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The Lima Beads Blog News, Contests, Fun & More

Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Posted by Steve on March 20 at 06:39 am

The time has come for the 8th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! We’ve been egg-xtremely hard at work this weekend hiding eggs all over the site… and we hope you have fun this year : ) Just like the previous hunt, we have $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) And, we’ve made some BIG CHANGES to the prizes this year… Read more below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 300 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (March 27).

300 Eggs??!

That’s right, we’ve upped our game… and hid 300 total eggs on our website (a hundred more than last year). We hope this shortens the time you have to hunt and peck between finding those blasted eggs :)

The Prizes

The biggest change this year is all about the prizes. This year, we have a big pool of prizes, and you use your eggs as currency to pick and choose your prizes. For example, if you find 10 eggs, you can pick a couple prizes… and the more eggs you find, the more prizes you’ll be eligible for! PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just lke last year! Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

An Important Note for Long-Time Egg Hunters

Make sure to check out the FAQ on the hunt page… we’ve updated it this year to explain some details about where you will and won’t find eggs. There are a few small changes this year. We hope it makes it easier to collect as many eggs (and prizes) as possible! :)

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $2 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

Read the comments

  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi everyone, welcome to the Easter Egg Hunt for 2016! Have fun, ask questions, but remember that hints are off limits :) Please don’t share locations, and most of all, please HAVE FUN!

    Enjoy :)

  2. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    First of all, Steve, you are a maniac to hide all these every year! :) And second, I LOVE that you guys have added the option of “notify me when something gets restocked” on everything you can!!! That is BEYOND HELPFUL for things to stay available for perusal even when not in stock so we know what you offer and can wait for it. Carry on!

  3. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    This is both fun and frustrating … LOL. About the fabulous prizes: are we allowed to turn in partial points for a prize, and use the remaining points later in the week? e.g., I have 29 points at the moments, so may I put something for 25 points in my bag and use the remainder when I have accumulated more points?

  4. Cat Bird Birdsong
    Cat Bird Birdsong says:

    Just to let everyone know (from personal experience) that after a couple of hours it is good if a person takes a 15-minute break. Go and look at something a little far away and give eyes a break. The eggs will wait for you! :) They may even come out of hiding. :)

  5. WhataGrrlWantz
    WhataGrrlWantz says:

    Perhaps I forgot, but, wasn’t there a way to earn a discount?? I remember when finding so many eggs we could get a 20% discount off of a specific type of item, like Czech…

  6. No Photo
    Jeni-from-Oz says:

    Hmm have you shut down the search bar for the duration of the Easter Egg Hunt? I can’t find anything when I am dong searches.

  7. Asia
    Asia says:

    Thank you guys for the addictive fun, every time I say to myself, this is enough, I’m back like a lunatic looking for more eggs :D

  8. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I have been off to a slow start but I am loving every second of it so far!

  9. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    Thank you, once again, for your efforts in putting this hunt together. Although not as “deep into it” as past years, I am finding some eggs and some smiles. Thank you! Good Luck everyone!

  10. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    And the Easter Egg phantoms have started… I keep seeing them where there aren’t any… :p

  11. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    I appear to be stuck at 33 eggs. Might be time to take a break. Then come back and throw some vinegar on the screen to enhance the color of the eggs! (lol)

  12. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    Is there ever more than one egg on a page? I’m up to 35, took a two-hour break (good suggestion, Cat Bird Birdsong!)

  13. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Maggie, I don’t know if it’s a rule, but this is my 4th year and I’ve never seen more than one on a page.

  14. No Photo
    G Wheaton says:

    Hi, I know you don’t give hints, but I’m brand new to this & I have a couple of questions that you can answer:Just what does an Easter Egg LOOK like?? Can they be found on the ‘topic’ listings [like say'Brass Chains' or do you need to click onto each of the individual 'Brass Chains' in order to get to the specific info page?? If you do 'find' one, do you click on it [or do something else, since I've never seen one!]? Just wondering – people seem to say it’s fun to look, but I have no idea what to do….

  15. No Photo
    Susan Schroeder says:

    Is anyone else getting errors like this: “Warning: mysqli_connect(): (08004/1040): Too many connections in /usr/www/public/limabeads.com.new/public/store on line 94 We are having some trouble right now. Please try again in a bit.”
    I got that one from going into various pages of chain.

  16. No Photo
    Susan Schroeder says:

    When I try to add a product to my bag, I’m also getting a message of “We’re sorry, but this item is temporarily unavailable.”

  17. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Susan Schroeder, that’s from so many of us trying to load pages at the same time. It’s more than the servers can handle. Wait a few SEC’s and refresh the page. That works for me.

  18. No Photo
    L D says:

    Wait a minute – I was in Yuma this weekend and started with egg withdrawal when I got the email because I knew I was way behind. Came home to find someone had 114 eggs already? How is that even possible!

  19. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    G Wheaton, go to the home page. There is a big egg there that says click me to begin. Click on it and you will have collected your first egg. They look like that one in design, but the rest are smaller. Hope that helps!

  20. M Rowe
    M Rowe says:

    Keep getting “too many connections” notices… :(

  21. No Photo
    J Galla says:

    Anyone else having trouble viewing pages, they keep spinning and spinning and then nothing comes up??

    I got this message on one page
    “Zebra_Session: Could not obtain session lock!”

    Is the site having tech issues??

  22. eveblue71
    eveblue71 says:

    UGH!Keep getting “too many connections” notices just like last year :(
    Zebra_Session: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
    Warning: mysqli_connect(): (08004/1040): Too many connections in /usr/www/public/limabeads.com.new/public/fresh/wp-content/plugins/lima_integration.php on line 117 We are having some trouble right now. Please try again in a bit.

  23. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Yes, this always happens at peak egg hunting hours. You just have to wait it out, keep refreshing, or take a break and come back later. I’m lucky in that I’m retired and I can stay up late and search during some off hours, so I can avoid some of this.

  24. Mack1101
    Mack1101 says:

    Can you find eggs on specific product pages? I have not been able to find any there yet. For example, I might find one while I am scrolling on the product listings for Brass Chain but could I find any if I click on Antique Brass Flat Diamond Chain, could I find an egg there?

  25. Laura Z aka Veggie Chick
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    That’s it. I’m done for the night. It’s going well so far. I am in the top ten, but I know that won’t last. Night all!!!

  26. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Mack1101, yes, product pages are fair game. Check the FAQ for more.

  27. Mack1101
    Mack1101 says:

    I have been looking on product pages for eggs but I still can not find any. Any advice? Where would they be located on the page?

  28. Mack1101
    Mack1101 says:

    Also, can you get multiple of the same free gift?

  29. JayneWithAy
    JayneWithAy says:

    Eggs can be located anywhere on a page so be sure to look at the entire page – all the way to the bottom and all the way to the top. Every page.

  30. No Photo
    L D says:

    Mack1101 you need to be giving me advice on where to find eggs. I started 12 hours behind so I only have 25! One year I got on the leaderboard for a blip but unfortunately I do too much in my life to ever have a chance. But it is fun anyway! Not interested in any of the prizes this year though so I will just have fun.

  31. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    Is there more than one egg on a page? This is so much fun! :D

  32. Steve
    Steve says:

    Good morning everyone! I know that a lot of you had some trouble loading the site at times last night, and we made a lot of changes overnight to speed things up. It should be snappier going forward.

    We’ll be keeping an eye on things all day to make sure that things are running as smoothly as possible.

    Happy hunting! :)

  33. Steve
    Steve says:

    To Elaine and the other hunters asking about multiple eggs on a single page:

    I don’t believe there are any cases where more than one egg is on a page. I don’t want to say for sure if it has ever happened in the past (or will again in the future), but wouldn’t worry about it for this hunt :)

  34. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Thanks for the info about not having multiple eggs on one page, Steve. Now I just have to break the habit of scrolling through the rest of the page (just in case!).

    Thanks, too, for eliminating the popups as hiding spots. It’s such a relief to know we don’t have to dig THAT deep this year to have a hope og finding them all!

    And of course, thanks for throwing this insane party for us again this year. :)

  35. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    Ok, I was up till 1:30 am central time & the site was still slow/not moving. DON’T YOU PEOPLE HAVE JOBS?? Hahahaha! I’m retired so can sleep in. Thought early morning hours would be better hunting. Oh well, gotta catch up now! Thanks for fixing the internet Steve! Have fun everyone!

  36. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    Thanks for replying to my question asking if there were more than one egg on a page. :)

  37. S Estrada
    S Estrada says:

    Fun time with the egg hunt again! Thank you!

    It would be nice if you could at least get 2 of the free items for a pair of earrings. It looks like you can only get one of each.

  38. No Photo
    Desiree Cook says:

    I understand there aren’t any eggs under “View all”, does that include “All Styles”?

  39. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Desiree! Yes, there may be eggs under those pages. Usually, product listings start out on an “all styles” page, and you can filter into different styles (which may also contain eggs). But you’ll never have to click on the separate “View All” link when it is present over on the right side. We do this because the “View All” link just shows you the same exact stuff all over again–and we don’t want people to have to look at everything twice :)

  40. hendersonlc
    hendersonlc says:

    Are the prizes cumulative? Can I claim a new prize each time I reach the next number of eggs?

  41. Steve
    Steve says:

    hendersonic: This year, we have a long list of prizes, and you use the eggs you’ve found as “currency” to redeem them. For instances, there are some prizes that cost 2 eggs, and others that cost 50 or more eggs. You can “spend” as many eggs as you find. For example, if you’ve found 100 eggs, you might spend it like this: 1 prize worth 10 eggs, one prize worth 30 eggs, and one prize worth 60 eggs (a grand total of 100).

    If you’ve ever been to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a party, it’s a lot like redeeming the tickets you win for prizes at the prize counter :)

    I hope this makes sense! If you have any other questions, just let us know.

  42. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    Ok so…..I didn’t even realize Easter was this Sunday…in my head I am a week behind. Imagine surprise when I realized the hunt started!!! Yeah I only have 6 eggs so far….but this hunt always makes me smile (and gives me a reason to put off the housework)

  43. No Photo
    D Gause says:

    I’m curious if there are tiny little eggs out there, that might really be hard to see?

  44. No Photo
    Melodie D says:

    This egg hunt hates me … ive been at it for almost 12 hours and i only found 37 eggs :(

    I keep leaving a coming back but yet..nothing.. lol

  45. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Steve, thanks for explaining how to “spend” one’s eggs. I wondered about that. I actually like the old way better, but to each his own. It will be interesting to see what kind of feedback you get on this.

  46. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    I guess I should explain. Since you don’t know how many eggs you will eventually find, this new method makes it more difficult to choose early on. For example, if I see something I want at 50 eggs and also something I want at 100 eggs – I won’t know if I’ll find 150 eggs until near the close of the hunt.

  47. No Photo
    L D says:

    I am with you Melodie – I was traveling this weekend so missed the first 13 hours plus I have a full time job. I am at 31 eggs with no hope of ever reaching the leaderboard without getting fired!

