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The Lima Beads Blog News, Contests, Fun & More

Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Posted by Steve on April 12 at 08:34 am

The time has come for the 13th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! We’ve been egg-xtremely hard at work for the past few days hiding eggs all over the site for the past few days… and we hope you have fun again this year : ) Just like the previous hunt, we have over $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) And, there are tons of great prizes this year… Read more below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 300 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (April 17).

300 Eggs??!

That’s right, we hid 300 total eggs on our website (the same as the previous several years). It seems like a lot, but it really helps cure those droughts between eggs.

The Prizes

Just like last hunt, we have a big pool of prizes, and you use your eggs as currency to pick and choose your prizes. For example, if you find 10 eggs, you can pick a couple prizes–for example, you could pick a prize that costs 3 eggs, another that costs 4 eggs, and one that costs a single egg (for a total of 10). The more eggs you find, the more prizes you’ll be eligible for! PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just like last hunt! Lastly, we have a $250 gift certificate grand prize that will be randomly awarded to one of the beaders in the Top 25 on the leaderboard at the end of the hunt. Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

Where are all the eggs?

Make sure to read the entire Hunt page including the FAQ, where we post some details about where you will and won’t find eggs.

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $3.99 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

Read the comments

  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    The 2022 Hunt is ON! Good luck and happy hunting, everyone! :)

  2. JewelrybyKristine
    JewelrybyKristine says:

    Thank you!! Super excited! Will you be disabling the chat box in the corner?

  3. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Yeah I have noticed that chat box too… is that going to hide any eggs from our view?

  4. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    So egg-sited!!!

  5. JewelrybyKristine
    JewelrybyKristine says:

    Thank you for disabling the box!

  6. No Photo
    C Wooley says:

    My eggs are not showing up on the leaderboard. What am I doing wrong?

  7. No Photo
    LM A says:

    I didn’t know the hunt was on until I looked at the customer service page to see if anything was said. I can’t see eggs anywhere and signing out/back in didn’t help. What do I need to do for it to work?

  8. No Photo
    Lynne A says:

    I’m having the same issue Click on eggs – it says I’ve found a new egg but count remains at zero

  9. No Photo
    K Thoman says:

    I’m not finding anything.

  10. No Photo
    K Runge says:

    So happy that you are doing the egg hunt. I learn a lot about new supplies each year when I am hunting and find new things to order!

  11. No Photo
    B Busse says:

    Are the eggs noticeable? Not finding any

  12. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Apparently there is such a thing as being too early to the hunt. I saw the hunt had started around 8:30 central time, and started my usual one-click-from-the-homepage rotation, but got through beads and charms & pendants without finding a single egg. Just tried it again, and there they all are!

  13. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    Hi. I honestly planned on skipping it this year even though I actually won a $20 gift certificate last year, and have been participating for years. I’m dealing with cancer for the second time and have little motivation for anything. But I did find a couple eggs this morning and decided to just go for the prizes and not the leader board. I do love the beads here.

  14. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Suzanne same here !! I was beginning to think this years hunt would be super hard but now the eggs are where they were not around 9am

  15. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all! I’m happy to see some familiar names on the leaderboard (and new ones as well)!

    I wanted to let you know that we made sure that all eggs are findable even with the chat button hovering over the corner–but just in case, it will disappear for the remainder of the hunt as long as you are hunting for eggs.

    For those having a tough time finding eggs… keep with it! There are a few dozen eggs that are hidden on pages that you get to with just one click from the home page. Some of them are obvious, and others take a bit of searching to see. And remember, all you need are a few eggs to collect a prize or two.

    If you are logged into your account, it should remember your total egg count from page to page. It works the same way our shopping bag works–so if you’re able to fill up your bag, then it should also remember your eggs. If you’re still having trouble, just submit a message through the Customer Service link.

    D Gooding: glad to see your back, and here’s wishing you have a happy and healthy hunt!

  16. No Photo
    K r says:

    Eggs are showing up on pages where they were not earlier today – just 1 click away from the home page (no special sort) I am not finding a few dozen a click away. I usually grab those first and then dig, but at 8 eggs and hundreds of single clicks from home, I may not get to the point of a prize that I would like. Most years I find 70-100 eggs and then quit, and purchase, this doesn’t look like it will happen this year.

  17. No Photo
    K r says:

    Yes, here is the thing, I just did some single clicks from home and found eggs that were not there an hour ago. Very frustrating. I’ve refreshed multiple times since 9 a.m. this morning.

  18. No Photo
    GingersnappyG says:

    I’m so glad y’all said that because I was afraid I had lost my egg-finding skills, lol! I’ve been hunting for the past 4 hours and had only found 4…then eggs started appearing on pages that had none moments before!

  19. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    I got a late start last year, I’m glad I knew to expect it this year, this is great fun.

  20. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all, it sounds like some of you got a jump on the hunt while the eggs were still “rolling out” onto the site. In fact, some of you even found an egg before I got the chance to find my “ceremonial first egg” :) It looks like this was sorted out shortly thereafter, and it would have only affected those “easy to get to eggs with one click from the home page”. We’ve been watching the eggs being found across the site since officially announcing the hunt via e-mail, and everything’s in working order. If you have any specific concerns, just submit a message via the Customer Service link at the top of the page. We’ll be happy to help!

    As of now, 279 out of the 300 eggs have been found by one person or another. Great work so far!

  21. Steve
    Steve says:

    I also wanted to point out that we have temporarily removed the “shop seed beads by color / code” area from the site while the hunt goes on. Long-time hunters still have nightmares about the “droughts” of eggs encountered while clicking through all those dreaded seed bead colors & codes. We hope this helps keep the eggs coming a bit faster this year. We’ll be putting this area back on the site shortly after the hunt.

  22. Steve
    Steve says:

    Oh… and remember to stay logged into your account while hunting. This will ensure that the eggs show up for you, and that it will keep track of your count.

  23. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Glad I read that!! I was wondering what happened to the seed bead by color/code areas. *chuckle* I got an early jump this year… the home page did not even show the egg hunt banner but I had started already. :P I am hoping to find all eggs this year but may have messed it up by arriving too early. ;) – Heidi

  24. Kallie L
    Kallie L says:

    Are there any eggs in the chain section of the website? I couldn’t find any!

  25. J Cunningham
    J Cunningham says:

    I couldn’t find any in the chain section, halfway thru the gemstones and haven’t found any there! I’ve been stuck at 27 eggs forever!

  26. Kallie L
    Kallie L says:

    Good to know- I don’t have the patience to go through all the types of gemstones lol! Glad I didn’t. I’m at 39 and i have no clue how there are 261 to go

  27. No Photo
    Jenie K says:

    Can a egg be hidden in the item page? For example, i click the link on a specific item to get more details…

  28. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Jennie K: yes, eggs are hidden on the item pages, too.

