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One for the trees

About this design:

So I know I do a LOT of the tree of life. Like, several pieces. But I have to say it is a design and concept that just SPEAKS to me. The ideas behind it,that we are all part of something bigger, as well as the past, present and future. The limitlessness of it all. It entrances me. I've been playing with a different framing technique when I wrap and am tweaking it each time. This stone is smooth and unpolished on the back and rough on the front side. I think I love labradorite because it is typically a shy stone. It doesn't show it's flashes unless the light is just right and then it hides its brilliance the rest of the time. It truly is my favorite stone.


Sterling silver wire, Labradorite, and binge watching Netflix

Additional Images:

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  1. kye
    kye says:

    This is absolutely beautiful Khristin! The tree of life wrap was the perfect choice for that gorgeous stone. Your photos are wonderful. I’m so impressed with your skills. You’ve inspired me to try wire wrapping. Can you recommend a book for beginners? Or some website you found especially helpful?

  2. Tanya m
    Tanya m says:

    I, too, am interested in trying the Tree of Life sometime. I don’t have a stone, not yet, and I suspect that it will be hard to find one as nice as your labradorite cab, but when I do find the right stone, I am sure that I will be looking at your pieces for inspiration. Thank you for sharing this lovely design!

  3. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    You bling very well Khristin and have a lovely TOL to show for it!

  4. Midge S
    Midge S says:

    Nicely done! i dont do much wire shaping at all, yours is fantastic!

  5. Beauty Sought Khristin
    Beauty Sought Khristin says:

    Thank you so much!
    Kye, here are some books to check out:
    Fine Art Wire Weaving by Sarah Thompson
    Timeless Wire Weaving by Lisa Barth
    Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Headers by Irina Miech
    Making Wire & Bead Jewelry by Janice Berkebile & Tracy Stanley
    Wire Jewelry Masterclass by Abby Hook

    I started with YouTube videos and I look at a lot of things on Pinterest for inspiration. Lisa Barth is fantastic! I also have several Kindle books on wire techniques. I have learned a lot through trial and error. It’s best to start with copper because it’s CHEAP! Get it from the hardware store, I do. Copper is copper and there is no point in paying premium prices for it. I’m still learning so… Yeah.

    Tanya I recommend starting with making a circle/hoop from wire to do the tree of life before wrapping a stone only because it’s easier unless you wrap stones already, I apologize I’m not familiar with your work so maybe you already do… In which case ignore me!

  6. kye
    kye says:

    Thank you so much for the info Khristen. I have Wire Jewelry Beaded and Beautiful by Irina Miech. Yesterday I tried one of the more simple looking projects. First of all my fingers are so sore and simple looking was anything but! It made me so more impressed with your skill! I’m going to keep on trying tho. I enjoyed the challenge. Thanks again. :)

  7. Kathryn R
    Kathryn R says:

    Like Kye, I’m so impressed with your skill, not only the expert wire wrapping, but your designing ability and eye for proportion. I’ve always loved the tree of life motif but never really created anything with it. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing tips, books, $$ savings, etc! You and your creations are so inspiring! ( doing the Wayne & Garth bow …)

  8. Beauty Sought Khristin
    Beauty Sought Khristin says:

    This is what my desk looks like when I’m working. I use tools, these in the pic to shape and bend the wire to my whim. I don’t do a lot of shaping by hand because it is hard on those fingers, and at the ripe old age of 37 I have mild arthritis in my fingers so the tools save me.

    You can (hopefully) see where I have traced the cab and then used painters tape to hold the wires together and on the paper. HUGE help!

    As for the photos, I forgot to mention I use my LG phone to take and edit my pics. I don’t use a computer or digital camera.

    Thank you for all the great comments!

  9. Beauty Sought Khristin
    Beauty Sought Khristin says:

    Here’s the pic!


  10. Beauty Sought Khristin
    Beauty Sought Khristin says:

    Here’s the pic!


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