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Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Posted by Steve on April 16 at 06:10 pm

The time has come for the 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! We’ve been egg-xtremely hard at work for the past few days hiding eggs all over the site for the past few days… and we hope you have fun again this year : ) Just like the previous hunt, we have over $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) And, there are tons of great prizes this year… Read more below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 300 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (April 1).

300 Eggs??!

That’s right, we hid 300 total eggs on our website (the same as last year). It seems like a lot, but it really helps cure those droughts between eggs.

The Prizes

Just like last year, we have a big pool of prizes, and you use your eggs as currency to pick and choose your prizes. For example, if you find 10 eggs, you can pick a couple prizes–for example, you could pick a prize that costs 3 eggs, another that costs 4 eggs, and one that costs a single egg (for a total of 10). The more eggs you find, the more prizes you’ll be eligible for! PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just like last year! Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

An Important Note for Long-Time Egg Hunters

Make sure to check out the FAQ on the hunt, where we post some details about where you will and won’t find eggs.

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $2.99 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

Read the comments

  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi, everyone! The 2019 hunt has begun! It’s our 11th year this year, but the most important rule is still the same: Have fun!

    There’s one change this year that I wanted to bring to your attention. There aren’t any eggs hidden under the Supplies, Artists & Brands, Deals, What’s Fresh, or Create & Learn menus. That means fewer pages to comb through… yay! :) This is explained in the FAQ on the Hunt page. Other than this, there aren’t any major changes this year.

    Good luck, everyone!

  2. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Quick question: does the “additional click to appear” include the “show all” link under “related products” when pages have them? Thanks.

  3. No Photo
    Kallie L says:

    If you go on a certain page and there is an arrow to go to the next page will there be any eggs there

  4. C Sax
    C Sax says:

    I found an egg that I can not click on because the zoom keeps blocking me from collecting the egg.

  5. RaggyDaggyDo
    RaggyDaggyDo says:

    I have the same problem as C Sax.

  6. Steve
    Steve says:

    C Sax: I just e-mailed you. We’ll get to the bottom of it :)

    Kallie L: Yes, it is possible that “next” pages will have eggs on them. One exception (as noted in the FAQ) is that you will NOT have to click on “view all” links (see the FAQ for a screenshot of what I’m referring to).

  7. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Is that a “yes” for mine, as in no eggs in “show all” then? ;) (I hope.)

  8. Steve
    Steve says:

    diamonddustshoe: oops, didn’t see your comment! Sorry! That is correct, no “view all” there, either.

  9. Steve
    Steve says:

    Alright… that pesky egg getting affected by the zoom should be fixed now!

  10. No Photo
    Nicolien A says:

    Hi, I still am searching for eggs. Maybe you can give a tip how they look like? I feel a bit stupid for asking, but I have been searching your site this morning at 7 oclock (Eurpean time) for 30 minutes, and this afternoon the same, but I did not see 1 egg! What do I do wrong? :) Are they small? Big? Is it a picture or a text? Is there an example somewhere? Sorry, feel a bit stupid, but thanks for giving me an answer.

  11. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Nicolien A! Glad to have you on the hunt this year. Eggs are always pictures (no text). In terms of size, I would say they are usually 1-2cm. Some are bigger, some are smaller.

    Hunting for eggs take a lot of patience and persistence (probably more than I personally have)! There are some people that spend hours and hours (or more!) to try and find as many as possible. Others like to find 10 or 20, claim a gift, and call it a day :)

    Lastly, make sure that you are logged into your account when you are looking for eggs. I am guessing you are logged in already, since you posted this comment. But I wanted to mention it.

    Good luck!

  12. No Photo
    Sashae says:

    Is anyone else having a technical issue under gemstones “by stone”? When I hit the back key, I lose the category of the stone i’m searching, and it returns to all stones again. Thanks

  13. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Sashae: Yes, that “back” button can be annoying sometimes. I know a lot of our hunters will use tabs to help manage this (right click > open in new tab). Maybe this might help cure your back button blues!

  14. No Photo
    Sashae says:

    Thanks Steve!

  15. B Sepulvado
    B Sepulvado says:

    Anyone having problems finding eggs with their phones? I found quite a few when searching with my computer, but nothing so far when using my phone. I’m not using the simplified mobile version of the web either.

  16. M Werner
    M Werner says:

    Some of,the pages have lists of categories at the top. Like this one https://www.limabeads.com/Gold-Beads-C6348?filter=4977

    The vast majority of them don’t move when you click on the category. But the page Above and one before this (that I ignored) have the categories move around as you click on them. For example, if I click on “Fancy“, Fancy shifts to to the second position in the first column, moving other categories around also.

    This is annoying for egg chasing, but I would also find it annoying while shopping. Why does this page act differently than other similar pages?

    Thanks! Love the egg Hunt!

  17. Steve
    Steve says:

    B Sepulvado: Long-time hunters (and us here at Lima HQ) prefer hunting with a desktop/laptop mostly because of the size difference–eggs are much easier to pick out on a bigger screen. It also seems to be a lot faster to navigate through with a mouse or trackpad. Our website is the same on phones, iPads, and desktops/laptops, though… So eggs will appear on all devices.

    M Werner: We haven’t noticed this behavior before on our end… thanks for letting us know! We’ll take a look!

  18. No Photo
    N Overmier says:

    I found an egg that I have not yet found but it won’t let me click on it to retrieve it (on my phone). I want that egg!

  19. Steve
    Steve says:

    N Overmier: I’ll send you an e-mail and we can figure it out!

  20. No Photo
    espinoza01 says:

    I’ve been online for over 2 hours and have only located 24 eggs. I was expecting this to be an easier process….

  21. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    I’ve been hunting 5 hours so far today and have found 4 eggs. In 1 hour last night, I found 9 eggs. Steve, I think you’ve deleted a few eggs over night or else the egg fairy did! LOL!!

  22. No Photo
    Kallie L says:

    Ok thanks

  23. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    FYI. This page is having a bad 404 day: https://www.limabeads.com/Dendritic-Green-Jade-C11792

    The product detail pages for the ones that show up in the drop down on the Gemstones by Stone page appear, but not the list of all stones for this particular type.

  24. No Photo
    angkaye says:

    Any chance you can say whether there are eggs hidden on individual item’s page (rather than just the lists of items pages)?

  25. No Photo
    Kallie L says:

    Will there be any eggs in side of the product screen thing

  26. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    How are there 300 eggs hidden haha. I think I’ve visited every page at this point, whew. I’m using my phone, are there eggs too small to see? So far I’ve found 54 and I want morrrrre.

  27. Steve
    Steve says:

    Pam: Haha, I haven’t stolen any eggs yet… I wait until Friday to start doing that ;) LOL, kidding of course.

    lm_atkinson: Thanks for the heads up, we’ll get that fixed this evening!

    Angkaye: Yes, there are eggs hidden on individual product pages. We realize that’s a lot of hunting if you want to stay on top of the leaderboard! But keep in mind that you can still find lots of eggs and get great prizes without ever going to a product page.

    R Lazara: There are a few sneaky small eggs, but the vast majority of the eggs are “normal” size like the ones you’ve been finding.

    Keep it up everyone, the numbers are looking good so far!

  28. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    Aaarrrggh! I have an ongoing migraine that’s slowing me down! We traveled to New Orleans today & I thought I’d have 6-7 hours to hunt. But I had to close my eyes & relax!
    Diamonddustshoe, where are you?! Some of our “regular “ leaders aren’t here

  29. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m here. When you do the methodical thing, you don’t get onto the leaderboard right away. Slow and steady. ;)

  30. No Photo
    R Fulton says:

    Are the coupons for the week gone?! I don’t see them

  31. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    R Fulton: the coupons they started on Sunday were only good through Monday, so yes, those are gone.

  32. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    Great to see you, DDS! I’m trying the same strategy. I feel a bit better so far…gotta catch up

  33. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    :D I’m a wee bit slower than usual this year for health reasons, but I’ll get there.

  34. No Photo
    L D says:

    I gave up for several years because I can’t compete with women who just stay at home all day. But I decided to give it a try this year. When I started the leader had 131 eggs and I had 20. Now I have 29 eggs and the leader has over 215. They know something I don’t (as well as them not working, sleeping, or moving from their chair).

  35. No Photo
    J Wiebe says:

    When a product page show “related items” would there be any eggs hidden under the “show all 30 items” link?

  36. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Managed to get on to the leaderboard for a short time last night, have since fallen off with only 92 eggs found. (Like DDS, after years of participating in these hunts, I’ve found that being methodical – so that I’m not double and triple clicking on the same pages – works best for me.)

