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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by Reet


Even though I am a big fan of silver I have to admit that copper is better. It has more personality, carries some energy and is easy to work with.
Components: Copper beads, round wooden beads, Swarovski

Grey & White

I nether expected grey porcelain beads to go so nicely with pearl beads.
Components: Porcelain beads, Japanese pearl, metal findings.


This is a pendant. The picture is not so good . I just lost my patience to make it perfect.
Components: Big glass bead, cooper beads, cooper findings, glass beads.

Just because...

I made this necklace just because I never had anything in blue
Components: Agate, Blue Goldstone, Swarovski, silver beads


If I am not mistaken, it was Martham who said that "it is hard to create a
design which makes moonstone stand out and not just fade to...
Components: Moonstone, silver beads, metal beads


I love any kind of makeovers. This is one of them. I had just one earring made of antique gold.(very big earring) And I turned that earring into...
Components: Antique gold beads, glass beads.


I just wanted to design a necklace that would be made of cooper . Do you see how I ended up ? Only a couple of cooper beads, but rest of the...
Components: Rainbow Soocho Jade, freshwater pearl, cooper, glass beads

Blue Sky

It’s not my typical design. I love chunky jewellery. But some times I want to make something totally different. This necklace is really different...
Components: Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearl, silver spacers.

End of summer

This is a classic design, but I love the incorporation of stones.
Components: Green Fluorite, Chrysocolla, Hill Tribe Beads

Something Blue

I have been asked to make a chunky necklace but did not have enough beads to do so.The crochet technique is a good solution to create a chunky...
Components: Amazonite, Aquamarine, glass beads, crafting wire

For Red Color Lover

Red is the color of passion. I hope I was able to turn the BORING plastic round beads into something passionate.
Components: Plastic round beads, black wire

Botswana Necklace

I just adore Botswana Agate. I can't help it. And I love chunky beads. This necklace is the result of my passion.
Components: Botswana Agate, metal beads

Summer Day

What can be more inspiring then summer sunny day? Here it is, my "summer" necklace.
Components: Lemon Jade, Blue Quartz, Cat's eye beads, wire.