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Turtle Pond

About this design:

Another one of those projects that has been in a semi finished state for...ages. 3 little turtles sit on the logs until they hear a sound and silently slip into the pond. The turtle ceramic beads are some of the beads that were made in Peru.


Ceramic turtle beads. Wood beads. Green glass beads & seed beads. Brown seed beads. 2 Czech glass leaves. S-lon cord.

Additional Images:

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  1. Nancy Mc
    Nancy Mc says:

    Wow Deb..How creative this this story? Wish I could get a closeup of those 2 turtle beads with stones “set” into their shells. How cool are those?

  2. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    That’s not stones. Its indentations with green paint. I will take a close-up. They are really cute. I have frogs also.


  3. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    That’s not stones. Its indentations with green paint. I will take a close-up. They are really cute. I have frogs also.


  4. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Oops…lol I didn’t think it posted. I actually got a message that said ” you are posting comments too wuickly…slow down.” LOL

  5. karen blasdel
    karen blasdel says:

    I love your turtles, great design!!

  6. AllureofGemsGlamJulia
    AllureofGemsGlamJulia says:

    It is adorable , darling piece, Deb :)

  7. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Love the design and story, Deb! You’ve been busy!

  8. SquirrelGirl aka Angela
    SquirrelGirl aka Angela says:

    You had me at turtles…..this is seriously a gorgeous piece. I love your use of the dark wood beads to simulate the logs. Great story, and your design tells it wonderfully so I can totally visualize it.

  9. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Well you inspired me to tell a story with this. It looked much different…no wood beads. Looked through Heather Power’s book & saw a btacelet that used them….”lightbulb!” to quote Mr. Gru.

  10. Asia
    Asia says:

    The story is adorable as are the turtles, those wood beads add so much interest :D

  11. Julie Shane
    Julie Shane says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the turtles!!! Can’t wait to see the frogs…

  12. Beadzilla aka Wanda
    Beadzilla aka Wanda says:

    Love your little story, and it’s a gorgeous bracelet. Can’t wait to see the frogs done. I LOVE FROGS!!

  13. CAS
    CAS says:

    Super cute Deb! The wood beads are brilliant! :D

  14. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    Stop it! :) These are all soooo cute!! I almost bought Heather’s book myself but I am trying to keep some semblence of originality in my work. :) You are able to take her hints and create your own! I am sooo impressed!!

  15. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Becky I don’t want to copy someone else. But I do want to see in what ways they use components differently, and what unexpected components they use (such as cheap wood beads) and figure out how I can incorporate those ideas into my designs. Heather is one of tje vest at using things in unexpected ways which only pushes my creativity further.

  16. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    I feel the need to say something here regarding looking at tjoe designs of beading artist and on websites. I am not.sure why some of you say you want to keep originality in your work and so wont look at someone else’s designs. My thinking is this. 1) there is nothing new under the sun. 2) there is nothing wrong with incorporatin ideas inti your work. 3) Van Gogh painted dour portraits and depressing work until he saw Impressionists paintings for the 1st time. He was.amazed and THANK.HEAVENS!!!! If not for the influence of other artist’ we.would not have “Starry Night”, “Sunflowers”, “Irises”, and so many others too numerous to mention. Stop being afraid you will lose your vision of.beautiful jewelry. You wont… may push you if.creativity.

  17. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Gaaaaa on all the typos!!

  18. NY Bella
    NY Bella says:

    Deb, typos and all, your idea came out loud and clear!! I’m in agreement with you! I love to look at everyone ideas and hope that some of the creativity rubs off on me!
    I love this bracelet!

  19. Nancy Mc
    Nancy Mc says:

    Hey Deb..thanks for the pics of the Turtles.
    Now it makes sense. (Couldn’t imagine having stones embeded in ceramic,but who knows) LOL I agree about using other people’s art as inspiration. Can’t help but be inspired,IMO.
    I copy all the time,and still feel my work is mine. I will say who I’m inspired by,if I know who they are.
    I think of art like muisc. Some songs have to sound like others. There are only 8 notes in an octave..ha ha ha ;)

  20. Mahala RockChick
    Mahala RockChick says:

    so creative!

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