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The Lima Beads Blog News, Contests, Fun & More

Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Posted by Steve on April 04 at 10:47 am

The time has come for the 14th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! It’s been another egg-citing week around Lima HQ as we’ve been meticulously hiding eggs all over our website… and we hope you have a blast finding them : ) Just like the previous hunt, we have over $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) And, there are over 100 great prizes this year… Read more below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 300 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (April 9).

The Prizes

Just like last hunt, we have a big pool of prizes, and you use your eggs as currency to pick and choose your prizes. For example, if you find 10 eggs, you can pick a couple prizes–for example, you could pick a prize that costs 3 eggs, another that costs 4 eggs, and one that costs a single egg (for a total of 10). The more eggs you find, the more prizes you’ll be eligible for! PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just like last hunt! Lastly, we have a $250 gift certificate grand prize that will be randomly awarded to one of the beaders in the Top 25 on the leaderboard at the end of the hunt. Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

Where are all the eggs?

Make sure to read the entire Hunt page including the FAQ, where we post some details about where you will and won’t find eggs.

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $3.99 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

Read the comments

  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hello again, everyone! Let the hunting begin :)

    If you’re new to the hunt, read through the information on the Hunt page to see how it works. And ask any questions in the comments here!

    If you’re a long-time hunter, not much has changed. Just like last year, the following areas are excluded: Supplies, Artists & Brands, Deals, What’s Fresh, and Create & Learn. You don’t need to hunt under those sections to find any eggs.

    Good luck everyone! And most of all, have fun!

  2. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Thank you Steve! Happy hunting everyone!!!

  3. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    Best of luck everyone. And enjoy!

  4. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    I have so much fun doing this every year! Yay!

    Good luck all!

  5. Karokat
    Karokat says:

    This year you didn’t mention that there wouldn’t be more than 1 egg per page. Does that mean that there could be 2 or more eggs per page?

    This egg hunt is so much fun each year! Thanks for your hard work in making it the best egg hunt on the entire internet!

  6. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Participated in EVERY Hunt. I just received the notice and already someone is at 70 on the leaderboard. Y’all are amazing hunters.
    Good Luck to all. Happy, Hippytee, Hunting. And a Happy Easter to all.

  7. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Oh, forgot to add a BIG THANK YOU to the Lima crew for torturing us each and every year….BIG GRIN….I love it!

  8. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Woo HOO! And away we go! Good luck, all!

  9. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Karokat! Yes, it is technically possible that there is more than one egg on a page (like in previous years). However, this is an extremely uncommon occurrence each year (and some years hasn’t even happened at all). If was hunting, I wouldn’t stress about this.

  10. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Glad the hunt finally started! I have been checking the main page several a times a day for a bit. *grin*

    Still finding myself daydreaming again about a Halloween version and hunting for classic treats like popcorn balls or candy corn… or maybe even hunting different size/shape carved pumpkins!

    I hope I haven’t missed any eggs while I was daydreaming. :D

  11. Leah Elaine
    Leah Elaine says:

    I’m new to this – so fun!! I got my

    *Potential spoiler-ish but genuine question below!!*

    Is it safe to say most of the eggs are at the topish area of pages or do I need to be scrolling every page? It occurred to me that maybe I should’ve been scrolling down a lot more many pages in :’)

  12. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi Leah Elaine, thanks for hunting along this year! Eggs may be found all over (top to bottom). You can find plenty of eggs near the top in order to claim some good prizes. But the hunters trying to stay at the top of the Leaderboard will need to scroll down the pages as well. Hope this helps!

  13. Jewelrybyjanelda
    Jewelrybyjanelda says:

    I am so addicted to this egg hunt. This is my 3rd year. Still not sure how someone gets 70 eggs in less than a couple of hours but more power to them. Good luck to everyone like me that just keeps scrolling

  14. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Hi Steve,

    Do we need to use the “zoom” preview feature In certain areas in order to find eggs? Years ago, when you had the golden eggs as part of the contest, I found one by using the zooming in on a ribbon.

    Can you confirm whether the zoom preview is considered a pop-up (and therefore isn’t a place to check) or not?

    Thank you!


  15. FromTheBunker
    FromTheBunker says:

    I just scrolled through every page of gemstones by color. Didn’t find a single egg. What am I doing wrong?

  16. LuLuCats
    LuLuCats says:

    Help! I hit 27 eggs and the next three new ones bring up the ‘you’ve found an egg” but don’t change the total. I should have 30 – the three that didn’t change the count don’t have checkmarks on them either.
    Thanks :-)

  17. No Photo
    Rocky says:

    Thank you for having the egg hunt this year. I always look forward to it!

  18. Steve
    Steve says:

    Betsy: You will not need to use any “zoom” features to find eggs. If there’s an egg on a page, it should be available for clicking as soon as the page loads–no additional action needed by you in order to reveal an egg. You’re right that in previous years, we hid some eggs in these crazy places. But our website is just too big now :)

  19. Steve
    Steve says:

    LuLu Cats: Could you e-mail team@limabeads.com with the details of an egg that you’re trying to click on that isn’t working for you? I’ll be happy to help.

  20. Steve
    Steve says:

    FromTheBunker: I’ll send you an e-mail with some details to help with your question.

  21. C Fournier
    C Fournier says:

    I may not be finding many eggs, but I definitely have found lots of items I want! I can’t comprehend how the leader board has found so many. I only have access to my mobile app. Are eggs easier to find on a laptop screen?

  22. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Thank you for clarifying, Steve! (And phew, what a relief!)

  23. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Whether you’re using a mobile app or searching on your laptop shouldn’t matter, although having a larger screen means that you can display more of the page at one time.

    There are a lot of us who have been participating in this hunt for years and are very familiar with the way the pages work. Many of us have our hunting methodology down to a science at this point, which is why you see such high scores on the leaderboard.

  24. No Photo
    Jamie L says:

    Happy Hunting to all.

  25. Susie Q
    Susie Q says:

    5 hours, 58 eggs -not fun anymore! Read the “hunt” page a few times…

  26. No Photo
    angkaye says:

    Thanks again for having this hunt! I’ve been doing it for years. I’m stuck at 110. I guess at this point, I just need to go in and click on every product listing? Is this what everyone else does? I’ve done all the bigger pages as far as I can tell.