    I do have a couple of questions for Steve, however, regarding getting to lists of products in different ways. (I have tried to word my questions in a way that does not give any hints about where eggs may be hidden…)

    For instance, if I go to Gemstone Beads, I can search by sub-categories, such as stone, shape or color. Say I choose “Shop by Stone” and click on the circle showing “African Turquoise”. Immediately, an expanded view with a description of the stone and number of different African Turquoise beads (in different shapes/sizes) appears underneath the circle. If I scroll down the page, under the last African Turquoise bead is a link (“See all African Turquoise >>”). I click this link, and it brings me to a listing of ALL the African Turquoise beads that Lima Beads offers.

    Then, I go back to the main Gemstone Beads page, and choose “Shop by Shape” and click on “Round”. A main page appears (“Shop Gemstone Rounds”), except this one has multiple selection criteria: a horizontal scrollbar at the top with the various shapes available, links that allow you to select a specific size of rounds, and pictures (similar page to the “Shop by Stone” main page) that allow you to choose rounds by gemstone. If click on the circle showing “African Turquoise”, an expanded view with a description of the stone and number of different African Turquoise beads (in round shapes only) appears underneath the circle. If I scroll down, under the last African Turquoise round bead is a link (“See all African Turquoise >>”). I click this link, and it brings me to a listing of ALL the African Turquoise beads that Lima Beads offers.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Does the ” See all African Turquoise >>” bring me to the same destination in both cases, regardless of whether I start from the Shop by Stone or Shop Gemstone Rounds page? (I suspect it does, as my links are purpled out for African Turquoise in both the Shop by Stone and Shop Gemstone Rounds main pages once I’ve gone to the “See all” page.)

    2. On the Shop Gemstone Rounds, when I expand to show the African Turquoise rounds, does this change/refresh anything else on the page (the shape scrollbar, for instance), or do all the other elements on the page remain static? (I guess the question I’m asking is if each time I expand a selection – by gemstone in this case, is everything on this page considered “new” for the purposes of the egg hunt?)

    3. In many of the horizontal scrollbars (similar to the shape selection scrollbar), I’ve noticed that when I scroll to the right and the last option is displayed (in the “Shop Gemstone Rounds” scrollbar, the last option is “Tube/Barrel”), I can still hit the right arrow key, and this moves the selection over by one item, and adds an additional blank space. Is this last blank space something I need to consider checking every time I’m using a scrollbar of this nature?

    Please advise, thank you!


  37. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    LD – I think that you just need to have a strategy and be methodical when you’re hunting for eggs, especially if you have limited time. I work full time in Boston, and use my commuting time on the train, lunch hour and evenings to hunt – I’m at 92 eggs, and I’ve maybe spent 5-6 hours in total over the past few days searching. I expect to be able to spend more time tomorrow, which is a holiday for my firm. I don’t anticipate being on the leaderboard with 250 eggs at the end of this competition, but at the same time, I think that a lot us who have been involved in these egg hunts since the beginning have evolved a method that works for us when searching for eggs. And even if you’re not on the leaderboard, you still qualify for great prizes.

  38. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    B Miller, the answer to number one involves two of the most important rules I have for hunting. Number one thing I do before I start is clear my cache so all the links show unvisited. This is the only way to know where you’ve been. The second part is not to jump around within a section, no matter how badly you want to, or you can lose where you are quickly. That said. I worked gemstones “by stone”, by opening each name in a new tab, and when I came across those shape and size menus you mention later, the links were showing already visited. Hope that helps.

    And I’m fairly certain the answer to number 2 is no, or we’d never get off that page, like, ever… :)

    I haven’t experienced number three yet, but I always search those scroll bars relentlessly anyway.

  39. Steve
    Steve says:

    J Wiebe: No, you don’t need to click those links to reveal additional products.

    Betsy: For your first question, you are correct that there is a single Amazonite page, even though you can access it 2 different ways. The purple link is your clue here. In other words, you only need to visit those pages once.

    For your second question: No, you don’t need to look over the entire page again after expanding / contracting a section like this. That would be too cruel :)

    For your third question: No, you don’t need to worry about that additional space.

    Hope this helps! Keep up the good work everyone.

  40. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Thanks, Steve (and DiamondDustShoe!) for the answers!


  41. No Photo
    M Blackmoor says:

    Okay, I must be blind. I’ve been through every single category (bead, findings, chain, etc.), by shape, size, color, scrolled through every page, click on the next pages and so far only found 85. What am I doing wrong?

  42. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    PLEASE go back to the old way of doing Gemstones. This new section sucks–it is so difficult and time consuming to navigate. Sigh and boo hoo Didn’t like it when it first came out, and still don’t. Other than that, this is a great egg hunt.

  43. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    Hi! This is fun! Can there be more than one egg on a page? Thanks!

  44. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Elaine I swore I found 2 eggs on the same page once so far

  45. Egobrain
    Egobrain says:

    L D said, “They know something I don’t.”

    Ya, something like that. Those of us who’ve been playing for years and years just keep pretending we don’t see the elephant in the room. And I’ll continue to keep my fat mouth shut unless someone double dog dares me to speak up.

  46. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Hi Steve –

    Ever thought of hiding candy canes or ornaments on the site around the December holidays? I look forward to this hunt every year! I know it’s a ton of work for the Lima Beads crew, but perhaps something to consider?

    Betsy (who just started hunting again and keeps having to remind herself to BLINK periodically!)

  47. No Photo
    Jamie L says:

    in the Toho by color code some of the codes are listed 2 times. Do you have to go into the duplicates?

  48. annabellebs13
    annabellebs13 says:

    I am currently looking in the Gemstones. Once I have found an egg in say the Amazonite section could there be more in that section and should i keep going?

  49. No Photo
    A Schlapfer says:

    im getting frustrsted,ive done this hunt numerous times. but this year, i am getting nowhere fast. im stalled at 46 eggs. i know its probably just me not finding the eggs, but im sesarching from a kindle fire, is there any issues using kindle that i need to be aware of?

  50. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    I’ve scoured the site and I’m at 85! I really want to get on the leaderboard. I noticed the header is a place to look, should I be hunting in the footer too?

  51. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    LD: I

  52. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    LD: I double-dog dare you lol

  53. No Photo
    L D says:

    I have a question – are the same people on the leaderboard every single year?

  54. tomasina
    tomasina says:

    A few comments:
    1) I have worked at this until fell over and now see I’m off the leaderboard yet again – bah! Guess I’ll be doing the White Queen number til the contest is over! But I am so impressed by the folks who are succeeding, even if it’s just barely! This is a desert marathon for sure!!
    2) Even more impressed by the levels of skill & creativity I see on “What’s Fresh!” There’s a standard of “professional” which has little to do with whether folks get paid for their work, and I often see it here. I watch folks pick up someone else’s concept, give it a twist, and wow! Yet another masterpiece.

  55. No Photo
    Jodie B says:

    HELP! My baby has been hunting eggs on this site with me since she was six, she looks forward to us competing against each other every year. She had 74 eggs and the system logged her out and she got back in but her eggs are gone! Shes 11 and her heart is broken. We have a screenshot of her email and her eggs found number from the last time she sent me a nanny booboo text. Can you help us get her account set back right?

  56. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    Oh, I meant Christie – I double-dog dare *you* :)

  57. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    Oh, I meant to double-dog dare Christie haha

  58. Steve
    Steve says:

    M Blackmoor: It sounds like a lot of eggs you haven’t found are on the individual product pages. Yes, that’s a lot of clicking a searching :) The people who try to stay on the leaderboard will leave no stone unturned (including going to thousands of product pages). Others just want to cash in their eggs and regain sanity :)

    Elaine: We don’t have a rule against putting more than one egg on a page. So, to answer your question, yes it is possible. However, I can tell you that over the years it has been a very rare occurrence, so don’t sweat it!

    Betsy: Great suggestion. We’ve had similar thoughts around other holidays. But I have to be honest, I am personally glad we only do one hunt per year! Like you mention, there’s a lot that goes into it. I’m not sure our crew would show up for work if there was a second hunt, haha :)

    annabellebs13: Technically, yes there could be others. And as we always say, if you’re trying to end up on the leaderboard at the end of the hunt, then leave no stone unturned. Personally, I would be cashing out my eggs before my eyes got crossed, so I don’t blame you if you end up skipping the rest of the section.

    A Schlapfer: We’re not aware of any kindle issues. But sometimes with smaller screens, those eggs can be tough to catch. Keep hunting, they’re out there!

    L D: Lots of familiar names, but we see lots of new ones every year also!

    tomasina: I agree, the talent is off the charts! (And you probably know this, but I thought I would mention that there aren’t any eggs under the What’s Fresh menu… just in case you missed our note about that!)

    Jodie B: I’ll send you an email, we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of it.