  29. No Photo
    Jenie K says:

    Suzanne I, thank you for replying!~

    and oh em gee… i may have to give up! Hahaha

  30. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    I have found some in the chain sections. Both on listings and on an individual item page.

    People are seriously fast this year. I have just found 38 eggs so far, and have a long, loooong way to go. But it is still fun, even if I doubt I will have time to get throught all of the possible pages. :)

  31. No Photo
    Jamie L says:

    Always enjoyed the hunt and find some stuff to add to the cart on the way (came up with some new ideas) I am glad don’t have to go through the codes/colors on the seed beads!!!! That was a never-ending rabbit hole. Make sure you let the page fully load before scrolling down – may miss an egg.

  32. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Jennie K: if item pages are too intimidating, just ignore them. You can find close to around half the eggs on other pages, so just be diligent about getting through as many of those as possible. Just remember that ALL the list pages count (e.g. all the style and material variations/combinations). You’ll still be able to get some great prizes. Good luck! :)

  33. Creel U
    Creel U says:

    I actually love digging through the Toho beads. I find getting in and out of each type of gemstone really hard. You have to exit the page then roll back to where you were. So, I haven’t found a single egg in the gemstones, but always find tons in the Toho!

  34. No Photo
    M bobbish says:

    Holy crap I’ve only got 19 and it’s killing me. I will say don’t forget the links at the bottom 2 not just the product links

  35. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I just read that apparently an email is sent announcing the hunt? I get all kinds of emails from Lima Beads but never ever received one about the hunt… *scratches head* I wonder why…?

  36. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    NettyPreat Designs: I didn’t get the email yesterday, either. Though I did get the sale one on Thursday or Friday that gave a heads up that the eggs were coming on Tuesday, which I really appreciated!

  37. No Photo
    M bobbish says:

    Can eggs be found under the the size charting detail of an item? Like where the glamor shot picture is

  38. H Peterson
    H Peterson says:


  39. Stingray
    Stingray says:

    For those with slow internet, a good trick is to wait until the Facebook icon’s ‘like’ button pops up before searching the page. It seems to be the last thing on the page to load, I use it as the indicator that the page is fully loaded.

  40. Pixie
    Pixie says:

    After two hours I have hit the road block of finding eggs. I am stuck at 105 and the arthritis in the hand is mad at me. I want more eggs but I just don’t know where else to look.

  41. Cindy 64
    Cindy 64 says:

    What about “out of stock” items, are there any eggs hidden on those pages?

    I will say that after several years of hunting eggs on the site, I find myself looking for them at other times of the year too. Addicted big time! My kids family knows not to bother me during the hunt, now if my job would be so kind.

  42. No Photo
    Kittie B says:

    I totally get why you have this egg hunt. I have found SO many things I never would have seen without the search!!!! THANK YOU

  43. No Photo
    E Beckett says:

    New to Limabeads and I must really stink at this! I read about people finding dozens of eggs in places (Boho), and I don’t see any. Is the playing field equal for everyone?

  44. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    And now the “mirage eggs” have started to show up for me… *laughs* I think I see an egg as I am scrolling but I get a closer look and there is not one. :p

  45. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Kicked in for me, too, today, NettyPreat…though I did discover something. If you stare at the little lima bead guy at the top of the page for a bit then look into the white space, his “after image” looks like an egg!

  46. J Alcocer
    J Alcocer says:

    How is everybody else findings these eggs? I give up lol

  47. No Photo
    Tabitha C says:

    It’s 1 am… this game is terrible for my ocd

  48. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Hey, y’all eggceptional eggsters. I have participated in every eggxasperational eggstravaganza since day one. Made the leader board one time, never made the finals, however, enjoyed each hunt, found many treasures amongst the eggs. This year, my time to hunt is limited. I targeted which “prize” and hunted until I found the total eggs for that prize. Task is now accomplished. I have checked out with my prize and my treasures all the while wishing y’all happy hunting. Congrats to those who possess whatever skill set needed to reach the ultimate pinnacle.
    And, finally a BIG thank y’all to the Lima Team! You are much appreciated!

  49. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    howdy diamonddustshoe! I remember you. :) I have no idea how you are finding so many eggs so fast this year. I am struggling but I acknowledge doing pretty well… seems to me some product pages that used to be a great source for finding eggs are not this year. :( It is throwing me off. *laughs* – Heidi

  50. No Photo
    Herschelle M says:

    All evening searching for eggs and 66 found, so hard to find them but challenging. Have fun everyone, just wondering if there’s a golden egg, lol.

  51. No Photo
    Madonna G says:

    I dreamed all night I was hunting eggs and looking everywhere, which prompted a massive house and car cleaning. This is way too addictive.

  52. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    Each time I tell myself I will not obsess! yet here I go! So many wonderful finds in these pages…but dang it “they” all start to look like eggs! Corner of my eye, driving down the road….hidden on grocery store shelves………wait there’s one! Thanks Lima! Good Luck All!!

  53. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Hi E Beckett. I was bad my first year too. You will get better. It is a level playing field for everyone. All it takes is a keen eye and literally looking all over a page corner to corner and top to bottom. Some eggs are a good size but some are really small. I even found one in a previous year over a period in the large green section at the bottom of the page! That was a really small egg!

  54. Creel U
    Creel U says:

    found a two inch eye pin listed with the 2 inch head pins.

  55. Tana
    Tana says:

    And of course I had to go ck that out! Hi Creel U

  56. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Hi Snowy!!

  57. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    hi diamonddustshoe :)

  58. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Ha ha ha omgeee there is a 2 inch eyepin listed in with the 2 inch headpins *giggles* Thanks for the heads up Creel U

  59. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    Thank you for the well wishes Steve :)

  60. No Photo
    CY P says:

    I thought NO EGGS were supposed to be in the Create and Learn section, so I was ignoring that area altogether. But I found one egg at the bottom of a page in that section. Why is it there?

  61. No Photo
    CY P says:

    I thought NO EGGS were supposed to be in the Create and Learn section, so I was ignoring that area altogether. But I found an egg at the bottom of a page in that section. Why is it there?

  62. annabellebs13
    annabellebs13 says:

    Hi @CY P the eggs can be on the create and learn on a page where you are hunting but up top where the green bar is that says Create and Learn you don’t have to search there. If you hover over that part of bar it will say that there are no eggs hidden there.

  63. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    CY P, do you mean finding an egg under the whole subsection menu “Create and Learn” or the lower part of an item page where they mention the item was used in various tutorials (which also has the title “create and learn”, since it links back to that section)?

  64. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    CY P, do you mean the “create and learn” section at the bottom of an item page, or a page that’s only accessed through the “create and learn section”?