  27. Steve
    Steve says:

    One day down, just a few more to go…. :)

    C Fournier: what B Miller said is correct. You can use any kind of device, but having a large laptop screen definitely helps see more of the page at once.

    angkaye: yes, the hunters at the top of the leaderboard are definitely visiting the product pages as well.

    If you’re feeling egg fatigue already, don’t be ashamed to claim your prizes and walk away with your sanity :)

  28. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Hi Steve –

    Question about what constitutes a page. In certain sections, you can expand part of the page (similar to a drop down) to display details for a particular item without being sent to an entirely different screen.

    If you expand an item to look more closely at the options available, is it only the expanded area that’s new, or is the entire page (Lima Beads header & menus, green footer, other non-expanded sections on that page) reloaded and is therefore a new page?

    I’m just trying to make the most of my limited hunting time!



  29. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    I have wondered about what you ask, Betsy, specifically with regard to the “related items” on an item page, when there are more available than displayed, showing a “more items” link below that expands the related items menu without otherwise reloading or changing the page.

  30. Sheryl K
    Sheryl K says:

    If you find an egg on a product page and further in your search there are links to similar products. Those similar links are changed color because I’ve already opened that link previously on other searches. Do I still need to open these suggested pages? Will there be eggs there or am I safe because I’ve already searched the pages previously? I hope that makes sense?

  31. ChristmasLoco85
    ChristmasLoco85 says:

    OMG! I’d love to know how the leaderboard group is doing their searches that they’re getting so many eggs! I’m just about done going through Findings, my first category, subsection by subsection, item by agonizing item! Is there a better way? Don’t want anyone to give away trade secrets, but tips/hints/help? TNX!

  32. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    ChristmasLoco85 -

    First, don’t get discouraged. This is meant to be fun. Many in the leaderboard have been participating in the annual Easter egg hunts since Lima Beads started them (I think there were only 10 eggs hidden the first year), and are really familiar with the site and how to search for eggs, based on past experience. That said, everyone has a fair shot at finding the eggs and getting onto the leaderboard. A lot of it is just putting in the time. Last year, I was on the leaderboard for about a day, and then got knocked off as others found more eggs. I simply didn’t have as much time for hunting as in other years. (I was still happy with my prizes and the different beads I bought.)

    Without giving anything away, my advice is to start with broad categories, then refine your searches from there. Read through the FAQ on the Hunt page – this will give you some tips.

    Clicking into each individual item page before doing a broader search will just be frustrating and will take up too much of your time. You can find plenty of eggs in other areas.

    Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Good luck!


  33. ChristmasLoco85
    ChristmasLoco85 says:

    B Miller –

    Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate you insight. Having fun looking for them, but quickly getting dizzy. lol Hoping to just get enough to pick out some fun goodies on the prize page. I’m up to 60!!!

  34. swerdybird
    swerdybird says:

    im with xmas & bunkergal. Thought ild be good at this but systematic approach not working well.& yikes cant type worth a damn without my iphone. hopelessly dyslexic without the phone.

  35. swerdybird
    swerdybird says:

    out of desperation, went to desktop

  36. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    I do pretty much what Betsy described, and I’m beating rather leisurely, since there’s still a few days left, and I don’t want it to start feeling tedious like a chore.

  37. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Being! Not beating…. My iPad is hopeless.

  38. C Fournier
    C Fournier says:

    Thank you Steve and friends, my tablet is Walker to use than my phone or ancient laptop. I’ve doubled my score and then some. Still well below the leaderboard but I am giving it a go. I have spotted lots of things to order!

  39. Steve
    Steve says:

    Sheryl K: you only need to visit a product page once. No need to re-visit it via another route.

    ChristmasLoco85: glad to have you hunting along this year! Betsy gave some great advice.

    Betsy: can you email team@limabeads.com and include a link to one of those pages you’re asking about?

    Diamonddustshoe: there is no need to “reveal” additional related products to find eggs.

    In general: If there’s an egg on a page, it should be available for clicking as soon as the page loads–no additional action needed by you in order to reveal an egg.

  40. C Fournier
    C Fournier says:

    Tablet is easier! Must have autocorrect issue, sorry

  41. No Photo
    agp917 says:

    This really isn’t fun. It sounds like it would be but it’s just too darn frustrating and so tedious with all that scrolling. I tried looking last year, but basically beat my head against the wall. I don’t understand why I’m not finding more eggs; I certainly feel like I’m trying, just no luck.

  42. No Photo
    Junifer N says:

    Are there eggs in the “Show All #” link on a page?

  43. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Junifer, he said no, they didn’t put any in those expansion lists.

  44. FromTheBunker
    FromTheBunker says:

    I quit at 39. No fun at all. There must be a trick, I scrolled through every Czech bead page, took me 4 hours, found 3 eggs. Whoever found 200+ eggs must have an in, or no house or work to look after. I won’t play next year.

  45. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I am going to have to go soon for a bit. Thunderstorm moving in and getting really close now. I don’t want to risk my computer. :P

  46. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Diamonddustshoe: I found one egg so far under additional related products on a page. Only one though so far. I remember in a past year using that to find 2 eggs on one product page… i.e. the unicorn page. :D

  47. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    NettyPreat, did you have to expand that area by clicking “Show all” to see it, or was it just in that area on the page as it was? That’s the key. There jussst might indeed be a unicorn page this year, too, out there somewhere.

  48. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Diamonddustshoe: I’m back now, thunderstorm over finally. :) Didn’t lose power but better safe than sorry.

    I have been expanding all of them when I see one and that is how I found the egg. If I had not expanded I would not have seen it. It was a smallish egg to so I almost missed it.

    That said it is just one egg… though every egg matters ;)

    - Heidi

  49. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Steve: This year is great so far! I love the easy eggs and found many but I also love the cleverly hidden eggs. Some were really small and I was thinking I could not believe I found it. That is what I like about them though. Extra satisfaction in finding one hard to see. :D Thanks again for making another great hunt and having it really seem like a real world egg hunt with some easy to find and others not so easy. :D – Heidi

  50. J koob
    J koob says:

    I am so sorry for not posting this sooner! I just want to say THANK YOU for all the hard work everyone has done to put this EGG HUNT together. I know this takes time as well as money to put together.