  59. panny231
    panny231 says:

    This is my first year hunting eggs at Lima Beads and I must say I am having a blast!! It is fun for me to keep seeking and of course, finding. I don’t know if I will make it to the leader board, but I am giving it everything I have. Thanks for a fun event.

  60. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    I didn’t realize we needed to drill down to the individual pages! I thought that level qualified as “additional photos” LOL. So I’m happy now with my 91 eggs and I’m about to check out now with some lovely Czech glass dragonfly beads that I had my eye on. Now I just have eye strain hah

  61. RobynL
    RobynL says:

    Yes, pakaz45 so fun! It’s my first year too.

  62. No Photo
    L D says:

    I had a productive 2 hours – went from 29 to 60. My secret? Obviously some sections have a lot more eggs than others! I started with a section that had very few eggs apparently.

  63. tomasina
    tomasina says:

    Thanks, Steve, for the “in case” – I did know it, but can’t stay away from “Fresh” for too long – it’s such a good source of cross-fertilization of ideas!

  64. No Photo
    C Wiegner says:

    My first time at this, and I’m discouraged at 25 eggs in several hours since it started. It’s even more depressing looking at the leaderboard and really can’t wrap my migraines around the ones who are almost at 300 already. I’ve read all of the advice and not getting anywhere. Ready to give up. :(

  65. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    In TOHO there is a shop by name or code option and I’m wondering if eggs are hidden within that area if each one has to be clicked?

  66. Egobrain
    Egobrain says:

    I love this game, its a tradition for me and I’ll come back every year to play.I’ll grab my prize early in it and call it quits with me happy.
    I will not bring an army into this game to help me find eggs and get me at lightening speed into the top 10. No ones Click, Scroll, Click moves that fast. China’s 5G can move that fast but the human brain and finger cannot.Yep Ladies up there, I’m calling you out. Is it a rule you can’t have kids, grandkids, husbands, friends help? Don’t think so but what we call it down here is cheating. You’re not giving everyone else a fair shot.
    Which leads me to multiple accounts. I’m calling you ladies out again. Every year I take pictures with my phone of the antics you Top 10 players pull. Once an hour…try it folks, your eyes will open. Watch how unnaturally fast they work and move up the ranks. No egg deserts for them. Or on Day 5, for example, after you’ve played and gone half crazy searching for eggs and have yourself up pretty high on that leaderboard, watch a new Name appear in last place. Go to bed and wake up to that Name in the Top 10. How how does that happen? Those ladies up there who come back year after year, often changing screen names to take the attention off themselves, are NOT going to lose a shot at that grand prize. And I’m calling them out again. Is there a rule you can’t have multiple accounts? Don’t think so. But its cheating. And its frustrating for us watchers and tempts us to cheat, too. But don’t. We know who’s watching us, especially on this Holy Week.
    I’m really going out here now and saying I suspect there’s only 1-3, 3 at most, players in that Top 10. It happens on the internet everywhere, why not here?
    If you play fairly, you will never make Top 10. But you’ll have fun playing for you and those prizes. Finding eggs is a thrill and I won’t stop coming back. But I won’t lose sleep over it anymore. Take screenshots. Of course, now they’ve been outed and are in panic mode and will play fair. Until day 7.

  67. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    Steve, Kevin & Lima management:
    Call me naive but it never occurred to me that cheating might be going on. I think you should address this issue since it has been raised.
    On the other hand, I only play for the fun of it. I get frustrated when I read whiny comments. I envision people stamping their foot with their lower lip stuck way out. Grow up people. This is for our fun & Lima is being very generous to offer nice prizes for finding computer eggs. I just hope they don’t discontinue all their fun activities to avoid all this drama.
    That’s all I have to say. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

  68. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Christie I completely agree that its frustrating and unfair if indeed people are doing that …..I dont mind you calling it out because I always wondered how it was done too ….Every year i try to beat my score the year before …. I promise you on my end its just me I am childless and hubby sure as heck wouldnt help me search a bead site …I promise there is no “army “where i am concerned and Ive had to fight like heck to stay on the board …like I said I honestly wondered how it was done too so ….I will be honest that i got sucked in this year and decided to put work off ( i do work for myself )so to try to make it up there as fast as I could I havent slept much , eaten , or done any housework and if i dont bathe soon i will smell like your” elephant in the room ” I tried doing it from a phone this year and i was able to scroll so much faster but the eggs seemed smaller ….I am ready to give up now because my hands and neck are killing me and i need to get sleep …. i wanted to see if i could actually do it …i did beat my last years score so I am happy but I cant keep up anymore …. so i assure you it can be done with one person but its extremely hard and you cant do anything else at all but go to the bathroom ….by the time its over i wont be in the top 10 I never am ….and thats okay the game is still fun , addictive and you can get great prizes …. i look forward to this so much every year…maybe they need to eliminate the top 10 prize honestly

  69. Kathryn R
    Kathryn R says:

    Wow, Cristie. I’m a newbie this year, and never in 1000 years did I think this stuff happens! Oh well, such is life when $$$ is involved I guess. I started yesterday and spent 4 hours scouring each page and only found 12. I searched before reading Steve’s tips about new products, findings, etc. and feel really stupid. I also have been searching “out of stock” products because that category wasn’t mentioned. Oh well, I’ll give it another shot today then give up.

  70. No Photo
    J Wiebe says:

    In my opinion, if they have people who are willing to help them and that is their strategy then good for them. It’s not cheating if you ask me. I usually give up by now but because I have a few days off I am going in a very methodical manner this year and am determined to find at least 200. Some areas have very few eggs and other areas are jackpots. If it’s not fun for you don’t play it and if people are cheating somehow then just beat them. :)

  71. Egobrain
    Egobrain says:

    I agree Moogie, whiney comments are dull. I’m not whining, I’m stating fact. Someone opened the door a crack for this stuff to come out. I’ve been playing 8 years and some things are way too obvious. I said I will not quit coming back every year and I can’t wait for next year. And I’m not sure Lima Beads can do a thing about this issue, so its my decision to play or not. I choose now to play but play with eyes open.
    My third year, I begged my son to help. I could see what was going on by then and to level the field I asked for help. And he spent around 3 hours helping me in the dreaded seed beads. With his help, I added 20 eggs on the last day. The next year I came to him and said, “Son, will y….” He adamantly said No. I begged. I bribed. I threatened with no dinner. He said no. He said its cheating. Imagine how it feels for a mother to hear those words from her kid.
    This is all I’ll say. Just watch. But have fun finding eggs for you. Get a prize or two. This is a highlight of the year, playing this game. See ya next Easter!

  72. No Photo
    J price-vandyke says:

    Will an egg show up on the bigger picture but not on the regular product page?

  73. CzechChickJewelry
    CzechChickJewelry says:

    The rules say there won’t be any eggs on the “all” pages, but I’ve found a couple!

  74. Tana
    Tana says:

    My phone is prbly 10 yrs old but I found 69 eggs. I have to use the left side menu and scroll each page. Too slow to open each item.

    Kimberly, every day I was saying “go Kimberly, go!!!”

  75. No Photo
    L D says:

    I have to say I used to really be into this egg hunt – until Pokemon Go came around and then I got addicted to that and had no time for this egg hunt. I would rather walk around at a local park to find Pokemon (imagine this egg hunt every single day of the year) than sit in this chair all day on a computer looking for eggs.

    But as luck would have it this year I got sick on Wednesday. So I can’t go to my local park or work and have more time to sit around on my a** and do nothing :)

  76. No Photo
    L D says:

    Oh and maybe some of these people have help – but from the first time I have done this hunt I have thought there must be a way to have a program systematically go through every page to find the eggs. Maybe a few people have figured out how.

  77. No Photo
    MaryBethL says:

    Cristie – I’m with you. I have been enjoying the egg hunt for a few years now and look forward to playing for years to come, But I know that the Top 10 is a pipedream Last year, I was between jobs and spent an incredible amount of hours trying to get to the top ten. I am single & childless so it was all me, but by the last couple of days, I was working a laptop, tablet and phone simultaneously. As Kimberly said, not a lot of eating, bathing or sleeping went on that week. I got close to the top 10 before I nearly collapsed at 3:OO AM Monday (I’m on the East Coast). So close but…
    I was wishing I had someone I could recruit to help me – I don’t have a big problem with someone who is able to recruit a couple of friends or family members to help out – but it would truly take an army to match the speed of some of these “contestants”. I have come to the conclusion that a couple of those top 10ers can read the website’s code to find the eggs (just looked out my office window across Boston harbor and the Charles towards Cambridge – I wish I knew some of those MIT geeks, hmm – but I digress). This year, 45 minutes after Kevin’s email went out, I logged on to start the hunt – and someone already had 118 eggs???? That’s just not possible without a virtual army hunting on one account. So yes, I agree that cheating is going on and I wish that they wouldn’t limit the drawing to those bots in the top ten.
    I am a fairly competitive person and, therefore, hate a rigged game. But I do love this hunt and will get little sleep this weekend. My goal now is the prize(s)that I covet the most. Unfortunately, we just have to accept the fact that there are a few folks who will only play when they can cheat and then the rest of us should just go and have fun.

