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Winter Fire or Summer Heat?

About this design:

Bye, Bye toasty warm fires in the fireplace and HOT tea & cream……warmer weather lies ahead along with ICED tea and cotton summer Tees!

I wanted to get a jump on making some short, simple necklaces for the upcoming summer, and came across my agate bins. Yes, sadly, bins. Agate is probably my favorite gemstone, and I just can’t seem to stop buying it. So this is where I will begin…..


Faceted Fire Cracked Agate, Carnelian (LB), milky white crystals, ACF spacers.

Additional Images:

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  1. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    Can anyone tell me why my pictures are fuzzy? Do I need a new camera? :(

  2. No Photo
    Deb Harding says:

    I think the fuzziness is here. I’ve noticed the main photo always looks distorted lately.
    On to your necklace. YUMMY!! Those agates at the bottom look like candy! Love how you used the patterned ones in front and the more solid ones for.the back.

  3. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Love this agate necklace! It’s my style. I agree with Deb the pictures, especially the top ones have been fuzzy and distorted lately. The same picture on the Fresh Pick page aren’t fuzzy nor distorted usually.

  4. sweetjane
    sweetjane says:

    It ‘s lovely…very appealing!! Great design…I would wear this all the time.

  5. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    Simply classic, great eye appeal, awesome agates!
    Love this! A Fave! :)

  6. DayLily aka Del
    DayLily aka Del says:

    I love this necklace. Agate is such a wonderful stone and I think the fire cracked is so beautiful. Great design.

  7. No Photo
    Beadaholic1 says:

    I am a BIG fan of agate, and a fan of this necklace! Love it! It’s one of those pieces that can be worn any time of year. A real go-to piece!

  8. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    Thank you all so much! I wasn’t going to post this one thinking it was just too simple–but I’m glad you like it. As I was falling asleep last night, I wondered if the patterned material I use to photograph on is distorting my photos. Next time I’ll try something smooth. But, I will admit, the camera is real old! Do you think increasing the image size or pixels would help? :)

  9. Nancy Mc
    Nancy Mc says:

    Hi CC~~~~~I know zilch about pixels,but I know that I love your design!
    I’m also a big time Agate and Carnelian lover. I know what you mean about bins lol!

  10. A Rozmin
    A Rozmin says:

    Do you zoom in on your subject? I found that shooting from farther away with the zoom made for better jewelry pix. It has to do with the depth of field. Digital cameras with auto focus are set up for photographing faces, so they read the background as the subject. I did end up buying a new camera to get control of the problem, but I zoom in for jewelry pix.
    Love your necklace! I too love agates and, with all the texture in the beads, they work better in a simple design like yours.

  11. kye
    kye says:

    Beautiful beads and a beautifully simple design. Love it!

  12. puppychick  labratbecky
    puppychick labratbecky says:

    Beautiful! Sometimes simple is best for certain stones. This is perfect.

  13. Asia
    Asia says:

    Nothing wrong with your camera CC, it is LB problem, my previous post had the same problem. Now to the necklace I just love your stone choices and the transition from the faceted Agate to the smooth Carnelian, great piece to wear with everything :D

  14. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    All of your comments are so encouraging to me! Thank you. I’ve been fiddling with the camera settings and different backgrounds (even the zoom feature–thanks ARozmin), so we’ll see if that makes a difference next time. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

  15. Gemme Designs
    Gemme Designs says:

    Lovely design, love fire agate!! ;)

  16. No Photo
    pearlsandme aka Monica says:

    I’m real late here — the gardening hobby is a bit overwhelming at the moment! I agree with A Rozmin: to me it looks like a problem with where you get your focus. I sometimes take dozens of pics of one piece, and pick the best on the computer screen: focus, lighting, feel… The more you zoom in though, the more light you need. Those occasional distorted pics here appear to be a bit random, and when you open them larger, they usually look ok.

    Wish I had an agate bin with beads this lovely ;-) They really speak for themselves!



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