  48. LadyDi
    LadyDi says:

    Got a late start this year – didn’t see that it had started! Better get my egg spectacles on and get going!!

  49. Bonnie R
    Bonnie R says:

    Chucky Cheeses, I guess that is what happens when you guys started to have kids. Funny, this year I’m not stressing. I still think its the best advertising promo around. But the first two years had some of the funniest hiding spots. Especially the one on the face. Good luck all.

  50. Mandollyn
    Mandollyn says:

    JUST remembered the egg hunt!!! Thanks for making it work with cell phones!!!

  51. No Photo
    L D says:

    Did you turn the eggs off? I have found one since about 7am pacific time I think.

  52. Lara G
    Lara G says:

    The last egg I found was diabolical! Thanks as always for doing this. It’s a lot of fun, and I always run into new products I have to have.

  53. Laura Z aka Veggie Chick
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    Night, night everyone. Another day bites the dust.

  54. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    I think I have contracted a unique type of blindness. I am unable to see cartoon eggs!

  55. beadngirlee
    beadngirlee says:

    I’m terrible at this. I feel like I’m scouring the place and I’ve only found 13. lol!

  56. beadngirlee
    beadngirlee says:

    I always click “view all” so I don’t miss anything…I’m sorry to keep bringing this up but now I don’t understand about the “view all” thing Steve…

  57. beadngirlee
    beadngirlee says:

    Oh dear! Lara G said her last one was “diabolical”! No wonder I can’t find any more than 13. Ok I’m oing down for the count….

  58. FlowerleafStudio
    FlowerleafStudio says:

    Anyone else go to a specific section and after a gazillion clicks with no eggs you start saying in a desperate tone, “Therrrreee areee nooooo egggggsss hereee… ” but you still keep looking because you have come so far now? Haha. This is my second hunt and though I have got to the point where I log onto other sites and think I might see an egg somewhere, I am having tons of fun finding them!

  59. FlowerleafStudio
    FlowerleafStudio says:

    Correction: I meant I am having fun finding the eggs on this site… not other sites… I haven’t completely lost my mind YET! ;-)

  60. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Ah, Flowerleaf, I completely understand. This egg hunt is insidious. All during the hunt I complain – my back hurts, my neck hurts, I can’t find eggs, my legs are going to sleep, my housework is suffering, my friends miss me – yet, the minute it’s over I get withdrawal symptoms and start counting the days until the next hunt!

  61. No Photo
    V Moxley says:

    Can you find eggs using the mobile site from a tablet or phone?

  62. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    beadngirlee, DON’T bother clicking on “view all” for a multi-page list, because you won’t find any eggs there. But, when you go to a section, like Charms>>Cabochons, and it lands you on an “All Types” list, DO check that page, as well as the sub-category listings, like “Shell”, “Lucite”, etc. I hope that helps!

  63. No Photo
    L D says:

    I think it is interesting that I searched for hours in the kinds of beads I WOULD BUY from this site and for now gave up because I found no eggs in several hours. I would never buy any chain and charms but here I am searching in those areas.

    I thought when eggs were not in popups this would be easier but after 2 days I have 38 eggs.

  64. Steve
    Steve says:

    beadngirlee: No problem at all. Let me see if this helps. Under the Findings menu at the top of the site, click on Bails. From that page, you can click “Next” and “Prev” to see all 4 pages in that listing. There is also a “View All” option that will show you everything on one single page. When you are just shopping (not hunting for eggs), the “View All” option is a good way to see everything and make sure you’re not missing everything. However, we have not hidden any eggs on the page you get when clicking on the “View All” link. There ARE eggs, however, on pages that you get when you click Next and Previous (as well as click the different styles like Standard, Donut, Pinch Bails, etc. In other words, if you’re only hunting for eggs, there is no need to ever click the blue “View all” link. I hope this helps!

    V Shore: Yes, you can find eggs on mobile phones & tablets. I can imagine that some eggs might be very tough to spot, especially on very small screens… but you’re certainly able to find eggs and redeem prizes on devices of all sizes.

  65. No Photo
    L D says:

    Steve, I was trying to search for eggs at work via my phone yesterday and I suspected only the ones on the edges can be found. I only found one on my phone and I looked off and on all day. I could barely see the products and I think I just found that diabolical egg referenced earlier … which I never would have seen on my phone! Of course maybe there is another diabolical one out there I have yet to find because it is too diabolical!

  66. Steve
    Steve says:

    L D: You have a lot more determination than I do, to be able to use your phone to search for eggs :)

    Because there are so different sizes of phones and tablets out there, we aren’t able to test every egg on every size of device… and I can imagine that there could be a few eggs that might be harder to spot, or even obstructed somewhat, depending on how you are holding your device (in regular portrait mode, or rotated 90 degrees in landscape mode). But, we know that this is not the typical case, and we tested many, many eggs on our mobile devices here. So for all our mobile hunters out there, I wouldn’t be worried about missing out on a lot of eggs.

    This is one of the reasons why we decided to hide 300 eggs this year (more than ever)… to make sure that no matter what device you are hunting on, and even if you miss a couple in plain sight, there are still plenty to find to get a handful of cool prizes.

    As always, thank you for keeping us up to date on all your experiences with the hunt. And if you have any specific questions that you don’t feel would be appropriate for these comments, you can always send us a message from under the Customer Service menu at the top of our site.

    Thanks again, and have a terrific Tuesday hunt! :)

  67. Elayne S
    Elayne S says:

    It’s so hard to get on leaderboard. I just can’t keep up.

  68. Iggy W
    Iggy W says:

    Folks must have an awful lot of time on their hands…. Seems like I have been searching for far too long for just 41 eggs. It’s fun to find them, but just too frustrating. Not enough time in the day to do this any longer. Have fun….

  69. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    Ah yes, I’d like to know who to send my psychiatrist bill to after the hunt…ahhhhhhh!

  70. No Photo
    maryb says:

    I agree Moogie, and the physical therapist and divorce lawyer! Just kidding…my husband has been VERY patient the last few years.

  71. C Glubka
    C Glubka says:

    Are there any eggs under the “What’s Fresh” section?

  72. Mandollyn
    Mandollyn says:

    Are there eggs on “view all” pages?

    No, there will not be any eggs on “view all” pages. It is possible that you might find an egg on a “page 2″ listing (or page 3, etc). But you don’t need to click on any “view all” links.

  73. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Workin’ in the egg mine
    Scrollin’ down down down…

    I thought I had ol’ Tierra Cast all done and tidy, but noooo…someone left the gate open and a bunch of them escaped to Findings with no linkback. Boo.

    Hmm…Anyone notice Vintage Vogue doesn’t seem to have a “parent directory,” if you know what I mean? It’s like a hunt within a hunt!

  74. CzechChickJewelry
    CzechChickJewelry says:

    Do we have to click on each item listed to find eggs, too? For instance, going down a list of chains, do you have to click on each chain to see if there’s an egg?? That would make my head explode to go back and do all that…..so far I’m at 85 and stuck.

  75. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    I’m thinking yes, Donna! I’m trying to be very methodical in my hunt & am saving that part, individual item pages, for last. Gak!

  76. No Photo
    tikitorte says:

    Well at least I have faster internet this year, but still have only found 29 eggs — will keep looking.
    It would be interesting to know where all the eggs were when this is all done and how many were not found!

  77. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    Is Tuesday a No-Egg Day? I’ve been searching for about an hour and more than 25 web pages (and yes, my name’s at the top, so I’m logged in). This is getting more frustrating than fun. I’m starting to hate pendants and bezels and beads and stringing material and…this may cure me of my beading addiction.

  78. No Photo
    Susie-Q says:

    Too hard! It’s supposed to be easy for a casual searcher to find 50 eggs, but I’ve been searching for two days and I’ve only found 15 eggs so far. I must be doing something wrong. Is anyone else frustrated too?

  79. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Whoever invented seed beads should be shot!

  80. Mack1101
    Mack1101 says:

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks to find eggs? Any methods that work well?

  81. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    Haven’t even started the seed beads yet– yikes! That’s gonna be slow going on iPad :(
    Oh Ethernet cable, how I long for your connection again!

  82. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    Mack1101: Be systematic and try every category of “shop by” and each means of classifying within the category. Also, know that eggs can be anywhere on the page: down in the green section at the bottom, sneaked in amongst cluttered graphics, along the very top under your login name– anywhere. So try to pay attention to the whole page. Also, if I have access to a computer, I will set the web browser page view to only 75% so I can see more of the page at once.

  83. Mack1101
    Mack1101 says:

    Very helpful! Thank you! One more question though: are eggs hidden on specific product pages? If you click on a product, could you find an egg on that page?

  84. K shannon
    K shannon says:

    I am beginning to think it’s a no egg day!!! Frustrating to spend the lAst two hours searching. None.

  85. Laura Z aka Veggie Chick
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    Another day gone by too quickly. I have a feeling I will not be on the leader board this year. For some reason, I can’t keep up. Oh well, there are some wonderful freebies I plan on taking advantage of. And then some, as usual. Good night.

  86. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    So how many years is this?
    EPBCornell, thanks for the browser trick tip! You must have better eyes than I, if I get stuck I will reset and try again.
    Thank you LB for this aggravating, annoying, bothersome, burdensome, distressing, disturbing, exasperating, irksome, irritating, nagging, troublesome, trying, vexing, and yet FUN game?

  87. No Photo
    perezfam9 says:

    OK… so for example.. if I click on Beads and then Gemstones… do I have to look under every type of Gemstone ?

  88. No Photo
    L D says:

    Every type and every product! It is EVIL!

    I had a good day and now have 70 eggs but I am always 30 behind the leaderboard. Never made it last year either. But I find it rather annoying that some menu items contain many eggs while others contain almost none. Yesterday was a bad day (bad menu item) but today was a good day.

  89. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    You must master the ways of the Egg Force.

    Food, sleep, sunlight, employment, human interaction…an Egg Jedi craves not these things…

  90. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Hello, Diamond, my Egg Friend.
    It’s good to hunt with you, again. . . .
    So how do you like the new prize setup? Personally, I prefer the old way, but wondering what others think.

  91. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Hello. :)

    I have to admit I had to look at it twice before (I think) I figured out how it works. A little math with my eggs! It’s an interesting idea, but my cart does miss the coupon. :)
    I won’t know what think of it, really, until I sit and do the “budget.” ;)

  92. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Right. My problem, also. You can’t put anything in your cart because you don’t know what your total number of eggs will be until the end–unless you quit early. Well, I suppose you could and then delete them if you want something that “costs” more. Bit of a pain, I think. I see you are once again in the top 10 – good luck on staying there. I’m just hoping to stay on the leader board.

  93. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Thanks. :)
    I’ve told myself I’m not even looking at the shinies until I get to a certain point.
    This year, I *finally* did that “orderly fashion” thing I *always* regret not doing every year. I don’t think it would have worked until now because of having to click photos and all the other stuff. I am SO happy I don’t have to do that this time. EGGstatic!

