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Discs and Brass

About this design:

Love working with unusual recycled material. The discs in this necklace are recycled wood beads from a tacky old necklace, recycled vinyl disc beads from Africa, brass filigree beads also from Africa (that I've had for ever), and a brass disc from LB that was reclaimed from a so-so necklace.

The vinyl beads are almost paper thin so when I strung them I decided beading chain could not cut through them as easily as wire might and there was also the weight to consider. It doesn't weigh a lot but it is bulky. Plus I like beading chain.


recycled vinyl and wood discs, rustic brass filigree beads, rustic brass focal, beading chain, brass toggle

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  1. Nancy Mc
    Nancy Mc says:

    Wow, sure do know how to bring old “tacky” stuff back to life! I’ll bet you used to love that old necklace back in the day,right? ;)
    I admire your gift for of making old things new and cool. I would never know what the materials were by glancing. I thought all the beads were wood.
    Very very chic!

  2. CAS
    CAS says:

    Oooooohhhhh … aaaaaahhhhh … gorgeous! I love every little bit of this … so very cool!

  3. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Thanks Nancy and Cas. You have brightened my day.
    When I first saw the vinyl discs I was quite taken with the wonderful earth colors. Guess I should just go native and only do the rustic thing. :D

  4. Blooming Ideas
    Blooming Ideas says:

    Fabulous necklace! It so Cool! It ain”t tacky no mo”!

  5. No Photo
    Beadaholic1 says:

    This is fantastic…I love the colors, and that brass center is perfect. It looks very native and rustic for sure! Great job of recycling–I need to do that with a ton of my old pieces! LOL

  6. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Thanks for the compliments, Ladies.
    It’s great to find a use for something that has been hanging around for so long it’s got moss growing on it…. :D

  7. Beadzilla aka Wanda
    Beadzilla aka Wanda says:

    Just love all the rustic earthy richness in this piece! I’d never take this off!

  8. Asia
    Asia says:

    This is absolutely stunning, I wanted to buy vinyl discs for a while and always shrugged at the price, after seeing your piece I HAVE TO BUY THEM ;) :D

  9. Sonja J
    Sonja J says:

    Awesome! I love the ancient vibe to this, it has a little bit of a Cleopatra-era Egypt in it, which is very cool. You make such interesting pieces, keep it up! =^__^=

  10. Gail Layne
    Gail Layne says:

    Another Ooooooooo! This piece reminds me of these fabulous rocks I had as a child. The rocks came from the Petrified Forest National Park and had wonderful layers of deep, earthy colors. I wouldn’t have guessed the materials either. Fabulous piece!

  11. SYD Sydney H
    SYD Sydney H says:

    It is one gorgeous necklace. Now me (and this is just me) I would ‘break up’ the round-ness of it and add some oval, square, whatever beads along the length and in different sizes, and maybe a couple of them blue or green. But that’s just me

  12. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Thanks for all of the compliments everyone. You all know how I love to play with weird stuff and the discs sorta fit the bill. :D

    Asia I think I got these beads on sale but I’m not sure. I had been looking at them for some time and the price always more than I wanted to spend. However, the strand is 28 in. long so there is an extra couple of inches of beads. One day I just bit the bullet and got them. I still have a gazillion pieces left to fiddle around with. :D

  13. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Asia, that should be an “extra 12 inches” not a couple… The keyboard is not my friend. Some times it just takes over and rtowa qgsy it esbyd. See I told you what it does. :)

  14. Sylvia H
    Sylvia H says:

    You have my heart on this one. I, too, love re-cycled beads. Just finished my first piece with the vinyl disc beads. They were so tiny and paper thin. Hard to string, but pleased with the results. You piece is lovely.

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