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Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Posted by Kevin on March 30 at 04:48 pm

UPDATE: The results have been posted!

The time has come for the 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! We’re egg-shausted from a long weekend of egg hiding… and we hope you have fun this year : ) Just like the previous hunt, we have $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) And, we’ve made some changes to our website this year that we hope will keep everything nice and snappy. Read more about the hunt below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 200 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (April 5).

The Prizes

We have 5 different levels of prizes this year! You have to find at least 10 eggs to get your first prize, and you can unlock additional prizes after finding 25, 50, 75, and 100 eggs (for seriously insane egg hunters only) :) PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just lke last year! Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $2 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

Easter Egg Hunt 2014 Winners

Posted by Kevin on April 23 at 12:09 pm

Easter Egg Hunt Wrapup

WOW, what a week! The 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads was egg-citing, eggs-hausting, and egg-ceptionally big. More eggs than ever were found by a record number of hunters, and we enjoyed all of the hilarious comments, e-mails, and facebook posts that poured in. And now, onto the important stuff… :)

Leaderboard Gift Certificates

Everyone that was on the Leaderboard at the end of the hunt gets a $20 Gift Certificate. Steve is sending out those e-mails today… if you’re on the Leaderboard, you’ll be getting yours in the next couple hours. It took a LOT of persistence to stay in the Top 100, and we admire you all!

The Grand Prize

The Grand Prize for a $250 Gift Certificate is awarded to one of the hunters in the Top 10 at the end of the contest by a random drawing. This year’s grand prize winner is…. Cynthia C! We drew her name out of a Twizzler container (we have a lot of those around here)… and you can check out the video on our facebook page. Congratulations, Cynthia! She hunted through thousands of pages from April 14th all the way up until the very end of the contest on Easter.

2014 Easter Egg Hunt Drawing

Joe draws the winner...

Fun Facts

This year, we had a record number of hunters searching for those little diabolical eggs all over our website. The first egg was found 4 minutes after the contest officially launched, and the very last egg was found at 11:59am Pacific time with only 10 seconds left before the contest ended. Talk about hunting until the last minute! The egg that was discovered the most was the one right on the home page (of course)… and all of the eggs were found at least once.

Thank You

We want to extend a sincere “Thank You” to everyone who hunted for eggs this year. We have a lot of fun putting it together, but you are the ones who make it all worth it. We know as well as anyone that time is very precious, and we’re honored that you chose to spend some of it (or, in many cases, a LOT of it) with us this week. THANK YOU!


Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Posted by Kevin on April 14 at 03:08 am

The time has come for the 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lima Beads! We’ve scoured our shelves this year, looking for great prizes to offer… and we have more than ever this year. And that doesn’t even include over $2,000 in gift certificates that we’re giving away to the top hunters! :) Read more about the hunt below, or check out the Hunt Page to get started!

The Basics

We’ve scattered 200 Easter eggs all over our website. The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! We have a leaderboard to track the progress of all the egg hunters, and the top 100 hunters will all get gift certificates! The hunt lasts all week, and ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Easter (April 20).

The Prizes

We have 5 different levels of prizes this year! You have to find at least 10 eggs to get your first prize, and you can unlock additional prizes after finding 25, 50, 75, and 100 eggs (for seriously insane egg hunters only) :) PLUS, we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to every single hunter on the leaderboard when the hunt ends–just lke last year! Keep an eye on the leaderboard and read more about the prizes on the Hunt page.

The Rules

We have detailed rules and some FAQs on the hunt page, so we suggest you check those out. There are a few things we want you to know, however. When you place an order to redeem your prizes, normal shipping rates apply (as low as $2 for U.S. customers). We have lots of great gifts this year, but we can’t guarantee they will all be available when the hunt ends on Sunday. So place your orders early to make sure you get the gifts you want!

What are you waiting for? Start hunting!

