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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

Designs by Tanisha AKA Blue Chick

Queen Tan

I love this piece that I created a few months ago, because I was a vampire movie and the head modern time queen was wear a necklace and I loved it....
Components: Swarovski crystal beads 3mm bicone and Swarovski crystal beads 6mm gold pearls. Gold filled findings.

Zig Zag

This is a design idea that came from watching a stream of water flowing down to the lake
Components: Sodalite, pearls midnight swarovski, white pearls and lobster clasp, head and eye pins silver plated.

Full Heart

A new beginning work with Swarovski crystal components which are made in Austria and are considered the finest products of their kind in the world.
Components: Swarovski crystal components Heart and top -drilled, gold filled findings

2gether & apart

This design is about making unique jewelry and how is can be wore 2gether & apart. I was inspired to make this necklace because of my daughter who...
Components: Smoky Quartz oval, round bronze round 8mm, labradorite, Jet black swarovski crystals antique bronze finding (lobster clasps, eye pins, bead caps and jump rings)

Amazon Knot

This is a 2 bracelets and 1 collar necklace put together to creat this 20" necklace.I got the idea from a magaizne,I was reading how to put old and...
Components: Amber chips and round bead, Cat Eye beads, a brass pearl holder

My Man

I man this for my man, he is not a jewelry person but I thought I would make something for valentine day for him.
Components: leather, lava stone, lobster clasp, leather cover

Serenading Trio Set 1

This is a three piece set that can be wore as a long necklace or 2 short necklace or short necklace and 2 bracelet.
Components: I made it with 4mm Indian Jade, Sesame (Kiwi)Jasper chips, Pink Lepidolite teardrops and 8mm Strawberry Quartz


I created this piece from 2 focal piece that I bought several months ago. I got the idea from my daughter when she put the two pieces together...
Components: 2 focal 1/2 moon Antique brass, Sesame Jasper chips, Antique brass rolo chain, eye pins, lobster clasps with soldered rings.


Purple and white are two of my favorite colors and when I go the chance to put them together, well here it is.
Components: 16" Amethyst and rock quartz with gold plate brass

"I of a Tiger "

I made this necklace set for my co-worker as a gift last year Christmas
Components: 1 strand tiger eye, brown agate, topaz crystal, olive jade crystal


This piece was created last fall when my daughter was sick and I wanted to do things with her to keep her busy while she recovered.
Components: 3 strand Mookaite which is an Australian jasper that combines the lighter colors of yellow and red jasper, round coral and silver plate finding


I made this necklace because of a photo I saw for a flower changing slowing from frame to frame. I love this piece because I can wear it any way I...
Components: antique brass, carnelian and a brass flower and brass gold finding


Help, I need help creating a piece with these 2 items. 1 side is smooth the other is rough. Help