    NOW for the reason I am posting this:::

    ALL OF YOU DEBBY DOWNERS, and you know who you are!!!DIDN’T YOUR MOTHERS EVER TELL YOU, IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL??? Because you were RUDE enough to publicly CRY about the fact that YOU DON”T LIKE IT, YOU CAN”T FIND AN EGG, YOU ARE NOT HUNTING NEXT YEAR!!!!!BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. If you don’t want to participate then DON”T!! Who cares!!!No one is twisting your arm. I am so SHOCKED for the way some of you have Just thought so much of yourselves, that you did not even care of anyone else’s feelings, to whine like the infants you are. I was raised right, and if I would have EVER posted anything like you have posted on this site, TALKING about POOR YOU, I CANT FIND AN EGG, ITS TOO HARD…My mother would have whipped me.You have some nerve, and I just feel VERY sorry for you as you must be very lonely,bored, unhappy, and just plain miserable. so…once again thank you everyone for putting this together!!It has just started, and has already been a blast.

  51. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    UNREAL! another thunderstorm is coming! Looks like I will spend today turning my computer on and off several times due to the weather. *laughs*

  52. No Photo
    Masterwire wrapper says:

    So much fun! You guys are so diabolical ha ha ha!! I always have such a good time with this. I never hit the “big time” but this is a joy and of course, I always get stuff anyway. Such a great small company!!

  53. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Thank you all so much for putting this together every year …..I do realize how much you put into all this which is why I do as well and I appreciate this so much …..I look forward to this hunt like men look forward to deer season ….This is my” deer hunt ” maybe I take it a bit too serious but I love finding them and I always try to beat my year before ….. to help without getting in trouble I will also say It is definitely a matter of knowing how the pages work and picking the strategy that works for you …..with that said please be kind …. this is a free hunt that lima does for us and they give away so many wonderful prizes and that costs them money …..so yes it’s a lot of work and time to get to the leaderboard and / or stay there but shouldn’t they make us work for it a bit ? Good luck to you all and again Thank you Lima beads team

  54. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Stay safe Netty it’s supposed to be wild again

  55. Steve
    Steve says:

    Happy Hunting on Day 3 everyone! Stay safe in those storms… we had them yesterday!

  56. No Photo
    L Bodon says:

    Has anyone else noticed the irony when J koobs’s angry, name-calling rant is preceded by a peace sign?

  57. D Gooding
    D Gooding says:

    My wish list is growing!!! Lol!!

  58. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    Every year seems to be harder…likely because the site has expanded SO much. Or it could be that each year, my eyes are 365 days older. Either way, a BIG THANK YOU to the Lima Team for another fun egg hunt!!! Ignore the nay sayers… :-)

  59. FromTheBunker
    FromTheBunker says:

    Well, I never did have much fun with hide and seek. Rather be reading or beading. But a general scolding from someone likely 40 years younger than me is just bad form. Thanks anyway, team, for putting this hunt together.

  60. Steve
    Steve says:

    Thank you for all the comments everyone :) We always hope the hunt is fun. And we also know the hunt can simultaneously be fun and frustrating! Some may say even egg-xcruciating at times (I had to). All in good fun :)

    The hunt continues…

  61. No Photo
    S Horta says:

    Im at 32 eggs first timer, but im not on leaderboard, is that from last year?

  62. Wilde Olive
    Wilde Olive says:

    Highly addictive to an OCD person like myself! I can’t stop

  63. No Photo
    SilverCords aka Judy says:

    Lima Beads is the BEST beading website as they make it fun and interactive! Steve, I still say you’re a genius for putting this together . . . it’s got to be a lot of work, so thanks! The annual egg hunt is always a lot of fun. Happy hunting everyone and congratulations to those who are on the cusp of hitting the 300 mark–I admire your hunting skills!

  64. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Kimberlywilliams60: Thanks! I took a nap since I also have not slept much since the hunt started. :)

    I laughed as I could relate to your deer hunting comment! I view the hunt as my vacation each year now. I work from home and for myself so I stop all work for the hunt. I still check email but only once a day. I will respond to an emergency but short of that I am off work for the duration of the hunt. :)

    - Heidi

  65. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    FromTheBunker: Cool name by the way.

    It may be bad form but so is complaining about a free fun event that is optional. You don’t have to be here. If it is not for you then okay… but don’t trash it for the rest of us who are having fun.

    I am 50 so does that make you 90? I had bit my tongue earlier but I did want to say something about all the negativity. This is my something and it is all I will say.

  66. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    First real day of hunting for me this year. I’m at 54, but taking it slow and steady. Just as much fun as it was my first 2 years. It’s so addictive :D

    I do wonder how many pages we look through on an average. I know some of you are probably able to look at every single page before the end. I usually run out of time. But still managed to get on the leaderboard both years. :D :D

    Happy Hunting everyone

  67. S elstrom
    S elstrom says:

    Like most comments I want to thank the staff at Lima Beads for having this event every year. I really look forward to it and have fun hunting. Evidently some folks find it too intense or difficult and choose to complain. Remember – it’s a game and completely optional. Don’t like it…..don’t play.
    Happy Hunting everyone….by the way I dropped off the leader board but there’s still time.

  68. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    I’m sorry for all the poor manners this year in this space. It is not good manners to be negative, but it is not good manners to cut people down for their feelings either. My parents used to say ” Put yourself in their p!ace before saying anything.” Being bored while looking and not finding anything for hours on end while someone else can be eating on the next page maybe, is normal.

  69. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Marianne L: I just checked my history and I am over 4500 pages now for just this website. I clear my limabeads history each year before the hunt so all clicked links turn back into unclicked colors. :)

  70. Snowy
    Snowy says:

    I’ve learned to not look at the leaderboard…this is supposed to be a fun event, and so very much appreciated . I’m sitting here clicking away, getting callouses, not finding tons but enjoying seeing all the beautiful options for shopping! Thank you Lima!!!!!!!!