  65. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    CY P: there are also Create & Learn blocks at the bottom of some of the list pages. Is that where you saw one? If so, that would still be considered a list page, which is fair game. EVERY inch of the included pages is a potential egg hiding spot.

  66. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all! We are about halfway through the hunt… is anyone seeing eggs in their sleep yet? :)

    I wanted to confirm a few things:

    Yes, there are eggs to be found in the Chain area. As with other sections, it may take a little digging–but there are some in there.

    We’ll get those eye pins fixed! Thanks!

    Regarding the “Create & Learn” section… This is referencing the green “Create & Learn” main menu option at the top of each page. You can find all the eggs without using that menu at all.

    Hope this helps! Good luck everyone–and great to see some long time friends are back on the hunt!

  67. No Photo
    goodwin368 says:

    Has anyone figured out how to keep hunting eggs AND cook Easter dinner?

  68. No Photo
    ByCher says:

    I’m confused about the “Create & Learn” pages. Are you saying that if a “Create & Learn” link is at the bottom of an item page, we should click on that?

  69. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    ByCher, think of like being at the door between two floors, there might be eggs on that door, it’s knob, it’s window, it’s hinges, or etc. But there is nothing if you actually go through the door to that next floor.

    You may find some right there where those suggestions are, but there is no need to click in to view the full suggestion/pattern.

  70. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Autocorrect killed my grammar! LOL Sorry!

  71. No Photo
    Nini H says:

    Lol I don’t give up easy but guess what lol I think I’m done good luck to all

  72. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I think I might have dreamed about egg hunting… but not sure. I thought I found a really large egg hunting last night late. I wanted to show it to my son as he would get a kick out it same as I did. I could have sworn it was a click or two away from the homepage. I thought I remembered how to get to it but I can’t find it. *laughs* I clicked it though but now I am thinking I was just dreaming… unless somewhere out there a egg the length of my hand exists. No missing that one. :P

  73. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    NettyPreat, I haven’t found any that big, yet, but you never know……

  74. Y Buonamici
    Y Buonamici says:

    Well, I am STUMPED! I have been on every page except individual item pages and I have found 105 eggs. Surely there are not 195 eggs on individual item pages!! What am I missing? I’ve been doing this hunt for years and almost always make the leaderboard. What am I missing?

  75. No Photo
    S Crouse says:

    Are there eggs in the top and bottom green areas this year? I haven’t caught any in those areas yet. Of course my vision is worse this year too, ha

  76. Fawn C
    Fawn C says:

    I just went thru all the products for 11 different gemstone beads and not one Easter egg? Feeling very confused and discouraged

  77. No Photo
    Lynne A says:

    I guess I’m going to save a lot of time and money by not being able to collect eggs! (When I click on an egg, I get a pop-up saying that I’ve found a new egg, but my count remains at zero :-( so I stopped trying)

  78. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    I did find the hunt extra challenging this year but then again My vision is definitely not what it used to be ….I have to go to work for the next few days so I think I might be done for this year ….I did get some amazing goodies Thank you Lima team , good luck to everyone and happy Easter :)

  79. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Y Buonamici, this site has added a TON of stuff over the years, it *might* not be impossible for that many eggs to be in items. Plus, this year’s competitors are fierce, up high before I got my shoes on. :)

  80. Y Buonamici
    Y Buonamici says:

    Thanks dimondshoe. got started a day late this year. my goal is 175, but I think it is unlikely i’ll get there. I hope you get as many as yo want. I shall persevere!

  81. No Photo
    K r says:

    FYI – I found eggs on the top green section, but not the bottom – yet. I’ve also been through tons of gemstones with nothing to show for it. When you click on an egg, it does not immediately show a checkmark on it. If you click it a second time, it will tell you that you already have the egg. switch to another page and back and you will see the egg checked and your count updated. I think I’ve been through every page of item lists and have only under 100 eggs. Must be the eyes! LOL I’ll give up when it is no longer fun :)

  82. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I just found an egg in the bottom green section… might have been the 3rd one at least but does not seem to be as many in the top green as usual but I keep checking anyway. :)

  83. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    There are a few egg placements I have been hoping to see but haven’t yet… one is on the shoe at the top of the page and another is the one where you scroll to the end of the page but it does not end… it keeps going and going for a while until you find the egg. *laughs*

  84. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Ha ha ha!! Listening to music and “Looking for love in all the wrong places” was just on. I started thinking someone needs to make a parody called “Looking for eggs in all the wrong places.” I certainly have been this year lol.

  85. Tana
    Tana says:

    The only way my pho could handle the Gemstone section is to shop by color. I found a couple few that way and did receive a slight headache also

  86. Tana
    Tana says:

    Ha ha netty, my motto has been “give a dog a bone!” Lol

  87. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    Did Steve ever give an answer about whether out of stock item pages were included in the hunt?

  88. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Im_atkinson, here’s the problem with out of stock items: if an item only had five left on Tuesday morning, but sold out by Thursday night, it could be marked “sold out” right now, but still have an egg. I can personally attest there is at least ONE of those out there. That being said, when you see the “related items” menu on an individual items page, and there’s a whole list of out of stock items, those are likely things that aren’t available anymore and weren’t before the hunt started, and you can usually tell because they don’t show up in the main list of items for whatever category they belong to. Hope that makes it a *little* clearer…the only way to really help us is if someone on the team goes through the site the week before the hunt and clears out old stock links. Eep.

  89. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    thanks, diamonddustshoe! Yes, it was those out of stock items under “related items” that I was thinking about.

  90. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    Steve and the Lima Team – THANK YOU for temporarily removing the seed bead codes/color section. That is the bane of my eggistance. Good to see everyone back this year. Good luck to all!

  91. No Photo
    S Burdett says:

    If I’m in Pendants & Charms, for instance, do I have to check for eggs in each category, (brass, gold, etc…), on top of checking for them all together?

  92. No Photo
    S Burdett says:

    I’m in Brass all styles in Pendants and charms. Do I also have to check each category?

  93. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    You don’t have to check each category but there could be an egg missed if you don’t. :) It is all up to how hard you want to look.

  94. No Photo
    Masterwire wrapper says:

    Help me, Lord, help me!!!

  95. Jewelrybyjanelda
    Jewelrybyjanelda says:

    This is my second year to hunt. It is always fun and very educational especially when it comes to the Gem Stones.
    I do have one question please.
    How does one find 279 eggs in less than 7 hours? I have be searching diligently for 4 day and have only found a little over 110. I am starting to run out of places and time to search. Still having fun.