UPDATE, April 15th at 12pm:

We want to make a clarification about the rules, and admit a mistake that we made placing eggs. In the FAQ on the Hunt Page, it states that you “never find eggs on ‘view all’ pages”. Last year, that was true. This year, we forgot about that rule, and we hid some eggs on those pages. This is our mistake, and we want to make it fair for everyone. So, here’s what we’re going to do. For the first time ever, we’re going to post the location of those eggs so everyone can find them :) Egg 1Egg 2Egg 3Egg 4Egg 5Egg 6. Make sure you’re logged into your account to see them.

We know that there are some people that found these eggs fair and square, and might feel that their hard work went to waste. We understand that. But this is the only way to keep it fair for everyone that followed our rules and ignored those pages. It’s not perfect, but it’s as fair as we can be. To clarify, those eggs above are the only ones on “view all” pages. There aren’t any more (so you can skip other “view all” pages while hunting). Hopefully, this saves everyone a little time :) We apologize! If you have any questions about this, please use the “Contact Our Team” button under the Customer Service menu at the top. We’ll be able to respond to you personally.

Scream Week 2013: Fresh Pick Contest

Posted by Kevin on October 24 at 03:14 pm

UPDATE: The winners have been announced!

We had another great Scream Week this year, and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! We had to put some extra hours in the warehouse to pack up all the orders with free gifts… but it was all worth it. The last order of business for Scream Week 2013 was to tally up the votes for the Fresh Pick contest. Each winner will receive a $25 Lima Beads Gift Certificate, and we’ll be sending those out within 24 hours. Congratulations to all the winners! Without further adieu:

Best Composition Winner: Hocus Pocus by SaruHime. We loved the colors, variety, and overall balance of this spooky & sparkly pick. It cast a spell on us!

Coolest Costume Winner: Gypsy Queen by Gail Layne. This costume is nothing short of mesmerizing in our minds. The gold and glass, along with the ribbon and chain, really paint the picture of a gypsy queen.

Story or Poem Winner: Twas the night of Halloween by Beadzilla aka Wanda. We loved the spooky twist on this classic poem, and the irony of the bat being the good guy! And I’m sure all the parents out there have had a good scare when thinking about unwrapped treats or chaos in the streets.

People’s Choice Winner: Jack’O by Gina P – Delta Chick. This take on the classic Halloween symbol won over the hearts (and favorites) of beaders around the world. It’s no surprise to us–we love it, too!

Congrats again, and thanks so much to all the pickers out there who made this possible! Until next year… ;)

Below is the original text announcing the contest…

Happy Pumpkin DayThe Halloween Fresh Pick contest was a lot of fun last year, so we’re doing it again! Read below for details or check out last year’s contest for ideas!

Part of the fun of Halloween is to show off your creepy, creative ideas… from decorations to costumes to jewelry. If you’re feeling extra creepy this year, then this contest is for you! The rules are simple, and the prizes are sweet (even sweeter than Twizzlers).

Make a Fresh Pick and Win

Conjure up those ghost stories, costumes, and creepy color combos… and make a Fresh Pick to share them with everyone! We’ll pick 4 winners from the Fresh Picks submitted as a comment to this blog post (instructions are below). One winner will be chosen for each of these four themes:

  • Best Composition: The overall composition is one of the most important qualities of a beautiful Fresh Pick. Creating the best possible color & texture arrangement (with a Halloween theme, of course) is key to winning this category.
  • Coolest Costume: Were you a crayon? A princess? A robot? A superhero? Show off by making a Fresh Pick inspired by your costume idea. Sure, colors are important… but try and tell more about the costume through the items you choose.
  • Scariest Story or Poem: Everyone loves a good ghost story (*ahem* most of the time). We’ll read your description that you add to your Fresh Pick. It could be a scary story, a tale about your favorite childhood Halloween memory, a poem (that you write yourself), or pretty much any type of Halloween prose.
  • People’s Choice: We’ll total up the number of favorites that each Fresh Pick entry receives… and the one with the most favorites will be the People’s Choice winner! Make sure your vote is counted by going to the Fresh Pick and marking your favorites.

Now, for the important part… :)

Boo!The Prizes

The winner of each theme will receive a $25 Lima Beads gift certificate. You can use it to buy anything from our shop!