  94. No Photo
    Jeni-from-Oz says:

    I’ve opted for slow and methodical this year and am doing so much better than normal. Maybe I’ve just got the hang of it. However, I’ve landed in the dreaded “check every item page” phase already. Metal beads are killing me…. going to bed before my eyes run away.

  95. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    This is the first year that I’ve stayed on the leaderboard for this long. Unfortunately my brain can’t take much more! I think I’m at 131 eggs, and I’ve gone through almost all of the chain in three different colors, every variation for every section, and about 1/3 of the seed beads. LOL! Is anyone else seeing eggs in the air in front of them?

  96. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    LOL, thebeadmuse – I’m seeing scrolling pages!

  97. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    I’m enjoying reading the chat! I was wondering about certain devious or diabolical eggs & I think I just came across one. I’d thought to look in that area for each category but thought they’d never do that to us. They did…
    Growl. This is war!
    Love the Jedi reference!

  98. Jmc
    Jmc says:

    I can’t write, watch for stuff on my favorite writing website, hunt for eggs and do my schoolwork at once! What have you people done to me? All of you! I’m so torn. . .

    Balance, Jmc, Balance. You can do it. . .

  99. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Oh, Moogie, you make me wonder. I wish you could be slightly more specific without giving away any particular spot.

    I have not yet encountered any eggs I deemed as “diabolical,” then again, what qualifies an egg for that for me might not be the same as most people. I have seen a couple of really clever ones, though. Hmm.

  100. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    (or is that “Moogle”? My screen won’t quite render. Or I have Egg Eye. It happens.

  101. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Have you ever gone so long without finding an egg, that when one finally does pop up, it actually scares you?

  102. Drema C
    Drema C says:

    thanks steve you all are wonderful

  103. Chippy Chick aka Lindys
    Chippy Chick aka Lindys says:

    Hi All Egg Hunters! I just started my hunt this today. I’m behind because I just spent the Mon& Tues madly driving home (Philly) from Naples FL. Have fun everyone!

  104. Drema C
    Drema C says:

    Dont feel bad Chippy chick I just started too

  105. No Photo
    SilverCords aka Judy says:

    Well I’m glad to know that others feel cross-eyed too but then I have a FT job so I can’t stay on it all the time like I want. Although, I do swear that I had found 2 eggs and (wouldn’t you know) they turned out to be products! I was so excited and then . . . bummer! I am learning a lot about what LB has on their site–much more than I’d ever researched, so I’ve added more stuff to my wish list. LB you are absolute marketing geniuses!!!

    CONGRATS to everyone who is on the leaderboard and especially those who have now topped 200!

  106. yomama3897
    yomama3897 says:

    two questions:

    After I cash in my eggs and check out, can I continue to play and earn more eggs?

    Are any eggs hidden on individual product pages?

  107. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    yomama: yes & yes.

  108. Jonelle Ohrn
    Jonelle Ohrn says:

    oh my… wish I had read this before I spent three hours using the ‘view all’ option…. gotta backtrack now…. but love looking at ALL the goodies!!!

  109. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m not quite sure what you’re saying, EPBCornell…to skip double checking via a different route, or skip some un-clicked links?

  110. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    (Either way?
    I wouldn’t do that…
    Just sayin’.)

  111. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Jonelle – you should never use the view all pages. You are wasting clicks. There are NO eggs on the view all pages. Now, let’s say a section has 4 pages and you want to go through each individual item. If you do it page by page, you may find eggs on each page in addition to any eggs you find as you click the individual items. Also, I don’t know about your computer, but mine takes much longer to go from the individual items pages back to the view all page.

  112. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I am SO loving this hunt this year! I haven’t hit the leaderboard yet but I don’t care….there are so many cool gifts to choose from. Awesome job, Lima Team!!! :-) And yes, I am seeing eggs everywhere…even when I close my eyes! ;-)

  113. Just BU Jewelry
    Just BU Jewelry says:

    Anyone else getting this page?

    Fatal error: Class ‘Product’ not found in /usr/www/lib/lava4/classes/LavaPdo.php on line 55

  114. No Photo
    Miss Molly says:

    I feel a bit like aan addict at this point – every time I decide to stop, I find another egg & just can’t stop searching…

  115. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    YES! I thought it was the new area I was in, but I went back to somewhere I’d been and it won’t load.

    I sent it in, but good to have it here, too.

    Fatal error: Class ‘Product’ not found in /usr/www/lib/lava4/classes/LavaPdo.php on line 55

  116. No Photo
    V Harchik says:

    yup lots of fatal errors in the last hour

  117. Loralei D
    Loralei D says:

    Yes, Lynn K. I am getting those messages all over the TierraCast Charms & Pendants pages. Can’t even access page 2! I sent a message to customer service, but not sure if I will get a reply back, or when. I will be skipping to another section!

  118. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    You may want to wait…the ones I just pulled that did that, it did turn some of the links purple. The error rate was increasing so I stopped because if I don’t, I’ll never know where I’ve been.

  119. Jewels Fit For A Duchess
    Jewels Fit For A Duchess says:

    I’ve found less than 50 eggs so far but, I have redeemed those for prizes I wanted. I will continue the search for more in a while.

  120. Loralei D
    Loralei D says:

    Exactly, diamonddustshoe. TierraCast Clasps are also out of commission. Hopefully they get them fixed soon!

  121. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    For those getting the fatal error, I found that a few refreshes usually got the page to load, and then you can move on to the next one. Also, the errors may have gone away by now, but the TierraCast clasps are loading for me right now.

    EPBCornell, I ran into a similar situation in the Czech glass beads. I kept hoping I’d find an egg on one of those “still teal” links, just to justify my insane dedication to being thorough, but no such luck.

  122. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    To put that to rest, I have had a situation where I found new unclicked items from a brand/artist/product (won’t say which) in a section outside of their own that I had already cleared, and I did indeed hit eggdirt. If it’s teal, click it.

  123. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    In fact, just found another one!

  124. Retired Donna
    Retired Donna says:

    After viewing 100s of items and NOT FINDING ONE egg on any of them, I am done. I guess I found the “easy” 21 eggs and that’s all. So now I will be putting my time into other more productive activities. Have fun, y’all! :-)

  125. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    Are you sure this works in Firefox?

  126. Retired Donna
    Retired Donna says:

    Hmmmm Batya W. Maybe THAT’s why I cannot find any more eggs. I use Firefox, too. I just cannot find any more eggs and wonder why.

  127. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    This is hard this year. I was setting pretty with 144 eggs this morning. I have gone thru 150+ pages of product & 175 item pages today. All pages were new & haven’t found a single egg. Ugh, I’m tired. Don’t think I will stay in the top 100 this year. Oh well did a little shopping. Thank you for a challenging hunt this year Lima Beads!

  128. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    2 hours and not one egg not doing very well this year only 77..how the heck are you guys finding 200+? egads good luck everyone

  129. No Photo
    L D says:

    I work in one section and find nothing for hours so I hop to another section (haha pun intended) and I find 10 eggs. Very unevenly distributed! But I found even though it is small I like looking on my phone more because the eggs just seem to pop out at me!

    Back to the drawing board … at 89 now!

  130. LadyDi
    LadyDi says:

    Was hoping to get on the leaderboard before I sign off for tonight but I’m still a few away. Tomorrow’s another day……

  131. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Somebody please shoot me! My computer froze and I rebooted and started clicking away and after about – oh, I don’t know, maybe 30 minutes – noticed my name was not at the top! ARGHH – all that time wasted. I don’t know if I should just ignore it or go back and check all those links again. Boo hoo hoo. If I missed anything at all, probably only one egg – yikes!

  132. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Hey, just wondering, but does that mascot lima bean guy wearing sneakers in the header have a name?

  133. Laura Z aka Veggie Chick
    Laura Z aka Veggie Chick says:

    Good night to another crazy day. Fell off the leader board overnight last night. Now the pressure is off and Im just finding eggs to cash in on some pretties.

  134. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    Forgive me if this has already been answered! I sincerely apologize if I am making you guys repeat yourselves.

    Question: Let’s say I’ve found 100 eggs (One can dream!)…When I go to the prize page, can I pick a 20-egg prize, a 50-egg prize, and a 30-egg prize to exhaust my 100 eggs? Or can I pick any number of prizes that are worth 100 eggs and fewer (even if the combined total is over 100 eggs)?

    Mahalo nui loa!

  135. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Your total number of eggs spent can’t exceed what you’ve found, so your first part (20+50+30) is correct.

    And to those finding a bunch of teal links in places you’ve been already, check out the Back in Stock section to see everything that was added *today* (should not be any eggs there, they don’t migrate, thankfully!)

  136. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    (as in the back in stock items, not commenting on the area itself ;) )

  137. HeatherD
    HeatherD says:

    I am amazed at what I see this morning on the leaderboard–260? When do you sleep? Keep going, I hope you find all 300!! I am over 100 and not on the leaderboard, but its okay. I’m finding new items and inspiration with every click.

  138. GemstoneChick aka Lauren
    GemstoneChick aka Lauren says:

    DiamondDustShoe, are you magic!? I have 52 eggs. Any more tips for us? I can’t seem to find many more. Good luck everyone!

  139. Jessica J
    Jessica J says:

    Steve, I am really curious and would like to know how many links/pages are on the Lima Beads site. With 300 eggs hidden, I’ve gone hours at times finding no eggs. I’m just curious at mathematically what the probability is. Thanks!

  140. No Photo
    L D says:

    Steve, how many eggs could you possibly find if you never looked on a product page? I finally started going product to product today and I was in the 90′s.

  141. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Haha, yes, magic! :D Well, nah, but my scrolling finger is, which I’d like to thank for not calling mutiny and falling off.

    I only have the same tip I always have: every page, whole page.

    Yes, it takes a lot of work and time, but I love playing; I’ve done all but the first year. Hence you could say I know my way around here. :) Being organized with it really helps. We didn’t have to pull the photos this time, so I guess I appear to be moving like lightning. Competition at the top is fierce, so I try to keep moving. That said, I have no idea if the sections I have left have 40 eggs between them; we’ll see. :)

  142. Stitchingmamatx
    Stitchingmamatx says:

    You guys and gals are some kind of SNEAKY! Fun, fun! Huzzah :)

  143. cheryllynne
    cheryllynne says:

    After staying up all night looking for eggs I had to drive my Husband to work…
    while driving on the highway he yelled out
    ” I see an egg”!

  144. Stone Treasures
    Stone Treasures says:

    Thankfully the size chart and bigger photo are not being used this year to hide eggs. Always found that to be a painful experience with little reward. But, what about the magnifier that can be used to view chains and ribbons? Has anyone found eggs using it??

  145. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m sitting here with a vast expanse of chain to search before and wondering the same darn thing. To skip the zoom or not to skip. Maybe they’ll tell us if those are considered popups and there’s none there? Pretty please?