  71. FromTheBunker
    FromTheBunker says:

    Hi again. I sent my working life in senior care. I am not a website designer. Terminology would be helpful. Define main page? Define secondary page? Define drop down? Detail page? I am not a stupid crank, just confused. And frustrated.Where to look, what to look at? What to look for? I found my eggs by accident for the most part.

  72. No Photo
    Jenny w says:

    This egg hunt is so egg-citing! I look forward to it every year! This year I have already found more than all of my previous years added together. I now feel like I have hit a wall! My eyes are crossed and are blurry! I have not found many today. Going to go fix myself a coke and try again!
    Thanks so much for sponsoring this great fun way to get to know your website!
    Fellow Beaders,
    Jenny Weddle

  73. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    FromTheBunker, to try and give you a better idea, I’ll use Czech glass as an example….

    The first page you click the shows all the selections is a page, then each one you click from there is a page, then each grouping, or category in it is a page, sometimes multiple if there are a lot of products listed, then each bead size, and color leads to another page.

    So, you can’t just look at the first ones that open, and think you’re done, there may be eggs on the pages for other sizes, and varieties, and on the main product page itself.

    Except for the areas they stated are excluded, the only other parts that won’t have eggs are the drop down menus that let you sort by price, popularity, and etc., or under the view all options that expand a list.

  74. FromTheBunker
    FromTheBunker says:

    Thank you for clarifying!

  75. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Very welcome, hope I helped a bit.

  76. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    I’ve been going through the bead product pages for hours now and I have only found one egg. The category I’m in right now cross-references multiple other categories and I’m still not finding any eggs. I can go to pages where I’ve found eggs previously and they’re still there, but if feels like I’ve gone through thousands of pages today without seeing a single egg. Does anyone know if the system ever glitches so that you can’t see un-clicked eggs?

  77. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I guess this question is more for Steve but anyone can answer if they know… I know certain sections now do not have any eggs so searching them is pointless but does that extend to the product pages also? I remember past years finding quite a few eggs on certain product pages in some of the newish no egg sections. I wonder if they still might be on product pages since those are often linked from other areas?

  78. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    NettyPreat, if I understand your question correctly…you should hit all the product pages via searching all the other sections, making searching anything under the “no egg” sections redundant. For instance, you’d hit a Green Girl charm under the general Charm and Pendants section, too.

  79. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Well I know things like Tierracast, green girl etc, all could have eggs on product pages.

    More wondering about the cord leather, kits, tools etc. Things that are often recommended on some other project pages. Could there be an egg on those product pages even if they exclusively fall under the no egg section?

  80. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Im_atkinson: It seems that way sometimes and I have thought that a time or two but I doubt that happens. I think it is more likely I am just hitting all the wrong pages. It gets more like that the more eggs I have. But after a long dry spell I suddenly find a flood of eggs so it is a process of elimination… get rid of the pages that do not have an egg and then you are more likely to hit several pages in a short time that all have eggs. :D Hope that helps.

  81. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    In that case, I’m expecting Steve to say no, as there’s no real way to access those items from other areas but we’ll see! :)

  82. BeadyEyes
    BeadyEyes says:

    I gotta admit this gets more frustrating every year. Scrolling through page after page after page, I still have fewer than 30 eggs. After a while, every page starts to look the same! And I’m gonna be that person who asks, why are some of the prizes only ONE bead for multiple eggs? I love this site and the products, guess I’m just discouraged at this point.

  83. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Next year I would love to see one of the Pelican Pendants with the wide open mouth trying to swallow one of the eggs. :)

  84. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Whoo hoo glad I hung in there despite being really tired! I just found the Unicorn page with two eggs. :D I know that isn’t the official name but it is what I call it. ha ha ha

  85. No Photo
    Jean I says:

    Is it just me or are more eggs added daily?

  86. No Photo
    E Wilburn says:

    Every year I look forward to the egg hunt! And every year I think I’m going to be all methodical, make lists, keep track of pages and categories I’ve searched…and then the hunt opens and I just start clicking with gleeful abandon. LOL Sometimes I do a random search for something I like, click on all the items returned in the search, and just trip over an egg or 2 that way! And of course there’s no rhyme or reason to that “strategy”, and no good way to document that to keep me from clicking into the section where the thing I already found was…. But its all good.
    I’m not a real “beader” anyway, I work in counted cross stitch and embroidery, and sometimes use beads and charms for embellishments (and on that note, does anyone know if there is a conversion chart for Mill Hill to Miyuki beads? I know they have equivalent sizes, but I’m never sure about colors!). I cruise the prize lists for seed beads, charms and other things I can use when I do finishing projects with my needlework!

  87. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Too funny Netty …I swear the pelican did eat one , one year ….my favorite ever was back when you had to look in all the pages there was one being fried on the lunch special grill …I thought that was hysterical …..my eyes are older these days but I swear the eggs are smaller LOL anyway I have to head out to visit family this weekend so I might be done ….anyway everyone have an amazing Easter and Thank you again Lima team for another great hunt !!

  88. No Photo
    L McPhee says:

    I don’t know if this can be answered but will an egg come up if we enter a word in the search bar?
    Having a great time as always! Thanks

  89. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    I just found my favourite egg so far. On top of a ring, sat an egg like the perfect diamond.
    Yes, it does feel like we are seaching for precious gemstones :D :D

  90. Steve
    Steve says:

    lm_atkinson: It sounds like you’ve hit a bit of an “egg drought” as some people call it. Since our website is so large (many thousands of pages), it can definitely seem like you need to go through a lot of pages before seeing an egg. As others have stated, make sure you are not systematically clicking through the excluded sections (like the Artists & Brands menu, Create & Learn menu, etc).

    NettyPreat Designs: Like diamonddustshoe mentioned, there are some items that can be found in multiple sections (like a Green Girl pendant, which you can get to from both the Charms menu and the Artists menu). That is fair game, because you can get to it under Charms. But we didn’t hide any eggs that you can ONLY get to by going under the excluded sections. For example, there will not be any eggs on pages for pliers (since the only way you can get to pliers is under the Supplies menu).

    Jean I: All 300 eggs were available the first day. We have not (and will not) be adding any more.

    L McPhee: You do not need to enter anything in the search bar to find an egg.

    We’re getting close to the weekend… keep on hunting! And remember to place your orders for prizes!