When you’re ready to submit your Pick, just select it from the drop-down menu in the comment form below. You’ll be able to choose from your 10 most recent picks. Choose the one that you’d like to submit to the contest and “Voila!” Not sure what a Fresh Pick is? Find out how to Design Your Own Fresh Picks!

Here are a few final ground rules before you get started:

  • There will be 3 submissions allowed per person. If you make more than that, only your most recent 3 will be counted. You don’t have to match your picks with the themes above–you can do all costumes, all stories, or a mix of everything. Just remember, 3 is the limit!
  • All Picks must be submitted as a comment on this blog post by Thursday, October 31st at midnight.
  • You can win up to one gift certificate per person.
  • The Lima Beads team will pick the winners on Friday, November 1. The People’s Choice winner will be selected by the number of favorites received. The winners will be announced here on the blog.

OK, get picking! Good luck!

Calling All Spooky Designs & Picks!

Posted by Kevin on October 18 at 02:31 pm

Halloween is almost here, which means that Scream Week will be starting soon at Lima Beads. As usual, we’ll have some fun & spooky things planned, but we need your help! We want to showcase Halloween themed designs and fresh picks and maybe even have a little contest…

We need your designs!

When you’re ready, upload your Halloween-themed jewelry designs to the Design Gallery and/or create your spooky Fresh Picks. Be sure to select “Halloween 2012″ during the process so we know to include it in the Scream Week festivities :) If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry–it’s super easy. You can make sure your Fresh Pick is part of the “Halloween 2012″ promo right from the My Fresh Picks page. And for designs in the Design Gallery, you’ll see that choice right on the form you fill out to upload your design.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a few spooky designs and picks from last year… and get ready for another fun week!

Spooky 2011 Designs and Fresh Picks

Lima is Vintaj’s Online Bead Partner This Month

Posted by Kevin on April 10 at 03:12 pm

Vintaj called us early this year and asked us to be their April online bead partner. They wrote a nice blog post about us and posted some photos of Ali’s work. You can see it here:

Spring Rain Online Bead Partner – Lima Beads

This was exciting! We’re really enjoyed working with Vintaj on the Spring Rain promotion this month. They’re a talented group of people!

Special Buy Alert: Crystal and Shell Pearls!

Posted by Kevin on April 05 at 12:38 pm

There’s a bunch of crystal and shell pearls that just got added to the special buy section. Special buys happen at Lima Beads for a number of reasons. In this case, some of the items in a shipment didn’t match the colors of our previous stock. We’re very picky about the color consistency of our crystal and shell pearls. So, if it arrives here and doesn’t match perfectly with the color we’ve sold you before, we won’t sell it as the same color — we make it a special buy. If you like the colors you see, you can pick them up at a discount, but you may never be able to get them from us again. When they’re gone – they’re gone! See all special buys now.

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Posted by Kevin on April 02 at 07:49 pm

The 2012 Easter egg hunt is here! This is the fourth annual hunt! If this will be your first Lima Beads Easter Egg Hunt, it’s simple. We’ve hidden Easter eggs (a lot of Easter eggs) on our web site. Find them and win beads, supplies, coupons and even gift certificates.

This year’s hunt is very similar to last year’s with two exceptions:

  1. We’ve tried to make the hunt a bit easier by not hiding eggs in any blog posts, designs or fresh picks that were created before 2012. So, you don’t need to go digging through thousands of blog posts, fresh picks and designs…
  2. Second, there’s a BIG twist this year. We’ve just launched a completely new web site. We’ve been working day and night to get it ready for the hunt, which is why the hunt launched a few days later than normal :) We hope you love it. We set out to make it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for… Unless you’re looking for eggs. We hid those really well!

100 Easter Eggs

That’s right, there are 100 eggs hidden on the web site RIGHT NOW (plus an additional 3 special GOLDEN eggs). They’re scattered all over the Lima Beads web site. The only pages where you won’t find eggs is on blog posts, designs or fresh picks that were created before 2012. As you find eggs, you’ll see this status bar:

EEH Meter

We don’t want anyone to go crazy, so we should tell you up front: finding all the Easter eggs will be difficult. Some of them are very well hidden. It’s not really about finding ALL of the eggs this year, it’s about finding the most and getting to the top of the leaderboard!