  78. Tana
    Tana says:

    I wanted to sit around on my a.. And watch GoT this Sunday with my daughter. All my equipment is too old and dishnet is still in dispute w/HBO so to try take my mind off it I’m searching for eggs (have few things in “my bag” to ready for this years local booths and flea markets ect)

    Hope you feel better soon L D
    Break up is almost over up here in Alaska, missing the beach bad so I can relate… Don’t even mention that Pokemon to my grandson! :)

  79. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:


    I have done this every year, and I know that there are factors that effect how quickly you will reach the top, to include where you start, how you hunt, where you live, how much time you have, how fast you can move, how good your internet is, how little you sleep, etc…

    Accuse me of having no life, that’s fine, I’m not able to work, but I guarantee you it’s just me. This is one of the few times a disadvantage ever gave me an advantage anywhere. :/

    That said, this is the first year I have ever raised an eyebrow hard, and only at one person, and perhaps they are on the other side of the globe, so they’re awake when I’m asleep… no way I can know, so I just put my nose down and work.

    What I do know? Each egg you get has a timestamp and several other pieces of data attached to it that tells Steve exactly who, where, and when. Your login can’t be in two places at once, and you can’t magically know where to click in order 2 minutes apart. If there’s monkey business, it’s recorded. Right? They know.

    Sooo…maybe it should be stated clearly in the rules if it’s one person one login one hunter one IP, etc.. Seems like that would be obvious, but maybe it’s not.

  80. Tana
    Tana says:

    J price, search top to bottom, side to side even if you started your hunt on the home page. That’s what I do, anyways

  81. Tana
    Tana says:

    Go diamonddustshoe go!!!! :)

  82. Steve
    Steve says:

    S Shook: Yes, it’s possible that you would find eggs by clicking on the individual names/colors in that section.

    Cristie and others: The possibility of cheating is definitely something we have been aware of since the very first hunt back in 2009. Over the years, we have taken many steps to prevent bots from hijacking the hunt. We also have information about when and where every single egg is found, and we audit the activity to look for patterns that could be “unfair play”. If any action needs to be taken, we’ll do so. We take this very seriously! Most importantly, our hope is that everyone can get a few smiles out of this, along with a few great prizes for your bead collection. We hope we’re achieving this!

    J price-vandyke: I am not sure if I know exactly what you mean. I’ll try and clarify. You do NOT need to click the “Bigger/enlarge photo” to open up the little popup showing the enlarged photos. There won’t be any eggs hiding in those popups. But it IS possible that there will be eggs on the individual product pages (just not in those bigger image popups). I hope that helps explain!

    CzechChickStudio: Good point. I can clarify this. You can find all the eggs without ever going to a “view all” page. However, due to the way our website works, eggs that are available on the individual pages (like page 2 or page 5) will sometimes show up on the “view all” page in the same category. They are not new eggs–they are the same eggs just showing up in 2 places. Since you won’t ever find any new eggs this way, we say that you never will need to click on these links. Hope this helps explain! (And if you are thinking about skipping those individual pages and going straight to the view all pages to save time, be aware that it’s not possible to find all the eggs that way)

    Tana: Great job! You’re right, using a phone to hunt for eggs is tough, so we commend you!

  83. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Steve, can you shoot me a quick email, I have a question I can’t put here.

    Tana, :D thank you. I’ve been having seizures that got much worse at the start of the year and I’m egg-static that I was even *able* to hunt this year! So not letting anything spoil it. <3

  84. No Photo
    H Datta says:

    The generalization that everyone in the top 10 is a cheater is terrible. I have ONE account and have participated in this egg hunt several times in the past. I have never been close to showing up on the board. It has ALWAYS been fun for me and it was exciting to see people do so well. This year I was lucky to see the announcement e-mail within the first hour and I was able to devote over 2 entire days (with very little sleep). I was excited to get on the board and then make it to the top ten…only to see that I’m now being called a cheater, a person who “just” stays home and a person who doesn’t work…all of these are so offensive to me. Every bit of excitement I had is gone after seeing these comments and I wish I never would have put myself out there and tried. For those still hunting, don’t let my experience ruin yours. There is still plenty of time left and the eggs are just waiting for you to spot them. The only tips I can offer are what I did. I used google chrome as my browser on a computer and zoomed the pages in as far as I could with them still fitting on the screen. I would go to a product list and open each link to a product in a new tab and then scroll through each of those tabs looking for eggs. I found at least 1 page with more than 1 egg. Best of luck to everyone!

  85. Tara Vargas
    Tara Vargas says:

    Good luck to you H Datta! I’ve been doing this since 2009 I think. It is a fun way to view all of the items Lima Beads has to offer. It is challenging, but fun, and yes, when you look through the site after the hunt, you will still look for the eggs. Good luck to everyone who is hunting.

  86. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Thank you so much for piping up, H Datta. It always helps for everyone to see the “speed demons” are real people with just two hands like everyone else.

    And thank you for the heads up about the two on a page!

  87. Tana
    Tana says:

    Yes, last year I kept seeing that egg by Ali’s head!!!

    I found 2 more eggs!!! Right when I was gonna stop on my silly little old phone! Yay to my ol pho! :) 71 eggs. Now I’m craving some Easter candy! Those sickening sweet eggs mom put in our basket when I was lil girl and my new dress she’d sew smelled like Easter candy somehow

  88. Tana
    Tana says:

    Wow, Tara that’s so cool, 2009!!

  89. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Okay I finally showered and am slightly rested …thank you Tana and thank you so much to those who did support and understand that we weren’t cheating just because we pulled ahead quick and yes H seeing those comments when you know how hard it was to get there definitely takes the wind out of your sails :( I know you , L and I were pretty close all day yesterday so I can attest we were most certainy not cheating …now with that said if someone actually is cheating then they should be dealt with accordingly and its nice to know steve can track that …. I plan to eat a big meal …cash in my winnings because the prizes are amazing and have fun for the duration ….good luck everyone…my advise check the whole page top ,bottom , and sides… Diamond come on and catch up we are rooting for you and feel better soon :)

  90. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Oh and yes the alis head egg was soooo funny it got me so many times LOL

  91. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I just want to know how you guys did it! I think we’re in opposing time zones, I was asleep! :)

    Speaking of catching up, I better get off here and get back to those seed beads. Whee.

  92. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    I’m wondering that if I am looking at an individual item’s page, will an egg show up if I click “show all” in the related items section.

  93. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    For those that are feeling discouraged, I just want to say that there will be egg “deserts?” they can possibly hide eggs in every area when there are products in the 10s of thousands. Having said that…I did find over 100 eggs without going to individual pages yet. I plan to keep hunting until the end. WTG to those on the top of the leader board. It takes time, patience and dedication to do this. I hope to stay at least on the leader board. No back to the crazy HUGE seed bead section. Best of Luck everyone!!

  94. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Sharon, Steve told us we’re good to skip those (YAY!)

    They are there, but the good news is, the “egg deserts” are fewer and smaller this year. :)

  95. No Photo
    H Coxon says:

    I’m feeling stupid. Been hunting for about 10 hours at this point, and I’ve found a lot of “low-hanging fruit “, but I have found not one single egg on an individual product page. Statistically I should surely have stumbled across something by now. What am I missing?

  96. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    Finally passed 100!

  97. tomasina
    tomasina says:


  98. No Photo
    BeachyChic says:

    I have tried this the last two years and I find only 26 eggs. That is where I am now and last year I said I wasn’t doing this again. Here I am. It is a bit frustrating and not easy. For those on the leader board… good work! (I’m not doing this next year.)

  99. No Photo
    C Wiegner says:

    I’m sorry that my take on this came off whiney. I spent a couple more hours hunting one by one and ended up in the desert. I take breaks and play the Bead Machine for a while and periodically coming across products I hadn’t seen before, adding a little more to my cart. I appreciate the words of encouragement more than the ones who make us feel like we shouldn’t play. I’m getting a lot of ideas for pieces to make as I go, as I’ve been in a slump for a couple of months. So on that note, I will ignore the rude or offensive and keep scrolling, clicking, and hope we can all enjoy some part of this weekend.

  100. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    I know that in the FAQ it states that there are no eggs hidden in the menus under “Artists & Brands”, but I am wondering if eggs are hidden in the individual item pages of those sections if I am lead to them another way.