  146. Stone Treasures
    Stone Treasures says:

    Steve – do we need to explore using the magnifier or not?

  147. S Burdsall
    S Burdsall says:

    Well, I found enough eggs (for me), but more importantly, I found where you put all the beautiful Czech buttons — and they are not all in the Czech glass section. Who’d have thunk?

  148. No Photo
    Dody S says:

    Why should anyone ask questions? You don’t answer any of them.

  149. Mack1101
    Mack1101 says:

    Almost back on the leaderboard! I’m seeing eggs everywhere! One of my only complaints is that the eggs are not distributed evenly at all. Good luck everyone! Keep hunting!

  150. Old Beaded Lady Chris
    Old Beaded Lady Chris says:

    Well, I found 40 eggs and I am finished.
    I will claim what prizes are officially
    offered this year. I’m extremely thankful
    for finding the 40 eggs. Last year I stopped I think at the 50 mark. This is a long exhausted process to finding those eggs and my eyes get tired from searching for them. Happy Easter to all !!!!

  151. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi everyone! We’ve been busy with today’s big new product launch, and I haven’t been on top of your questions–I apologize!

    Stone Treasures: No need to use the magnifying glass this year.

    Jessica J: Great question! And I don’t really have a good answer for you :) We really don’t know what the total page count is. I can tell you that we have upwards of 20,000 products on the site. Add in the thousands of listing/category pages, and you’ve got a pretty big number. So the odds aren’t great, but we tried to make them better this year by hiding another 100 eggs, and adding in a lot more prizes at different levels so you can hunt until you feel like stopping.

    L D: I don’t have an exact answer to that question. I can tell you that in the past, we’ve made it so that you can get most of the prizes without looking at individual products. I don’t think that is *quite* true this year, but my guess would be that there are some stragglers out there still on listing pages that you haven’t found yet.

    Happy hunting, and enjoy the new products :)

  152. Stone Treasures
    Stone Treasures says:

    Two thumbs up Steve!

  153. No Photo
    P Kossman says:

    Well, I have spent hours looking and have found 22 eggs. It would be much more time worthy to just buy a prize than all the time spent to do this.
    Ya know what this frustration makes me feel? It pisses me off and makes me not want to buy beads from you.
    This is too time consuming. I thought it would be fun. LB needs to find better, more rewarding games if you want to keep some of your customers happy and not aggravated.
    I am done and over this stupid thing!

  154. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    I feel like someone forgot to put the eggs in the website today. I’ve been to over 200 pages, and found 2 sinking eggs! Tuesday I found over 35 in 3 hours! What gives?

  155. No Photo
    Sea Glass Girl says:

    I love the Easter Egg Hunt! I find it really fun! It also gives me a chance to realize & see all the products! Thank you Lima Beads for offering this opportunity to get free items and the time you put in placing the eggs!

  156. Steve
    Steve says:

    Just a quick non-Easter-Egg update for everyone… I know that some of you noticed that there were missing comments in the Design Gallery. Those have now been restored :) Remember, the Design Gallery does NOT have any eggs hidden there, so this comment is not really related to the hunt. But I wanted to pass the info along. Sorry for the little glitch!

  157. Beanie
    Beanie says:

    Is anyone else having trouble finding eggs today?I have been on for hours and only found 2 eggs today.Just wondering if something was wrong or just me.

  158. No Photo
    Fenya says:

    Are there eggs on the Bigger photo, see the variance, or size pages of each product?

  159. Steve
    Steve says:

    Fenya: No, there aren’t any eggs inside those “popups” this year.

  160. Candy aka Texas Grammy
    Candy aka Texas Grammy says:

    Hi Steve and the gang. Thanks for a fun hunt this year. I found my 30 eggs, got the prizes I wanted plus a “few” things I fell in love with during my foraging for eggs. To the highly competitive top 10 on the leaderboard my hat is off to you. Hope someone finds all 300 this year!!!

  161. CrystalGaylePhotography
    CrystalGaylePhotography says:

    Does “popups” include zoom when you put your cursor over items?

  162. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Steve and the rest of the Lima gang, thank you for this year’s egg hunt! There are some areas that are a little desert like in the egg department, but there are areas that have plenty of eggs. I have found more eggs this year than I have found ever before. I was even on the Leaderboard 3 times for the first time ever. I’ve looked every place without going to the individual product pages. I’m going to stop massive time for looking before I become a “grumble cat” like some of our fellow beaders.

  163. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    Eggs? There are eggs? Oh, right. I keep getting distracted by all the pretty, shiny, sparkly goodies. And finding things I never even knew existed. Like Czech bead chains. Oooooh.

  164. No Photo
    Jeni-from-Oz says:

    OOh some of those eggs are devious… just found a diabolical egg. Very cleverly hidden. Thanks for all the egg hunting fun Lima Beads

  165. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    I actually dreamed that there were four tiny eggs all together in a basket at the top of a page but I dropped one and it fell to the bottom of the page and it broke. :( I wonder if dream eggs count?

  166. No Photo
    Midgeann s says:

    i just started ordering from you i am a jewlery and clothing designer and i teach classes on this for the elderly and teach children on the weekends and i will have to say i received my order in a timely matter. was very happy.
    and when i went back on the sight i found this cool easter egg hun very fun but i want more eggs.
    well i have been looking all day yesterday and only found 2 and still looking for eggs surg i really trying to find the eggs.

  167. CzechChickJewelry
    CzechChickJewelry says:

    I’m at 95 eggs-after searching as much as I can yesterday and not finding 1 egg,( even though I looked at each and every item in at least 6 categories!!) I’m done. I’m going to cash in my eggs for some great prizes and look forward to next year’s hunt. I’ve also found many items I’ve never seen before, so I have plenty of new ideas!Thanks, Lima-it was fun.

  168. MaryAnn A
    MaryAnn A says:

    Thanks again for a wonderful egg hunt. I am not the best egg finder but I just love going through all your products. I forget that you have a fabulous inventory and I think I get more pleasure out of scrolling through the web pages than actually finding the eggs. (I have a modest 27)
    One question, not that I am capable of this but can one find eggs by going through the source codes?

  169. No Photo
    Auggie P says:

    3 days and I have really only found 1 egg on my own! I must be blind! LOL

  170. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    has anyone else noticed that the little green “add” spot on items starts to look like an egg if you scroll fast enough? :)

  171. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Yep! And so does that “return to top of page” arrow on the lower left side. Though if you’re hunting long enough, you start seeing ghost images of those darn things *everywhere*.

  172. No Photo
    sulitu says:

    As I’ve been hunting for eggs, I keep thinking that this is like the visual field test I take at my eye check-ups. If you are having a LOT of trouble finding eggs and haven’t been to the eye doctor for a while, please go. Glaucoma can do a lot of damage before you notice any problems!

  173. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Steve! Just gotta’ ask…is it as for you to hide the eggs as it is for us to find them?! ;-) :-D

  174. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I do wish someone would answer my email, even if it’s just to say my question can’t be answered. :/

  175. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    I caught myself searching for eggs in my gmail. Need a break.
    Has anyone else noticed that 95% of all Czech beads look just like eggs?

  176. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I had to slow wayyy down when I got to ceramic stuff and lampwork beads, myself. All those color foil the egg receptors in my eyeballs. ;)

  177. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    (and I really wish I could figure out how words and letters keep dropping out of my comments. I swear I’m typing them, honest!)

  178. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    Is anyone having problems with pictures not loading? I’m in a large area and some of the product photos on the product listings page are blank. The title is in the middle of where the picture should be. I don’t want to miss any eggs.

  179. C Sax
    C Sax says:

    Yes, broken pictures and I have to keep reloading and I keep getting fatal error notices. Item not found line 55 and 608

  180. No Photo
    J Galla says:

    It seems the site is crashing again. The weekend, people are getting off work and the final days to push…. means too much traffic I guess :( (

    Very frustrating to have to keep refreshing over and over tryin to get a page to come up, at this critical time.

  181. No Photo
    Olivia F says:

    So, any ideas about where to find the egg that is the one exception to ones hidden on the site?

  182. whitechocolate
    whitechocolate says:

    Well, I have managed to find only 39 after 3 days of off and on searching and am about to cash out as I am becoming slightly eggsasperated. Where in the world are the rest of them???!!! I think I must have got lost in the desert… Anyway, I love the Lima Bead Easter Egg hunt – such a clever idea. Congratulations to everybody who has made it to a higher count than I without losing her mind.

  183. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Diamonddustshoe, those missing letters are your scrolling finger preserving its energy. :)

  184. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Really worried I can’t see the eggs for the beads. :P When I load any bead page my eyes go right to the main picture causing tunnel vision. :) So many beautiful beads in stunning colors…

  185. Just BU Jewelry
    Just BU Jewelry says:

    This hunt has been a life saver for me this week. I had to put my little puggie down yesterday and this gave me the ‘excuse’ to sit with her all week and now, a mindless distraction. Thanks guys for doing this every year. This year it really was so very appreciated!

  186. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Haha, Suzanne, maybe so, though I wish it’d sent it to my eyes because I’ve entered The Great Egg Desert.

  187. No Photo
    sulitu says:

    Just BU Jewelry, so sorry for your loss. Pets give us so much and expect so little in return.

  188. TickledDog
    TickledDog says:

    I apologize if this has already been asked. When you get down to the product list do you have to click each individual product to find an egg?

  189. CAS
    CAS says:

    Just BU Jewelry, I’m so sad to hear about your little Pug. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Hugs!

  190. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Just BU Jewelry, I’m so sorry to read about your little Pug. Our pets are our children with fur. Thought, prayers, and hugs go out to you to help speed your grieving process.

  191. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    Olivia F the one exception is not an egg. It’s a entire category where there aren’t eggs, and that is the “create & learn” section.

    And I LOVED the diabolical egg I found! I’ve wanted to see one like that for years! And I found it on my Samsung Galaxy 4.

  192. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Have mercy, my eyes and brain are shot! I can’t even write a simple question correctly……! Sheesh!
    My question to Steve; is it as hard to hide the eggs as it is for us to find them? :-)

  193. No Photo
    L D says:

    Wow life really got in the way the past two days and now I am 45 eggs behind the leaderboard. I was within 30 now I am screwed.

  194. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    Thought I was finished with seed beads till I decided to make sure and look in the search by bead code section. Ugh, I may spend the remainder of the hunt in there. Lol

  195. Cutestchick
    Cutestchick says:

    How did everyone find soo many eggs???, I’ve spent since the start of this egg-tastic egg hunt looking for eggs, thankfully I take breaks, and get discouraged and stop but I’m drawn to this egg hunt every year, it’s a blast overall I like looking and finding eggs and glancing on the beads and what nots I have over $100 of beads in my cart! My hats off to those on the leaderboard I couldn’t find more than 46! I will keep looking till the end but I cashed in my eggs! I don’t know how everyone on the leaderboard got over 100 eggs! I can’t get near that amount! Anyway, Good Luck!

