 75 and was satisfied. Next year, I plan a higher total but we’ll see. Thanks to Lima Beads for a fun and stressful hunt.


  277. Cat Bird Birdsong
    Cat Bird Birdsong says:

    D– I know exactly how you feel. I am at 69 and done for this year. It is still closer than I have gotten before. I am retiring next year and will be aiming for the leaderboard then. I don’t even care if I get in the top ten. :)
    I hope that everyone enjoyed their brief break from real life and have ideas of what to do with what you picked as purchases while doing the hut.
    Hey Steve, I am already looking forward to next year. This really helped as an exercise to my brain!

  278. No Photo
    ricepaws says:

    stuck at 48. Clicked thousands of pages of individual products, main landing pages, and i lost count on gallery pages. figures the site was down in the bit of free time i had the other day. doubt i’ll participate next year. it’s more frustrating than rewarding. :/

  279. No Photo
    Susan Schroeder says:

    I officially give up at 58. I just don’t have the TIME it takes to find these eggs. Oh well, I had (some) fun and am grateful for the prizes!

  280. Beadzilla aka Wanda
    Beadzilla aka Wanda says:

    I am usually at my sisters house this time of year and never participate in the egg hunt. Thank you Lima Beads for hosting such a great event, was so much fun!

  281. Steve
    Steve says:

    AWESOME hunting everyone :) Only a few hours left… remember to get your orders in with your prizes before midnight Pacific time!! Great job again!

  282. Cutestchick
    Cutestchick says:

    I think I got 86 eggs, I searched I think almost every page on the site, there were times I thought I have gone mad for scouring a site for eggs, but it’s fun and addictive and insanity yet still it’s something I look forward to every year, it is something I look forward every year, I only ask Steve and the gang to set a time and day to start the Easter egg hunt and post it on their home page in advance, because I went on every day 3 weeks before wanting to know when it will start, and didn’t know till after it started till in the afternoon, but was launched really early in the morning, that’s my only complaint, to make it fair for everyone and set a time and day and post the start date on the home page so everyone knows the launch time preferably at a reasonable hour! I probably would have had a chance to get on the leaderboard had I known the launch info. And it seems every year it gets harder, but it’s all in good fun, I have some ideas for next year, like throwing in golden eggs, that have prizes, for those that can find it, but I must say, you guys do go all out, making it a blast, while pulling out our hairs in the process finding those cute eggs! ;) Thankyou Lima Bead Crew, I had fun finding those eggs! And the hardwork you guys put into it every year! Happy Easter! ;)

  283. frekncouga
    frekncouga says:

    Will we be able to use our discount coupon on tonites beads, or our 20.00 ….??

  284. Cutestchick
    Cutestchick says:

    Let’s not forget the awesome prizes! ;) Thanks Again! Love my Lima Beads!

  285. KellyBeads
    KellyBeads says:

    @ frekncouga, you can use your coupon tonight, I used mine anyway :) I don’t know about the $20.00, I would assume you’d have to wait until after the contest. There’s still time for people to get knocked off the leaderboard.

    Thanks, Lima Beads! :)

  286. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    I found 108 – not bad for an Egg Hunt newbie, I feel. =-) Thank you Lima Beads for the manic fun! I can’t wait for next year. I agree with Y Buonamici and LadyDi that another holiday hunt of some kind would be awesome, teehee.

  287. S Karkos
    S Karkos says:

    Had so much fun! Thanks, Lima Beads, for such a wonderful fun contest, and great prizes!! I’ll be seeing beads, and eggs, and trying to click in my sleep for a few nights, but it has been a blast.

  288. beaded banana
    beaded banana says:

    At 73 hoping for two more in next hour and a half. I dont think I was hunting at all yesterday. It’s great that eggs are check marked after finding them!
    An iPad glitch interfered with my strategy. It semi-crashed and all the links/pages I had clicked on that had turned purple were suddenly blue again. But I think I didn’t double check too any areas.