  101. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Sharon, I think that’s part of why those sections got cut. For instance…you will reach the same link for a Green Girl pendant from both the Green Girl page and the pendants page. You’re still searching all the items, just not the technically redundant menus to get you to them. Does that make sense?

  102. Tana
    Tana says:

    BeachyChic, oh yes you are! Lol :) see you nxt year bz I said that last year! (If I didn’t get a faster pho and here I am too) :)

  103. Tana
    Tana says:

    Thanks a lot diamonddustshoe, now I gotta go look at all the Green Girl pendants!!! See if I missed an egg! Lmao :)

  104. No Photo
    BeachyChic says:

    Tana woohoo 48! I probably will be back next year too. :)

  105. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    To everyone at Lima Beads, thank you for having the annual Easter Egg hunt! I enjoy it, even when I hit the desert spots like I did the first day and a half. My goal is only to find more eggs than I did last year. I am close to that goal now. I still have a few spots I want to visit that I overlooked the first time. I don’t expect to be in the top of the leader board nor even on the leader board. This is supposed to be a fun activity not a place to be better than everyone else. That is for the business world.

  106. S elstrom
    S elstrom says:

    Thanks to the Lima Beads crew for doing this every year. I really have a love-hate relationship with the hunt…..Hoppy Easter

  107. No Photo
    Vonda M says:

    What are egg “deserts”? I guess I’m not that savvy with the lingo.

  108. No Photo
    Vonda M says:

    Thanks for the hunt again, I’m at 108 eggs and have been looking for 2 days (not all day long) and ma having loads of fun!

  109. Tana
    Tana says:

    BeachyChic, 26 to 48! Gonna do a jig in the kitchen woohoo!!! Yay! :)

  110. Tana
    Tana says:

    Out loud and nobody’s here! 72!!!! :)

  111. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Way to go Tana …see your getting there :) keep going …diamond i am waiting for you to pass me LOL …I was in the desert but found an oasis ;) theres your hint guys ….sometimes the dessert areas have an oasis …tricky lima team tricky ….Thank you to all of you at Lima for doing this its always so fun

  112. Tana
    Tana says:

    Thanks Kimberly! Maybe you 2 can be tied!!!

    And thanks out to diamonddustshoe bz I found my spot I left off at yesterday under the Charms and Pendants sections. Found out the key my daughter loves best is back in stock too! :)

    BeachyChic, I’m at 74! Hurry up catch me!

  113. Tana
    Tana says:

    Holy beads, you’re at 2nd Kimberly!!! :)

  114. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    LOL !! not for long but its fun to keep trying …trust me if anyone can catch me its diamond ….there is a method i havent quite figured out yet but it works ;)

  115. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m just as curious as to what your method is! Fast and furious? ;)

  116. Tana
    Tana says:

    Vonda, I don’t know what it really means either but I’ve found eggs in the weirdest places and I do mostly page scrolling items, page after page bz my pho is so slow. And I look at the entire page; top to bottom and corners and sides of ea page! I’d probly scroll right off the phone if it didn’t have a screen :) !!!!

  117. Tana
    Tana says:

    If I had my sons fast phone I’d catch you both bz you’d all be sleeping bz it’s only 5:23pm here rt now (Alaska) lmao
    Unless you stay up all night! Jest kiddin!!!

  118. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    LOL welcome to the top DD ;) ….fast and furious perhaps but its like the turtle and the hare and we know who won that LOL

  119. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    LOL Tana steal his phone ….i wish we lived in alaska ….its soooo beautiful there

  120. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    No…. tonight i sleep ….I might be off the list by morning but its sure been fun trying to stay there LOL

  121. Tana
    Tana says:

    If I drove out there he’d prbly let me steal it to his comfy chair out in the liv rm :)

    No no no sleeeeepppp you gotta finish this thing ttttooonight lol kiddin

  122. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I’m seeing eggs behind my eyelids when I close my eyes but I am having SO much fun!!! Thanks to the Lima team for another great Easter hunt!!! Just about went into hysterics when I didn’t see it start on Monday…. :-P

  123. Steve
    Steve says:

    tomasina: I know that we do not have a rule against eggs on out-of-stock products. So they are technically fair game.

  124. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    In that case Steve, should we be opening links to out of stock items that show up in the “related products” on product pages? Those are often not listed in the regular menus.

  125. Steve
    Steve says:

    diamonddustshoe: That’s a great question. Since we don’t have a rule against it, I have to say that it’s possible that they would appear there. I know that we didn’t try and be sneaky and hide a lot of them on those pages… so my instinct is that I would worry too much about those areas because there wouldn’t be a lot of eggs to find. But I can’t discount the possibility of a couple being hidden in those odd corners of the site. I wouldn’t sweat it, though :)

  126. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Those few eggs here and there are starting to become important now. :) Though I have to say one year, just once, I’d like to find them all…

  127. FlowerleafStudio
    FlowerleafStudio says:

    Things that slow me down… I start looking at listings and finding items I’ve never seen before and then I am like, “Ooooh, pretty!” *adds to cart* ThenI have to tell myself to start looking again! Seriously one of the best marketing plan for you guys and tons of fun for us – no matter how many eggs we find! :-D

  128. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    diamonddustshoe from what you are saying…it sounds like I might find an egg on a Green Girl pendant individual item page if I got to it through pendants, but not through Artists & Brands. I am trying so hard to get back on the leaderboard. I can say that I do know several areas where eggs are NOT hidden. :)

  129. Tana
    Tana says:

    Kimberly, if you ever make it up here bring that chicken with you!!! :)

    75 eggs, 9:06pm ak

  130. Tana
    Tana says:

    Sharon, try it this way; charms and pendants off menu click the metal you want (green girl stuff is pewter, I believe)

  131. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m saying that if there was an egg on a Green Girl item page, and you got to it from pendants, when you saw the same item over in the Green Girl section, that link would have already been visited because it’s the same item page. Your egg would have a check mark because you already got it.

  132. No Photo
    CY P says:

    There aren’t supposed to be any eggs on “Create and Learn”, but I found an egg on the “Create and Learn” area well below the red line on the page!

    I can tell the Staff exactly where it is if someone contacts me. I don’t believe this is a fair place to put an egg after clearly saying nothing would be in the “Create and Learn” area. No one would be bothering to look in that area after it is spelled out that none would be there.

  133. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    C Y P, the rules state you won’t find any eggs by using the menu selections for the create and learn page, not that eggs can’t be on a product or product list page in that area. You should always check each page completely because an egg can be anywhere on it, not just in specific places on the page.

  134. No Photo
    CY P says:

    I think what your saying is a matter of semantics. If Create and Learn is to be excluded. It should be excluded in its entirety. That is, including the area where it begins.

  135. tomasina
    tomasina says:

    CYP – It is entirely possible that the person who put the egg on the page did not know that it also appeared in Create and Learn. I don’t believe that any staff cheated, but we’re all human, and sometimes folks make errors. Have you noticed that everybody’s pencils have erasers?

  136. No Photo
    BeachyChic says:

    Tana Way to go! :) Keep up the great work. You’re my inspiration.

  137. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    CYP…it’s the C&L menu that’s excluded *only*.

    Every portion of any item page or included menu page is fair game.

  138. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all, I just wanted to chime in about the Create & Learn menu. As written in “The Breakdown” section on the Hunt page, you don’t need to scour the sections/pages underneath the Create & Learn *menu* (in the green bar at the top of the page). If you look under that menu, you will see the sections Design Gallery, Fresh Picks, trends, etc. In other words, you don’t have to go through the Design Gallery, Fresh Picks, and trend pages to find any eggs. (We don’t hide them there or under the other excluded menus because it would add tens of thousands of extra pages to look through! Not fun!)

    I realize that there are places outside of that menu that say the words “Create & Learn”. We didn’t mean to be confusing or sneaky by putting eggs in or around those areas. If you are looking under the Beads menu at a metal bead (which is included in the hunt), an egg can appear anywhere on that page. I hope this helps clarify!

  139. Steve
    Steve says:

    P.S. Only 2 days left in the hunt… keep up the good work everyone!

  140. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Great job everyone !!! I cashed out I might still try to find an egg here and there but good luck to you all !!! Diamond your almost past me and thats sooooo awesome considering your late start hope you are feeling much better ….Tana and beachy you guys are doing great youll find when you start to feel discouraged and feel like giving up if you go just a bit farther youll be rewarded;) Tana that rooster is such a baby he can barely tolerate NY winters LOL we want to retire to maine I cant stand the summers here i tried to get hubby to seriously consider alaska but he said the light/ dark thing would mess him up

  141. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Lima team Thank you so so much for another awesome egg hunt !!

