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The Design Gallery

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Designs by Beads Me

Fit for a bride

I made this piece for a finicky client: she wanted a gift for her friend's wedding (both of which are Chinese, making red an auspicious color,...
Components: Carnelian

Soaring Phoenix

The original version of this piece, "Rising Phoenix", used a rectangular carnelian pendant instead of a point. After the original had been sold, a...
Components: Carnelian, Agate, Lampwork glass

Tiger Eye and Venetian-Indian hybrid glass

This is another piece made with Tiger Eye and Venetian-Indian hybrid beads. See my other necklace of Tiger Eye, glass, and cloisonne for more...
Components: Tiger Eye, lampwork glass

Tiger Eye and Tigerskin

This piece is made primarily with Tiger Eye, but the central piece to the pendant portion is made with Tigerskin glass.
Components: Tiger Eye, Tigerskin glass


This piece has a lot going on:

the pendant is an octagonal Tiger Eye, wire wrapped with two Tiger Eye points, one dangling from each side. The...
Components: Goldstone, Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye, glass, and cloisonne

This is one of two necklaces using not only Tiger's Eye, but also a unique set of glass beads called "Venetian-Indian hybrid" beads. These beads...
Components: Tiger Eye, lampwork glass

Wired Chunks bracelet

This bracelet is made from wire-wrapped stones. I added an extender chain and a lampwork glass pendant, to turn the bracelet into a necklace. The...
Components: Carnelian, Rose Quartz, jade, Moonstone, Citrine

Wired Chunks

I wanted to make something new, so I bought various lengths of steel wire in different gauges, and set to work on wrapping wire for each section by...
Components: Citrine, Carnelian, jade, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, pink howlite, Tiger Eye, Agate

Rose of Versailles, MK 2

I made this set as part of my rose kick; I made several pieces dealing with roses :P
Components: lampwork glass, Rose Quartz, vintage lucite

Venetian Blue collection

I've always dreamed of making a themed collection of jewelry, where earrings, bracelets and necklaces could all be interchanged and therefore...
Components: lampwork glass, Amethyst

Hearts all over

Another Valentine's Day offering, this piece was made using leftover glass hearts and rose quartz
Components: Rose Quartz, pink cat's eye, lampwork glass


For Valentine's Day, I decided on a series of red pieces. This one is strung with 20-guage steel wire to hold its shape, with a chain that can be...
Components: Carnelian, lampwork glass

Tiger's Eye earrings

I've always wanted to make earrings; not sure why.
These are tied together with 1mm stretchy wire, and the wire is glued with high-strength...
Components: Tiger Eye, 1mm stretchy wire

Pearl Statement #1

This piece is one of three necklaces as part of my new "Pearl Statement" collection. There are two other necklaces made of the same materials.
Components: glass pearls, etched glass, 26-guage steel wire

Rose of Versailles

I made this piece originally focused around the rose quartz pendant, but after attaching magnetic clasps I started getting more ideas.
The magnets...
Components: Rose Quartz, pink Cat's Eye, metal spacers

Hugs from Me to You!

This necklace is something i've been dying to make for a long time. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a name, until a good friend of mine came up...
Components: pink cat's eye, etched glass, metal, 1mm stretchy wire


When I first started designing jewelry, I really wanted to make things with Tiger's Eye. That being said, I also had a number of special Tiger's...
Components: Tiger Eye, stretchy wire

Glitz and Glam!

I had a sudden hankering to design something resembling a "red carpet" look, after watching an episode of "Project Accessory."

see this and...
Components: steel chain, crystal

Vanilla Twilight

The necklace was inspired by the song "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City. The earrings and bracelet were basically made with leftover material....
Components: blue etched glass, Blue Lace Agate, stretchy wire

Lapis Wonderland!

Like my other piece, "Shades of Blue", this was inspired by a necklace my model once wore. This set is ENTIRELY made of Lapis, except for one...
Components: Lapis, .7mm stretchy wire