  289. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    So Steve, riddle me this: where do the “xtras” come from? For example, I went to The Lipstick Ranch and clicked on every item in there. But then when I went to clasps, iron, there was an unclicked item from The Lipstick Ranch! How did it suddenly appear? Just added today or did my old tired eyes just miss it? Thanks.

  290. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    107…I officially quit. My goal was 100, so I succeeded. A full time job sure cuts into my egg time :)

  291. No Photo
    DbnRose says:

    Thanks Lima Beads for another wonderful Easter egg hunt. I had a great time hunting and am looking forward to receiving my gifts which will arrive on Tuesday so thank you for that too. Of course I ache all over from sitting at the computer all day and night for a week and my mouse has packed his bag and is leaving home because of all the overwork, but after a rest we will both be raring to go on the next hunt. Thanks again for a great job well done.

  292. Chari B
    Chari B says:

    I officially quit at 81 eggs. I am not disappointed as this was my first year I have ever done this so with that being said I also want to say Thank you to LIMA for the opportunity and the for the items that ended up in my box I would never have considered before. This was challenging and fun and even got my 6 year old into so that was even better. I hope to do this again next year and beat my top out of 81. Happy Easter everyone and have a great year

  293. No Photo
    V Byrnes says:

    I’m at 109 and don’t think I’m going to be able to make the leaderboard in an hour. Congrats to all that made it! Thanks Lima Beads for a fun event and all of those wonderful prizes! ♥

  294. No Photo
    Froggy Sarah says:

    I am throwing in the towel! I’m only 5 short of 75 :( but I just clicked thru for all the easy ones and after days of gong item by item, I don’t think I can find 5 more in half an hour back on the individual item pages. As always, thank you for all the fun, though I do wish you’d give us a little more time. My full time teaching job (and hours of grading papers during evenings) just didn’t leave me much searching time during the week. You have a LOT more pages than you used to have!! I love all your pretty things…my fingers are literally itching in anticipation of a package from Lima Beads! Thanks again! :)

  295. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    It is bedtime for me, but I didn’t want to leave without saying thank you to everyone at Lima Beads for another fun Easter egg hunt. It was harder this year, but it was also fun to dig a little deeper.

    I look forward to this every year and have never been disappointed. Also a special thanks for all the beautiful gifts, I can’t wait until they arrive.

  296. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    I’m not going to knock anyone out of the top 10 in the next 15 minutes, so I will be satisfied with where I am at. So, can you tell me if there were any eggs in the crystal rondelles, or the pearls (the ones that look like several strings wound together). I looked through each one (some more than once) but never found any there, which surprised me. Anyway, this is always fun, and addicting. I enjoy it every year. Thank you everyone at Lima for such a challenging week. You are very creative.

  297. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Y Buonamici, if you see “Back in Stock” or “NEW” next to an item, you can check to see when it was added, and if it was added this week, it won’t have an egg.

    Okay, now that we’re winding up…did anyone else notice the “cluster” effect this year? It did feel harder this time, bit I can’t put my finger on why just yet. Last year the final numbers were little higher, though. Hmm.

    I agree a Pumpkin Hunt in the fall would be awesome. :)

  298. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks! I truly look forward to this madness every year. You have some amazing items I would NEVER look at if not “forced” to. And great job making it harder this year… I like a challenge.

  299. No Photo
    L D says:

    I was close! I was on the leader board until Friday when my life took over and I had real things to do. I got back on briefly last night and then never got back on again. I was so close at 120! I have a plan of attack for next year though. But this was my first year doing this so did really well!