  142. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Thank you Lima team for another great Egg Hunt! Can’t imagine all the work that goes into this.
    I appreciate the fact that you continually remind us to “have fun”. It helps keeps things in perspective.
    Also, having been around since the first one, THANK YOU that the time frame has been shortened by a few days…7 days was a bit much.(Sorry to those that would like more.)
    Great job LB & Happy Easter to all!

  143. No Photo
    J Wiebe says:

    Someone PLEASE tell me there are eggs under the TOHO seed beads. I’m literally looking at every single item and feel like I’ve found nothing.

  144. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    J Wiebe, is that because you haven’t been there yet and want there to be a bunch, or because you have been and didn’t find as many as you thought there should be?

  145. No Photo
    J Wiebe says:

    Diamond it’s because ive been through about half the toho products and haven’t seen very many. There are 1000 to go through and I’m only halfway. Sigh.

  146. No Photo
    J Wiebe says:

    Finally got one. So long

  147. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    *nod* I won’t say it’s empty, but I will say that’s one section I planned to revisit because I felt like I must have missed something. *shrug*

  148. No Photo
    Y Buonamici says:

    I have to agree that this is a better way of doing the egg hunt. The eggs seem to me to be more evenly spaced and you don’t have to click for four or five hours to find an egg! As usual, the eggs are often cleverly placed. Thanks!

  149. Tana
    Tana says:

    Kimberly, my cousin lives in northern part of NY! I’ve seen pics Maine; breathtakingly beautiful.
    In the dark months there is a lot of sky studying lol. In the summer you’ll loose track of the night.

    Thank you Lima for being here! Our local bead store closed dwn few yrs ago, glad I found you! Then the big famous Black Elk Beads and Leather closed dwn too (Anchorage) guess we have Tandy Leather but haven’t been up to Anch long time…
    Got daughter pickin out stuff to put on my orders now. We have a blast w/Lima!
    9:23 am ak time (time to go bug Beachy, kiddin!)

  150. Tana
    Tana says:

    You’re at third!!! I’m gonna climb that palm tree and jump in that water!!!

  151. Tana
    Tana says:

    Half way Creel U!!! :)

  152. No Photo
    goodwin368 says:

    I just discovered this egg hunt yesterday and Lima Beads 2 weeks ago. This is challenging! I will not find 100… my family is looking for me, but I am looking forward to next year! Thank you Lima Beads for a really cool “Adult Egg Hunt!”

  153. Tana
    Tana says:

    Dear Steve :) , I promise I won’t tell anyone at Lima if you egged Elaine’s head this year; be a dear and tell us where it is? :)

  154. Tana
    Tana says:

    Welcome welcome goodwin 368!!! I totally got the giggles your family is looking for you! :)

  155. HoneyBee
    HoneyBee says:

    I have to say that I have visited every gemstone by stone page (up to sodalite) and there have been zero eggs. It’s discouraging to spend that much meticulous time on those pages not to find anything at all. I am assuming there are eggs on the other ways to sort the gemstone pages (shape and color), but this has really got me down. (I’ve found 91 eggs so far, so I don’t think it’s me) Maybe just something to consider for next year?

  156. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one feeling like the whole Seed Bead section is like the Sahara. I’ve been searching that area for a couple days now and haven’t found much. I’m now using my computer and phone since I have to fun errands for several hours tomorrow. Best of luck everyone!!

  157. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    Honeybee, are you going to individual product pages as well as the product list pages?

  158. No Photo
    L D says:

    I have not found a single egg today. I am stuck at 87.

  159. No Photo
    L D says:

    finally! 88! Only took several hours.

  160. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Hello to all the hunters! I just read Cristie’s comments about cheating and I would like to speak for myself.
    I live in Greece and to tell you the truth I don’t remember when was my first year of hunting but it’s been quite a few years ago. I’m totally obsessed with the Easter Egg Hunt! About a month before it starts I forewarn my husbant and my son that the time for the Egg Hunt is closing in and they know that for about a week I will be lost in front of my laptop screen.
    I get on the top ten almost every year. This year I just got in today at about noon and managed to climb to the 2nd place just a few hours ago. My search is very methodical and I’m not at all in a hurry to get there at once.
    The time now is 02:56 and I finished hunting about half an hour ago. I missed 5 eggs (where could they be?).
    Thank you Lima beads for this exciting hunt! We just love it!

  161. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    It’s lovely to hear from you, Mariman.

    I saw you creeping up from behind, wonderful job! Methodical really is the only way to go. Ignoring that leaderboard gets so hard to do while you work, but it sure pays off, doesn’t it?

    I think someone must have placed a few invisible or moving target eggs in the seed beads this year! ;)

  162. No Photo
    L D says:

    Wish I had your luck I find about 1 egg every 2 hours.

  163. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    LD, are you looking at the entire page top to bottom every time?

  164. Missigirl
    Missigirl says:

    Last year I made it to 200 and this year 232 so far and ALL BY MYSELF! I will say that it is quite possible for 1 person to find all these eggs by themself…for the nay sayers! Every year you get a little wiser and work smarter than years before…practice makes perfect! I’m truley shocked by all the negative nellies on here…nobody is forcing you to participate in this contest and just remember it is supposed to be fun and if it’s not fun for you anymore just don’t do it! Thanks so much to Lima for doing this every year…it is very kind of you :) Happy Easter everyone it’s been fun!!!

  165. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Did anyone else notice that some of the eggs have little facets like gemstones ?? Or am i just delirious from the hunt ?? Happy Easter everyone !!!

  166. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    *Those* must be the shiny moving dancing eggs hiding in the seed beads that keep eluding us all!

  167. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    There is one exception to the “View All” rule. There is an area with a picture of a bead and view all next to it. If that is clicked on another section opens and there is an egg. :)

  168. No Photo
    L D says:

    Yes I am looking at every page from top to bottom and side to side. I go through dry spells where I find nothing for 2 hours, then find 3 in 1 hour. They need to be spread out a little more I think.

  169. No Photo
    L D says:

    Just found 2 in 5 minutes so the 1 egg in 2 hours is even more frustrating. Up to 94!

  170. Tana
    Tana says:

    I’m so excited for the top 10!!! Wish you all got the big prize! And all the people on the leader board and all the ones we can’t see good to be together in the cyber Easter egg hunt way, it’s been a long winter! Here’s to all the Beaders in the world! :)

    Kimberly! Do I have to go look for the faceted egg?!!! Lol by now I bet I can find it!!!
    Happy Easter to you too and thanks for the good cheer!

  171. Tana
    Tana says:

    No, oh no, please diamonddustshoe, I can’t go in there to see the “shiny moving dancing eggs”!!! I was already seeing an egg in every single Fresh Pick earlier today! (Don’t tell anyone but yes, I actually zoomed in a couple times to make sure) but I knew better

    10:36pm Ak Saturday April 20 2019

  172. tomasina
    tomasina says:

    It’s over for me, bursitis on shoulder kicked in & said loudly, don’t DO that! Redeemed my 111 eggs and gave up! It’s been fun but not as good as I hoped.
    What I’d really love to do is find out where that “oasis” is – after egg 100 it got incredibly slow.WHEN WE’RE DONE, CAN WE TALK ABOUT CATEGORIES PLEASE? I am totally

  173. Hannah K
    Hannah K says:

    I was gonna try to get on the leader board but I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind at this time… Still, 238 eggs I’d say is pretty respectable. You had a couple of sneaky ones that changed how I’ll hunt next year for sure. I love this egg hunt.

  174. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Diamonddustshoe (love your name by the way) I really don’t remember how many eggs I found in the seed beads area. The only thing I remember is that I expected to find more eggs there and that goes for the gemstone area too. I also remember that when I got out of the “charms & pendants” section I had collected about 203 eggs so I was dissapointed, because I wasn’t expecting to find the remaining ones in the “findings” and “chain” sections. But I did!!! This year there were many itsy-bitsy eggs, which when your eyes are blurry and you scroll down quickly, are difficult to see.

  175. No Photo
    mariman says:

    And now time for a fun fact (kind of). My mother had a hip surgery last week and she came back home on Tuesday. After we (my father and I) laid her on the bed she turned to me and asked me : “What are you going to do with the egg hunt now that you have to take care of me?” I really don’t know how my family shows so much understanding for this obsession of mine. Even I find it a little bit crazy!

  176. No Photo
    AuDBeader says:

    I found a unicorn double-egg page!

  177. No Photo
    D Filar says:

    I have been looking in the findings in all materials and have found not one egg in 6 pages. I’ve got to be doing something wrong. This is crazy!