  196. No Photo
    Olivia F says:

    Elizabeth: Thanks! I knew there weren’t eggs in that section, but I didn’t realize that’s what they meant by the exception. I was scratching my head about that! :)

    I’ve been systematically going through the menu pages and I’m almost done them, and have found about 150. I did find a few on product pages. There’ll never be enough time to go through all of them–I don’t know how people are doing it.

    Happy egg hunting!

  197. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    Elizabeth O: There were some diabolically hidden eggs this year– I’m crazy impressed you’re finding them on your phone! I used my iPad 1/2 the time (in bed) and it was hard enough to keep my fingers from hiding the right margin. You must have great eyes & pattern recognition skills!

    Just BU Jewelry: I feel for you losing your dear pug! Love and comfort to you as you miss and mourn her. After the egg hunt finishes, you could try the addictive pastime of creating Fresh Picks on this site for further distraction…

  198. Egobrain
    Egobrain says:

    Lima Beads, I love your company and I love playing the Egg Hunt. This is my fifth faithful year.I always give back by buying products, first with my egg prize cash in and then again when I receive my $20 code in the mail after the drawing. I always spend more.
    But it breaks my heart to spend time putting together a piece of jewelry over six days, placing the items in my cart and then having them taken from my cart because someone wanted them and copped out of the game first. They were in my cart. Doesn’t seem right. I’m not resentful, I’ll get over it in a few minutes but it doesn’t seem right.

  199. No Photo
    Oleander Design says:

    Lima Beads…I have participated in the Egg Hunt for the past 6 years. Thank you for altering the way to choose prizes!
    With this said, I must communicate the horrendous issues I have encountered on the site: taking more than 5 minutes to scroll through a page and worse…took me more than 30 minutes to place my $750 order! Lima Beads’ site has never experienced these issues before during an Egg Hunt. I realize this event is phenomenal marketing tool for Lima Beads. However, after 5 years of Egg Hunts you must be aware of the server traffic it produces. There is no excuse for the site to be so slow when I am searching the site and especially when I am trying to place an order!
    Sure, I will continue to be a satisfied Lima Beads customer. However, please, prior to the 2017 Egg Hunt, prepare your servers. Thank you!

  200. No Photo
    A Schlapfer says:

    sigh stuck at 117…where to look now..starting over for i guess the 3rd time… :)

  201. No Photo
    Laurie H says:

    I am finally going to bed. I wasn’t able to start the hunt until Thursday afternoon this year and thought I was completely doomed. Listening to the trouble others have had though, I feel accomplished with my 100 eggs I’ve found in a day and a half. Now if only it wasn’t so addicting …

  202. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Drat! Computer problems. Something in the motherboard blew and I can’t get a new one until next week. It’s working on and off (mostly off), so I’m fearful of falling off the leaderboard. Sigh. Well, it’s still a blast and I won’t give up. When it works, I’ll be searching.

  203. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    The Lima Beads Easter Egg Hunt: “You don’t have to have OCD, but it helps!”

  204. jscatlovers
    jscatlovers says:

    I hate to think about how hard it was to hide all of these blasted eggs :) Some were downright devious, I have only found about 1/2, kudos to the top 10!! I remember when you had the golden eggs… So much on this site and so many tips, thanks for making another enjoyable year of adult egg hunting!!

  205. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m having trouble, too Y Buonamici.

    Between the lag and errors and my browser only rendering a quarter of what I click on the first try…I’m slowed way down, plus, now I have a ton of purple links that I didn’t actually see and no way to know which ones are which. The 9 million item restock they did in the middle of this, not to mention adding *whole new sections* isn’t exactly helping. If all this boots me off the top ten before it’s over…not a happy camper.
    *eyes cross*
    I will not be using Chrome for this anymore.
    And my email went unanswered. Not like them, really.

  206. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    You folks that are finding 200 eggs are making them up!!! 8O They don’t exist…….nope, just a figment of your imagination. ;-) :-D
    HOW are you doing it? I’m clicking on thousands of individual items….only 5 eggs in the last 36 hour. Sigh……

  207. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Everyone asks that at some point, it seems.

    Here is my theory on “egg deserts”: any one item, let’s say a bezel pendant or something, might appear on the site under three different headings or more: bezels and frames, tierra cast or nunn design, bezel pendants, supplies, etc.. If you spot it with an egg once under one of the headings, you might go through another, skipping that item since you did that one already, and think “why aren’t there any eggs here?” But if you’d done that second section first, you’d have found it there, but nothing in the other section. This is why there’s even more eggs this year, but really, if there are thousands (and thousands) of pages of you can see your odds, even with 300 eggs. People add up the prizes and grumble (ahem, and clearly they didn’t look up that bird), but it’s never been about that. It’s a labor of love. And sometimes tears and gnashing of teeth.

    And perhaps also voodoo doll. (When I find out who you are….)

  208. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    How the egg did my shopping cart get so full? This is ending up a very expensive egg hunt! At least it’s working out my share of OCD and ADD so I won’t have to worry about those tendencies for at least another 6 months.

  209. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    Does Lima Beads sponsor an EHA meeting after this? (egg-hunters-anonymous?)I’m going to need it — or I’ll be found poking at cartons in the egg department of Publix for the next week.

  210. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi everyone! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Michigan (albeit a little chilly). I wanted to address a couple of the recent questions.

    Regarding the speed of the hunt and the site, we hear you :) Every year, we try hard to prepare for all the extra traffic we get during the hunt. We consume ridiculous amounts of coffee, and lose sleep over it… and we still have troubles here and there. We’ve had a smoother, more responsive hunt than ever this year… but there are still times (like right around midnight) that are just plain too slow. We’re very sorry about that, and we’ll continue to try and make things speedy over the next day, and of course for next year.

    TickledDog: if you want to try and get to the top of the leaderboard, our motto is “leave no stone unturned” (except for the exceptions noted in the FAQs). That means you’ll have to check out each individual product to find all the eggs. But there are plenty of eggs elsewhere to get lots of the great prizes (including dozens available from within one click of the home page).

    Also, I wanted to send a special shout-out to Matt on our team, who actually did all of the egg-hiding this year. There were late nights involved, and lots of last-minute cramming to get all 300 of them hidden. A round of applause for Matt!

    Amen, diamonddustshoe, it’s a labor of love :)

  211. CAS
    CAS says:

    Just found the “diabolical” egg! Number 104 … of course I placed my order yesterday (when I was at 103 eggs). I had really stopped looking, and wanted to avoid the mad last minute scramble (pun intended) ;) … drats …

  212. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Thanks for getting back to me, Steve! I thought about it and figured for every question here, there must be 100 more in the ol’ inbox.

    And Matt, yay. His about page disappeared, I wasn’t sure if he was still around.

  213. Cheryl Black Tag Jewelry
    Cheryl Black Tag Jewelry says:

    Are the new goodies added on Thursdays included in the hunt?

  214. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I have never found that to be the case, especially since that means some eggs wouldn’t be available right away, and we’d all have to do a lot of backtracking… or worse, eggs would have to migrate to new spots. (Thank goodness they don’t!)

  215. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Mary – Sweet Chick: I’ve seen plenty of eggs that were figments of my imagination. But darnit, they always disappear when I go to click on them! I think all the scrolling through pages puts ghost images in the corners of your vision. Just another part of the Egg Hunt fun, I guess! You only really have to worry when you start seeing them away from a computer screen, though (I think!)

  216. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Random observation for the LB team (and this is only partially motivated by thoughts of next year’s hunt): under Clasps, Shop by Material, I really think you could eliminate the “All materials” break, because it basically duplicates the Shop by Style section (except the Shop by Style section includes additional filters under a few of the styles, e.g. size). Just something I noticed as I was giving every list page in that section another going over (hey, this looks REALLY familiar!).

  217. Lucky10505
    Lucky10505 says:

    I’ve spent so much time on this egghunt and find myself having trouble logging off. I think it would be neat to have a year round or periodic hunts using “hidden gems” with prizes ir coupon codes. To prevent internet problems and sleepless nights by avid hunters, notify subscribers only or have secret hunts.

  218. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    Has anyone else found that the more you search the more beads you find that are pretending to be eggs?

  219. No Photo
    Becky Ann says:

    I don’t really like the way the prizes are being done this year. Because you don’t know how many eggs you will eventually find until the end of the hunt and if you wait that long to claim your prizes a lot of them are gone already. Would be nice to have a way to claim them by putting them in your cart so they are yours but still be able to continue to hunt eggs until the end of the contest.

  220. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    WOW the site has really bogged down today! I am barely hanging on the leaderboard. Every time I go to give up, my husband encourages me. He’s awesome. LOL!
    What can I do to speed this up?! LOL

  221. No Photo
    Lynne A says:

    Tossing in the towel and cashing in my 101 eggs (and I THINK one of mine is that “diabolical” egg that folks are referencing. I did find an extremely odd and clever egg that surprised me, so it may have been it – and accidentally found it early in the search!) SO glad there were more eggs this year & that the hunt started early. Still difficult for those of us who are slaves to our day jobs, though. The only year I stayed on the leader board and got a gift certificate was the year I was at home in bed with the flu!
    Steve and Lima – thanks for the fun & kudos on such enjoyable marketing – as usual, I loaded up my cart with tons of new treasures the hunt revealed. But since I didn’t have $500 budget for jewelry supplies this month, I had to put some of it back to save for later! But they’re on my wish list!

  222. Mary Brady
    Mary Brady says:

    The Lima Beads team rocks! You are so diligent and patient. The hunt is always an adventure and next year when there are 3000 eggs, I might find 300. Kidding, kidding. Thank you all for doing the magic to make Easter Egg Hunt 2016 happen.

  223. No Photo
    J Nixon says:

    Can you only get 1 of each prize? We can’t get 2 on the 2 egg prizes?

  224. DianeY
    DianeY says:

    Trying to place my order and I can’t. I keep getting “fatal error” on my shopping bag. Grrrr!

  225. No Photo
    Lynne A says:

    Same thing happened with me, Diane – just keep refreshing (hit F5) & mine eventually went through!

  226. Egobrain
    Egobrain says:

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

    Three hours of error messages, yet here I am.

  227. eveblue71
    eveblue71 says:

    Trying to look at individual items but keep getting this error:

    Fatal error: Class ‘Product’ not found in /usr/www/lib/lava4/classes/LavaPdo.php on line 55

  228. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    I keep getting a “fatal error” message when I click on a bead. I have to try again as often as 10 times. Anyone else having this problem? Any remedy for it?

  229. L Tapp
    L Tapp says:

    Not allowing me to pick my prizes. Gives me an error.

  230. No Photo
    Lynne A says:

    When you get the error, hit F5 to refresh the screen — and yes, you may have to do it two or three times. There’s just too many people hunting for those sneaky eggs & the system’s getting bogged down with the traffic!