The Leaderboard

Just like last year, there’s a leaderboard that shows the top 100 hunters. See the Leaderboard.


The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get. When you reach 10, 25, 35, 50, and 75 eggs a new set of prizes will be unlocked. You can choose from a variety of FREE beads and even a collection of coupons worth 15% – 20% off various items. There are also prizes associated with the Leaderboard. At the end of the Easter Egg Hunt, the top 10 people on the leaderboard will be entered to win The Grand Prize, a $250 Lima Beads Gift Certificate. Everyone else on the leaderboard will be entered to win second prize, a $100 Lima Beads gift certificate. See all the prizes.

The Golden Eggs

goldenEggThis year, we’re also hiding 3 special golden eggs (in addition to the 100 eggs, making a grand total of 103)… If you’re the very first one to find a golden egg, you’ll win a $25 Gift Certificate to our store! If the same person finds multiple golden eggs, that lucky beader will win one $25 gift certificate for each golden egg they find. Yowza! The golden eggs don’t count towards your leaderboard total, and you can keep an eye on who’s found the golden eggs on the leaderboard.


  • The contest ends at 11:59pm on April 8, 2012 (Easter). This means you need to make sure and do the following by this time:
    • Collect all the eggs you can find.
    • If you unlocked any prizes, add them to your shopping bag and place your order—all prizes (except the discount code explained below) must be redeemed by the end of the contest. Normal shipping rates will apply.
    • If you unlocked the coupon prize, write down your coupon code (you can use it any time until the end of 2012)
    • Watch the blog for an announcement about the $250 drawing
  • There are a total of 100 Easter eggs plus an additional 3 “golden” eggs that we’ve hidden for you to collect. Those are the only ones that count toward the prizes, and you must click on them to collect them. You might see some picture of eggs in promotional materials (like the ones in the grass at the top of this page)… those don’t count toward your total.
  • We can’t offer rain checks on the prizes, so make sure to place your order when you’ve unlocked the prizes, because they’re only available while supplies last!
  • We think we have enough free beads to go around… but in case we run short, we reserve the right to substitute a product of equal value as your prize (hey, it’s free, right?) :) . We can’t offer rain checks on unavailable prizes. We also reserve the right to update this list of rules if it needs clarification later.
  • Normal shipping rates apply. As much as we’d like to, we just can’t afford to give away free beads AND ship them for free too. If you add your prizes to an order over $40, you’ll get the same free shipping you always get (inside the USA). If your order is under $40, normal shipping rates will apply to it.
  • Please don’t share the locations of the eggs. This ruins the fun for everyone :) Also, you must find the eggs yourself–you can’t have a robot (or a computer) do it for you. Location sharers and robots will be disqualified from winning prizes! Gotta keep it fair for the rest of us!
  • The most important rule: have fun!

Sneak Peek

Posted by Kevin on April 02 at 10:56 am

We’re sorry for the delay on the Easter Egg Hunt, it’ll be live shortly. We’re working on something big…


Vintaj Spring Rain Contest

Posted by Kevin on March 14 at 11:52 pm

UPDATE: The contest winners have been chosen, and will be announced on April 18th! Stay tuned to the blog for the results!

A few weeks ago, the designers at Vintaj picked out some of our beads to use in their “Spring Rain” theme. They made some fantastic pieces using a combination of their own items and the beads we sent. The color scheme they chose was so beautiful and their designs turned out so well, that we thought it’d be fun to turn their Spring Rain theme into a Lima Beads design contest!

We’ve packaged these items into kits that you can purchase below. Here’s how it works: purchase a kit, design some jewelry, and add it to the Lima Beads design gallery and be sure to select “Spring Rain 2012” from the seasonal options at the bottom. The people with the 3 most popular designs will each win a Lima Beads gift certificate. Full details are available below. Happy designing!