  178. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    A great hunt again this year and I am ‘eggshausted’ but very happy at finding 263 eggs! Got some great prizes and placed a big order as well…now to rest up for next year! Thank you to the Lima team! :-)

  179. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Totally kidding about the dancing eggs, but if you’re like me, everything looks like an egg now. They’re everywhere. :)

    Yes, I did notice that when the Lima Bunny came through and hid all the regular eggs this year, he also let Lima Bunny Jr. come through with a basket of tiny eggs. ;)

  180. No Photo
    maryb says:

    The link to Fresh Picks with the flower that looks like an egg gets my hopes up EVERY single time I see it. I think I need a nap!

  181. F Stecher
    F Stecher says:

    Newbie alert! LOL

    I’m relatively new to Lima Beads and definitely new to the egg hunt. Problem is, I just got home yesterday after being in the hospital, so I have a VERY late start! So, please excuse my questions…

    If I’m looking at a list of items, do I need to click on each and every item to find eggs?

    If there are eggs in pictures, does that mean only pictures that don’t go anywhere? Otherwise, how does the website know if your click is intended for an egg vs following that picture’s link?

    Thanks for any suggestions anyone cares to share! LOL

  182. Emily N
    Emily N says:

    Really, Lima, Three(!) eggs on one page, really? Sneaky…

  183. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    F Stecher, holy cow! Normally I’d say yes, you do have to click every item, but since you’re just getting going?

    Skip that and look at every kind of menu page there is first. Type, material, shape, color, etc. Skip the gemstones until you’ve looked at everything else. Be sure you’re looking at every page top to bottom. Good luck!

  184. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Emily N hahahahahah.

    Scroll and squint, scroll and squint…

  185. F Stecher
    F Stecher says:

    Thank you, diamonddustshoe!

    How about the picture question? I don’t want to miss anything, but I don’t want to waste time either!

  186. kathrynbrown364
    kathrynbrown364 says:

    While recovering from an invasive skull base surgery, I did the Easter egg hunt for the first time this year. After finding 100 eggs, I threw in the towel and claimed the Aqua Terra agate strand and the gold plated Tierra cast focal link as prizes! Didn’t get to the leaderboard as hoped, but better luck with that next year! I’m happy with my prizes on first try!

  187. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    F When you click the egg the window that counts the egg comes up if it counted it ….if thats what you are asking ?? It knows you wanted the egg ….as far as what Diamonds advice is I whole heartedly agree…..Diamond every egg is “dancing ” at this point LOL Happy Easter everyone !!

  188. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Kathryn that is awesome for the first try !! I think i only got 60 something my first year :) sending you lots of healing thoughts

  189. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I think I know what you’re asking, let me try: if you see an egg on a picture, what you click will trigger the egg. I do not think I’ve seen any eggs placed directly over picture links or any other links, because that would be a known problem. Does that help? At this point, don’t worry, just go for it! :)

  190. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Exactly just jump in and go for it …good luck !!

  191. Tana
    Tana says:

    What I’ called my weirdest egg of the hunt. Anyone else find that half egg, hidden? Or was it just my phone version? It did register as found so…

  192. Tana
    Tana says:

    And make sure you really look hard at that home page :)

  193. Tana
    Tana says:

    F, this year I have the slowest pho ever so I had no choice but to look at pages pages pages (barely an individual “item” page). And I found 77 eggs that way. Hope that helps you.
    I clicked on everything that would open on the green area below on the home page also :)

  194. Tana
    Tana says:

    Oh, make sure you look at every corner every top to bottom to sides of every page you open :)

  195. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I think we have to stop there, we’re getting too close to specifics. Sorry. :(

  196. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Every year people suggest that the person at the top should get a prize.

    This year, I do think H Datta earned one.

  197. Tana
    Tana says:

    Sorry bout that, I apologize, prbly be best to scroll back and read Steve’s comments that you can find a few dozen eggs starting from the home page. I don’t know where the comment is but it’s up there somewhere :)
    My apologies for the over excitement at the end here sometimes I have to stop myself from being over helpful it drives my grown kids n grankids bonkers! :)

  198. Creel U
    Creel U says:

    Slow very old computer. Literally, looked over two hours and no eggs. buh.

  199. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Tana yes i saw the one you speak of i couldnt get it right away ….I agree Diamond and to be honest for me its been about trying to actually find them all and well I give up on that ….my ” fast and furious ” method I believe made me miss too many ….it sure was fun trying though ….thank you again Lima beads !!

  200. Tana
    Tana says:

    Maybe Steve pop in give a daily clue next year? What do you say Steve? :)
    Has anyone found ALL the eggs?

  201. kye
    kye says:

    Thanks Lima Beads for another great Easter Egg Hunt. I look forward to it every year. This year I found 125 eggs on my phone. I’m a happy beader! Thanks again LB!!

  202. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Hahahaha…I had to compulsively click the egg on the Google home page under the search bar….and keep clicking and clicking…. :-D

  203. Tana
    Tana says:

    F, it wasn’t exactly a comment by Steve that I was referring you too, sorry. It’s under “How hard is the Hunt? Then read under that: 0-50 about the few dozen eggs you could find from the home page :)
    For me, I’m done at 77. This old phone was getting hot and I don’t remember how many times I was on the floor w/the charger plugged in. Best of luck Creel U!!!
    Kimberly, you might just stay in the top 10 this year!!!

  204. Mrs Borch
    Mrs Borch says:

    Thank you Lima Beads for another great egg hunt!

  205. No Photo
    L D says:

    Just found a really great one! I almost missed it. As I scrolled through the page my eye caught yellow and pink and I scrolled back up and tada! Good play! At 99 now – busy morning so finally getting back into the hunt.

  206. Tana
    Tana says:

    Steve, is it possible to find eggs on the item page out of my wish list? I can see the ones I’ve opened and not all were from shopping. Just curious…

  207. No Photo
    whimsy girl says:

    awesome prizes this year! even if I don’t stay on the leader board, I know there are some nice things headed my way (and my wish list is updated) Winner’s prize should come with a new mouse, LOL

  208. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I would hate to think I missed a couple because I wasn’t pausing for the zooms on the chain…

    I would try to answer that, Tana, but I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

  209. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Steve I was also happy to see the pendant egg bag! I missed it last year. The Ali one was clever this year. I admit that going through the desert areas I saw many clever hiding places, with a few being devious. Thank you so much for being here for us. There is only one small bead store left in town and one in Pharr that is also small. I will admit to advertising Lima Beads whenever the someone of the gang on Beadlon FB page asks for something. I push Lima Beads at them and the prices are the best. Hoping that you are still here in 30 years when I may have finally beaded up my collection. It is no longer a stash but a collection that I keep adding to almost weekly. Love your products. Keep up the good work! I also like the Christmas idea or maybe a Halloween pumpkin hunt?

  210. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    Finally made it to the leaderboard! Doubt I’ll be on it for long though. Still hunting…

  211. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Pam, you have me really curious, what do you mean by “pendant egg bag”? I missed something!

  212. Steve
    Steve says:

    A daily clue… I think it would have to be an hourly clue because there are so many eggs… haha. That just reminded me of something. The very first year of the hunt we only hid 16 eggs. Our website was much smaller then, and the eggs were hidden much more deviously… and I think we considered clues that year. It brings back the memories!

    Tana: individual item pages are possibilities for eggs. And one way to get to them would be from your wish list. But all the eggs would also be accessible from the regular menus. In other words, there aren’t any eggs that are found *only* via your wish list. I hope that helps explain!

    Pam, a pumpkin hunt would be fun, like the Candy Cane hunt suggested earlier. But I call “not it” on hiding the pumpkins, haha :)

    Thank you to everyone for your kinds words. We really appreciate your comments. I hope everyone has a fun last few hours of the hunt! Remember to place your orders for prizes *before* midnight Pacific time tonight!

  213. Steve
    Steve says:

    DDS, I think she was referring to the placement of a specific egg. I’m guessing you found it too!

  214. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I thought so, but I have no idea which one she’s referring to! Might be one I missed. :O I’m bummed I missed out on something funny, maybe you all can tell me after it’s over. ;)

  215. MaryAnn A
    MaryAnn A says:

    Just a casual egg hunter here. I so admire the persistence of those who end up on the leaderboard and even those who get a 100 or more. I view this as just fun and get a few goodies and order some goodies. It always makes me realize how awesome your site is and also how far you have come with product selection. Thank you so much for another great egg hunt year. Sign me, no where near the leaderboard, but a happy beader.

  216. Tana
    Tana says:

    My funniest bead I found was actually a bead I wanted to put in my bag. So I scrolled my way dwn all happy like and it had an egg on it!!! And I already have the bead and it looks nothing like the egg bead I found!

  217. Tana
    Tana says:

    Oops funniest egg, I meant.

    DDS, am curious to know more about the “pendant egg bag” too hmm…a pendant that looks like a bag that has an egg on it? It’s got me wondering for sure. I love trying to figure out any possible clues

  218. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    DDS and Tana I meant to say pendant egg back. I found one in the 2017 hunt but didn’t see it last year. It was back this year though.

