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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by Reet

Antique looking bracelet

This bracelet is made from polymer clay.
Components: polymer clay

Contemporary bracelet

Love to "play" with polymer clay. It has endless possibilities.
Components: Polymer clay, pearl, silver plated findings

Simple design

I just wanted to show a beauty of jasper by this very simple, unsophisticated design.
Components: Autumn Jasper, Goldstone, silver plated findings


I made this creature for my friend, just to cheer him up. Hope you are smiling too!
Components: Polymer clay, glass beads (eyes), wire (legs), metal charms (feet)

Crochet Technique

I love to use crochet technique for making a necklace.
Components: wire, acrylic beads, glass beads

Brass and Swarovski Bracelet

This is my new design. I am just experimenting with brass stamping blanks and brass findings.
Components: Natural brass by Vintaj and Swarovski

Something different

This is some kind of test-bracelet. I am trying to cut down on my spending on new beads and use what I already have. This bracelet is made from...
Components: Brass, Swarovski

Creature 2

I am working on making Christmas gifts. This is one of them. Something funny and cheerful.
Components: wire, glass, wood

Silver and Swarovski bracelet

I love silver even it’s getting very expensive.
Components: Silver links by Saki Silver, Swarovski


Don’t ask me what it is. It’s just a creature. IT is my good luck charm.
Components: Evil eye glass beads, silver tone wire, silver tone charm-foot, unknown material

Brass and Silver Bracelet

This bracelet made of brass tone links, silver bead caps and Swarovski beads. I hammered links, straitened bead caps, glue them to each other.
Components: Brass tone link, Silver bead cap, Swarovski 4mm bicone

Beauty of stones

Aren't they beautiful?! I mean the stones. These stones don't need a sophisticated design. They are gorgeous by themselves. Got them from LB
Components: Larimar Blue Crazy Lace, Ruby Crazy Lace Agate, African Green Jasper, metal beads. The size of stones is 40x20mm

Moody Necklace

I was in that type of mood when I wanted to create something not time consuming, not sophisticated, and inexpensive. But somehow it took me a week...
Components: Resin 25mm and 30mm beads, silver plated beads.

For turquoise lovers

Adore turquoise. A mix of blue and green has a sweet feminine feel.Do you feel it like I do ?
Components: Turquoise beads, silver and metal beads

Cherry -Berry Bracelet

This bracelet made of Rainbow Soocho Jade. I adore those beads. Will order more
Components: Rainbow Soocho Jade

Quartz-Sunstone Necklace

The big stone is quartz. The necklace itself made of sunstone and pearl. I just put my favorite stones together and got this necklace.
Components: Quartz, Sunstone, pearl

Murano Glass Pendant

Pendant again. I told you that I have a new passion!
I was very disappointed when I got this murano glass bead because it looked like tiny...

Turquoise pendant

I have a new passion. It's a passion for making pendants. This particular pendant is made of turquoise, Swarovski blue beads, gunmetal wire, and a...


I’ve been attracted to these beads because they looked like small apples but I had no idea what to do with them. A simple solution came to me a...
Components: unknown beads, wire

Cream and Yellow Necklace

I never liked these yellow beads and wanted to throw them out but something was holding me back from doing it. Now I know what it was. It was the...