  300. LuLuCats
    LuLuCats says:

    Oh, SURE! I figure out the most efficient way to open links with the least amount of clicks/keystrokes…but not until the contest was almost over, lol. Duh…

    I did have fun, didn’t make it on the leaderboard, but maybe I’ll remember my quicker navigation skills for next year! :-)

  301. Angels S
    Angels S says:

    Thanx so much for putting this hunt on, it was a lot of fun, got to see some awesome products, it was my first time doing it and got 143 eggs :) Looking forward to next year :)

  302. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    I would also love a pumpkin hunt in the fall. Hint, hint Lima Beads.:)

    I also agree that the hunt was harder this year. When I first started hunting, I found eggs quickly but then they were just gone and I couldn’t find anything for long periods of time. I wasn’t even passing too many eggs I had already found????

  303. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Thanks, diamondustshoe. And, yes, I did notice a kind of cluster effect, if you are referring to what I think you are — you could click and click and click and nothing, and then 2 or 3 eggs would show up in the next 4 or 5 items. Also, a few very tricky tricks – the bunny was a bit diabolical this year – LOL

  304. No Photo
    joye says:

    Thanks for the lovely egg hunt–even though I only found 84. Clearly, I need a plan if I want to do this next year. Those eggs will be turning up all year, I bet. :)

  305. Cindy 64
    Cindy 64 says:

    I would probably have found a lot more eggs had I not been distracted by all the pretties!

  306. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    Diamond, I too noticed the cluster effect! Also I think it was harder because the eggs were hidden better in pictures, they blended in more and hid, instead of just replacing. Though there were still lots of replacements!

  307. SilverBow
    SilverBow says:

    Well that was fun! It was my first hunt, I started late and I only found 63 eggs, but that just gives me a goal for next year!

  308. No Photo
    Got Beads says:

    It was fun I found 65, no where near last years 85, however with a bad cold and a 101 fever, I feel lucky to have found them, and not go completely crazy thinking I was seeing eggs that weren’t there. Another Great Easter Egg Hunt lima Beads. Job well done!!!

  309. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Glad to see it wasn’t just me. It’s just a little frustrating to go two or three hundred pages of desert, if you will, only to have three in a row in the same rather specific area…meaning you have two hundred more pages of desert in front of you before the next egg. You start to doubt yourself. For instance, did any of you find a single egg in the crystal faceted rondelle section? Maybe I missed it. The links weren’t changing color in that section anymore to show me where I’d been!

  310. Pat-from-Oz
    Pat-from-Oz says:

    Thank you so much LimaBeads for the Easter Hunt. It was so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but my family are muttering about obsessive-compulsive disorder after I disappeared into the deep dark depths of Lima Beads. 106 eggs later I have re-emerged, dusty and chocolate smeared and smiling.
    Maybe next year I will make it to the Leader Board at the end of the Hunt. Fingers crossed. Thank you for the fun and the prizes. They are very much appreciated.
    I agree a Christmas or Halloween Hunt would be fun. But I bet the coding would be a mammoth job.

  311. Jeanne S
    Jeanne S says:

    I got bumped off the leaderboard in the last two hours, and managed to get back on ten minutes before it ran out I got a late start because of Passover. Now it just hurts and I’m still preparing for tomorrow’s courses at 2:30. Next year let’s hunt for the afikomen. My dad hid it in the same place every year.

  312. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I think the person in first place after *this* one should get a box of chocolate eggs in foil wrappers printed like the Lima Eggs. ;)

  313. No Photo
    DreamLeaping says:

    What a big disappointment, after spending like 40/50+ hours searching, drilling down into page after page after page, all I could find was 35 eggs. Then when I went to get my one little physical prize of one little charm, you wanted me to pay $10 in shipping! Suffice to say I canceled my order. Btw where were those few dozen eggs that were supposedly just one click away from the home page? I certainly couldn’t find them, it would have been nice to have found some of them and hit at least 50. After all those hours of searching and lost sleep, all I got was sad for all the things I can’t buy :-( Such is life.