  231. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Looks like I’m not the only one getting “fatal error” messages. I feel like I’m stuck in 1st gear and can’t shift.

  232. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    I cashed in some of my eggs because there were a few prizes I really liked and didn’t want to lose out on. But I have lots of eggs left and am still looking. Does anyone know if I can do another “buy” and cash in more eggs with it tomorrow? I, too, wish we could get multiples (especially of some of the low-egg-cost prizes).

  233. DianeY
    DianeY says:

    Whew – finally was able to get my order through! Thank you Lynne, refreshing constantly (LOL) did the trick! :-)

  234. beadngirlee
    beadngirlee says:

    I am embarrased (plus I don’t think I can spell anymore)at how many eggs I’ve found. Now we’ve broken the internet again so who knows whats going to happen when we

  235. beadngirlee
    beadngirlee says:

    try to cash in :( . Does anyone know the exact time we have to cash in? I live in AZ so we never change times so I get confused.And thats not hard to do right now with our site all screwed up.

  236. No Photo
    L Wierzbicki says:

    I have the TV on in the background while I’m hunting. And the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg commercial keeps taunting me! I want to click on those eggs too!

  237. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Who fixed my “fatal error” problem? I’m back in high gear again. Thanks if someone from Lima fixed it.

  238. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all, we’re dealing with a little slowness… we hate it as much as you do :) We’re on it, and we’re hoping to be back to normal shortly…

  239. No Photo
    Susan Schroeder says:

    Can you get two of the same prize, so you can build a pair of earrings? I can’t and was wondering if there was a trick.
    Kudos to those on the Leaderboard. You all have some serious dedication!
    Thank you, Lima Beads, for another fun egg hunt!

  240. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Susan… The way we have it set up is to allow only 1 of each item in your cart (for free) when you order. We do this to try and make the gifts last for as many people as possible. :)

  241. No Photo
    Susan Schroeder says:

    Thanks, Steve! Happy Easter to all of you!

  242. No Photo
    Susan Schroeder says:

    Thanks, Steve! Happy Easter to all of you!

  243. No Photo
    NY Beader says:

    I have also been frustrated this year with the large black holes with no eggs. I have ended up on the leaderboard the last 3 years but I have never struggled as much as I have this year as far as going through so many categories with little or no eggs.

  244. No Photo
    L Wierzbicki says:

    Oh, oh. I just realized that I normally look at the pages in the A-Z sort mode & not the default popular sort. Is this why I’m not finding a lot of eggs?

  245. Here4theRide   Christine
    Here4theRide Christine says:

    NY Beaded…
    Maybe you need a different sport. I haven’t slept since I read your comment.

  246. Steve
    Steve says:

    L Wierzbicki: You don’t need to worry about changing the sort to a different method… it won’t affect the way eggs show up :)

  247. Steve
    Steve says:

    P.S. Happy Easter to everyone :)

  248. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    Thank you, Lima Beads, for another fun and frustrating Easter egg hunt this year! I found 97 and picked out my prizes a few minutes ago. I’m going to try a different strategy next year. God bless all of you egg hunters! :) Happy Easter everyone!

  249. No Photo
    L D says:

    I found no eggs Friday, did not even look Saturday, and likely too busy today so I think I am stuck at 101. I thought the hunt would be easier this year but my life was not! Looking forward to next year ✌️

  250. No Photo
    Lynne A says:

    I think the hunt is actually easier than in years past when we had to look at all the pop-up windows such as bigger view & size chart. The reason we’re having to search so long to find eggs is because of the sheer enormity of the site & all the fabulous goodies available! I gave up at just over 100 because I realized there was no way I’d wind up on the leaderboard without going bonkers :-) Thank you, Lima for another fun hunt & all the great prizes! You’ve outdone yourself! Again!

  251. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    I just want to give a shout out to those of you on the leader board. I thought myself to be pretty thorough this year and I am only near half! And an additional shout out to Lima Beads for finding some ingenious hiding spots because I don’t know where else to look. Lol!! I love this year’s changes :)

  252. M Rowe
    M Rowe says:

    Ack, I thought the hunt ended last night (well, actually at 2am this morning)! I’m thinking I must have missed those last 8 pesky eggs on pages I’ve already searched, because I don’t have any blue links left to click. :o

    Lima Beads, thanks so much for an event that I start looking forward to about a week after the current one ends. :) Happy Easter!

  253. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    And a hat tip to you, M Rowe, for kicking all of our butts. ;)

  254. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I managed to get onto the leaderboard but couldn’t crack the top ten, which is quite alright with me! Had an awesome time but now it is time to assimilate back into humanity again….hehehehe. Lima team, you outdid yourself again (and I didn’t think that was possible!) Can’t wait to see all of my new freebies! I will come back later to load my cart from the hundreds of items I put on my wish list. ;-)

  255. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    M Rowe, it’s hard for me to believe anyone is capable of finding all those eggs! I happily quit at 52! By the way, you referred to a blue link. What is that?

  256. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    Hi Steve.

    How in the world are there dozens of eggs within ONE click from the Home Page???

  257. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    I’m still on the leaderboard!!! :O I hope I can hang in there without hunting, could really use that gift certificate right now… Already ordered some stuff with my prizes!!

    I have to admit, I think this is ingenious.
    I’d like to put in a couple of things I noticed and recommendations though!
    I’ve noticed that there are some mistakes. The ones that stick out in my memory are polymer clay listed under ceramic sorting tabs.
    I also think that it would be beneficial for us as hunters and for the person doing the hiding if you split the eggs up. For fun and creativity’s sake! I love the ones that were hidden in clever spaces, but I imagine if just one person hid 300 eggs it probably got tedious, and they did the “Real life equivalent” of just throwing the eggs in the grass LOL.
    I saw some places (and showed them to my husband) where it would have been tricky or adorable to find an egg!
    I love hiding eggs though, and my family were always tough egg hiders… so I like the cute and fun ideas mixed with a few tough and sneaky ones hahaha.

    Anyway… great hunt, and I hope I can hang onto my spot for a little while longer…. Is anyone still hunting? I thought about it but I have a life outside of this computer screen LOL.

  258. HeatherD
    HeatherD says:

    Congrats to all!!! Such a fun hunt this year. I finally gave up after 122 eggs. M Rowe, very nice job, and to the top 100, well done. Thanks to Matt and Steve and the whole Lima team for such a fun way to find new items and give inspiration. Can’t wait until next year.

  259. M Rowe
    M Rowe says:

    Maggies Mom, the links to the individual items start out blue, then turn purple once you’ve clicked on them; when I see an item in blue, I know I haven’t clicked on it in any other category. HTH!

    Thanks diamonddustshoe; I didn’t think I’d catch up when you went zooming past me a few days ago! ;)

  260. No Photo
    Batya W says:

    That ended up being a lot of fun, an actually relaxing (except for a bit of time here and there when I hit those “black holes” sections). I’m all cashed in, bought some irresistible products along the way, have a long long long wish list going, and appreciate all the LB work that went into this. I’m somewhat of a new customer to Lima Beads and now I know what all products you offer, so I’ll be coming to the site to shop a lot more often (and to wheedle away at my Wish List). Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

  261. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Hah, I knew you’d catch me M Rowe.
    What I hadn’t planned on was my browser pulling fast ones and saying it loaded things it didn’t, on top of one day of hunting when I didn’t feel well (I know now that’s a no no)…and here I sit, retracing my steps. Whee.

  262. M Rowe
    M Rowe says:

    Yeah, I’m in the middle of a cold, and I just don’t have enough ambition to randomly click around looking for those last 8 eggs. It’s driving me a bit crazy, so I might have to go take a nap! ;)

  263. No Photo
    A Schlapfer says:

    didnt have as much time to hunt as i thought i would but i made it to 128..and while i’m not on the leader board i did get enough eggs to get the 5 items i really wanted from the prize offerings-thank lima beads happy easter!!!! :)

  264. Cat Bird Birdsong
    Cat Bird Birdsong says:

    Thank you so much Lima Beads team!! This hunt has been wonderful for my brain cells–especially since a few things changed. Looking forward to making some more purchases once things quiet down. May everyone there try and enjoy Easter even with the hunt still going. Take care. Bea Birdsong

  265. No Photo
    S Townsend says:

    Thank you for sponsoring this fun Easter Egg hunt!

  266. No Photo
    Jeni-from-Oz says:

    I loved the egg hunt this year. I was much more methodical than ever before, and even went through product pages, and I beat my personal record of 117 eggs by finding 221 (at last count)! I am thrilled. I learnt a lot for next year and have had a blast. So glad we didn’t have to search the pop-ups this year, that’s a modification that’s a real keeper Lima Beads. But I wasn’t too keen on the prize structure because it’s hard to know exactly when to place your order without losing prizes for any other eggs you find after buying. Just a thought. That said, I earned my darling piece of stalactite so I’m happy. A fabulous hunt Lima Beads, thank you for the fun, and the effort you put into hiding the eggs. Thanks for making my Easter fun again.

  267. April T
    April T says:

    UNCLE!!! That was fun (as always) and I really enjoyed seeing all of the cool new items that weren’t here last year, but now my eyes are burning, my house is wrecked, and I have to adult now. Thanks for having the hunt, I look forward to it every year!

  268. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    Thanks for a super fun hunt! Last year I searched for egg 100 for a day, and never found it, so it was depressing. This year I got over 150, and hours of entertainment on the bus. I definitely prefer the prize structure of previous years, but I will NEVER turn down free beads

  269. Julie Shane
    Julie Shane says:

    To the LB team: This was the BEST egg hunt so far! There were some REALLY CLEVER hiding places! They made me smile! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into hiding those little eggs. I know you are all enjoying our pain, but I love you anyway.
    To my fellow hunters: Way to go! I stayed in the top 10 ten until today. I ran out of teal links :( I double checked a few categories yesterday and found a handful that I had missed. No matter how carefully you search… there are always elusive eggs!!! That’s just part of the fun.
    Happy Easter to all. I’m sure our families will be happy to have us back.
    See you next year! <3 Julie

  270. No Photo
    Laurie H says:

    HELP!!! I am trying to order my prizes (as well as quite a few other items, of course), but like a number of others I am having trouble checking. Unlike the problems other egg hunters seem to be having, my issue is that the site doesn’t recognize me. I am logged in under my account (obviously since I have been hunting eggs), but when I am in the shopping bag and try to push the checkout button, it brings me to the “Sign into Your Account” page. It puts in my email and pw, but instantly brings up a popup that says “There was a problem signing you up. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience …” It locks up everything and won’t let me get any further. The same thing happened to me last year and I emailed LB, but I never got a response (not only during the tail end of the Egg Hunt, but in the days following). Any ideas as to what I should do???

  271. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Laurie H, I think it always prompts you to login when you begin checkout. Maybe try typing your password yourself, to make sure it is getting entered correctly? If that still doesn’t work, can you try it from a different browser? Maybe your currently browser is running into an issue with the security validation. Good luck!

