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Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Results

Posted by Steve on March 31 at 04:10 pm

The 8th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads has come to a close, and we have the usual recap and results to report :) Read on…

Leaderboard Gift Certificates

Just like last year, everyone that was on the Leaderboard at the end of the hunt gets a $20 Gift Certificate. We sent them yesterday morning via e-mail… if you finished on the leaderboard, we’re in awe of your sp-egg-tacular dedication to finding those pesky little pastel pods. Congrats again!

The Grand Prize

This year’s grand prize winner (awarded by random drawing from the Top 10 hunters on the Leaderboard) is…. Myriam V! Just like last year, we drew her name out of an empty Twizzler container (we’ve got a lot of those lying around for some reason). Congrats, Myriam! Your gift certificate was also e-mailed to you.

The Prizes

As you know, we changed the way we handle prizes this year. We know there were some hunters that liked the old way, and some who liked the new way better. We ran some numbers, and we’re happy to report that we sent out well over twice the number of prizes this year! Regardless of the new format, we hope you all love your prizes. We’ll be sure to take everyone’s feedback into account when we decide what to do next year.

Some Stats…

Since we can’t reveal the positions of the every egg, we wanted to give some stats to quench your thirst for eggs this week. Here goes:

  • As I mentioned above, there were more than twice the amount of prizes redeemed this year
  • Over 130,000 eggs were found this year across all the hunters who participated–WOW!
  • It took Matt longer than ever to hide all 300 eggs this year (haha)
  • All the eggs were found at least once.
  • The most commonly found egg was the one on the home page, very closely followed by the one on the Gemstone Beads page.
  • The first egg was found even before I could find one after launching the hunt at 6:30am on Sunday. Talk about fast hunters!
  • The final egg was found only 21 seconds before 12 midnight Pacific time on Sunday night… talk about cutting it close!
  • The most popular prize was: Zola Elements Patina Green Brass Falling Feather Pendant 8x38mm
  • The second most popular prize was: Pewter Beech Leaf Charm 7x15mm

… and a Big THANK YOU!

As always, we owe everyone a huge “Thank You” for taking part in the hunt. It takes a lot of time to pick out hiding spots and place all those little eggs, but that doesn’t come close to the amount of time you all spend trying to find them :) So thanks for helping make the week fun for everyone. We hope you enjoyed it! We hope everyone had a safe & happy Easter. Until next time… :)

Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Posted by Steve on March 20 at 06:39 am

The time has come for the 8th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! We’ve been egg-xtremely hard at work this weekend hiding eggs all over the site… and we hope you have fun this year : ) Just like the previous hunt, we have $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) And, we’ve made some BIG CHANGES to the prizes this year… Read more below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 300 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (March 27).

300 Eggs??!

That’s right, we’ve upped our game… and hid 300 total eggs on our website (a hundred more than last year). We hope this shortens the time you have to hunt and peck between finding those blasted eggs :)

The Prizes

The biggest change this year is all about the prizes. This year, we have a big pool of prizes, and you use your eggs as currency to pick and choose your prizes. For example, if you find 10 eggs, you can pick a couple prizes… and the more eggs you find, the more prizes you’ll be eligible for! PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just lke last year! Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

An Important Note for Long-Time Egg Hunters

Make sure to check out the FAQ on the hunt page… we’ve updated it this year to explain some details about where you will and won’t find eggs. There are a few small changes this year. We hope it makes it easier to collect as many eggs (and prizes) as possible! :)

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $2 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

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