  219. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Oh, haha, okay. :)

    My favorite ones from years past…one time you could find one by literally putting “egg” into the search! Another had an egg in a nest. So cute.

  220. Tana
    Tana says:

    O, k got ya Pam :)

  221. Stone Treasures
    Stone Treasures says:

    Thanks Lima for the fun and allowing us to tip toe thru you garden of treasures!!! Came in with a strategy and I’m leaving with a better strategy for next year!! Signing off, happy with my prizes! Congrats to all who participated and had fun doing so.

  222. No Photo
    A Buer says:

    I had so much fun! I had to stop at 80, it’s a gorgeous day here on the Oregon coast, I’m heading out for a beach walk. Thanks for the hunt!

  223. HeatherD
    HeatherD says:

    Once again, I had a blast finding my 151 eggs. I love this hunt every year and look forward to doing it again! Congratulations to everyone on the leaderboard, and to the top 10–Awesome job. My eyes gave up, and I started dreaming about the eggs. Lol. Thanks for the notes about where we didn’t have to look-so helpful! Can’t wait to get my prizes and other purchases and make some cool new items. I did get some ideas from seeing some new pictures of designs.

  224. No Photo
    Jamie L says:

    Time to cash in and rest my eyes- Steve and crew thank-you for another challenging hunt (you guys will be busy tomorrow’!)

  225. Missigirl
    Missigirl says:

    WOW…I’m officially exhausted!Just redeemed the last of my eggs for prizes and I am very grateful! I had a blast this year and so pleased with my results :) Thanks again Lima and Steve you must be a SAINT!Goodnight everyone it’s been fun!

  226. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    Do I have until midnight my time if I’m on the west coast?

  227. No Photo
    Gina says:

    Thank you so much! I think this is my 6th or 7th year ending on the leaderboard (this with 221 eggs!) I look forward to your little hunt every year! THANK you!

  228. Tana
    Tana says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure but the rules ^ say where Lima is
    If so, it’s over for me rt now 8pm here

    Hang in there Kimberly!!! :) I’m praying

  229. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Yes, Sharon, you have until midnight your (our) time.

  230. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Awe Thanks Tana …it was fun to try to hold on as long as i could…this was so much fun just trying to see if i could actually find them all …I realized not a chance LOL … what a challenge just getting where i am was !! I think if you are on the west coast it ends pacific time ….good luck to the hunters still at it ….hope you all had an amazing Easter….thank you again Lima beads team …goodnight and sweet dreams everyone

  231. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    TY diamonddustshoe. I’m just trying to stay on the leader board. I worked real hard to get there and it’s my first year on it. I’ve been playing this for years.

  232. No Photo
    Jamee B says:

    Last year was my first hunt and I managed to make it to the leaderboard. Beginners luck must be real because this year I fell just short. Oh well, I still had fun! Thank you LimaBeads team for putting this all together for us and I’m already looking forward to next year. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

  233. No Photo
    InaRae L says:

    I’m having nightmares. I sit in front of the computer—transfixed. Endlessly clicking. Page after page. Product after product. Passing one egg and then another. In another one, I am being chased relentlessly by the Opal Tie

  234. Tana
    Tana says:

    diamonddustshoe, Thank you for taking the time to answer questions n stuff, you’ve been such great help :)

  235. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    No problem. :) I figure if I’m going to be sitting here a lot, I might as well put the scrolling breaks to good use. ;)

    InaRae, wow, at first I was thinking gosh, you should get some rest…then I realized I knew what the Opal Tie was without having to look it up, and can picture it, and now realize *I* should get some rest.

    This year’s changes were really helpful. I think I have a good plan in place for next time, or the pumpkin/candy cane hunt, whichever comes first. ;)

    Thanks Lima Beads, for another great hunt!

  236. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Well–this has been one egg-tremely, egg-citing, egg-cellent, egg-traordinary, egg-travaganza, of an egg hunt. I have participated in all 11 hunts. It keeps getting better. I was so egg-cited to get started, but became quite egg-asperated over my DSL (Dysfunctional Slow Line) connection at times.
    Thank you, Lima, for all the hard work you put in to making this a fun egg-perience, yet egg-hausting week. Sorry, I just can’t help myself. I’ve spent way too much time looking at this computer screen. So, since I am not close enough to possibly sneaking up on the leaders, I must put my mouse to bed.
    Congratulations to all those in the top 10. You are some serious egg hunters.

  237. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Kimberlywilliams60, and anyone else wondering about the end of the hunt–If you live on the East coast, you “should” be able to hunt until 2:59 AM, because the hunt ends at 11:59 on the West coast. I continued to put eggs in my basket way after midnight here. I’m just not sure that I could collect on my prizes until 2:59. So I made sure I had my prizes before midnight our time. Lima–am I correct about this or not?

  238. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Yes, S. Marlow,, you can continue to collect eggs and select prizes until 11:59 PM Pacific Time, no matter where you are in the U.S. (or elsewhere, for that matter). I just placed my order after selecting my prizes after midnight ET.

    Thanks again, Lima Beads folks, for another enjoyable egg hunt! 133 eggs in total!


  239. No Photo
    L D says:

    Well I am not very happy. I missed my goal of 115 eggs by 3 eggs (wanted 2 items and put the 30 egg option in my bag early on). I was going to remove the 30 egg item so I could get what I really wanted (which required 85 eggs) and I found no option to remove something from my bag. So instead I filled up on things I did not really care about in the last 3 minutes. Where is the remove an item from your basket for next year????

  240. Pat-from-Oz
    Pat-from-Oz says:

    OMG what a fabulous hunt! I enjoyed almost every minute. Being systematic works. I found some egg deserts in rather unexpected places, and some fabulous partial eggs. The page with 2 eggs was a wonderfully timed jolt. I also found a lot less of the “should have been” eggs – those beads that look like eggs but turn out not to be.

    Only one thing, Steve I am a huge gemstone lover, and I have to say that the gemstone section is painful, not just for egg hunting, but also for buying. Can we please have a page just listing the gemstone types. I love browsing the gemstones and being tempted but the section is a touch too specific for browsing.

    I love the Hunt, and I get better each year which is nice. I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who sets this fun up for us. You put in a lot of work to bring us this fun and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say how much we appreciate your efforts. You’re creativity and deviousness astounds me. You put eggs where I wouldn’t have even dreamed of. Thank you for a fantastic Easter!

  241. Pat-from-Oz
    Pat-from-Oz says:

    L.D. If you put items in your basket and then change your mind you can remove by clicking the little x beside the price, or change the quantity from 1 to 0 and hit update, either will remove it from your bag.

  242. No Photo
    C Wiegner says:

    Wowza!…48 eggs for a first time. I claimed 3 prizes & placed my order at 1:58am CT. One minute before it was over!! WHEW! LOL I wish I knew how many hours it took from Day 1, not including some that I literally fell asleep on my keyboard scrolling. I gotta say, I saw so many AWESOME picks, ideas, designs and very talented beaders along the way. I found myself purchasing littles that I happened to land on while taking breaks to check out designs/picks and the bead machine was addicting per usual! :) I was in the “desert” for sooo long as many others were too, many, many times. I referred to The Chatter for advice and THANK YOU to the people who tried to help without giving too much away. (I almost gave up about 6 times.) I’ve only been a customer since Oct. 2018 and I hope to be for many more years to come!

  243. No Photo
    L D says:

    I saw no option to remove items from the hunt prizes at all. It was not giving me a quantity or a plus or a minus sign or for a +1. I get that for regular items but I was not seeing it for the 30 egg item in my basket.

  244. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    This is my absolute first year being on the leaderboard and man did I have to do serious egg hunting to stay on it. Am I correct in thinking there was ONLY one egg in the entirety of the seed bead section?? I definitely have a strategy for any future hunts. :)

  245. No Photo
    B Hein says:

    Thank you for another great hunt! The best part is seeing all of your beautiful products.

  246. No Photo
    W Paige says:

    I’m a limabeads regular and have never had the bandwidth to be a serious competitor here, but love the idea and enjoy reading these comments. S Marlow – thanks for helping me start my day with a good laugh.. your post was so much fun to read!

  247. No Photo
    C Eckman says:

    Thank you for hosting the Easter egg hunt! I didn’t find many but had fun hunting! However, I was too tired last night from hostessing Easter dinner for 16 to log back in and spend my rewards. Rules are rules so looking forward to next years hunt!

  248. Steve
    Steve says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had a blast, and we sincerely hope you did too! We’ll be summarizing the results and sending out gift certificates via e-mail shortly… and then we’ll be working like crazy to ship your prize orders out :) We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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