Buy it Now


Buy it Now

Embellish your design

As you’ll see in the pieces Vintaj designed (below), they chose to use patinas to color the piece of Arte Metal from the kit. They also chose to use ribbon in their bracelet. For the contest, it’s OK to make these sorts of additions, as long as the majority of your piece is composed of items from the kit. For example, you could use leather cord or chain in place of ribbon. You could color your metal with gilders paste, acryllic paint, or just leave it alone. It’s up to you!


Here are a couple of designs from Vintaj that were inspired by the “Spring Rain” theme. See all Spring Rain designs as they’re uploaded.

Spring Rain Bracelet by Jess Italia Lincoln from Vintaj

Spring Rain Earrings by Jess Italia Lincoln from Vintaj

Official Contest Rules

  1. To enter your design in the contest, you must start with one of the two kits above. We have a limited quantity available… when they’re gone, they’re gone!
  2. You can make anything you want–a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or anything else. Just make sure that about 75% of your design is made up from the items in the kit.
  3. To submit your design to win, you need to add it to our Design Gallery. Make sure to choose “Spring Rain 2012″ from the seasonal options when you upload your design–that’s important! When you’re finished, your design should show up with all the other Spring Rain designs.
  4. There will be three winners. First prize is a $100 Lima Beads gift certificate. Second prize is a $50 gift certificate. Third prize (you guessed it) is a $25 gift certificate.
  5. Winners will be chosen based on a combination of how many times their design was viewed and favorited–the most popular designs win!
  6. All designs must be submitted to the gallery by 11:59pm on April 15th. The winners will be announced a week later.
  7. The MOST IMPORTANT rule is this: Be yourself, get inspired, and have fun!

Shell Pearls at Lima Beads

Posted by Kevin on November 23 at 12:51 pm

Shell pearls are an alternative to cultured and glass pearls. They look and feel more genuine than glass pearls and offer the consistency of size and color that can be difficult to achieve with cultured pearls. Shell pearls exhibit the weight and feel of a natural South Sea pearl. They’re available in an array of beautiful colors.

Shell Pearls

Shell Pearl BucketsHow they’re made

The production process for shell pearls is similar to the process that crystal companies use to make glass pearls. The major difference is that glass pearls have glass in the center and shell pearls have a solid carving of real seashell at their core. Stone cutters cut and polish pieces of this giant shell until they More Shell Pearlshave a perfect shape (10mm round for example). Once the piece of shell is finished, they’re ready to coat it. The coating, which is made in the USA, contains genuine mother of pearl that has been ground into a fine powder. This mother of pearl content is what gives shell pearls their deep luster. The coating process is what differentiates some shell pearls. All Lima Beads shell pearls have a thick multi-layer coating that ensures durability and high luster.

Great things about shell pearls

Shell Pearl Core

The core of a shell pearl

Genuine look and feel: Because they have a real seashell at their core, shell pearls look & feel more genuine than glass pearls.

Resilience: Shell pearls are more resistant to sweat, perfume, and other contaminants that commonly affect cultured pearls.

Availability: The controlled manufacturing process ensures that we can continuously restock items in the same shapes and colors.

Shop our Shell Pearls >


The Perfect Time to Try Resin

Posted by Kevin on June 30 at 01:33 pm

All Resin is 20% off through Wednesday July 6th. Get yours now! If you’ve never used resin before, it’s easy! You can create custom components to make your designs your own. We’ve added several tips & techniques today to help you get started.

Today, we’ve published several new tips & techniques to answer some of the most frequent questions we get about resin.

Technique 1: How to seal materials for use in resin

Before using porous materials like paper or photos, you need to seal them with a crafting glue to prevent the resin from seeping in. This technique will tell you everything you need to know. See it now.

Technique 2: Preventing bubbles in your resin

This is the #1 question we get about resin. Bubbles are annoying, but easy to prevent. See how.

Technique 3: Fixing a surface mistake

Lima Studios Crystal Clear Resin is self-healing. If you make a mistake, you can always sand the surface and paint a new layer of resin over it. No one will ever know! See the technique.


