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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by rootware

Holiday Peacocks

(first, big apology for the photos. Haven't been home during the day to get a good sunlight photo.) I have been inspired by the peacock feather...
Components: Sari silk ribbon, sterling link, handmade clasp, dyed freshwater pearl, sterling bead, grey crystal, titanium coated crystal points, pyrite nuggets.

Game Day!

So, I wasn't raised a Gamecock, but I married into lifetime tickets and parking via the hubby! Needed something garnet and black to wear to the...
Components: Copper-garnet-onyx


Wearing 'purple bubbles' today, but didn't have a pair of earrings to go with. Just a simple pair of danglys, forged and embossed copper link with...
Components: Copper and amethyst

Purple bubbles

Lavender is going to show up in the spring collections, so I thought it might be fun to take my usual earthy copper designs towards a 'violet' end....
Components: copper chain, Copper link, ametrine drops, copper wire.

folds and edges

I like how folded metal looks when it is pulled apart... how the edges harden and make a 'crimp' in the metal. I hammered some copper, pulled it...
Components: 24 gauge copper sheet, 20 gauge copper wire, beer quartz, 24 gauge copper wire.

Silky copper

I made this copper pendant, and sat at my worktable for two months trying to figure out what to do with it. Found some sari silk ribbon and knew...
Components: Copper, copper link, sari silk ribbon, copper beads, citrine nugget, swarovski crystal, handmade dichroic glass beads.

Peas in pods

It is the end of the summer, and the montessori my twins have attended for two years is at an end next week. Off to Kindergarten! So, wanted to...
Components: 24 gauge sheet copper, 20 gauge and 24 gauge copper wire, freshwater pearl.

"Super Sixy"

I was playing around with wire shapes and instead of going with a circle...I went for the number six shape. I attached to the bottom a 1/4 inch...
Components: 14 Gauge copper wire, 6 gauge copper wire, 24 gauge shiny copper wire, 4mm garnet rounds. ( earwire is 20 gauge copper)

scrap blossoms

Had some scrap from a prior messing around session that I wanted to do something with. Didn't have a plan... maybe I am somewhat inspired by all...
Components: copper, silver, copper beads, brushed silver plated discs, silver bead.

Silver sparks

Wanted to play around with crochet.
Components: Silver filled wire, Shell, vintage silver beads ( from my high school days!), Labradorite, crystals.

Fall foliage

Playing around with Brass and patina.
Components: Brass flower blank, brass chain, carnelian beads, czech glass, crystal, and druk beads. Yellow, orange and clay colors of patina.