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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by Judith Ann Boyer

Puppy Love

Here is another donation I made for an animal rescue event coming up in a few weeks...
Components: Amazonite Blk. Tourmaline, Lava Rock, Brass Greek Mykonos, Amazonite, Brass chain, and of course Hand carved dog pendant of Amazonite w/ Black Tourmaline.

Giddy Up

This piece I designed for our local animal shelter silent brought in lots of money!!! :)
Components: Green vein jasper/ Hand carved Green vein jasper pendant/Faceted green jade/Greek Mykonos in copper/copper chain

Petoskey Stone Wrap

I love these leather wrap bracelets and when I saw these Petoskey Stone buttons in my hometown I knew what had to be done!! I have had more orders...
Components: Petoskey stone button, leather, waxed linen cording, brass ball chain.

Sunset over Lake Michigan

Here is another large charm bracelet. This one is so vibrant, just like the sunsets here in Northern Michigan.
Components: Fire agate rounds 14mm, Carnilian teardrops and rectangle cut, Faceted glass beads, sterling silver sticks, silver plated rondelles, silver textured chain, and a cute little box charm from Industrial Chic.

Sandy Shores

I love charm bracelets and this one is on steroids! I love large pieces so I made this one with 15mm rondelles on half the bracelet. I also love...
Components: Feldspath 15mm rondelles, Feldspath teardrops, silver chain, Faceted glass rectangle beads, sterling silver sticks, sterling silver bead caps, Freshwater pearls on headpins.

Wiggle Wiggle Jiggle Jiggle

I found these wood pieces on a bracelet took them apart and poof!! Wiggle Wiggle :) They look perfect with Smokey quartz...there is a surprise...
Components: Smokey quartz, Dark wood, Ruby red quartz, Sterling silver toggle.

A "2013" Walk in the Woods

I found these wood triangles on a bracelet and took it apart...I love the way they surround the neckline. I paired them with green snakeskin jasper...
Components: Green snakeskin Jasper, Dark Wood triangles, small wood rondelles, resin beads, sterling silver double clasp. Jasper was purchased right here at Lima!!:)


I designed this necklace while I sipped coffee and looked out at all the giant icicles hanging off the roof of my house! :) Burrrr!!!
Components: Square cut clear Quartz, small cream and grey freshwater pearls, soft lavender chalcedony, gunmetal chain, and gunmetal headpins.

Untamed Coral

This necklace just came together with these crazy coral sticks, they are every way but straight!
Components: Sponge coral barrels, Sponge coral sticks, Orange stablized Turquoise two hole bar beads, silver two strand clasp.

In honor of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak

The Grosbeaks have arrived for the summer and I was inspired by their black and white with a little bit of red coloring!! Welcome summer! :)
Components: Black Onyx, Red Shell pearl, White czech glass rondelles, Sterling silver hook with 2" extender.

Butterflies are truly free!

My small crab tree is blooming even with the cold weather and was covered in is the inspiration behind this piece. I love all the...
Components: Wood discs dyed in Turquoise color, Stablized Turquoise butterflies in assorted colors, Czech glass faceted bright blue rondelles, Sterling silver three row clasp.

Storm Chaser

Love, Luv!! Labradorites...I found these in Tucson and I am having a hard time parting with this piece. These labs are faceted and so are the blue...
Components: Labradorite, Blue faceted quartz, Sterling silver clasp.

Spiny Oyster meets Coral

I have been holding on to this strand of spiny oyster for over a year...I purchased in Tucson last year along with a strand of orange. They are so...
Components: Spiny Oyster with crushed Turquoise, White Sponge coral barrels, Freshwater pearls, Sterling silver clasp.

Tucson Dreams

This piece reminds me of Tucson Arizona with all it's beauty! This jasper is so vibrant the rust to light blue coloring is awesome in person! I...
Components: Impression Jasper, Aquamarine, Fire agate and copper toggle by "Patrica Healey" I purchased this Impression jasper right here from Limabeads!!

Boulder Opal

I purchased this Boulder Opal in Tucson last year along with the strand of 10mm round boulder opals. I think they look great with the kynite it...
Components: Boulder Opal pendant, Boulder opal rounds, kynite, chocolate freshwater pearls, sterling silver bead caps, silver toggle from Saki Silver.

Ice Princess

This piece was inspired by all the snow we had fall in the last 4 days! Everything is frozen and covered in white...:)
Components: Freeform blister pearls, faceted clear quartz, small keshi cream pearls, sterling silver wire, large sterling silver toggle.

Fa,La,La,La, Lovely!!

Here is another double strand I designed, my husband bought this piece for our god daughter for christmas...he calls it know the "Yin and...
Components: Turquoise, Faceted smokey quartz rondelles, sterling silver toggle.

Denim Friendly!

This piece I only had a few days and sold! I love it, it was stunning with a denim jacket. I purchased the Kynite in Tuscon this past February and...
Components: Russian Kynite, Clear Resin beads, Sterling silver from Saki Silver.

Arm Candy

Stretch bracelets in various semi-precious stones with one outstanding piece of sterling silver or handmade pewter bead.
Components: Onyx, Malachite, Carnilian, Agate, etc.. Pewter beads by Green Girl Studios, Bali Silver beads.

Love, Luv, XXXO

I saw this braclet in a magazine and added my own touch! I love the rustic look...
Components: Glass pearls, sterling silver, mother of pearl charms, Misc. metal components.