  272. No Photo
    Laurie H says:

    Suzanne I, Thank you so much for your suggestion. I generally use Chrome with no problem, but when I went to LB through Explorer it let me check out with no problem. You were a lifesaver!

  273. No Photo
    Laurie H says:

    LB, I didn’t realize that you sell chameleon beads! LOL!

  274. No Photo
    Thea says:

    No “yolk” fellow hunters…I may have some egg on my face cuz I did not make it into the hen house, but I have cracked 100 eggs and that is just hip-pity hop-pity and jelly beans for me! I have o say that I was rooting for M Rowe to get those last 8 eggs…HAPPY EASTER LIMA BEADS AND ALL THE EGG HUNTERS…back to life LOL.. God Bless

  275. No Photo
    D Green says:

    Thanks so much to Lima Beads for putting the effort into the egg hunt. I almost wish we didn’t have to wait a full year until the next one!!!! Congrats to the leader board winners and whomever wins the grand prize!!

  276. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    Thank you SO much for not making us click th photos this year!!!!!!!
    I am trying to hang on to my spot on the leaderboard and am really appreciating that little change!!!

  277. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    I just want to cry!!!!! I have been so sick all week and as of now I am 11th with no way to get to top ten. I am spoiled and used to being in the drawing. There is always next year. :-)

    I loved the fact that there was 300 eggs. It was awesome not having to look at the “details”. It was nice to have an extra day to hunt.

    Like others I am not so sure about the prize structure, since you have to wait until the very end. One suggestion: include the coupon at like 50 or 75 eggs. Then at least you know you won’t run short on that prize!

    Thanks Lima for another great hunt!
    Congrats to the top ten!!!

  278. LadyDi
    LadyDi says:

    I got pushed off the leaderboard after making it there a couple times. Congrats to everyone who made it there, and double congrats to the top 10! Thanks to Limabeads for a fun egg hunt. Already looking forward to next year!

  279. No Photo
    Aida R says:

    I give up. My utmost admiration to all who got more than one hundred eggs. I got 62 and feel I have looked at every single page of the website. Congratulations to the top 10.

  280. Cindy Marie
    Cindy Marie says:

    Thanks, Limabeads! Your hard work made for a wonderfully fun egg hunt. I loved all the silly hiding places, and you are always so generous with the prizes. I cant wait to get my packages!

  281. No Photo
    S platt says:

    Thank you for having the egg hunt again this year, although it was frustrating and fun at the same time. I swear eggs popped up in places I had already looked. I would go hours and not find any eggs, and I did sections at a time, clicking every individual item, so why didn’t I find more than 56 eggs? I finally started refreshing the page or logging off and signing back in to see if that helped. It didn’t seem to help much. Anyway.. Hopefully there will be a Hunt next year.. Until then, thank you Lima Beads!! You’re Awesome

  282. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    Thank you so much Limabeads for another fun egg hunt and for the beautiful prizes.

  283. No Photo
    L D says:

    Steve, before the board is shut down after the contest ends can we share what we thought our “diabolical” egg was on the board? I would like to know if there were more diabolical ones than the one I found.

  284. FlowerleafStudio
    FlowerleafStudio says:

    Thanks for the egg hunt! (I am kinda still looking before I make a purchase tonight, even though I am FAR from getting back onto the leaderboard. You guys have cracked me up with the creative places the eggs were hid and I don’t even want to know how many pages I have clicked, much less the amount pf pages that all you who have found almost all the eggs have clicked! It has been fun and I wish I didn’t have a flea market coming up… I would have had more hunting time!

  285. No Photo
    1josh9 says:

    The eggs are laughing at me.

    Good: more eggs, not having to click on the pop-ups.

    Better: that sneaky little, cheeky bugger right THERE! DARN IT! I looked at him 3 times & still didn’t see it until I looked again. And that other one, over there!

    Priceless: that one, sneaky one, in the most obvious of places, where few rarely ever consider looking… And that other one, over there – where few look.

    Not so good – even with more eggs, I still had about 2/3 the eggs I did last year, and more time looking with a more focused search.

    The bad: Not crazy about the new prize structure. In order to “spend” my eggs, I had to get some things at the bottom of the list that I don’t particularly care for nor have much use for, just to spend the eggs. Maybe a one time trade-in, one egg for 2, so you can bump up one egg if you’re short…

    The ugly: I busted my butt, all week, despite family & church obligations (church 5 times this week), plus work, and my own disability challenges – I didn’t get my lovely 150 egg labradorite beads. I topped out at 106. I really wanted those beads :( Now I’m gonna go pout. At least in the old structure, I could have gotten a coupon to use on them.

    Seriously, lots of fun, hope you do it again next year.

  286. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    I went to bed at 12:05 (11:05 my time CST) and woke up to use the restroom. For some ungodly reason I decided to check the leaderboard and I have sunk to the bottom of the board? When I went to sleep there were four spaces between me and the bottom!!!!
    Alert! People are egg hunting after it ends!!!

  287. FlowerleafStudio
    FlowerleafStudio says:

    okay… my eyes hurt and I need to get sleep, BUT I did get to bag some pretty awesome freebies… so now I say over and out… and it would be cool to have an autumn version of one of these.. like…. long before Christmas season starts to get busy. We could search for turning leaves or something like that. I can understand the once a year thing though… I bet the programming for hiding all the eggs is not easy and very time consuming. Anyways… congratulations to all the leaderboard peoples and the top ten persons! You worked hard and search far and wide and now you your friends and family can see your faces again! ;-)

  288. FlowerleafStudio
    FlowerleafStudio says:

    *searched far and wide. (sheeeeesh)

  289. FlowerleafStudio
    FlowerleafStudio says:

    TheBeadMuseTx: The hunt ends at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time… there is still 20 minutes on the clock until the hunt ends. :-/

  290. No Photo
    L D says:

    When I left this morning I had 101 eggs and had not found one since Thursday. When I got back at 9pm I started hunting again and I got up to 116! The first prize I wanted was at 150 so I did not order any prizes but I wish I could have found all those eggs I found today on Friday … maybe I would have actually tried to hunt Saturday.

    Next year!

    I guess I will add my 2 cents – I also don’t like the new prize system. I always found something in the choices last year but I just use mineral beads and the only two I thought I could use at all were way at the top of the egg count. I don’t like to get things just to have them (I have enough unused beads sitting there) so I got nothing this year and missed out on my twizzler. But I would like to see one of those cool zombie charms I see every year next time as a prize – they make me laugh.

  291. No Photo
    Meredith M says:

    All that hunting and I could only find 84!! Oh well, it was fun! Plus, I can’t wait to get my order with my prizes…it’s also my first order ever (I couldn’t resist to buy a few things as well ;) )!

  292. AZChicBassist
    AZChicBassist says:

    164, my eyes, shoulders and clicking fingers need some rest!! Thank you for the fun LB, looking forward to receive my beads :)

    Now to go take care of days of neglected things!

  293. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    Congrats to those on the leaderboard. I didn’t make it this year ’cause my computer crashed when I was at 160 eggs – too sad. A friend loaned me an old laptop of his, but couldn’t tell what individual links I’d already clicked, so I topped out at 170. Still, got a few cool beads as prizes. I swear, next year I’m gonna shoot for top 10! See all you bead crazy folk then.

  294. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Another one bites the dust! Already looking forward to next year and very pleased to know Matt is still around! Thank you Lima Team for all of your hard work and dedication.
    Congratulations to all those who were persistent enough to make and maintain leader board status.

    My postmortem:
    My mind boggles when I remember how difficult it was to find 16 eggs. 300 is just not possible for me right now, therefore, I set “realistic, personal goals” and I ticked all the boxes this year. Yay! I try to make the leader board at least once,which I did early in the hunt. I cashed in on the freebees that were appealing to me. I found more eggs than last year.
    What I liked: knowing where NOT to look. The exclusions in the FAQ were helpful, however, the additional tips were sanity saving. (like not having to click the magnification or the pop up products.)
    I, too, miss the golden egg and the coupon. I never did find the golden egg and it was found so early that it was not the incentive it should have been. Maybe you could combine the golden egg(s) with the coupon, for example: Have 10 or 20 Deviled, Diabolical, Delights that can be redeemed for $1 off each?
    Goodness this is getting long, finally, could we, once again, have a breakdown on statistics, for example, were all the eggs found? if yes, was one found less that all the others and if so, where was it?
    Again, thank you!

  295. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I managed to hang on! *whew*

    Stuff I have learned this year:
    Being organized is worth the slower climb in numbers.
    If you feel sleepy or ill, stop until it passes, if you can.
    Try to do it in one shot such that you never backtrack–there is so much redundancy between sections that it’s nearly impossible to retrace your steps efficiently (at any other time, redundancy is helpful).
    Not having to click popups is AWESOME. One year I found an egg when I clicked “Add to wishlist,” so I was making seven or so clicks per item page on top of all else until now!

    CHROME. Not the best browser for the hunt. Some errors will occur that do not tell you if it’s you or the site. Did you know if you saved any images before or during from anywhere on the internet, and that little gray bar is across the bottom…it’s actually obscuring part of the page? Just one of the many hair pulling things you’ll encounter using this one. See also the person above who couldn’t even check out. (Fortunately, I didn’t run into that one.)

    The prizes had a lot of neat choices, but the numbers were weird, like 6 instead of 5 (I wanted that elephant!). Would be handy if the cart or prize page gave you a “this many left” or something. Have to say, I’m in the “really missing the coupon” camp, though.

    That said, okay, now that the hunt’s over, can someone tell me what *kind* of place a “diabolical” egg was hidden? I’m not sure if I had any of those or not, and I’m really curious. You don’t even have to be specific (probably better not to, even now), just what type of place?

    I can sleep now, right?

  296. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Thanks LB team for another insanely fun hunt! I want to echo some of the other comments: skipping popups was a WONDERFUL change! The extra day up front was awesome! Not complaining about free beads, and I do think you had some wonderful prizes out there, but I also preferred the old prize structure. I think it worked well to have one level of insanity needed to qualify for prizes, and another level of insanity if you wanted to stay on the leaderboard or try to find all the eggs.

    I came so close this year (was 17 short last year, only 11 this year), but I have no idea where the eggs I missed were hiding, as I, too, ran out of places to check. I did some rechecks Saturday evening and Sunday and didn’t turn up one darn egg.

    Finally, I would also love to know what some of the diabolical eggs were. I never think of the eggs I find as diabolical, though some of them are certainly tricky to spot, or in creative hiding places. So maybe the diabolical ones were in the 11 I didn’t see! I’ll only share some of my favorites if the LB team gives the OK, though.

    Thanks again!

  297. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I was just perusing a jewelry group on FB when I saw some vintage pink and green oval glass cabs someone was using in rings…and of course, I almost clicked them.

    So….where’s the rehab meeting being held?

