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fresh picks


Description from Jogi: Back in August, when we played on the lake in Maine, we also climbed the mountain across the lake. On that trip my sons took dozens and dozens of pictures of the fungi we found. Funny how when you start finding it, you notice it everywhere. There were so many different kinds that we found as we hiked there. Then, I traveled further afield with them on a graduation adventure and we climbed more mountains and crossed rivers, hiking up and down all sorts of trails, along centuries old cobblestone roads, across orchards and vineyards, along tracks that took us to new old delightful places that brought smiles as we found more fungi! Walks to caves that were supposed to take 20 minutes took us 45 minutes because of the time it takes to take those so necessary pictures of the mushrooms and toadstools that we just couldn't pass by. We loved the climbs, the trails, the caves, the mountains, the rivers and lakes, the glaciers, the flowers, the Churches and museums, the art the architecture, the trams and trains, the buses (water and regular) but the fungi became a source of delight and adventure and exploration. Yes, we found more of the fungi outside of the cities, but not always. Some cities had incredible parks. Some cities sit in valleys between mountains that we climbed and found more and more fungi. We even spent hours looking for fungi in stores, just in case there were some we wanted to bring home with us. The neat thing about fungi is that they are just there, cleaning up the debris around us and looking so cool as they do it. They also catch our eye as we travel down life's road. On those mossy areas, on limbs and trunks felled by time, on the leaves and on the dirt beside the trails, little and big reminders of the cycle of life. And, on my Christmas tree this year I will have them.


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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

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10 yards

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Measurements: This specific waxed linen measures closer to 6ply in thickness. Approx. 1mm thick

Package of 10

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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

Notify Me When More Arrive!

15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

Notify Me When More Arrive!

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. BevB
    BevB says:

    Nicely done! Such earthy colors with so many possibilities! I have some of them, and will definitely add the new Czech rice beads to my stash.

  2. Jogi
    Jogi says:

    I should have thought about it as I was posting but something I learned in the caves I alluded to in the description (Hohle Fels), is that there is a role of fungi in the Biomineralization of Calcite.

    The first cave we went to (after having found as many other fungi to photograph as we could) had so much calcite on the ceiling and in crevices and cracks. The guide told us about fungi being involved in creating it. That was just another grin-worthy reminder of fungi in our midst!

    Having said that, I didn’t bring any calcite home but then, I have a lot of it already. I may need to wrap some for Christmas ornaments to go with the other fungi.


  3. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Fascinating! I also have a love for “shrooms”. Am always stopping on my walks in the woods to look at their loveliness.
    Think maybe I might have a little Hobbit in my lineage. ;-)

  4. No Photo
    thegreenzebra says:

    Jogi! I love this!! I too have a love for all things mushroomie and fungi and mossy!! So great, and your adventures sound wonderful as well. I think I have more photos of mushrooms on my phone than people!… well, maybe that’s an exaggeration…. excellent pick!

  5. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Interesting nature inspired pick!

  6. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    I just love this and especially your story that goes with it ….I do love everything in nature but when I was a child I was scared to death of fungi and moss….can you even imagine ….certainly I appreciate them now but back then LOL

  7. No Photo
    Island Deb says:

    Kudos, fellow fungi lover and texture freak!
    Your story is wonderful – - I know you’ll relive it often whenever you see another fungi. Love your pick with such great textures. I’ve been using the ‘etched’ Czech beads in with the gems.

  8. Jogi
    Jogi says:

    My fellow fungi fiends, not the ones with the pom poms on their heads!


  9. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    What a great story and funny photo. Love it and your pick. We had lots of mushrooms this year

  10. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Sorry.. I accidentally posted instead of adding photos. Here was an 8 inch wide one in my yard with wavy sides. I tried to find out what it was but was unsuccessful.

    Attachment Attachment

  11. Jogi
    Jogi says:

    BLE, I love it! Sadly, I have no clue what it is either but it is pretty cool! It looks big.

    The first pic is one of mine from Maine.

    The second one was in a tree in Ravenna.

    Attachment Attachment

  12. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Beautiful Jogi. That crazy one from Maine is gorgeous. Kind of reminds me of a dotted petticoat I once had as a little girl.

  13. BevB
    BevB says:

    Congrats on your well deserved pod, Jogi!

  14. Jogi
    Jogi says:

    Thank you everyone for all of your inspiration and thoughts on this pick! I have never really focused on fungi until this year!
    Mary, I have the same lineage as you do! I am sure of it.
    GZ, on my second trip I ran out of space for my photos. I still have all of the fungi from Maine, just not a lot of other pictures since I had to delete something.
    Island Deb, I am glad to know that you too are a texture and fungi lover. What would the world be without us?!
    Kimberly, I saw some in Maine that make me understand your fears of them. Glad the fear isn’t as bad now!

  15. Jean  C
    Jean C says:

    Wonderful and Interesting Pick – Congratulations!

  16. No Photo
    MH says:

    Very very interesting- congratulations!!

  17. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Congrats on your beautiful POD! The fungi pictures are beautiful to go with your pick. I get some that grow much bigger than my two hands of I don’t catch them as they first lol up.

  18. Petunia
    Petunia says:

    Dear Beady,

    I believe the Mushroom that you’ve found is the Leucopaxillus giganteus Mushroom. I’ve read a bit about Mushrooms and I’ve found that these are edible & not poisonous. With that being said, I am in no way certain about this identification and I’d never, ever, suggest that anyone eat Wild Mushrooms without a Mycologist, or an Indigenous Elder’s ( Puoinaq) approval. I’m sure none of you would eat anything you found, but, I just needed to add that for my own peace of mind.
    Excellent pick! Love everything about it. ❤️

  19. Petunia
    Petunia says:

    Dear Jogi,
    The white & curled-up Mushroom might be a “Blusher.” You could test my theory by lightly scratching it. If it begins to turn a shade of red/pink in the following hours/days, you’ve got a Blusher.
    If the color doesn’t change, it’s quite possible that it could be a “Destroying Angel.” Because of that (in my opinion) it should immediately be served a 24hr eviction notice; especially if you’ve got young Children or a Meat-head Dog, like I do.
    The Yellow-ish Mushroom could be a variety of species; some wonderful & rare. It could be a Shaggy Bracket—but, don’t quote me on that!
    Yay Fungi! ❤️ I think Limabeads should look into adding Mushroom pendants/beads to the shop. I know I’d buy them!

  20. Jogi
    Jogi says:

    Petunia, Thank you for the info! The yellowish one is too far away for me to check and I assume that the other one is long gone as it was in the parking area of what will again be a winter sport area in the not too distant future. And, I agree, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t buy mushroom beads or pendants as soon as I got home from my travels! I am thinking that they are going to be the next hit in jewelry making! You can quote me on that. I sense a ground swell of support!

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  1. No Photo
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