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Let Your Heart be Touched

About this design:

First of all, Merry Christmas to my LB friends!
I was cruising the last Jade Scott shop update and managed to pick up this pendant. It's different for me, and doesn't quite hang correctly. Maybe I need to provide some sort of counter-weight in the back to keep it from drooping a bit? Ah well...The little red beads are vintage German glass, and oh so fragile! One cracked before I even strung it!
So, do I keep it or sell it?


Jade Scott resin pendant, vintage German glass, Czech glass, pressed glass flowers, brass heart bead, natural brass lobster clasp.

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  1. Chicky Suz aka Susan Z
    Chicky Suz aka Susan Z says:

    What if it were to hang the long way ( like a pendant) with some bead dangles at the bottom? That way it would not tip.

  2. No Photo
    Beadaholic1 says:

    I have to agree with Chicky Suz….I would hang it vertically, with perhaps a nice heart dangle or larger heart pendant. Love those beads!

  3. DayLily aka Del
    DayLily aka Del says:

    So sweet and charming. You could also make it shorter so it is more like a choker.

  4. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    I like it hanging the way it is so maybe shorter would fix the hanging crooked situation. Which side hangs lower?
    By the way, I.think you should keep it.

  5. Gail Layne
    Gail Layne says:

    I vote for shorter as well. Maybe adding a couple of the red beads to the flower side to add some more weight would help it hang straight?

  6. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    Thanks for the comments!
    It hangs straight left to right, but the pendant leans forward top to bottom. You can kind of see it in the first photo. I was thinking I could balance it out by adding a dangle or 2 to the back of the pendant.

  7. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    I definitely like the idea of shortening it and maybe only having 2 flowers instead of 5. You don’t want to take away from the focal. Since its tipping from front to back removing some flowers shouldn’t matter??? As far as keeping it? Would it hurt to sell it. I always use the adage that if a piece of mine doesn’t sell in a reasonable length of time, its meant to be mine. Its really sweet.

  8. Gail Layne
    Gail Layne says:

    Oh! I see what you mean now! The holes are drilled too low. They should have been drilled at the top of the tab. You could put new holes in the tab, it looks like there is room, and then hang dangles from the old holes. If you are uncomfortable doing that, what about wire wrapping it a bit so that you could hang it from the top? You could then use the original holes for tiny dangles.
    Those red beds are fantastic and fit in so well with the saying that its definitely worth finagling to get it to hang right.

  9. daisymae
    daisymae says:

    I really love this! I like the idea of the pendant hanging straight down and having the clasp latch at the top of the jumpring where it says LET…then add some dangles to the end of the pendant…or just a red, glass heart dangle…or some type of heart. I love the flowers and the other beads where they are at and think it is good long! :D

  10. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    Wire wrapping is a fantastic idea to keep the focal from flipping.

  11. Elis Mom
    Elis Mom says:

    I think all are great ideas! Thanks for all the comments!
    I am partial to the pendant hanging as is, that way it’s easily legible, but Jess’ idea is pretty neat as well. The wire wrapping would work, I think, but I am also looking at an entirely different way to hang the pendant…so many choices!

    The necklace is about 18 inches long…which is choker length for me(I like my necklaces about 19-20 inches long!)

    I’ll let you know how things progress!

  12. Asia
    Asia says:

    Susie, this is a lovely design, what if you changed the jump rings to a smaller size, I know that you are using it as a clasp catch, but I think that a smaller ones might stabilize the pendant, I like it horizontal. I would keep it to myself if the vintage beads are fragile :D

  13. Beadzilla aka Wanda
    Beadzilla aka Wanda says:

    Beautiful Susie! Love it the horizontal way, and your colors are so striking!

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