Stampt Metal Last Chance Clearance

Posted by Kevin on June 23 at 01:24 pm

We’ve been selling Stampt Metal for almost 3 years now. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true… Although the line is popular, we feel that it’s time for a refresh. We’re putting almost 200 items on clearance for 50% off. This isn’t a sale — when they’re gone, they’re gone FOREVER! You can see the full selection of clearance items on the Stampt Metal Last Chance page.

We have some exciting additions on the way to the line of Stampt Metal. We plan to have lots of new styles and also a huge selection of pieces in raw brass and copper.

Why raw brass and copper? Because it’s more fun to play with! You can color it in a lot of different ways, even torch it if you want to! A few weeks ago, we added Gilders Paste, which is a great way to add your own touch without a lot of work. I also have some exciting news to share on this front — In the coming months, we’ll be adding a line of Patina to the shop. You’ll be able to treat these raw metal pieces in all sorts of fun ways.

For now, pick up some old favorites for the last time. I’ll keep you posted about the new stuff on the way!

Create & Learn at Lima Beads

Posted by Kevin on June 04 at 05:33 pm

We’ve added a whole new section to our web site today called Create & Learn. We’ve made improvements to the design gallery and fresh picks, plus we’ve added a brand new tips & techniques section. We hope it can become a place to learn, teach, collaborate, and meet new friends.

We’ll be filling this section out with tips & techniques and step-by-step projects in the coming weeks. We’re adding a lot of new products that may require a bit of instruction like this week’s Stamps, Blanks, & Gilders Paste. This new section will give us a venue to show all the cool stuff you can do with these products. Let us know what you think, but remember, it’ll be a work in progress for the next few weeks! :)

The Lima Boys Turn One

Posted by Kevin on April 21 at 11:16 am

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since we announced the arrival of the Lima babies. They recently celebrated their first birthdays and they’re getting so big!

Andrew’s son Douglas has been busy learning his first words and sign language at daycare. His favorites are “gah-doo” for “thank you” and “gog” for “dog”. He also waves hello and says “hiiiiiiiiiiiiii” to everybody he meets. He isn’t walking yet, but loves crawling and pushing his trucks along saying, “vroooom!”. We think he’s going to be a good reader because he will pull all his books off the shelf and sit on the pile, flipping through each one page by page and showing us the pictures.
Matt’s son Henry is a goofball. Whether it’s eating a lemon and making silly faces, or giving his stuffed animals big, slobbery kisses, he’s constantly finding new ways to make us laugh. He’s getting more comfortable walking, but his preferred method of getting around is still crawling. In fact, the only time he’ll consistently walk is right before his bath and he’s stripped down to his diaper. Don’t all babies just love to be naked? :)
My son Gable is an explorer. We couldn’t wait for him to start crawling — what were we thinking! He’s fast and curious about everything: lamps, dog bowls, plugs, stairs, our poor dog, and especially anything breakable. We child-proofed our house for our daughter (or so we thought), but Gable is on another level. He wants to walk so badly and will stand on his own, until he realizes that he’s on his own… He loves his mommy, his sister, food, and me. In that order.

My Funky Valentine

Posted by Kevin on January 20 at 03:08 pm


Is anyone else bored with Valentine’s Day beads lately? It seems like the same old little metal hearts, pink crystal and glass, and all the other things you see year after year.

Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 1.40.07 PMWe wanted to have a little more fun with Valentine’s Day this year, so we got some of our artists involved and what we came up with is pretty funky! We’ve got heart-themed beads, pendants, links, and even clasps.

Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 2.54.54 PMIt’ll be the 15th Valentine’s Day that Ali and I have been together. Sure, it’s a greeting card holiday, but it’s an excuse to spend a great evening with her, so I love it. We’ll most likely get an eager set of grandparents to babysit and go out for a relaxing dinner. With two kids under the age of 3, it’s always nice to have  a meal where you actually get to taste your food :)

What do you have planned?

Crossword Sale 2011

Posted by Kevin on January 01 at 10:17 am

crosswordSaleHappy New Year, everyone! We’ve decided to start 2011 off the same way we started 2010 — with a Crossword Sale! That means there’s going to be a new sale EVERY day in January. We’ve put together a crossword puzzle with 31 hints, one for each day in January. The answers indicate which items are on sale for that day. The puzzle is a little bit harder this year, so sharpen your pencils!

