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New 8 ft Booth Design

About this design:

I have an event this weekend on an 8 ft table. Trying to put as much out as possible with out it looking over cluttered. Any thoughts?

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  1. Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked says:

    First impressions: this table fits the name of your company…lots of cool treasure hunting with the great use of unique frames and display pieces. Good use of various heights for visual interest.

    Think about: are pieces easy for customers to access? If something looks hard to get to to take a closer look, they might just pass on by. I also like the idea of a soft swag in the front, but might consider a lighter color, cream or white?

  2. No Photo
    SpoonLady aka Christina says:

    I thought about the swag color also, I happened to hit an estate sale that had about 12 yards of the gold for $3.00 so thought I would try that first, but I am definately leaning more towards a lighter, creamier, color. Thanks for the pointers on postioning, very valid points, something that was actually kind of niggling at the back of my mind but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

  3. No Photo
    Cindi says:

    Looks good. Ffom my own experience I had to move my earrings to the front, people want to hold them up to their ears to see how it’s going to look on them…with them in the back a lot of people won’t bother looking at them. You might want to put them down to the front right side with a mirror right there beside them. The other thing I did was to have my regular price for one pair of earrings but if they bought two pairs I gave a discount of about $5.00 and put sale on the earrings. Good luck

  4. No Photo
    SpoonLady aka Christina says:

    Thanks Cindi,

    Good point about the earrings! Had not thought of that before. They are usually hanging from my tent as a display to catch their attention and and draw them into inside. I have the backs on them so they travel easier since a pillow case fits right over the frame. May think about removing them for this event though, especially since this is the smaller of the two frames I havev for display. I have tried differnet prices on the earrings and have yet to find a happy medium. Right now they are $5.00 which is really cheap but if I charge more they don’t seem to sell even with an incentive of say 3 for $12.00 or something like that. Any thoughts would be appreciated on that as well. I need to generate more profit and less work!

  5. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    I’ve never done a show, so I can’t say much about arrangement other than easy access so people can see and feel an item…I was wondering about the table cloth and swag color. Maybe a gold cloth and cream swag? You could use a couple of display trays filled with dried beans and or rice,and stand your earring cards up in them. That would add an organic feel as well….

  6. rootware
    rootware says:

    Have you considered putting your name on something ( like a canvas frame) and put up as a backdrop instead of off the front? Would put your name more to eye level and wouldn’t fight with the attractive swag across the front… like your use of picture frames for the earrings!

  7. Kelli N
    Kelli N says:

    My first show I had all of my jewelry priced very low and I sold 2 pieces, the next show I did another jewelry vendor gave me some pointers:
    -I had too many items displayed
    -My prices were so low people assume it is not handmade or a very good quality item..
    -If you dont value your work (price it what it is really worth) No one else will value it either..
    -It may take awhile to find your customer but when you do, they tell a friend and so on..

    I may be very wrong but I think your jewelry is WORTH a Heck of alot more than $5.00.. At least your time should be…

    Just my opinion, but it worked wonders for my sales and bottom line…

    Country Chic Designs

  8. No Photo
    Cindi says:

    I agree with Kelli, if you are selling your earrings and they have sterling silver earwire you will never see any profit…I would not go any lower than $15.00 for earrings. Look at a few magazines most earrings of any quality are selling for over $35.00 a pair. If you go so low you will never be able to raise your price to what it should be because by that time you will just make your regular customers mad.

  9. No Photo
    SpoonLady aka Christina says:

    Thanks for ALL of your pointers, especially about the earrings and the signs! I have slowly been raising the prices of my jewelry sets until I felt they were more in line with my time and, cost and what I felt pople would pay as well. My first year $5.00 was okay for the earrings but I definately do not want to set that as a permanent price point for ALL my earrings. I may have the simpler ones for $5.00 but I will definatley have seperate price points!

  10. No Photo
    SpoonLady aka Christina says:

    I like the idea of a canvas frame with my name on it as well, and as it happens I have canvas frames and will be playing around with it this weekend!

  11. Retro By Design
    Retro By Design says:

    Love all the pointers! I too struggle with too much stuff on the table…I like how u have the different levels. Looks very nice!

  12. No Photo
    JC Hamm says:

    I have a craft show in Nov, and I’ll have 2 8ft tables.I only have used my 1 6ft table so this will be a treat. I have been browsing through all th displays, looking for ideas and I’ve found alot.I want my table to be warm and inviting and well organised.You all have wonderful ideas.I like the way you have added different levels to display. It looks great. Hope you did well. :)

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