  91. luma
    luma says:

    HELP! I’m having trouble. I have 59 eggs, and am trying to “buy” something for 50 eggs. The site keeps telling me I need 51 more eggs. I turned off and on my phone to reset things, but it’s not working. What do I need to do next?

  92. Steve
    Steve says:

    lucymb: Check your shopping bag, and make sure that you don’t already have any prizes in there. If you do, remove them. Then go back to the prizes page, and add the prize you want for 50 eggs. I think that might be the issue. If that doesn’t work, send an e-mail to team@limabeads.com and we’ll be happy to help!

  93. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    diamonddustshoe: Steve answered and I got my answer via an egg. :) The product on that page is linked from an egg section but actually is under the non-egg sections. I have more work to do… I want to sleep in a way but in a way I don’t. ha ha ha

  94. FromTheBunker
    FromTheBunker says:

    Is there any way to give leftover eggs to someone? I have 2 extra eggs that I am not going to spend, paying shipping for a 30 cent item is out of my price range.

  95. Steve
    Steve says:

    FromTheBunker: Unfortunately there’s no way to share extra eggs. A very kind thought, though!

  96. Desiree Cook
    Desiree Cook says:

    It is Friday and my eyes are crossed! I think more sleep is the answer. I want to thank the Lima Beads crew for another wonderful egg hunt, I look forward to this every year.

  97. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    Hi Steve -

    Have managed to find myself in an egg drought. Gah! I have more time since I’m not hosting this year (yay!) so I’m hoping to find more soon.

  98. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    (Previous message cut off, here’s the rest!)

    Are there any eggs that haven’t been found yet?

    In previous years, you’ve given a hint to the location of one egg. Is this something you consider this year?

  99. B Miller
    B Miller says:

    (Okay, my internet is wonky…)

    In one of the very first egg hunts, I was so proud of myself for having found an egg hidden in a pop-up screen (I think it was the size chart) on the individual item, page for pistachio pearls. However, when you finally relented and gave folks a hint, it was for that same egg! So selfishly, if you do provide a hint, could you make sure it’s not for one that I already have?

    Thank you again for all the fun, hoping to get out of the Sahara soon!


  100. luma
    luma says:

    This is fun! It’s very clever as a business tool, as well; I’m glad we all “win!”
    I figured out part of the problem I was having. I had previously placed something in my cart, and the site decided it was purchased with eggs. I fixed that.
    What doesn’t make sense is that it kept insisting I needed 51 more eggs for a 50-egg item. Just a glitch, I guess. Still fun, as I’m laughing about it.

  101. No Photo
    E Wilburn says:

    As a data geek, I’m always curious about how the page hits look after the hunt is over…also which eggs get found the least, all kinds of nerdy things like that.

    I’m currently singing “everything is egg-shaped” (to the tune of “Everything is Awesome” from the LEGO Movie) while scrolling through pages. LOL

  102. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    NettyPreat: Thanks. I decided to turn in for the night shortly after my post and came at it fresh today in a different category. Hopefully this one will be less of a desert.

  103. Steve
    Steve says:

    Betsy: All 300 eggs have been found by one person or another. At this point, I don’t see there being any hints. I love your memory about the first egg hunts! We should have credited you for the hint we gave out, lol.

    lucymb: Thanks for the heads up!

    E wilburn: It’s hard to graph page views before & during the hunt, because the page views before are so miniscule you can barely see them in comparison :)

    lm_atkinson: we’ll be crossing our fingers!

    Happy hunting this fine Friday, everyone :)

  104. No Photo
    MaryJane T says:

    should we click on “Other stones you might like”?

  105. No Photo
    MaryJane T says:

    Are the eggs the same size?

  106. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    MaryJane, no to both questions.

  107. No Photo
    AMarie W says:

    I had a lots of fun finding my first eggs. This is a serious hunt. I am beat. Congrats to all on the leader board!

  108. No Photo
    karendk says:

    Thanks to you Steve and the Lima Beads crew for putting on this hunt year after year! It is my goal every year to do better than the prior years. This year has been my best year yet, so I need to give a shout out to diamonddustshoe who suggested a few years ago the best way to do this hunt. I finally did what you said and finished earlier than I normally do with more eggs than any other year, so thank you! To NettyPreat-I too was happy when I found that Unicorn page! And lastly to FromTheBunker-hang in there, we have all felt the same way as you when we first started hunting-it does get easier and less frustrating once you figure things out. Only 2 days left-good luck to everyone!

  109. No Photo
    E hendren says:

    What about under “trends” – any in there?

  110. DazzleBeads
    DazzleBeads says:

    I’ve been doing the hunt all the years they’ve been available, and in general have an enjoyable time. However, this is the first I’ve heard of the “unicorn page”. I admit – at first I looked for multiple eggs on one page, but starting this year, I said never mind, once I find an egg on a page, I’m through with that page. It’s working pretty well – I am somewhere around a 100, which is my personal goal for this year. I don’t really “need” to find them all, but do get competitive so I may keep going.

    I just wanted to post this because I enjoy the hunt, and look forward to it each year. Having been in IT for many years, I know how much effort it takes to put on this event, so I am saying thank you for this wonderful event that can be trying, puzzling, exciting, frustrating, hair pulling, challenging, and most of all FUN!!!

  111. Sharon S-R
    Sharon S-R says:

    It would be nice to have an idea of how many eggs are hidden under each of the four sections so we’d know if we missed any. I’ve done far better this year than in past years. I found using my phone faster and easier, but one must have really good eyesight because the eggs are really small on a phone.

  112. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    karendk: :)

  113. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Wish I could think of a different approach, I keep running out of ideas on where/how to look.

  114. No Photo
    F Bradley says:

    I don’t know if I’ll manage to find more tomorrow, not giving up quite yet tonight…but I’ve had a ball again this year 10, 50, whatever the number of eggs I find it’s always great fun and I always say ” I didn’t no those were here. Found several that I will have to get a bit down the road. Thanks TEAM Lima for another great hunt, and giving us eggies our fix for the year.

