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Wrapped In Pink

About this design:

Technically this is a wrap bracelet
But it can be worn as a really long necklace or a double necklace. It's a basic 3-strand braid on S-lon cord for durability and can be hand washed/air dried. The fish bead focal and the round closure are ceramic beads from Peru. The pink marbled beads are from a 1980's twist necklace. All beads are from my stash.


Ceramic fish and round bead. Pink quartz chips. Vintage pink marbled beads. Raspberry and pink seed beads. S-lon cord.

Additional Images:

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  1. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Deb, you’ve got another winner here! I love the color and texture, andn the fact that this can be worn g ways is just great! I’m also impressed that it can be hand washed and dried. I never would have thought of trying that!

  2. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Susie that’s the benefit of that nylon cord. All the jewelry I’ve seen that is bead crochet is made using it and its always listed in the description. So you can basically wear it all the time; swimming, showering, playing sports…whatever and not really worry about it. Its.why I chose that over waxed linen…waxed linen just starts looking dirty over time. I have a bracelet like this on linen I purchased from one.of those charity sites and ita starting to.look bad

  3. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Drat….after all that I still forgot to thank you…so thank you Susie. :)

  4. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:

    Beautiful Deb. I’m not a pink person but I love this. The brown complements the pink so well. Love the fish and transluscent chips.

    You mention bead crotchet? I ask bc I’ve wanted to make one…. Is it a braid?

  5. Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked says:

    So cute, Deb! Love the versatility, but the fish focal is my favorite part!

  6. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Mine is a braid. I cant quite master bead crochet….yet. It would be easier than this because you string all your beads at once on one end of the cord, slip knot the other end on a crochet hook, then crochet a few stitches, pull up a bead and crochet it in, and repeat. There are video tutorials on You Tube. I know how to do it, it just doesn’t look good. LOL.

    Thanks Peggy. The chips are the pink.quartz.

  7. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Thank you Fresh Baked. I have about 7 more of those fish…2 green,2 purple, 2 grey and 1 more pink. Plus some turtle and frog ones.

  8. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Deb, you can make a whole lot of fun peices with all those beads!

  9. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:

    Thanks Deb. I have taken a bead crotchet class. It is sitting unfinished in my house. There is never enough time during the 2 hour class. *sigh.

  10. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    My plan is to make several more necklaces like this to take with the bohemian wood jewelry to that shop. Along with some knotted shell bracelets and the bracelets with the fake pandora beads.

  11. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    Deb, Deb, Deb. You had better never be doubting your jewelry making ability again. :) This is beyond my capacity for adjectives. (me-dumb scientist, speak ugh) I think the braid is awesome–even Sundance sells braided jewels. But if you ever want to switch to crochet it is easier than you think. The trick is in the tension. Next time (ok, WHEN) I visit my kid in NC, I am going to come to your house and show you. Until then, keep up your FABULOUS designs!!! xoxo

  12. JenniferLynn
    JenniferLynn says:

    I agree w/Becky! Never doubt yourself!!

  13. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    LMBO Becky….this is just simple braid. I’ve been doing these for ages. Long before the crochet wraps became popular I was doing braided bracelets and tiny strung seed bead bracelets. I would wear stacks of them….once again long before this look became popular. And I’ve seen the stuff at Sundance and some other places. Its crazy what they charge! I want to do vrrsions with gemstones, pearls and crystals….charge a lot for them!!
    How about when you come to NC I go where you are. I never get to go anywhere anymore. I’m bored with this place and there are cool shops up there.
    Yea the tension is my problem and getting it to.drop off the hook every time. I did good with chopsticks and string…lol.

  14. Laud
    Laud says:

    I’m thinking you might be using the wrong tools. I wanted to learn tatting, but those foul shuttles defeated me. Then I saw a woman do needle tatting, and presto–easy. Could be that you need a tool better suited to your hand and the projects you’re doing.

    Oh, and everyone’s right: Don’t doubt yourself.

  15. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    I think I just couldn’t get consistent tension and so I haven’t bothered with it lately. I used the size crochet hook that was recommended to do the bead crochet on all those tutorial videos. I probably SHOULDNT have practiced with chopsticks and string 1st. LOL…probably messed me up.

  16. foxhill designs vt
    foxhill designs vt says:

    Fabulous design, Deb!

  17. Asia
    Asia says:

    Deb, this is a fantastic design :D

  18. Eeka Mouse
    Eeka Mouse says:

    My cousin is a master bead crocheter, writes books, etc. Recently saw in a discussion amongst bead crochet crowd: first practice with yarn and pony beads until you get the feel for it, then scale down to 6/0s, then 11/0s. I’ve even seen some pieces(by masochists?) Done in 15/0s!

  19. Lynn g
    Lynn g says:

    That is so adorable, and that you can wear as a necklace too, thats neat.

  20. Julie Shane
    Julie Shane says:

    SO SO SO cool Deb! I have some funky fishy in pewter and I might have to steal your design idea! :)

  21. No Photo
    JustImagine - Val says:

    So very pretty!

  22. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the compliments and comments. You guys are great!

  23. Frida
    Frida says:

    Deb, I love this kind of designs. The fish makes me smile, trying to swallow that knot :D You go girl!!!

  24. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Thank you Frida. :D

  25. NY Bella
    NY Bella says:

    I love this Deb! Great design! So very cool!!

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