  298. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Oddly enough, I used Chrome pretty much exclusively, and the only times I had problems where when the site was overwhelmed and EVERYONE was having problems. Fortunately, those didn’t last too long.

    diamonddustshoe, it won’t help you now, but the paragraph at the top of the prize list DID tell you how many eggs you had earned, how many you had spent so far on prizes in your cart (or already ordered), and how many you had left to spend.

    I kept thinking of egg personalities while I was hunting, so here are a few. See if any of them sound familiar to you. Some eggs hide with all the sophistication of a 3-year-old that thinks sticking his head under a blanket makes him invisible. Some are wallflowers at a dance, hanging out on the sidelines, drink in hand. Others aren’t sure they want to attend the dance, so they are just poking their head in to take a peek. Then there was the one like a child half-buried in a ball pit; there are bits of the right colors showing through, but plenty of other stuff in the way! The trickiest ones I found were usually tucked into a graphic, sitting on top of it, but with enough color around to make them hard to spot.

  299. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I actually never saw that counter. Interesting. It was okay because my brain wasn’t cooked so much it couldn’t do math. :D

    That’s my issue with Chrome. I’m on a Mac, and my version may not be the newest of either. Therefore, my planet may look really different from yours. No way to know. Chrome just leave blank spots on news pages and other sites when it doesn’t want to load something. I have no idea there was supposed to be something there until I pull it up in Firefox.
    The one worst error I had was tabs that didn’t load, but turned purple anyway. The did not clear with a refresh. You had to manually copy the url or click “Open URL” to get to open. It was okay as long as the links were still blue, but when they all turned purple, it started to get sticky with 20 tabs open. I figured out a method to keep me from closing the wrong window, but I’m sure it cost me an egg or five. No way to know if it was my browser, the connection, or the site. No error message, just a blank screen, randomly, and as often as every other tab.

    I love the egg personalities. The toughest one to spot for me was a spy who found himself a bed of camouflage.

  300. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Congratulations M Rowe for finding 292 eggs. That is awesome. Whether you win the grand prize or not, that some egg hunting you did.
    What an egg hunt. I finally had to quit about 1-1/2 hours before it finished. My eggs just couldn’t handle much more and I was too tuckered out. Thanks Lima Beads, it was another great Easter Egg Hunt (always something new, and I kept saying to myself “an egg should be put right there”, and I finally found 2 of those spots with an egg on them.
    I learned a few things this year. 1st: don’t hunt on your phone, you miss things that way. 2nd: if your computer gets sluggish and non-responsive, go away from it for 15 minutes or so. Guess it has to catch up. It seemed to help with response time and opening pages faster.
    I think my husband is thankful that it is now over.

  301. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    diamonddustshoe, that’s interesting, I definitely can’t comment on how Chrome handled tabs. My approach involves a lot of click-scroll(or page down)-backspace to go back a page, so I didn’t deal with tabs at all.

  302. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Oh that is funny. I just read my last post. My fingers can’t type straight. My “eyes” just could not handle much more (not my eggs). See, I haven’t fully recovered yet. Guess I can’t get away from seeing or thinking eggs. I could see eggs on pages if I closed my eyes.

  303. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    This could be a whole new machine by next year (eep!), so I guess we’ll see. I sure do burn out those Apple mice each time, though. :)

    See you at the rehab meeting, S Marlow. ;)

  304. No Photo
    Myriam V says:

    Thanks Lima Beads for holding the Easter Egg Hunt again this year! It really was fun, even though it will probably take me a week now to catch up on my sleep and house chores! LOL

    Congratulations to all who made the Leaderboard and more especially to the top ten! I still can’t believe I made it up there. Special congrats to M Rowe for finding 292 eggs! How did you do that? That is some very fine egg hunting skills you have :)

    I really like the new prize structure. Last year was my first hunt and I barely remember how the prizes worked. I understand though that there seems to be a certain number of people who didn’t like the new structure. I liked it ’cause it reduced my choices, helping me to decide more quickly what to order for the eggs I wanted to redeem. Here’s an idea for next year: Keep the new prize structure, but add some coupon options in the prizes. For instance, different coupon values. I think it would merge nicely with what I remember of last year’s prize structure and this year’s offering.

    I never saw the counter at the top of the prize list telling you how many eggs you had left to redeem. Maybe it was obvious, but it wasn’t obvious enough for me to notice it. No biggy though, I just relied on my trusty calculator and went about to redeem my eggs.

    Starting the hunt one day earlier was a really good idea, especially since there’s more ground to cover (more products to look at). I hope you keep that one for next year. I also hope you keep the “not having to click on popups”. That one was a real time and sanity saver!

    I know we can’t reveal egg locations, but I wish we could, now that the hunt is over. Some people mentioned finding diabolical eggs. I probably found a few of them, but I would call them more like “really, really tricky and very clever”. There is one I really would like to talk about. It was so very clever. I really, really liked it and felt very proud when I realized how that one worked. You guys at Lima Beads are really clever and do some good programming. :)

    diamonddustshoe: I’m on a Mac too and was using Firefox. Things went smoothly with it and when a page didn’t load, it kept the link available at the top of the tab and displayed an error message. All I had to do was reload the tab to see the content pop up. The only error message I saw was about a session lock or something, I can’t remember exactly (my brain is fried from lack of sleep). I guess that’s when the database was having problems with too many connections or something. Reloading the page worked.

    Whoa, my message is turning into a short novel! LOL Once again, thanks a million for the fun of the hunt! Awesome job on hiding the eggs and on keeping things running smoothly. I will be back for more next year! :)

  305. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I was glad for the extra day, too.

    I’m also glad I’m not the only one who never saw the counter; I thought I might have been a little *too* out of it!

    When the servers were slow, I did get the error messages, the can’t get a session, or line 55 errors. This was a third thing that seems to be special to me. Yay. :P

  306. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Should have mentioned this earlier: the egg counter was by no means obvious. It was embedded in sentences within a paragraph, so maybe separating that out either above or below the paragraph, with clear labels and big numbers would work better for next year. :)

    Just checked, and you can still see it on the prize page: http://www.limabeads.com/store.....rEggPrizes

  307. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I see it now. It looked just like any other static sentence at the time, and I’d scrolled to pick the prizes, I probably didn’t even see it change. It works backwards though, I wanted to know how many I had left instead of how many I’d used. :)

  308. No Photo
    Myriam V says:

    Yup, that’s way too much text/information for the “counter”. It should be straight forward: “You have xxx eggs left to redeem”, on one line, in a bold font or with some kind of emphasis to bring the eye to it. I never saw the information. I grabbed my calculator and went straight on to the prizes.

  309. M Rowe
    M Rowe says:

    Thanks to those who mentioned me in their comments. :) I think this was my fourth or fifth hunt, and every year I’ve learned a bit more; I would love to find all of the eggs just one time! ;)

  310. Mrs Borch
    Mrs Borch says:

    Thanks for another great hunt Lima Beads!

  311. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    M Rowe, I think I started a day late, and I was in awe of the battle up there! I think I made it to 45 at one point.
    This is honestly the first year I’ve EVER stayed on the leaderboard for this long. And to be on it for the $20 certificate just makes me giddy!! I felt like it was a day job. LOL.

    As for the prizes.. My husband had been looking at the leaderboard and thought it was weird that the person that finds the most eggs (or the first person to find them all) doesn’t get an exclusive prize and then a chance at the big gift card. I told him I thought that made more sense too, since I know that M Rowe worked hard to get all of those eggs, and that so many people were striving just as hard!

    I also agree that the way prizes were set up was a little odd. I think I prefer being able to have a coupon to use at the end of the hunt for certain egg numbers. I know for sure it would have helped with my order that I placed before the egg hunt ended!!

    That said, this was a lot of fun and I’m really glad that I was able to participate in it this year!!!! Here’s hoping I can do so again!!! Thank you Lima Beads team!!! Great job!!!

  312. TheBeadMuseTx
    TheBeadMuseTx says:

    And food for thought…. You can’t make everyone happy!!! haha. ^_^

  313. Mary Brady
    Mary Brady says:

    What a hunt! Someone mentioned there were diabolical eggs–I’d say 152–the ones I didn’t find. Thanks Lima Beads folks. Looking for Easter Eggs is a calming, spiritual experience perfect for the reflection and relaxation that makes for a good Easter–at least that’s the way it got when I no longer held the delusion I would make the leader board.

    Thanks again Lima. You’re the best.

  314. No Photo
    Jeni-from-Oz says:

    Congrats Everyone who made it to the Leaderboard, and you fabulous people who made the top ten. Kudos to you.

    A special thanks to NY Beader who kept inspiring me to keep going when he/she got a few more eggs than me. It seemed like we were in a mini race and it was fun. I’d get 2 eggs in front then go to bed then be back the next morning with you several in front of me. I just had to catch up. Thanks for the fun.

    With regards the prize structure: I found it odd that people who fought hard to find the large numbers of eggs could have ended up with only one prize. Okay, it was a goodie, but it was still only one prize for all that hard work. I preferred when we won eggs for each level of accomplishment. It gives a goal to aim for. I like that. It also gives those who find more, more prizes. I struggled to find 200 eggs to score my Stalactite so I got one prize for that, but nothing for the accomplishments along the way. I prefer the old prize structure which rewarded your progress not just your final number of eggs.

    Also I felt that as a person who works mainly in gemstone there were not enough gemstones available in the smaller level prizes.
    Not grumbling – I love that I won the very thing I wanted, but giving some honest feedback.

    I had the best time and I will now start looking forward to next years’ hunt.

    Thank you Lima Beads for a fantastic hunt.

  315. No Photo
    Minnie G says:

    This Egg Hunt is the most fun! I am amazed how many different beads are available on Lima. I look forward to this hunt every year! Thanks for the fun!

  316. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    Since it’s Tuesday & the hunt is long over, I’m going to give my version of a diabolical egg. For example: click metal beads; shop by metal; all the metal choices appear in a row at the top with arrows to scroll through back & forth. Well, I wouldn’t have usually scrolled through the different choices up there, for EACH page I was on, but found an egg when I did happen do scroll through the metal choices. Aaaarrrrggggh! So that was one more place to check on each page I was hunting on, assuming they had more choices than appeared on one page. Does that make any sense at all?? I’m not a computer person! Share your diabolical eggsperiences. Sorry…!

  317. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    It’s only fun if it’s three material/type scrolls over on the 27th page of the ALL section!

    Yeah….but I will take those eggs over the ones that used to be in the “hover zooms” on the cords and ribbons ANY day.

  318. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Yup, I think that counts as diabolical! I always look at the material/style/whatever scroll area at the top, and I found a few eggs there, but only on the scroll section I was logically on at the time! Those dastardly egg hunters! ;)

  319. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi everyone! We are beginning to send out information about the winners via e-mail… people on the leaderboard (including the grand prize winner) should have e-mails by tomorrow morning (Wednesday). We’ll update everyone with a site-wide message, as well as a new post here :)

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