  115. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    karendk – glad you found it too! What did diamonddustshoe say about how to hunt? Now I am curious :)

  116. No Photo
    C Fee says:

    I have been a customer for a while but I am new to the hunt. I only discovered it because I try to check out what’s new each week. I started two days late and have only been finding eggs in one size and just read that means I am missing eggs. I haven’t hit 70 yet. Just curious if someone could give me a percentage of how many eggs are smaller and if they are all the same color scheme? Should I be looking for camouflaged ones? I was kind of hoping to break 100, but not looking likely at my pace. I am super happy with what I have already. Thank you for being fun and a bit frustrating as well. I enjoy games that are challenging but don’t seem impossible to do reasonably well. Lima you continue to impress me with your selection, your customer service, and your fun extras. I will happily recommend you to friends.

  117. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    C Fee: Not sure of a percentage but I have seen some as small as the periods in the bottom section of the page like after the word Shop. Save. Create & Learn. They are all the same color scheme but I think four different designs? No camo ones but some are really well hidden. Have to keep your eyes peeled to catch them. Two days left so plenty of time. :) Next year will get easier and so on… My first year was awful but I thought I was doing great until I checked the leader board. ;) Keep notes where you find a lot of eggs and use that again next year to visit that section first.

  118. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Yesterday, I saw one that was huge in comparison to most others I’ve seen, bigger than the decorative ones at the top of this page.

  119. No Photo
    C Fee says:


  120. No Photo
    karendk says:

    NettyPreat-DDS told us rookies to start at the first section with the first page and be very methodical-don’t jump ahead or around to other sections out of boredom or lack of eggs (that is my interpretation of her generous wisdom). I stuck to that this time and for the first time ever I actually have time to go back over some areas I rushed through and may have missed some of those eggs! I feel confident I will stay on the leaderboard, would love to still be in the top 25 at the end of the hunt, but am just happy I did better this year than last year. Now if I could just figure out where those last 13 eggs are?

  121. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    Netty: Holy mother… that small? No way I am seeing those with these eyes :P

    I am pretty methodical as a person, but I can’t start at the first page. Gemstones is just too many. I always need an easy win first, so I start with the help section :D :D

    This year I took all the other sections before I started the bead section. And I had about 150 eggs. So hopefully there is 150 eggs in the bead section as well :P

  122. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all! Well, we made it to the weekend :) Remember, the hunt ends tomorrow, so place your prize orders soon!

    We try and distribute the eggs as evenly as possible. Our “beads” section is very big, so there will be more eggs under there as compared to the “chain” section, which is much smaller.

    The vast majority of the eggs are all in the same size range–some a little bigger or smaller than others. There are only a couple that I would consider “sneaky small”.

    Happy hunting today, everyone!

  123. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Thanks karendk. I have skipped around this year but that is the gemini in me. :P I get bored easily. HA HA HA. Still two days maybe I could try it this year…

    Talismans: wow a huge one? Clickable? I hope I find it.

    Marianne L. Well usually there are only a few that small so at best you might miss 5 eggs. My eyes are not that great either. Wore glasses my whole life and I am 50. Had to get no line bifocals last year. I am doing okay though. :D


  124. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Steve: surely you all execute some kind of script to place all the eggs? Doing them manually on a site this huge would be a nightmare. :)

    I started on the internet learning website design, coding html, javascript, PHP, and CSS. I don’t do it for money anymore but I used to. Now I just do my own things. I still have all my old coding education books. I can’t bear to part with them.

    I switched to creative artsy type pursuits to feed that side of my personality. :D

    Anyway, I really hope the egg placement is automated some way. :D

  125. No Photo
    AMarie W says:

    Wow! Congrats to you, for finding all 300 eggs!

  126. No Photo
    B Hein says:

    I am confused. I thought I checked out every page but still missing emough eggs to make me think I missed a whole section. This happened last year too. That being said I love the hunt and Lima Beads. If anyone has any suggestions for me, they would be greatly appreciated.

  127. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    It’s like this: if you don’t come in with a plan, the odds of you wandering around in circles becomes exponentially higher. As tedious as it might be, you need to go in order to know where you’ve just been. Otherwise? Let’s say you just did alphabet charms and now you’re in shells, and because all the links for shell alphabet charms have already been clicked, you think you’ve already been on that page, so you don’t bother to scroll that menu. And now you’re not sure if you’ve already been in that section yet or not, right? Easy to fix. Don’t jump around.
    I am slow this year due some health issues, but hanging in there.
    Holy crap, L Merrell, I knew one of us was going to do it someday! Congrats on sneaking up on us. :)

  128. Susie Q
    Susie Q says:

    Congratulations L MERRELL

  129. Susie Q
    Susie Q says:

    Happy Easter to everyone ✝️

  130. SpicyChick AKA Ginger
    SpicyChick AKA Ginger says:

    Congratulations to L Merrell!

  131. HeatherD
    HeatherD says:

    Steve & Team—Once again, a wonderful hunt! Think I did as well this year as last year. Did not find any of the sneaky small ones, but I will try again next year.

    LMerrell—CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love that someone found all the eggs.

    To everyone who participated—love seeing how many you all found, but it begs the question—do you all have jobs or are your eyes bleary from looking for eggs for 5 days?? I could only look at night when I was home from work.
    Time to redeem my eggs for beads!!

  132. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Congrats L Merrell!

    HeatherD, I’m self-employed, and it’s my birthday month, so I just plan for this week off. LOL

  133. No Photo
    alstephens says:

    This is the first year i’ve really attempted to do the egg hunt. I have a simple question due only finding 80 eggs. Can eggs be on a specific item’s page? For example, if i go to czech glass and click on blue, “czech glass red with blue primrose flower 15” is listed. Could there be an egg to be found by clicking on each individual item? Wow! that would
    be tedious!! TIA!

  134. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Alstephens, yes, they can be found on individual item pages.

  135. Elaine Surrayahs Jewels
    Elaine Surrayahs Jewels says:

    I am extremely happy with the hunt this year even though I likely look a little bit like Marty Feldman….well, at least his eyes! I managed to hit the top 25 hunters but we’ll see how long I stay there. Wow, I can’t imagine finding all 300 of the little devils!! Thanks again to the Lima tam!!!