  96. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    You all get VERY clever with hiding eggs each year this hunt comes around. I’ve done my best yet this year. I’m glad to see that the leaderboard was expanded from 10 t0 25. I did find a page with two eggs on it. :)

  97. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Jewelrybyjanelda, assuming they weren’t using a bot or some other software (which is disqualifying), I can only guess they have a small group of family members or friends all logged in to the same account helping out, which I don’t think has ever been *explicitly* stated to be off limits (?), but sure isn’t nice for those of us who got those numbers flying solo. The only other thing I can tell you is that for all the talk we always have of “egg deserts,” *this* year, for the first time, there’s an *egg oasis* and when someone hits it, you can watch them fly by. You’ll know it if you see it. ;)

  98. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I want to find that egg oasis! I found a mini one and picked up 20 eggs in a short time which was super sweet… but then it dried it up again. :P

    I am still hunting though I should go to bed. I just had a thought though that it is a good thing I have no say perhaps in where eggs are placed… well one I could not hunt then but two is the weird places I think I would put an egg as I hunt… like being swallowed by an open mouthed fish or pelican charm… and over one eyeball of our little green friend at the top of every page. :D

  99. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Okay maybe not 20… I tend to double things like that. It was really more like 9 or 10 but I was thankful to find it

  100. Tana
    Tana says:

    Same here :)

  101. Tana
    Tana says:

    Meaning I found the 2 eggers:)

  102. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    I keep announcing my new total, whenever I find an egg, after several days of it, my husband has one regular response: “You’re crazy!”

  103. annabellebs13
    annabellebs13 says:

    I have just been through 6 or 7 gemstone categories and I haven’t found one single egg. Talk about and desert…..geez!

  104. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    I hope the egg oasis is not in the gemstone category. I am dreading that category so much, I keep putting it off.

    I haven’t found the 2 eggers either. So maybe I’m “bad” at looking this year, or they are in the big categories I have left.

    Does anyone know how many pages we have to go throught? I’m guessing it is between 30-60 000. It feels like there is an egg every 100-200 pages. (Except in the deserts :D )

  105. J Alcocer
    J Alcocer says:

    How’s does one find 200+ eggs? I’ve been stuck at 110

  106. No Photo
    Masterwire wrapper says:

    I have placed my order and I am receiving some nice prizes. Thank you for the hunt and prizes and the discount ! You are really a fun group. I could not find any more than 72 eggs. I have no idea where to find more…but it was fun and I must prepare for my Easter celebration! God bless all of you!

  107. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Lima, is there a way to see if an individual has totally skipped an area where eggs should be hidden> I know you can’t tell me now, but I would like to know what I am missing. I have gone over every corner of the site that I think I should be going, and I haven’t found an egg in hors. I think I have opened every thing possible, and I have too many still not found. I have no way to go back and open up AGAIN all those spots, except to do it all over again on a second device. Yes, I am doing this all by myself, no help. Totally frustrated, and losing ground. BUT, I totally love this egg hunt. You guys are ingenious putting this thing together.

  108. No Photo
    Chickadee says:

    I’ve traded in my 53 eggs for some lovely prizes. Thank you, Lima Beads. It has been fun.

  109. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    S Marlow, I actually wrote to Steve on this one. He hasn’t answered me yet. I have two days to double check the universe here, but something feels wrong, and obviously it’s not effecting everyone. I had at least two eggs that weren’t there are the start show up later in areas I’d already covered, and they were *super* obvious, so there’s no way I just missed them…I will be a good sport either way, but I don’t have a good feeling over here. This has never happened before, and I do it every year.

  110. Victoria E
    Victoria E says:

    Been egg hunting for about 6 years. Never on top but not a lot if time either. I hit 100 eggs this year Yeah!
    I did get nice prizes plus bought some stuff! Thank you Lima beads for a good hunt. Happy Easter to all!

  111. No Photo
    E Wilburn says:

    NettyPreat, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! (I totally checked ALL the pelicans for exactly that reason….LOL)

    I’m a needleworker/stitcher, so most of my bead needs are met by seed beads and a few charms, but I still get obsessed with the egg hunt every year! This year I finally made myself a giant Google doc/spreadsheet with categories broken out – particularly the gemstones – so I could keep track of where I’d searched and what I’d found. I got to 129 last night, and realized I could get the prizes I wanted, so I’ve thrown in the towel now…

  112. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Hi everybody! Hi diamonddustshoe! This year I started hunting about 5 or 10 minutes after the hunt was on. I found my first egg minutes after that on a product page. The egg on the main page hadn’t appeared yet. But when I went back after a while, there it was. The same had happened with eggs that were one click from the home page. So the hunters who start the hunt with these pages had the same problem as you. It was fixed shortly after the hunt had begun.
    The first two and a half days were very frustrating and disappointing (that’s how much time it took me to get out of the beads section). But then things got much better. There were many itsy bitsy teeny-tiny eggs, which I was very happy to find, not just because they were so cute but because I was assured that my eyesight still worked, since I questioned it so many times this year.
    Despite the frustration I still had so much fun and I’m looking forward to the next one! Thanks Lima Team for yet another fun egg hunt!
    P.S. It seems that I’m never ever going to find all 300. The same happened last year too…297. Where are the remaining 3???

  113. Stone Treasures
    Stone Treasures says:

    diamonddustshoe, Always impressed with your progress!! I’ve also experience obvious eggs appear as I’m doing a second pass. New approach this year certainly helped but obligations have prevented me for complete dedication! Here’s to another day of hunting!!

  114. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    diamonddustshoe, I found my last egg last night, and nothing since (except that I forgot the “start here” egg up until a little bit ago). I also found eggs after retracing my steps and finding a bunch that were obvious. Don’t know how I missed them. For sure, this is quite an undertaking on Lima’s part to place all those eggs, and manage the site. I’ve been doing this hunt since the first year they had it, and have never found all the eggs (even when they only had 16 eggs to find). I look forward to it every year, and my husband just knows I’m going to be preoccupied the entire week. Hope you find more eggs. I feel like quitting, but then again, I’ve got a day and a half left. I’m discouraged, but I just can’t quit yet.

  115. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Glad to hear from you, Mariman, thank you for confirming the magically appearing eggs! Only thing is, I’m in California, so I *thought* I had started later than when the issue was supposed to have happened, but it seems that’s exactly what I saw. It gets weirder. I have no choice but to retrace my early steps, and I just pulled up an item page that *said* it had been pulled, but this…is the most obvious an egg can get on an item page, if you know what I mean, so there’s NO WAY I ever saw this! I’m confused and seriously side eyeing my browser, but grateful I have a couple of days to try to sort it. Those tiny eggs…whoo, I have no idea how people are doing this on a phone! As usual, I am in awe of your egg finding skills. :)

  116. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Okay, hearing from you, Stone Treasures and S Marlow say “there’s no way I missed that” makes me feel better. Something is weird here, for sure, but I don’t know what. If I can figure it out, or if Steve gets back to me, I will fill everyone in for sure!

