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More Leather Beads

About this design:

I'm still working with the leather beads. Thought these looked good with a silk ribbon I just bought. Wish I had more large-hole beads!


Leather beads, antique silver spacers, tagua nuts, silk ribbon

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  1. Warped Wire Studio
    Warped Wire Studio says:

    Amazing beads and great set!

  2. BeadlingatMonsterPajamas
    BeadlingatMonsterPajamas says:

    Gorgeous! The silk ribbon is perfect with these beads, and the earrings are just lovely.

  3. Beadzilla aka Wanda
    Beadzilla aka Wanda says:

    The ribbon looks fantastic with the leather, and the taqua nuts really pull out the burgundy! I find myself in the same place as you, wanting more large-hole beads :)

  4. Laud
    Laud says:

    Only the 20mm would let the ribbon pass. The 16s had holes too small. I usually like to fill up a strand a little more, but I was lucky to have the silver spacers.

  5. No Photo
    Beadaholic1 says:

    The silk ribbon is perfect with the leather beads…I like!

  6. Deb Harding
    Deb Harding says:

    Oh My Gosh! That is just outstanding!!! I love it!! I have 1 leather bead that color…
    I will have to come up with a single bead idea similiar.

  7. KatsAllThat
    KatsAllThat says:

    You did a marvelous job with mixing the colors and textures. The silk ribbon with the leather is something!

  8. Lois D
    Lois D says:

    This is gorgeous, Laud. So pretty. I have that silk ribbon, and I love the color(s). Would never have know those were Tagua Nuts – they look like beautiful garnets to me :)
    Deb’s comment about a single leather bead had me picturing a ‘mixed media’ tassle coming from the bottom of the bead…never mind – HAHA – not much of a designer. I’ll leave that up to the pros!!!

  9. Peggy3
    Peggy3 says:

    Wow what a stunning combination

  10. Laud
    Laud says:

    Thank you all! Deb, I think your leather bead should be the focal. Surround it with other sizable beads or have it hang down.

  11. Asia
    Asia says:

    Love what you have done with those beads, using a ribbon is brilliant :D

  12. DayLily aka Del
    DayLily aka Del says:

    Love those beads and the design is perfect!

  13. Crazy Beader
    Crazy Beader says:

    Just a perfect design – - the ribbon looks like it was made to go with those leather beads !

  14. Gail Layne
    Gail Layne says:

    Oooooooh! Love this one too! The Tauga nuts are perfect as is the ribbon!
    Have you ever tried threading ribbon on a collapsable beading needle and twisting the ribbon? I find that sometimes you can pull the needle and the ribbon through too small holes with a pair of pliers on the end of the needle.

  15. Laud
    Laud says:

    I did, Gail. The zigzagged edges of the ribbon were still too dense to get through the holes on beads smaller than 20mm. I used another technique from embroidery: making a loop and pulling the fabric through, but that didn’t work, either. On one piece, I cut and resewed the ribbon ends. Didn’t want to do that this time (leaves kind of a natty end). I even thought about reaming out the beads, but they’re nicely finished inside and I didn’t want to ruin that effect.

    Sigh. I need more large-hole beads!

  16. Jmc
    Jmc says:

    I like what you have done with them.

  17. Julie Shane
    Julie Shane says:

    VERY cool Laud. I have these teal and lavender beads… but had not thought of tagua nuts to go with them! Brilliant.
    I like that you have focused on a few beads and not gone “too far” with too many beads. This is a perfect balance. :)

  18. Laud
    Laud says:

    Thanks so much for your comments!

  19. Chicky Zee aka Alice
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    WOW beautiful!

  20. Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked says:

    Another beautiful design with these unique beads!

  21. JC Hamm
    JC Hamm says:

    A fab design as usual,I love the combo.I have’nt been able to find the silk ribbon.May have to try something else!!!

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