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Designs by Starsparkle Spiral Chick

Twisted Hoops

Playing around with wire one day and these were the result.
Made with beads from LB of course!
Components: sterling silver wire, copper wire, Dogtooth Amethyst, Petrified Green Opal

Turquoise Dream

Sterling Silver disc and African Turquoise bead bracelet.
I love the colour of these beads with the silver!
Components: African Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Amethyst Flower

Here I go with my circles/holes again!
A Sterling Silver textured disc with riveted daisy spacer and Amethyst dangle. I've also started making my...
Components: Amethyst, sterling silver

Fall Beckons

Textured Copper and Rhodonite with Pyrite beads
I love these beads (my favourites from LB!) and think they go so well with copper so just had to...
Components: Copper, Rhodonite w/ Pyrite


16g copper wire shaped and hammered into spirals and bound together with Sterling Silver wirewrap detail
Components: Copper Green Opal, sterling silver

Pearly Dewdrops

A swirl Of Silver wire with spirals (of course!) Finished with 2 Orchid Freshwater pearls from LB & a wirewrap detail
I really enjoyed making...
Components: 18g & 26g Sterling silver wire, freshwater pearls

Crystal Copper

I love these copper tubes! I wrapped them with 22g copper then added a Swarovski crystal dangle.
I also made a pair with silver wire as I like the...
Components: copper wire 22g, 20g, Swarovki Crystal bead

Ceramic Copper Doodles

I've had these ceramic beads for a couple of years & apart from making a pair of earrings with them ages ago I didn't know what to do with them...
Components: ceramic beads, copper wire

Blue Jeans

Beautiful Brazil Blue Agate (from LB of course!) and, yes, the ubiquitous (OMG, what does that mean!) spiral!

I should really be doing the...
Components: Brazil Blue Agate, Sterling Silver


Seaglass that's been made into coin beads!
I love the deep green colour & I think it goes well with copper
Components: seaglass coins, 20g copper wire

Cuprite Copper Leaves

I love the colour of these Cuprite rectangles & of course I love Copper too.

I put this on Etsy a few days ago & it sold yesterday much to my...
Components: Cuprite, copper

Funny Face Copper Sticks

I think these Copper beads look like funny faces hence the name! I've teamed the Copper with green Chrysotine beads.

I've not been around much...
Components: Copper wire, Chrysotine beads

Snakeskin Drops

The design for these earrings started out completely different then somehow morphed into these! I love the patterns on these Green Snakeskin beads!
Components: Green Snakeskin, Copper wire & beads

Mosaic Magic

I love these Mosaic Magnesite beads, they aren't a real stone (manmade) but I think they're really pretty & the patterns are gorgeous. I combined...
Components: Mosaic Magnesite, 18g, 20g Copper wire

Lemon Turritella

I'm sure that's an Italian dessert!
I wasn't sure about putting these two together but I think it works out. Still obsessed with Copper!
Components: Turritella Agate, Lemon Chrysoprase, 22g, 20g & 18g Copper wire, Liver of Sulphur to oxidise

Rings Of Fire

I seem to be into my hoop phase at the mo! The colour combination for this style is endless but I chose Fire Agate as I think it goes well with the...
Components: 18g, 20g & 22g Copper wire, Fire Agate Rondels, Copper beads

Pearl In The Middle

These earrings actually started out with 3 Amethyst dangles but didn't look right so off they came! I couldn't think what to do with them so looked...
Components: Sterling Silver wire 18g, 20g & 22g, FW Pearls, Bali Silver Beadcaps

Turquoise Sticks

These are inspired by an earring design called Gypsy Sticks (great name!) by Sharilynn Miller. Hers feature pearls & silver beads & a few more...
Components: Turquoise Magnesite, 20g & 24g Sterling Silver wire, Bali Silver spacers & beadcaps

Oooo Blue Calsilica Earrings oooO

Like the bracelet except they're earrings ;)
Components: Blue Calsilica Jasper, 20g & 16g Copper wire

Oooo Blue Calsilica oooO

My original idea was to buy some copper washers from the DIY store but they didn't have any so I made my own with 16g wire.
I kept it simple,...
Components: Blue Calsilica Jasper, 16g & 20g Copper wire