The sales last 24 hours each, so you need to add the items to your shopping bag that day in order to get the reduced prices. Once they’re in your bag, you have 7 days to complete your purchase (all the details are available on the Shopping Bag page).

The Bonus…

lima with pencilAs a bonus, if you complete the crossword puzzle early, you have the chance to unscramble a secret series of letters to reveal a hidden message. If you guess right, you’ll get a prize! So head on over to the crossword page, and check back daily to see what’s on sale!

Give (or get) the Gift of Beads

Posted by Kevin on December 02 at 01:52 pm

Buying a gift certificate from Lima Beads just got a whole lot easier!

There are now three ways to get a gift certificate:

1. Have it e-mailed instantly to you or the gift recipient. Just type in an e-mail address and we’ll do the rest. The surpriserecipient’s inbox will be full of joy in seconds! If you prefer to print it out and give the gift in person, no problem. Just type in your own address and we’ll send it to you.

2. Have it sent via US First Class Mail. No more expensive shipping. Just provide a mailing address and we’ll send a fancy hand-written paper copy, complete with sparkly paper and envelope! We’ll mail it via First Class Mail to the address you provide.

kevin-garden3. Send a gift certificate directly to someone in the Lima Beads Garden. We now have gift certificates starting at a value of $5.00.  As long as you know their garden name, you can send a gift certificate to someone’s email instantly! What a great way to make a lucky beader’s day :)

We’ve also set up an easy to remember page if you want to tell your friends or family that you’d like a Lima Beads gift certificate this year. It’s – that will take them straight to the gift certificate page!



Lima Gift Giveaway 2010

Posted by Kevin on November 24 at 01:26 pm


The holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow, which means it’s time for the Lima Beads Holiday Gift Giveaway. Today through the end of the year (12/31/10), you’ll be able to choose from an awesome selection of beads and supplies that you can get free with your order.

This year, we have more free gifts than ever before. There are over 30 things to choose from: gemstones, A grade peridot, tools, Beadalon, Czech glass, pendants, cubic zirconia, even a resin kit! These are hands down the best free gifts we’ve ever had. I’ve been collecting awesome, limited availability stuff all year for this :)

We only have 30-40 of some of the free gift items and they will sell out before the end of the year, so if you have your eye on something, don’t wait too long. We will replace anything that sells out with another item of similar value.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for another wonderful year. From the entire Lima team – have a safe and happy holiday season and enjoy your free beads!

If you get a chance, please let us know what you think of this year’s gifts in the comments below!

Scream Week 2010 Is Here!

Posted by Kevin on October 25 at 10:43 am


It’s time for the second annual Scream Week at Lima Beads! This year, we’ve got lots of spooky attractions in store for you! Check out the scary good deals, go trick-or-treating, or take a ride on the Big Green Scream Machine, but beware, Scream Week ends promptly at midnight on Halloween (10/31), so don’t get left out in the dark… by yourself…

Trick or Treat for FREE Gifts!

During Scream Week, you’ll get FREE beads or supplies with every order! Just go trick-or-treating and choose a special treat. The more you order, the better the treats get!

The Scary Good Deals Sale – SAVE

  • Handmade Chain – 20% off
  • Vintaj – 20% off
  • Stampt Metal – 20% off
  • TierraCast – 15% off
  • Orange & Black Gemstone Beads – 15% off
  • See all of the sale items now

Haunted Lunch Specials

The Lima Lunch Specials will have more items than usual and some other special treats. If you’re not already signed up for Lunch Specials, hurry and get signed up! The deals go out every Tuesday, so you have to be signed up by Monday night!

The Big Green Scream Machine

scaryDealsThe Big Green Bead Machine hasn’t been itself lately. It’s transformed into The Big Green Scream Machine! Instead of cycling every 5 minutes, it’s cycling every 3 minutes with more great deals and FREE items than every before!

Have fun! I’m especially proud of the trick-or-treating.. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I had kids :)

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