  314. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    DreamLeaping…did you scroll down to the absolute bottom of any page you visited, by any chance? $10? Are you located outside the US? :(

  315. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    I found 63 eggs and I started under 48hrs before close of the event. Many eggs I found in just one click. Many on the main wall of each section if clicked on different ways. Clues for 6 were given in the blog on the “view all” pages. I miss the golden eggs I’d love some hints or tips for next year. I checked many items and never found any eggs in different views or send to friend. Kudos to those on the Leader-board!!

  316. Rachel-A
    Rachel-A says:

    diamonddustshoe, $10 is the lowest price for shipping to Australia, which is where I am. And $10 is an excellent price for US to Australia shipping, so I wonder if DreamLeaping either didn’t realise Lima Beads is American or didn’t read all the info about the Egg Hunt, where shipping costs are explained???

  317. Rachel-A
    Rachel-A says:

    Thank you to Lima Beads for a great Egg Hunt. [Whoever first came up with the idea is an evil genius :) ]It was harder this year than last, but also great fun and I’ll have severe withdrawal this week now it’s over. I would love something similar for either Halloween or December. Thank you to Steve and the team for their hard work, esp. in enabling the site to handle heavy traffic better. Thank you to Kevin and Lima for the free prizes, the cost of mine being more than recouped by the stuff I now HAVE to have and have been buying this week / will be buying in future. Thank you Lima Beads :D

  318. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    That *is* a good price to Australia.

    I think we have what, ten, fifteen votes for a pumpkin/leaf hunt so far? :D

    One thing I find amazing every time I do these hunts….even though I must process thousands of images as I scan pages, when I close my eyes….I see eggs!

  319. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    A winter holiday hunt would rock, though – easier to get a bit of time off then. =-) That would mean better/easier hunting for more people.

  320. Amethyst Cat
    Amethyst Cat says:

    Now it’s time to shop! =-) I HAVE to get several things I came across while hunting. lol I love this site.

  321. Terry Ca
    Terry Ca says:

    Yay and congrats to the winner! You have stamina woman!

    Thanks to LB for a great event. Got a few freebies and found inventory that I hadn’t seen before the search!

  322. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Thanks for another great egg hunt, Lima Beads! Fell off the leaderboard after a few days (made it to 92), placed my order and am now happily awaiting my beads and freebies!

  323. JJKT
    JJKT says:

    I found 83 eggs but on Easter Sunday I had company until late wasn’t able to get back on line to order or claim my prize…so sad :-(

  324. No Photo
    A craddick says:

    Thanks so much for another great year of egg hunting! It was a great challenge. Each year I wonder how did those other people find SO many eggs. I look forward to my wonderful prizes. Thanks for all your hard work! Congrats to those who made it to the board and the top winner!!!!

  325. Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry
    Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry says:

    What a great hunt this year! Really enjoyed it and was very happy to wake up this morning and find I was still on the leaderboard. I thought for sure I would get bumped off in the night!
    Thank you Lima beads for such a great event. I am looking forward to placing an order with you this week and receiving my freebies too! :)

  326. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Thanks for a fun and challenging hunt, LB! diamonddustshoe, I also agree about the cluster effect. ~450 items with nothing, then 2 eggs only 2 items apart! I figured that just ensured we had to be thorough, as you couldn’t ever assume you were done with a page just because you found an egg! I would love to know, though, if anyone found any eggs in the pop-up views (more detail, send to a friend, etc.) I would bet that 6 other people found the EXACT SAME 183 eggs that I did, as that’s where I hit the brick wall. I’d love to know where Beadzilla found those extra 2 eggs, but kudos to her for doing it (even if she did knock me out of first place!) :) Oh well, time to rejoin the world of the living until next year’s hunt. :)

  327. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi everyone, thanks so much again for hunting along with us this year. We’ll be posting a wrap-up of the hunt (along with the winner of the $250 gift certificate) shortly. And we’ll be e-mailing out the gift certificates to the hunters on the Leaderboard within a day. Thanks again!! :)

Comments are closed for this entry.

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