  117. Tana
    Tana says:

    To think one of us might have those last 3 eggs as the first 3 eggs huh lol

  118. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    Teeny tiny eggs?? That does not sound good. I have not seen any of those. But I guess that depends on ones version of tiny.

    But have you guys finished one round? I’m impressed how fast you are. I need to take lots of breaks. And still have lots of pages that I have not checked.

    I did get superhappy when I saw the egg that is hidden at the end of the page that never ends.

  119. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    Diamonddustshoe…I am having the exact same experience. Very experienced hunter here. I usually make it to 280+…something is off this year. I too have found some really obvious eggs in areas already covered. Very disheartening. Let us know if Steve responds. Thanks hun!

  120. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Wow, Jacquie, thank you for more confirmation. I had been sitting here wondering if I was losing my mind (more than usual :) )! Disheartening is a good word for it. It’s sad, because I don’t think there’s anything they can say more to us other than “start over”….which I am now doing. :( Speed was both a blessing and a curse this year. I know *someone* has to be moderating these comments for no-nos…if it’s not Steve today, maybe they can nudge him to give this and his email a read.

  121. No Photo
    elsa says:

    How tiny are the tiny eggs? About the size of a 5/6/7mm bead?

  122. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Diamonddust it happened to me too …I started too early I guess ….I was beginning to think it was my eyes failing me ….I definitely found eggs that were not where I had already searched ….I always try to beat my year before but this year it seemed just too difficult

  123. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Kimberly, yeah…I think we’re all starting to feel better about our eyesight. :) I’m not too pleased about starting over, but better than just sitting here.

  124. Tana
    Tana says:

    Elsa, I’ll say I found one that was approximately 2mm, I saw it bz it was covering something that I’m so used to seeing so I saw it rt away. But then there is bi-focal on my glasses now. I just got out the round seed bead, eyes are on fire. I’m at 82 eggs. I quit 3x har har :) . But now I thinking I’m totally done bz I need to see to ck out My Bag :)

  125. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Elsa, I’m playing on a laptop with a 17″ screen. Those tiny eggs were about 5mm. I guess the size of the eggs depends on the size of the screen.
    Diamonddustshoe hang in there. Let’s just hope that the Lima Team will be able to figure out what has happened, so that it will never happen again.

  126. Tana
    Tana says:

    Oops, forgot to mention that I’m on phone :)

  127. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all… just want to let you know that I’ve been trying to catch up on the comments, especially the ones about eggs being a little scare during times for people. (I received diamonddustshoe’s e-mail as well).

    First off, we know how much time you put into this hunt :) And we hope it’s worth it in the end, frustration and all. We try really hard every year to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. But every year, there seems to be one hiccup or another. This year, it seems like some people are having some trouble with a few eggs.

    What makes it hard on our end is that all 300 eggs have been found by one person or another. And I can’t find a pattern for why some eggs would be giving some hunters trouble, but not others.

    One factor in all this is the internet (and computers and servers). The hunt depends on reliable connections. I can tell you that we have seen a LOT of increased traffic to our website due to the hunt. This is normal, and we prepare every year by adding to our computer capacity. We learned early on that the hunt is stressful on computers, as well as people :)

    My only guess is that due to some weird connection issues / failures, some of the eggs are taking too much of a pause before appearing on the screen–or worse yet, not appearing at all.

    Again, it’s tough to tell why some people are finding eggs that others seem to be missing. But I can assure you that we’re doing everything we can on our end to make the end of the hunt go smoothly. So if you’re one of those people like diamonddustshoe that are going back through and trying to find some eggs that got missed the first time around, you may have some luck. I can’t be certain about that–and it’s up to you if you think it’s worth your time to keep hunting.

    I’ll continue to keep an eye on things tonight. I’m very sorry that a lot of you are feeling some frustr-egg-tion (sorry, I know). And I hope you find a few extra eggs that pop up as you keep looking.

    Lastly, we truly do hope that the hunt ends on a high note with lots of great prizes being boxed up and sent your way next week (and of course those gift certificates).

    Best of luck!

  128. Steve
    Steve says:

    One more thing I forgot to mention… Just based on percentages, it looks like the eggs giving hunters issues are on the category listing pages (not the individual item pages). So if you DID want to comb over areas you already visited, I would focus more on the category listings. This is just my instinct based on percentages of eggs found.

    Hope this is helpful to some hunters!

  129. L Thompson
    L Thompson says:

    After reading all of this, I do feel a lot better. I too have been with the hunts from the very beginning, always very close to the top. I have been stuck on 265 for over 24 hours or so. The thought of retracing my steps is so daunting. Maybe I will if I don’t have to do every individual item. Just want to find them for myself, not for more or “better” prizes. Stupid me forgot last year and didn’t even use my gift c4rtificate. I guess I just like looking at all the pretty pretties. Just love the challenge, too. Good luck to everyone and thank you lima beads for the hunt.

  130. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Thank you for looking into all this, Steve. I hope we haven’t egghausted the servers *too* much. ;) It’s a great help to have an idea where to try double checking.
    In thinking about it, I want to send you one more note about “half state” my browser got into while hunting early on just in case it’s of use to you somewhere.

  131. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    Steve: Thanks for all the info. Can you see what eggs each member finds? Or do you just get the numbers?

    Hopefully the last 50 i need are in the gemstones :P Unless there is some other categories I have forgotten, or skipped…

  132. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Hi, Marianne L, welcome to the magical “Geez, did I miss a WHOLE SECTION??” feeling we’ve been talking about. Gemstones may ease it a *little*, but it might hurt at first. Depends on if the problem, whatever it is, is still ongoing. Good luck!

  133. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    I’m stymied at 199. Finishing up gemstones, now, then i think I’ll go back through.

  134. No Photo
    C Neary says:

    I’ve spent the better part of two days searching for eggs and I’m only at 40. I’m not sure how people are even finding over 100 let alone almost 300. I am clicking on every single product page even within the section. I’ve been doing this for hours and hours. It’s disappointing to only be at 40 and not even be on the board yet. :-(

  135. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Just happened to me, too. I found an egg on an item that I was admiring last night, which had no egg at that time. I went back to it to add it to my wish list, so I don’t forget to order it, and surprise, an egg.

  136. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Recombing an area I have *already* rechecked once because finding so few there would have been impossible, and lo, there’s an obvious one on a category page that wasn’t there twice. So yeah, this is the year of the “Magical Egg Blight.”

  137. SimplyStacyJewelry
    SimplyStacyJewelry says:

    I’m confused. I’ve clicked on every listing (I think) but haven’t found a new one since yesterday. Do you click on the photos of the listing too? I know not the additional photos but the main photos…not sure if that’s why I haven’t found the rest.