  136. Stingray
    Stingray says:

    One thing that might help, be certain that page has completely loaded before searching. More important with slower internet. For mine, the last thing that loads is the dark blue button on the FaceBook logo; when that shows up then I know I won’t miss any eggs from a partly loaded page.

  137. Steve
    Steve says:

    Wow, big congrats to L Merrell for finding all 300! And thanks to everyone for lending a hand in the comments to the new hunters.

    Hiding the eggs is done using a mix of technology and some good old fashioned manual placing. It used to be all done by hand, but we’ve found ways to benefit from some robot labor :) It’s gratifying to see everyone enjoying it–it makes the work worth it!

    The hunt ends tomorrow… good luck finding as many as you can!

  138. A Time To Bead
    A Time To Bead says:

    I haven’t hunted eggs in several years and forgot that my internet loads slower now that we live in the country. Also just figured out I’ve skipped entire sections. Will be glad when I shake all the dust off of my egg hunting. Having so much fun and glad to be back. Thank you Lima Beads. Now off to grab some prizes.

  139. Talismans  and Trifles
    Talismans and Trifles says:

    Tons of fun, and great prizes!

    Thanks Lima, and Steve, your hard work is greatly appreciated.

    I beat my last year’s total!

  140. FromTheBunker
    FromTheBunker says:

    Hi. I have 8 eggs to spend, I am trying to redeem for 4 2 egg gifts. But I’m not able to enter a quantity? Can you help, or is just 1 allowed? Sorry to be such a stinking pest.

  141. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    That was hilarious! I had been in a no egg zone for at least 2 hours (or it felt like that) and I must have dozed off in my chair… still had my hand on the mouse when I came to again… hope I wasn’t still looking with my eyes closed. :P

    That said I found an egg on the very next page… I laughed out loud.

  142. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Found another egg just now! I have to say one of the things I picked up from this year was to use the search when doing product pages. I am sorry to say I don’t recall who typed that. It has worked though! Both times I was stuck with no eggs for hours I just did a search and clicked every valid product link (only in the included areas) that I had not clicked yet. Mostly searching a color each time. I have done black, purple, green, blue, cobalt blue, yellow, and so on

  143. Jacquie H
    Jacquie H says:

    What I would like to know is: L Merrell how did it feel to click on egg 300? Congrats.

    Thanks to Steve and the Lima team for another great hunt.

    I did not do as good as I usually do, but then again, I am having cataract surgery on Tuesday. So look out next year..LOL

  144. No Photo
    S Finnecy says:

    This is the first year I have participated in the hunt. Sorry, but after searching through page after page for 3 hours, and finding only 2 eggs, this just isn’t any fun. I have so many other things I need to do with that time. I wish all other hunters much luck.

  145. SheBead
    SheBead says:

    Are there eggs on the “out of stock” pages?

  146. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    SheBead, if you’re seeing them just under “related items”, likely no. If they’re in regular lists/menus then maybe, because they could have gone out of stock since the hunt started.

  147. J Currier
    J Currier says:

    FromtheBunker they only let you get one of each thing.

  148. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    I have hit the proverbial “brick wall”. I have not found an egg since yesterday morning. I think I have gone into every nook & cranny that we are suppose to find eggs, from “beads to “chain”. So what have I missed? I was finished with every area (I think) on Friday, but had way too many eggs to find. I am frustrated and upset at myself. I’ve been doing this egg hunt since the very first one, so I know how it works. Am I missing sections where I should be searching? Is there a way to determine where I am going wrong? I don’t ask for hints, I don’t ask for help, just tell me I am overlooking something, or it is just my eyes not seeing eggs. I’ve caught little itty-bitty eggs, so now I am at a loss. I even moved to a different device so basically started over. No matter how many eggs I find, I enjoy the egg hunt, and look forward to it each year. Lima, you guys are geniuses for coming up with this way for people to see your products. Thank you for your hard work to put this together. And–congratulations to the person that found all 300 eggs.

  149. Stone Treasures
    Stone Treasures says:

    Thanks Lima for another fun hunt. Excellent prizes as always. Would love it if Steve would share an image of what he calls ‘Sneaky Small’. Would be a great learning tool for all hunter next year!

  150. No Photo
    Marianne L says:

    Thanks Lima and Steve for another fun and frustrating ;P easter.

    I have a personal best this year, and I had time to go through every page. At least I think I have. But there is some eggs out there I have not seen.

    It would be fun to know what eggs are found the least amount of times. Is it the tiny eggs? Because I did not see any of those. Didn’t see a big one either.

    But I found the unicorn page, the “page that never ends” egg, the shopping bag egg and several other “weird” eggs :) Those must be handplaced. No computer could be that delightfully devious :D

  151. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    Another great fun hunt. I am not giving up yet though. I will do as usual and hunt until the last minute. :) one thing different this year is I am going to pass on exchanging eggs for prizes. Not that they are not good ones but I just wanted to hunt. I do hop0e to stay on the leaderboard though for that prize. ;) – Heidi

  152. No Photo
    Ann Louise says:

    I love this every year! “Genius” is indeed the word for this marketing idea…I wind up buying all kinds of things I didn’t even notice before. (And I’m shopping out here a lot -ha!)

  153. Jonelle Ohrn
    Jonelle Ohrn says:

    Congrats on all the high scores this year!!! I did good for the amount of time I put into it! Always fun no mater how many I find…Thank you so much for this event!

  154. No Photo
    CY P says:

    Are eggs hidden in the individual product links? For instance if you have 10 products on a page, are you supposed to click on and look in each individual product on that page for eggs in addition to scrolling the entire page?

  155. No Photo
    Miranda P says:

    @ S Marlow, I totally feel your post 100%, you said everything I feel and was thinking. It’s driving me nuts not knowing what I missed.
    Such fun though.
    Thank you Lima Beads for another hunt :)

  156. No Photo
    D MacMillan says:

    Were the eggs taken down tonight? I haven’t found a single one in at least the past three hours. (I just started searching today, since I had forgotten about the game.) Stuck at 36 all night. 10:00 on the east coast. Time to give up.

  157. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi all! Happy Easter!

    The eggs are still up for a few hours. The hunt ends promptly at midnight Pacific time. All orders with prizes must be placed by that time!

