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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by Helen G aka tea chick

Indian Summer

I love that rose Fossil Coral, and thanks to a generous birthday LB gift certificate from my dad and stepmother Karen, I was able to get some along...
Components: rose fossil coral, copper beads, fire pink pearls, and poppy jasper, all from LB!

teacher presents, parts 5-7

some of the bracelets for the teachers in my daughter Amanda's preschool- since it is a mix of regular and special needs kids, they have a lot of...

teacher presents, part 4

my daughter Amanda attends a wonderful public preschool that is a mix of regular and special needs kids. Amber is a special ed teacher who...
Components: Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, jasper, smoky quartz, stamped silver heart clasp

teacher presents, part 3

this is a necklace for my daughter Amanda's preschool teacher, Nicole
Components: flourite, pearls, Amethyst, and a silver Thai Hill Tribe flower pendant

teacher presents, part 2

this is a bracelet for Ms. West, the assistant teacher who works in my daughter Emma's first grade classroom
Components: prehnite nuggets, white pearls, green pearls, fluorite rondelles, silver clasp

Teacher presents, part 1

this is a present for my daughter Emma's first grade teacher, Terry Ingram. Terry is a wonderful, warm and loving lady who likes butterflies and...
Components: silver butterfly pendant and silver dragonfly clasp, blue kyanite, blue pearls, blue chalcedony, Amethyst, and blue quartz

Tree of Knowledge

I totally fell in love with the Green Girl Shibuichi tree pendant when it came to LB, and made the necklace around it.
Components: Apple Jasper, Red Jasper, Garnet, Shibuichi pendant and copper clasp

not my usual colors

the colors of this necklace went way out of my usual comfort zone- I usually like softer shades and/or analogous combinations, but sometimes you...
Components: Lapis, Carnelian, Amethyst, and some Mango pearls for punch!


a necklace (very humbly) inspired by the beautiful Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Hubby and I visited there BC (before children).
Components: Sodalite, Lapis, midnight blue pearls, Amethyst, and Bali silver beads and clasp

winter ocean

we usually associate the ocean with summer, but I think my favorite time is the "off-season"
Components: Midnight Blue pearls, Apatite rounds, Abalone, Amethyst, and Lapis. Thai Hill Tribe hammered silver clasp

Ice and Frost

this one was really hard to photograph, hope it's visible! The rock crystal nuggets looked like lovely pieces of ice, and I spaced them with silver...
Components: Rock Crystal (LB), silver stardust beads

passion and romance

this is a piece I made in February for Valentines Day- I usually wear it doubled, with the clasp in front at "4 o'clock"
Components: pearls in Berry Red, cranberry, and purple, and gems a mix of Amethyst, Garnet, Ruby, Red Spinel, and Tourmaline

spring dragonfly

we may have snow on the ground (spring in Colorado is pretty snowy) but I'm willing spring to come!
Components: silver pendant and clasp from cathydaily on Etsy, stones are flourite, Amethyst, prehnite, and rose quartz, some green pearls

Winter Forest necklace

this is a new seasonal favorite of mine- it's made with seraphinite and pearls. The pendant is a silver-coated real leaf, with a little drop of...
Components: Seraphinite, pearls, hammered silver clasp, silver leaf link, and labradorite

Rosary for MIL

my MIL , quite out of the blue, converted to Catholicism this year, so (inspired by Plucky Chick's beautiful rosaries posted on Lima) I made her a...
Components: Lampwork beads, bead caps, Amethyst, seed beads for spacers, bronze rosary parts

Mummy's garden

This one was a bit of a pain in the tush to make, but I do enjoy wearing it. My mum is a wonderful gardener (sadly, however, I seem to have a Black...
Components: pressed glass beads, leaves, and seed beads (for centers) sewn on to a base of beading wire strung with size 8 seed beads. Technique is borrowed from "Road to Rio" bracelet on Fusion Beads website, but I changed to colors to have a summer garden feel.

Sunrise Lariat

This is one of my favorite pieces to wear. Early morning is my quiet time before the family awakes, just me and a cup of tea and perhaps the cat,...
Components: peach/pink/lavender streaked Biwa pearls, Chalcedony ovals, faceted Amethyst rondelles, Sky Blue pearls, peach pearls. Angels wing pendant is from Nina Designs