  138. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Hi y’all eggstreme eggsters! WOW. Impressive! I just checked in after our early Easter feast (partially why I needed to finish early). I popped in just to let LB Team know that I have already received my order of treasures with my prize on the other coast! Well done, y’all. Gorgeous pearls BTW.
    Just a note in passing (I do not think I am breaking any rules here but forgive me if I am), I have learned to look at each page in two modes; first in zoom mode (nice and close up) and then non zoom mode on the way out of each page. If you view zoomed, many eggs are hiding out of sight. If you view in non-zoom you miss many of the tricksters hiding close in. This year, I had to use two browsers and I had to change the background color in order to see more eggs. This really helped me (dark/black background in one browser and white in Safari). I only mention this if it helps Steve and crew figure how to help us have an even more eggsceptional hunt next year. I loved the “golden egg(s)” of years past, hint, hint.
    Congrats to all who have “endured” and persisted to the end!

  139. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    Thanks diamonddustshoe. I thought I was going to get a lot more in the big “charms and pendants” categories than I did today. So we will se what gemstones and tomorrow gives.

    C Neary: It does take a lot of time. Remember to look at the whole page. I have it pretty zoomed in, so what others call teeeny tiny, are pretty big eggs for me. But that mean I take longer looking and scrollong at each page. And remember to look at the pages in the bottom, like “shipping” and “about us”. ;)

  140. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Steve, it would seem I’m experiencing this issue in blocks of time, not location…and I have no idea when to hunt and when to wait, because the traffic itself doesn’t slow down. Once an egg is there, it’s there, but until then, all bets are off. This is like a whole different kind of game…Whack an Egg?

  141. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Diamond: you are hilarious: “Whack an egg”. Year of the “Magical Egg Blight”!

    I wanted to highlight the “Faceted black Tourmaline 12mm rounds”, jaw dropping gorgeous and at this $$. Lima eggscells.

  142. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    LOL !! yes”wack an egg “seems appropriate this year as far as the pelican goes I hope some day it lays an egg or two :)

  143. No Photo
    K r says:

    Was hunting since it began, and I am one that ran into eggs appearing only on my second or third time into a page. I’m not talking teeny tiny or well hidden eggs, but full size eggs right in the middle of the page as soon as you click in. I was down to just checking gemstones yesterday, and I went back to another item page to make a note about an item I saw, and lo and behold a new appearance! I can guarantee that was at least the 4th time I went into that page. I have no idea why un-missable eggs were appearing in places I’d already searched earlier in the week, but there you have it. It is discouraging to know that there may be dozens of eggs I’ve missed solely because I am not going to go back to an item list I’d already searched twice on Tuesday. With all this said, I am receiving some lovely prizes, and some nice purchases. I want to thank the Lima team for their efforts at making this fun. But drat! You have tooo many items this year that look like eggs when scrolling! :) Thank-you all.

  144. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I too have experienced the magically appearing eggs! I have found some large eggs on pages that I had already scrolled through…but maybe it’s because I blinked while scrolling or couldn’t see through my bleeding eyes! :-P But loads of fun; great hunt!

  145. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m going to try something. Just found one (and boy was this sucker obvious), pulled that tab out to its own window…not going to click the egg, but going to periodically refresh and see if it disappears!

  146. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I just ran across something very strange…as I am going over pages I had already visited and scrolled down, there were about 3 pages that scrolled down forever with ‘Create and Learn’ sections until I actually got to the regular green section at the bottom. I’ve never seen that before….

  147. Wordgrrl
    Wordgrrl says:

    OK, I’m giving up after finding only 38 eggs. I have looked at at least 200 pages of individual gemstones and have found zero eggs. Previously, I have looked at most of the pages that list the products in a given category (e.g., all of the categories of beads, charms & pendants, findings, and chain). I really enjoyed this last year–think I found over 200 eggs–but I’m getting too frustrated this year. Kudos to those who have the time and the patience to do a thorough search. Happy Easter everyone!

  148. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Elsa the smallest eggs I’ve found have been very slightly larger than the yellow tulip at the top of the page, just to give you a device/resolution-independent reference.

    C Neary: if you are trying to get from 40 to 100, at this point in the hunt, I suggest you stop looking at individual item pages altogether, and focus on all the list pages (including all the style, color, material, size, etc. variations). It will be far more productive for you. Good luck!

  149. No Photo
    D StCin says:

    I give up, I usually make the board. In 2 days I have only found 37 eggs.

  150. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I don’t think I have had any issue lately with not seeing eggs… but I have noticed there are WAY fewer eggs in the header at the top of every page above the green navigation bar than usual. I have searched over 8000 pages so far but I can only recall finding an egg up there one time… I hope it is not a glitch.

  151. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I was lamenting my “doubly hidden” egg issue with my husband when he pointed both hands at my screen and said “EGG.” Apparently, this has worked, so there’s your cure for Egg Blight.

    Seriously though, NettyPreat, every egg I’ve gotten today was not there on Wednesday/Thursday, and one of them didn’t show up for sure until today. And hate to tell you this, but fairly certain there’s at least a handful somewhere at the top like that. Most of them I found today. Fair to say maybe you’re not to those yet, though?

  152. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Maybe I am not there yet… I have done better than this before but I keep trying/searching. :P I am just going to do the best I can and then wish next years hunt would hurry up and arrive. ;)

    As for helping with the Egg thing… I would have to do it myself. Not sure it would be as effective. LOL. I find I keep looking over a page more than I should like I am hoping an egg will appear if I keep scrolling up and down. HAH! – Heidi

  153. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I have viewed A LOT of product pages so far and the majority of eggs I find show up on or very near the main product photo… I have found a few elsewhere on product pages but very few in comparison. I don’t know if it is a glitch or just how they changed it up this year maybe.

  154. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Same for me Netty, on both the top area, and finding most by the main photo.

  155. No Photo
    David T says:

    Thanks for the hunt and happy Easter everyone! Surprised I managed to notice so many of the tiny little ones. I was also surprised at some of the pages and functions I never noticed before as a regular egg hunter and Limabeads customer (I never knew there was a wish list?). As others have said: there were some more eggs to find in the “one click from the home page” category after going through everything. So it might pay to double check those.

  156. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    I don’t think it’s always a case of appearing/disappearing eggs. I think it’s more a case of how you got there, taking a different route, through various other pages, means that, in some cases, you’ve suddenly arrived at a different page…at least in site coding.

  157. Y Buonamici
    Y Buonamici says:

    I don’t know what the del is with the disappearing/reappering eggs, but I’ve had 3 of them. I haven’t gone back to any category pages on purpose, but as I’ve started the individual item clicks, they have showed up. Okay by me, every egg helps. I’m at 163 after strting a day late and hoping to get to 175 before the hunt is over. As usual, I find the hiding places to often be clever, but those teensy weensy wiley spots are hard on an old gal’s eyes! Hope I didn’t miss any of them!