  158. S Marlow
    S Marlow says:

    Thank you Lima for another great egg hunt. Thank you for all your hard work to put together a fun event. Congratulations to all the hunters that are in the top leaders–great work.

  159. No Photo
    CY P says:

    I wish someone would have answered my question – even though it was a last-minute question,it would have helped.

    Maybe someone can answer it anyway to help for next year’s egg race. Thanks

  160. No Photo
    Jamee B says:

    Long time hunter, first time commenter ;)

    Just wanted to thank everyone at Lima for putting on this hunt every year. I always look forward to it (even though it drives me crazy)

  161. No Photo
    Jamee B says:

    @CY P

    To answer your question, yes eggs are hidden on individual pages

  162. Beanie
    Beanie says:

    Thank you for a great egg hunt again.I wish you had little beads that look like the eggs we are hunting.That would make an adorable charm bracelet.

  163. R Borgeson
    R Borgeson says:

    Thank you Lima Beads! I think this is my 3rd or 4th year hunting and look forward to it every year. ❤️

  164. Cindy Marie
    Cindy Marie says:

    Thanks for another fun-filled week Lima Beads! ❤️

  165. L Thompson
    L Thompson says:

    Thanks again for the hunt. Haven’t missed a year yet. This hunt made me realize that life does go on, even if it isn’t the same normal as before. So, thanks again for the distraction. I’m tired so I’m hitting the sack after a long week. You guys are the best.

  166. No Photo
    L D says:

    Ever since they skipped a year I can’t seem to remember this thing and remembered Thursday. I was hoping for 150 eggs but got stuck at 94 so I just grabbed my pearls and am going to bed. I hope to remember next year!

  167. No Photo
    lm_atkinson says:

    Not my best year of hunting, but I did manage to get 195 eggs. I didn’t have as much time this year to spend on it, but towards the end I found a way to speed things up considerably with the goal of just finding as many as I could without being too thorough. Next year will be better (I hope).

  168. NettyPreat Designs
    NettyPreat Designs says:

    I visited over 13000 pages on the site in the hunt this year. :) Great hunt again and already can’t wait until next year… or Halloween… *grin* I can always hope.

  169. Jeni-from-Oz
    Jeni-from-Oz says:

    Hi Steve, my surgeon thanks you for this year’s egg hunt.I was discharged from hospital after major surgery with complications just before the egg hunt started with instructions to rest. Um not my strong suit. But I will sit still for days hunting for your eggs every year. The timing was perfect. I found more eggs than ever before. 247 smashes my previous top score. It was hilarious though to watch me travel backwards on the leader board as I found more eggs. The more I searched the faster I raced back towards #100. Lol.

    Thank you for the best fun. I look forward to the hunt every year. It is the highlight of my year.

    Congratulations to all hunters, the top 100 and the top 25. Congratulations to those who found the most. Your dedication and egg hunting abilities inspire me.

  170. No Photo
    MaryBethL says:

    Finally made it into the running for the Grand Prize Drawing – on my 6th try

  171. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Well, that’s that!
    I felt like this year was smoother sailing, and looks like the leaderboard numbers agree! Personally, I didn’t hit those big deserts like I used to, which I really appreciated. :) …now if we could just get that “related items” part of pages to disappear–maybe just for the hunt!
    Anyway, all that’s left now is for Steve to drop my name slip on the floor, as is tradition! ;)

  172. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Hi Steve, Lima Team and egg hunters! I have to admit that this year the first 2,5 days were very difficult for me. I don’t know why, but I was very frustrated and I even thought of giving up. Thank God I didn’t. From that point on I enjoyed it as always. I’m looking forward to the next one. I already checked the date of the catholic easter for next year :P . Last year I think I had 298 eggs, this year 297 and I can’t stop wondering, where those last eggs are. Is there a place where I haven’t looked for eggs? I would like to reach 300 just once. By the way congrats to L Merrell For achieving it. Hope to see you all next year! Thank you Lima Team!!!

  173. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Diamonddustshoe I would also like the issue with the “show all…” under the “related products” to be clarified. Do we have to click on it? The same goes with the horizontal bars, which show the materials or the styles. Do we have to click on that purple arrow every time we change the page?

  174. Leah Elaine
    Leah Elaine says:

    First year and I made it on the leaderboard!! Just barely :) I went to sleep a bit early at 1am (east coast – ended at 3am for me!) for my mental health lol but knew I’d be ln trouble and likely knocked out of the board – sooooo happy I wasn’t! Makes it all feel worth it

  175. Leah Elaine
    Leah Elaine says:

    Now time to rest – I’ve been having dreams about clicking links and sorting through which links to click next (in very obnoxious cant-actually-sleep-can-only-process-links form) for DAYS xD

  176. ChristmasLoco85
    ChristmasLoco85 says:

    Congratulations to everyone! Took a screenshot of when I was 18th with 193, and it all went downhill from there. Lol missed the leaderboard by 4. Oh well. :) I’ve got some cool prize selections coming my way!! Thank you LimaBeads!

  177. No Photo
    karendk says:

    It was a great hunt this year! I feel the same as diamonddustshoe-not as many egg deserts. Seems as soon as I screamed “I just want an egg please” one would soon show up! Thanks to everyone at Lima Beads for this yearly game of fun! Also have the same questions as mariman-can we get an answer to them before the next hunt? I’m “eaegger” to hear a clarification on those items as well! Good luck everyone in the top 25! Already looking forward to next year

  178. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Congratulations everyone !! Especially to L merrell that was a hard won battle for sure….. while it seemed more challenging this year I too appreciated that the”bead deserts ” didnt seem quite so long …..Thank you Lima team so much for putting this on for us …..I tell my family when this comes up that this is my “deer season” so don’t expect too much of me all week :) Thankfully they are supportive …..I think I saw eggs in my sleep last night

  179. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi All! I hope you all had a great weekend.

    Thank you for all the kind words about the hunt. I’m glad you had fun (even though it was frustrating at times)! I hope you enjoy the prizes you picked up! If you ended up on the leaderboard, congratulations! We’ll be sending out gift certificates via e-mail today. And watch the Hunt Page for a little recap, including the announcement of the grand prize winner.

    Thanks again for a great week of hunting!

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  • Leah ElaineLeah Elaine said »
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