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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by K Ralston

Darkness Darkness

It was my intention to make a bracelet I saw on YouTube called Dark Fantasy by Mariel Beads and Beyond. It's a beautiful bracelet, but as always,...
Components: Black superduos. Black diamond smoky bicones and 11/0 black smokey silver lined seed beads. 1 sterling silver clasp. Beading thread.

Sarah's Sleek Bracelet

Simple sleek bracelet using even count peyote stich, a row of picot along the edge, and a row of little pearls strung along the edge from picot to...
Components: 6/0 Dark red Picasso seed beads that I bought here at Lima. 11/0 pearl colored seed beads, 15/0 silver lined seed beads, 4mm silvery gray pearls, 1 rhinestone button.

Beach Girl Earrings

Wire wrapped earrings. 18 months ago I made a 4 year plan to move to Oregon. But things started happening and it looked like the move was underway....
Components: 16 faceted teardrop briolettes in a sea grean/blue color (or whatever color you favor.) I used pre-made earring hoops, or you can make your own. 24 guage gold tone craft wire for all the wrapping. 2 small pieces of gold tone chain. 2 gold tone ear wires.

Change of Plans Earrings

Wire wrapped earrings made from 2 glass stones I found on a walk, probably the kind that go in fish boals. They are not perfectly matched. All my...
Components: Two glass oval stones. 4 Clear square crystals. Crystal bicones. Silver 16 gauge craft Wire.

Ice Blue Bracelet

Wire wrapped bracelet. Winter is coming at last, so I wanted cool colors. It's fairly simple to make.
Components: Oval faceted crystals, light blue. Frosted 3mm metal beads. Silver craft Wire.

From Another Time Necklace

I wanted to use this beautiful cabochon and do something kind of retro. This reminds me of maybe the old west or perhaps some other bygone era. I...
Components: 2 colors of 11/0 seed beads. 1 cabochon. 5 small dagger beads of one color and 3 small dagger beads of another color. 1 10mm bead for making the beaded bead. Beading thread. Leather for backing.

Antique Earrings

Wire wrapped earrings. I used a earring hoop that I cut off at the top because the wire is much stronger. Strung on the beads and then did a little...
Components: 2 metal fancy disk beads. 8 4mm red rhinestone spacers. 4 8mm light gold pearls. 4 4mm light gold pearls. 8 fancy metal spacer beads. 4 6mm crystal rhinestone spacers. 4 6mm dark red bicones. 4 metal tube beads. 2 earring hoops or make your own. 2 ear wires. 2 4mm opal bicones. 2 4mm dark red rounds. Craft wire.

Bling Bracelet

Beaded bracelet using a variation of a basic pattern that I use a lot.
Components: 10mm multi faceted fusia beads for the center, metal spacer beads, crystal rondells, 4mm metalic silver bicones, 11/0 seed beads, gunmetal and fusia, clasp and bead stringing material, Fireline or other.

I Love Blue Earrings

Wire wrapped simple earrings. I've been wanting to use these big fancy blue beads in something. I make too many blue things but I just love blue.
Components: Two large fancy blue beads, two smaller blue beads, craft Wire, and two ear hooks.

Crystal Crusted Ring

I wore this ring to a party and met another jewelry maker. She liked the ring so much I gifted it to her. It's wire wrapped and I hadn't had as...
Components: Oval crystal large glass bead in the center, craft Wire, and small rock quartz crystal beads along the outer edges.

Makeover Set

Wire wrapped earrings and pendant. This is the rest of the set I made for Tracy, along with the Messy Makeover Bracelet I posted the other day....
Components: Pendant - Square glass bead, 1 oblong bead and one small round. One dangle. 1 crystal rondell. Craft Wire. Earrings - large round and small round beads, dangles, craft Wire, ear hooks.

Messy Makeover Bracelet

Wire wrapped bracelet. My friend Tracy bought a hideous old necklace in the thrift store and asked me to use the beads to design something new....
Components: Square, oblong, and round beads, plus 2 Chrystal rondells and 2 metal beads. Craft Wire. It's just kind of freeform and organically messy.

Traci's Pendant and earrings set

Wire wrapped pendant and earrings.
Components: Silver craft Wire, silver beads, long white matte drop beads, ear wires, bead caps, 2mm crystals, chain.

Bold Bracelet

First bracelet made from beads from Lima Beads.
Components: Large metal beads, bicones, 11/0 seed beads, square rhinestone spacers, clasp

Sarah's Bracelet

Wire wrapped bracelet
Components: Craft Wire, rondell beads, bead caps, and silver toned metal beads