  158. Steve
    Steve says:

    Happy Easter, all! I’m very glad that the “egg blight” is showing signs of getting better.

    Marianne L: I technically have a way to see the individual eggs found by specific people. But it’s time consuming and very “manual”, so working with numbers is much easier.

    SImplyStacyJewelry: If you’re talking about clicking the main photo of a product to enlarge the picture inside that little popup, then no, you don’t need to do that.

    Remember, everyone, to place your orders with prizes sometime today! The hunt ends promptly at midnight Pacific time.

    Good luck!

  159. No Photo
    E hendren says:

    something I’m not clear on – so there are no eggs hidden on ANY of the pages, items, etc. under the “supplies”, “artists and brands”, “deals”, “whats fresh”, or “create and learn”?

  160. Tana
    Tana says:

    According to the Breakdown clause above, no

  161. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    E Hendren: You don’t have to use those menus to get to any pages that might have eggs. However, there are pages that exist under those sections, and in the included sections. For example you can find patterns under both supplies and beads. If you go through the beads sections, you will see the relevant pattern items in the mix as items in the beads section, even though the actual item pages are housed under supplies. But you wouldn’t have to go through the Supplies menu to find eggs. And if you are on a list page or item page and see links to fresh picks or design ideas under Create and Learn, you don’t have to follow those to find eggs.

  162. Creel U
    Creel U says:

    Thanks for the hours of eye strain and aching hand muscles. I look forward to it again next year. When I hunt on my phone, the complete width of the page isn’t shown. When I hunt on my chrome laptop, I have to go to the back arrow every time to move to the next item. Quite astretch with the fingers on the finger pad. Either way, challenging but great fun. I get bored and try to hunt from fresh pick pages, but when I click on an item, it doesn’t turn from blue to red at the top. Is it possible to hunt from the Fresh Pick pages?

  163. Tana
    Tana says:

    There is a page that I have to scroll that seems bottomless but I can get to the bottom on my device but i wont be able to see all the right side bz it does not fit my screen no matter what I’ve tried. So if there is an egg the Easter bunny gets it

  164. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Wheeeee!! I just found a tricky egg!!! I love those. Sure the easy to spot are nice but I get a rush from finding the tricksy ones. LOL. This one was barely visible though a big egg. Only part of it was poking out. :D

  165. No Photo
    juliaboss says:

    Happy Easter and thank you for a fun hunt, Lima Beads! I’m definitely doing this again next year and plan to improve my numbers.

  166. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    I just found the double egg page

  167. No Photo
    C Bleak says:

    I found a glitch with the egg hunt. In findings I found one under any. Silver ribbon cover but when I selected to view all pages in catagory the egg disappeared. So I went back to single page and there it was again. I’ve taken a picture of this. So if you were like me and viewed all pages at once you will have to go back and revisit all pages

  168. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    c bleak, when you find a specific location error, you need to email the team instead of telling us here about it. ;)

  169. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    And if I understand you correctly, I would only use “view all” as a short hand way to pull a lot of items to view at once in new tabs, but never a way to search…the rules say no eggs are in “view all” mode.

  170. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    In this case, if you look, the images for the area in question are different between the two views, yeah? So what the egg was attached to changed. This probably one reason why they say not to use “view all” for the hunt.

  171. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    (and I already had that one, which was the only way I even knew what was being referred to)

  172. Tana
    Tana says:

    I’m done hunting but now I’m rootin for someone to get those 300 eggs. So I keep checking the Leader board going come on, come one of of you do it!!! :)

  173. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I just found the unicorn page!! Or the needle in a haystack or twin page. :D Two eggs on one page… I had to see it for myself… several times. I kept scrolling up and down to see that both were really there. LOL

  174. Chippy Chick aka Lindys
    Chippy Chick aka Lindys says:

    I’m done, but I’ve told myself this every day since Thursday! I remember the 1st egg hunt many years ago. 100 eggs and the golden egg!

    Happy Easter eveyone!

  175. No Photo
    A craddick says:

    I have submitted my order and prizes. Thanks for another year of fun. It was a good time. Kudos to those of you who have found so many. I only found 106 and spent several hrs yesterday for yielding 4 eggs. You guys rock. I do not have super fast internet so that could be part of it. Still had fun.

  176. KatieKat
    KatieKat says:

    I found the unicorn too! But it only counted one of the eggs and not both. Is this true for anyone else?

  177. Y Buonamici
    Y Buonamici says:

    Wish I could find the unicorn page! I only need 2 eggs to hit my goal but I appear to be in an egg desert! Grrr bty diamondshoe, good luck in the drawing!

  178. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Thanks, Y! At this point in the game, to give yourself the best shot, I’d say stick to menus like Steve was saying with the only exception of one large section, and you probably know which one that is, so if you’re in it, you can move on from there, ’cause…Gobi Egg Desert.

  179. Y Buonamici
    Y Buonamici says:

    Success! Woo Hoo! Ordered my mala and i’m going to bed!!!lol See you all next year!

  180. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Don’t know if I am still having problems with eggs not showing up, but after going through 19 pages of one category and all of its sub-categories, and 15 pages of another section there were no eggs showing on any of the pictures. That seemed quite unusual. I don’t have time to click on each individual picture a second time. In 2 days, I think I’ve found a total of 6 eggs. I enjoy this egg hunt, been doing every year since the very first one. I may be frustrated, and know I am going in the wrong direction on the leader board, but I can’t quite give up yet. I am amazed that the leaders have found almost every one. Way to go!

  181. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    S Marlow, if you’re trying to hunt that one really big section that usually has a ton of eggs, and at least ONE in a submenu…get out of there and go literally *anywhere* else with lots of menu parts. You’re in the middle of the Eggharan.

  182. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I’m hoping that’s the case, because otherwise, the blight is intermittent, hasn’t resolved, and is at least in part related to traffic…and there’s never a real lull on the last day. Good luck!

  183. No Photo
    agp917 says:

    Seems like the Easter Egg Hunt has packed up early on the east coast. I’ve been searching and searching but there are none to be found.

  184. No Photo
    L D says:

    That is a shame I didn’t even know this was going on this year. I guess I’m no longer getting notified. Just logged in as a just in case and saw it live today.

  185. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    L D, are you on the email list? The past few had dropped hints it was coming. Failing that, you can always check ~Tuesday the week ending in Easter of every year. Always the same week, give or take a day.

  186. Stone Treasures
    Stone Treasures says:

    That’s it folks!! Ending with 240 eggs found. Lessons learned this year, go slow and easy giving those eggs a chance to load. You just might find them all!! Congrats to the top 25. You all are truly diligent and tenacious! And Thanks Lima for the hunt. Defiantly fun and obsessive!!

  187. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hello, last minute hunters :) Remember to place your prize orders by midnight Pacific time tonight! Have a great rest of the night, and Happy Easter again!

