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Tropical Surprise

About this design:

Another easy bracelet to make. Want to admit I made the bracelet with the beads turned toward the wearer. But, in retrospect, I will probably redo this bracelet if I put it up for sale.Also, one end looks funky because I tried to wrap the memory wire for security, Is that necessary? Many of the components came from another site as well as the idea for the bracelet. The Flamingo lampwork bead and the palm tree lampwork bead prompted my purchase.LOL


The components are: Whiskey 6mm Portuguese leather cord with hole all the though, Palm Tree Lampwork bead. Flamingo Lampwork bead,13 mm lampwork bead, 12 mm lampwork bead,6mm green Miracle bead, brass end caps, gold swallow charm, gold beads from stash. This is a redo of the bracelet.

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  1. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    The colors are great! I really like the palm tree and the Zola starry eyes charm.

  2. No Photo
    Moogie says:

    So, let me know if I understand. You ran memory wire through the leather cord & beaded the part that pokes out. I love the design. I think the beads are beautiful. I agree that the end might need to be reworked. I “inherited ” a pair of memory wire pliers from Katie when she moved out. They look like bail making pliers but with short stubby ends. They really help me make those end loops.
    This is an example of why I love the Design Gallery! I never would have thought to try this design. Thanks for sharing a great tip!

  3. No Photo
    Poms Forever aka Donna says:

    Moogie, yes, the cord is hollow but the hole is meant for memory wire. Then, you let the memory wire go through the end caps and add extra beads, Thank you for telling me about the pliers. I had seen them. Working this design, the pliers would have came in handy. You are the best for your hints and opinions. People like you make this site the best site. You are a real artist and I am a newbie in comparison.
    Oh, I have seen this done with regular cord. I think it would be hard.

  4. kye
    kye says:

    This is really neat. I was getting ready to ask about it but Moogie beat me to it. I’ve never seen memory wire used with leather. Looks like a fun and interesting technique. You used a fun assortment of beads. :)

  5. G Layne AKA Gail
    G Layne AKA Gail says:

    Oh my!! The flamingo and palm tree are sooooooooo cool!! ( I have a thing for flamingos). I want one with blue leather and silver ends!!

    I’m confused though, is the wire loop part of the clasp? Is the wire to make the leather rigid? Could you use any heavy gauge wire? Anyway, I really love the result!! Gonna try and find your shop now…

  6. S KatollakaSue
    S KatollakaSue says:

    You faced a technical challenge, dealt with it, and produced a really beautiful piece of jewelry! I’d call that a good job. I haven’t seen the hollow leather before, either. Anyway, I love it!

  7. No Photo
    Poms Forever aka Donna says:

    Gail, I got the leather cord from Goody Beads. The Lester is just normal round cord and the memory wire makes it mold around. The end is a loop on the end of the memory wire. Moogie gave me heads up on memory wire pliers to make better loops. Hope this helps all.

  8. No Photo
    Poms Forever aka Donna says:

    Gail, I just thought I didn’t answer your question. You don’t need a clasp the bracelet wraps around because of the memory wire.

  9. G Layne AKA Gail
    G Layne AKA Gail says:

    Ohhhhhhh! What a cool idea! If you wanted, you could make a tassel over the loop instead of redoing it, at least I think you could….?

    Thanks for the explaination! Btw, what’s the name of your shop?

  10. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Wow! What a neat bracelet! I love it! Love the idea of running memory wire through the leather, too. I’ve done it with rubber like tubing but didn’t know about the leather until now. Gotta try it! When I work with memory wire I use a pair of round nose pliers on the ends. They are totally dedicated to memory wire work. The wire will leave grooves in your pliers so I use a cheap pair. Thanks for sharing the info on the leather. :D

  11. Asia
    Asia says:

    You came with a fantastic idea, did not know about the leather either :D

  12. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    What a great idea encasing the memory wire with leather!! I really like the beautiful glass beads you chose to go with it. What a fun bracelet to wear! :)

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