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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by K Ralston

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Garnet Chip Bracelet

I suspect that I am not the only one who's going through their stash and trying to make use of some of items on hand. I've got quite a few garnets....
Components: Faceted garnets and garnet chips. Champagne colored rondells. Fireline. Box clasp.

Two Thieves Garnet Bracelet

These are earrings I bought at Goodwill a couple of years ago. I think they are beautiful but hardly ever wear them, so I turned them into...
Components: Earrings. Bead caps and bead cones. Rhinestone pave beads. Rhinestone spacers. 8/0 gold seed beads. Garnet beads. Dark red seed beads. Fireline.

Animal Cracker Red

Many animals were harmed in the making of these earrings. In fact, a whole population was decimated, their blood spilling out to stain the earrings...
Components: 2 rectangular red rhinestones. 2 fancy rhinestone ear wires. 2 red bicones. 6 red drops. 11/0 silver lined red seed beads. 20 opal bicones.

Bonus Bling and Ahn Ree

Someone has come to live with us. His name is Henry but the French pronounce it Ahn Ree, with a sort of husky rolling R. And since I am...
Components: Fire Polish rounds. 2 cut silver seed beads. Silver patterned rounds. Decorative patterned silver drops. Silver clasp. Ear wires. Beading thread. Clamshell knot covers.

Ancient Beads

Going through some of my stash and decided to do something with some beads that have been in there for a couple of decades. I love these big...
Components: Large faceted oval glass crystals. Metal patterned beads. Old oxidized bead caps. Box clasps. Flex beading wire. Crimp beads.

Pinky and The Brain

These beads are so pinky it reminded me of an old cartoon called Pinky and The Brain. Every episode The Brain tries to take over the world. His...
Components: 6/0 silver lined seed beads. Assorted crystals. 2 rhinestone spacers. 11/0 gold seed beads, and a piece from my unfinished objects.


It was weird. Middle of the night I grabbed my phone and wrote a poem on the writing app. Not really something I regularly do. I shall not subject...
Components: Using up some of my big Jesse James beads, bead caps, bead cones, drop beads, head and eye pins, ear wires

Bird Is The Word

I don't have things organized enough yet, and I am still resting quite a bit to heal my shoulder, but I want to get back to doing things. These are...
Components: White and purple rondells. Bead caps. Ear hooks. Head pins. Peacock findings.

The Blue Fish

Hello friends. I wanted to get a little something done. So this is a small offering. No, there are no fish, but the wind chimes I bought for myself...
Components: Silver toned chandelier findings which I may have bought from LB, although I don't remember. Blue glass crystal drops. Blue sparkle beads. Daisy spacers. Silver toned patterned disk beads. Eye pins. Ear hook findings

A Day Off

I took today off from all my labors because I am exhausted. This may be my last post for a while as I will be busy packing - yes again, LOL. But...
Components: 8/0 seed beads. Red cathedral beads. Gold fire polish beads. Clasp and beading thread.

Beyond The Scale

I get air quality emails throughout the day because I have asthma. We've got a valley full of smoke right now. It was even at the hazardous level a...
Components: Craft wire. Glass and acrylic beads in red. Bead caps. Acrylic cabochons. Ear clips. I don't usually use acrylic beads but they are pretty and needed to be used.

Coisich A Ruin

I think we have established that I cannot follow directions. I don't know why I keep thinking that I can. No matter, once the supplies are out and...
Components: 16 guage craft wire. 28 guage craft wire. Sea Sediment cabochon.

Beatle In The House

The Last 2 weeks. Working in 104° heat. Fighting to save the neighbor's animals - again! They are safe now. I wish them a happier life. The...
Components: 6/0 seed beads in mixed blues. 11/0 seed beads in bluish green. 1 old earring. 2 bead caps. 2 buttons. 4mm blue opal rondells. 3mm grey opal faceted rounds. 4mm blue bicones. Beading thread.

A Little Nothing

I'm overworked. My brain is numb. I have no ideas, but I did want to make something and say hi to all of my friends, and there's really nothing...
Components: Glass beads. White ovals, pink rounds. Bead caps. Rhinestone spacers. Head pins. Ear wires. Like I said, nothing much at all. But they are still pretty.

Flowers and Faith

Amythst bezeled earrings. Recently I watched an interview with Jon Voight. He told of a day when he was struggling, with his marriage, his career,...
Components: Amythst teardrop cabochons. Amythst teardrop beads. Delica beads. 15/0 seed beads, bronze. Tiny rhinestone spacers. Amythst 15/0 seed beads, matte amythst. Ear wires. Beading thread.

First Things, Packing, Réunion

Big Title. Lots going on. I am packing non essential items. Don't know where I am going or when but I'm moving forward. Among the jewelry I am...
Components: Fire polish beads, rhinestone spacers. Clasp, Fireline. The variations include chips, navettes, rhinestone sliders, amythst rounds, etc.

Mock Wine Earrings

It was too hot to do much housework so I made these earrings. I ripped apart a pair I did some years ago that had these gorgeous marquise shaped...
Components: Aquamarine faceted marquise drops. Tiny Moonstone faceted beads. 4mm aquarium rounds. Man made 4mm opal rounds. 2 fancy bails. 2 tiny star shaped bead caps. 2 3mm faceted rock quartz crystals. Myuki delica beads. 2 ear wires. 28 guage silver toned craft wire.

Steak Dinner Bracelet

The older I get the more I realize that life just gets away from us. Even when we are sad there are things to be enjoyed. And if we don't find them...
Components: Lots and lots of Fireline! Lots and lots of seed beads, silver and silver lined gray. Silver superduos. 2 silver buttons. 2 gray pearls.

Showing page 2 of 5 (97 total Designs)
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