  188. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I’m starting to feel some frustration… first time ever for that. I have looked everywhere eggs are… product pages too. Even one category in beads I was avoiding but product page after product page gave me nothing. I don’t know where else to go. Unless I forgot something I have nowhere else to go. :P

    Still wondering about the lack of eggs in the header above the green navigation bar. I have paid thorough attention to that area as I wanted to find the egg on his shoe again. :P Since the start Tuesday I can only recall 1 single egg found in that area. Based on past years that is unusual.

  189. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I can tell you I can think of at least four eggs found in that upper area, maybe five. Given my experience all day today and some of the comments of others, I think the eggs took the day off again for some of us. Hopefully that won’t be a thing next year.

  190. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Same here, no idea where else to look, and eggs have been scarce today, and yesterday.

    I also have only had one in the top bar, and I have been double, even triple checking up there.

  191. No Photo
    Gina says:

    Thank YOU Lima Beads! I enjoy the hunt every year! I found 200 this year with limited time this year. This is the first year out of many that I didn’t finish on the leaderboard. I ran out of time! Thanks again, it was eggscellent! Gina

  192. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Thanks to Lima, and Steve for another great, and fun hunt.

    Though I am still looking, for now, I did already order the prizes I wanted.

  193. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Thank you Lina for another great egg hunt. Must say all my frustration over missing eggs turned out better towards the end. I found eggs after retracing my steps in places that were so obvious and so big, they couldn’t be missed. Anyway, you amaze me with hiding all those eggs throughout all those pages and individual beads, in such unique ways. Can’t stay up any longer, so am glad I fought my way back up a ways. Congratulations to all those that end up in the top 25, and how blessed one of you will be after the drawing. Until the next egg hunt–thank you!!

  194. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    See you next year! :)

  195. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    Had fun. Thank you Lima Beads!

  196. No Photo
    C Hickman says:

    Got a late start but boy was this fun! I managed to find 250 eggs, using my cell phone (I feel like I need to ice my eyes, lol) Thank you for hiding the “search seed beads by color” area this year!! I dreaded that section so bad. I am looking forward to the hunt next year!

  197. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    Thanks Lima and Steve. This was fun, and I found more eggs than last year, so that was an improvement :)

    As a wish for next year: Can you show the sizes of the eggs you hide?? There has been a lot of talk about tiny eggs, and I don’t really know if I found any of them.:)

    Hopefully there will be less trouble next year. I gave up on rechecking the lists. I just found eggs I already had. However I did find out I had skipped the entire firepolish round section. :O So that was a handfull of eggs in the last hours of the hunt. Thankful for the westcoast deadline :P

  198. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    Thanks Steve and Co. I didn’t find as many eggs as I think I did last year and didn’t make the leaderboard, but it was fun as always and I learned some new strategies I can run with next year. :) I’ve “cashed in” my eggs and am calling it a night!

  199. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    Thank you Lima Team for another great Easter Egg Hunt. I found 263 eggs, that I “cashed” in for some fabulous prizes, and I learned some new strategies to use for next year. I hope y’all consider doing a gift hunt during the Christmas season in the future. It would be fun!!

  200. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Sharon, for xmas we could hunt for the elves on their shelves. LOL

  201. No Photo
    gjpaking says:

    This was my first egg hunt. I was obsessed! This is marketing genius! Lots of fun .

  202. No Photo
    whimsygirl says:

    @Netty Preat I didn’t find more than a couple in the headers, but I found a few in the green section. One was so far in the lower left hand corner that it took me three times of trying to click on it before it would register.

    Thanks, Lima for another fun hunt!

  203. Cindy Marie
    Cindy Marie says:

    Thank you Lima Beads for another great Easter Egg Hunt! I had so much fun! The eggs were super sneaky this year and well blended, making a fantastic puzzle! I Also truly appreciate all The hard work your team puts into presenting this fun event!

  204. No Photo
    karendk says:

    Thank you Lima Bead crew-it was a difficult hunt this year, but always worth it! I quit on Friday after only finding 159 eggs, then read the blog Friday night and found out about the technical issues. Started back into the hunt Saturday and found so many more eggs-even got into the top 25! Wasn’t eggspecting to stay up there, but woke up Monday morning to find I was still barely in the top 25! It was well worth it, especially since I found my last 3 eggs around midnight Easter Sunday! Thanks to all for making this such a fun experience. See you next year!

  205. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    Thank you for having the Egg hunt. I spent hours yesterday and could not find any so just gave up. I clicked and clicked but bogged down my computer lol I thought we did not need to click through “see more” or click on each individual item…but after not finding more than 63 eggs I started to do that………guess I missed out. Congrats to the winners and thank you Lima for an incredible event.

  206. No Photo
    Suzanne I says:

    Thank you to the whole Lime team who puts this hunt together every year! From the beginning of the year, in the back of my mind, I start getting excited about the upcoming hunt. Yes, I’m addicted, but at least I know I’m not alone!

    Thank you, too, for eliminating some of the seed bead sections. A request for next year: could you do the same for gemstones? For example, the chakras pages are all linked to within gemstones, and even though they are housed in a different section, it’s not one of the excluded ones like create and learn. Also, I never know if I need to expand all the gemstones under round until I’m done and haven’t found a single egg! I would also love clarification on whether the ‘see all xx’ related items links and zoom on chains which I can’t do on a tablet) are covered in the detailed image popup exclusion or not. And I second the request for size examples.

    I thought I had escaped the missing egg issue, but after stalling at 263 when I finished checking everything, I started over and found another 20 eggs, barely getting me into the top 25, which I didn’t expect. Thanks for the tip to focus on list pages rather than item pages.

    All in all, though, I really just want you to know how grateful I am for the hunt each year!

  207. d j beadalicious
    d j beadalicious says:

    Thanks again to team Lima Beads! I hope you all had an eggxtravaganza Easter! As in every year my family thinks I am nuts for doing this, but I find in the end it’s very rewarding. Kudos to all of you!

  208. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    The end of another hunt.
    House = disaster
    Fridge = empty
    Laundry = piled up
    A$$ = wider
    Hand/wrist = sore
    Egg glitch = frustration
    Still a great hunt. Thanks and will see everyone next year!

  209. Steve
    Steve says:

    Good morning, all :) Your comments the morning after the hunt are always heartwarming. We will be doing the grand prize drawing and sending out gift certificates later today–and we’ll have an updated posted to the main Hunt page within 24 hours.

    We hope that everyone enjoys their prizes–you DEFINITELY earned them this year :) Each hunt has its own unique challenges and new hiding spots but one thing never changes: the diligence of all of you to comb through the website to find those little devils. So thank YOU for a great hunt this year! Stay tuned for an announcement about the grand prize winner, and enjoy your prizes!

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